Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend: Junior Chapter 14 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND � JUNIOR 14 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you wanna write me, please do so at: hoo. ***************** COREY’S POV Just after Reese, Tabor, Paul and Quinn had left, Kris and Colt returned. “You missed Tabor and Reese,” Matt said. “Really? Those two were together?” Colt asked. “Weird, but I think they were hanging out together, plus Tabor was trying to drop hints about him and Chase coming over Saturday night,” I said. “I don’t see why they’d need to drop hints,” Kris said. “They’re more than welcome to come over.” “I told Chase he could unless someone was sick,” Colt said. “Tabor was just getting the point across,” Matt said. We sat around with Kris and Colt playing one of the two football games we had. “Corey, how about you and I go shopping? I promised you some new clothes,” Matt asked. I wanted to say no but he had promised. Even with his new money I didn’t like him spending it on me. “I guess we could,” I replied. “I wear size 32,” Kris turned and said. “Make sure they’re big in the thighs.” Matt laughed, “I’m buying Corey clothes, not you.” Matt and I were off to the mall. The mall here wasn’t the best ever but it suited my needs. Matt had that extra pep in his step when we got there. We entered the first store and began looking around. Matt was grabbing stuff left and right. A few things I really did like, but I wasn’t a flashy or preppy dresser ever. To appease him, I took and tried on what he had picked out. The jeans he chose fit perfectly and I did need a new pair since the ones I had were getting old. The button-up shirts were great as well but the tees he picked out were a little tight. I came and modeled for him and told him what I liked. We left that store with two pairs of jeans and three shirts. “I know you want to do this but don’t overdo it,” I said carrying the bag. “I know that, but you need them. Otherwise you’d be wearing the same thing over and over,” he said. We went in the next store but didn’t find anything that suited our taste. We grabbed something to eat before continuing on to shop. I did find a great necklace while he found a bracelet for himself at the next store. We entered the big department that anchored the mall. We started looking around until Matt found some more jeans for me. I took them and entered the dressing room. Before putting them on I saw the price and knew there was no way I was letting him buy this brand for me. I messed around and came back saying they didn’t fit right on me. We left with one shirt from the department store that I did like and headed to the exit. As we were nearly home, Matt said, “My stomach is killing me.” “Oh boy,” I said. “Get us home as fast as possible.” He kept driving. Almost near our complex, he stopped and grabbed his stomach. He wheeled into a parking lot and opened the door. I could hear and see him throwing up. I got out and went to his side of the car to get us home. His vomit was tough to step over but I did it, with his car still running. I floored it and made it to our place. Matt ran to the door and went inside while I gathered up what we had bought. “Damn, another one,” Kris said. “He almost made it back but he pulled over and threw up,” I said and went on to make sure he was okay just as he had done for me. I wetted a cloth and wiped his face. I barely finished before he was back over the toilet. Kris came and had the medicine in his hand. I took the gel and rubbed it on Matt’s wrist. It had worked wonders for me but it still amazed me how it worked. I cleaned up his mess while Matt went to lie down. Kris was at his side when I came out. “Give it an hour or so and he’ll be out like a light,” I commented. “Man, this just sucks,” Kris commented and left us. “Corey, you go on and do what you want,” he said. “I’m going stick around until you fall asleep.” “Okay.” The effect took its toll on him. Before he was asleep I helped undress him for bed. He was so hot even when sick. “I was so hoping we could finish what I had started today,” he said. “I was too.” “Well, you know there are two fucking hot guys out there if you get horny.” “Don’t talk like that. I can handle another night without sex.” “Alright then, but if something happens, I won’t be mad. I know after I was with Kris those times I wanted you that much more.” Within a few minutes, he was starting to get sleepy. I got out of our bed and left him alone. I came out with Kris, Colt and Scott sitting in the living room. I had to laugh seeing they were naked, but I should be used to it. I went and sat next to Scott after throwing my clothes in our room so as to not feel left out. Scott threw his arm around me, “I hear Matt is sick, so if you need some company, just holler.” “Damn bro, you sound like such a whore,” Kris stated. “I am, but you wouldn’t know it here lately. This is the most dick I’ve seen in weeks… Well, if you don’t count the two fucking horses I live with,” Scott joked. “Scott, have you got with them yet? Kris and I have before,” Colt said. “I know that, and I’ll just say you’re not alone…” Scott said. “Tell me threesomes aren’t fucking hot as hell,” I said. “They are. Jess knows I did it too. He’s like, I might as well fuck around with them rather than some random dude,” Scott said. “Scott, I admire you for sticking with him,” Kris stated. “Better than Megan, huh?” Scott said. “I don’t know what that deal is and really don’t care either…” Kris said. “Dude, you’ll go ballistic if you were to see her out with another guy,” Colt said. “I doubt it,” Kris said. “So Scott, what’s the latest gossip around here? We know you know.” “Ummm… none that I know of. I did talk to Noah the other day. He and Kendall don’t hang around that much anymore. Kendall got him a steady girl,” Scott replied. “Let me see… I still talk to Juan once a week…” “Bro, get that boy over here. He needs to at least bring that little girl around to show her off,” Kris stated. “I saw her the other day and she’s gonna look just like Juan,” Scott said. “Oh yeah, I know some gossip. Shawn said he walked in the other day and Ethan was fucking the hell out of some girl. Get this shit. Shawn said she was cute too.” “Good for him,” I said. “Bet that’s the first pussy he’s had in a year,” Colt laughed, with Kris giving Colt a high five on that. “Now it’s almost commonplace for one of us to walk in on each other,” I said and wanted to get that out there. “Fuck yeah,” Colt said. After we played a game or two, Scott dressed and left the three of us. I did check on Matt and saw he hadn’t moved since I left him. “Is he still asleep?” Kris asked. “He’s out of it,” I replied. Colt came walking over to me. I didn’t know what his intentions were. He put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into a passionate kiss, placed right on my lips. “What the fuck?” I said after the kiss. “You said threesomes were fucking hot as hell, so I think me, you and Kris should have one,” Colt replied. gaziantep travesti “Is this a fucking joke?” I asked. “No, bro,” Kris said, grabbing his cock. “It’s something we should have done this summer…” “Yeah, I want your ass, Corey, since Matt can’t give it you,” Colt said. “I don’t know about all of this,” I said. “You know Matt doesn’t care,” Kris said, with his cock getting hard. “You know you want this shit.” Colt dropped to his knees and took the head of my cock in his mouth before I could say a word. As soon as Colt’s tongue started working my cock it grew hard between his lips. I’ll admit I did want to finish what Matt started earlier tonight but I wanted it to be with him. Kris walked over and kissed me with lots of tongue. Almost out of instinct, my hand moved across his thick abs, feeling his incredible muscles that were so different to Matt, and then I moved my hand down to his hard cock, stroking up and down the length as we continued to kiss. Kris broke our kiss and the tongue swirling around the head of my cock made me moan, “Oh yes, Colt, suck that fucking dick.” I could feel his great mouth moving on my rock hard thick cock. I could have sworn it was Matt sucking me. Colt looked up at me with his big brown eyes and his mouth full of my cock. He looked so hot. He pulled off and extended his tongue to thrill the underside of my cock. Spit strung from the end of my cock to the tip of his tongue. He let my cock slip out of his mouth and kissed up my abs, using his tongue to play with my nipples and then he moved up and kissed me hard and with so much hunger it nearly took my breath away. “I wanna fuck you so bad, Corey. I’ve always wanted that ass,” Colt said as sexy as it gets. “Bro, y’all never fucked?” Kris asked. “I just knew you had.” “Nope,” I said and was so horny at this moment. These two studs were getting me so hot. I kissed Colt again and travelled down his taut body. All of us were as fit as they come. Once on my knees I took Colt’s nice, veiny seven inch cock and began licking it all over. I sucked his low hanging nuts before taking the head in my mouth. My hand moved to the base while I started sucking his cock. I looked up and saw Kris and Colt kissing with great passion. Kris had his hand on Colt’s chest and Colt was gently stroking Kris’s cock as their tongues danced from one mouth to the other. I pulled off Colt’s dick and turned my attention towards Kris’s cock, knocking Colt’s hand away so I could start slurping on Kris’s great cock like never before. My cock was damn hard now, but I did enjoy sucking cock almost as much as my boyfriend did. Kris pushed my head forward but I was able to take his cock in my throat. He began face fucking me and moaning loudly. “Feels so fucking good,” Kris said. “Take it Corey. Suck my goddamn dick!” My hands were on his ass, feeling his beautiful mounds while he rammed his hard, dripping cock in and out of my eager mouth. Normally I didn’t like getting face fucked but I loved this so much. Kris’s cock left my mouth and was immediately replaced by Colt’s. He started fucking my throat with his hard cock. The smell of sweat began filling the room since we were getting so hot already. Colt pulled me up and kissed me again. He pulled our bodies together and thrust his hard cock against mine as we continued the kiss. When we broke apart he pressed his forehead against mine and said, “Let’s move this to my bedroom.” We walked briskly to Colt’s bedroom. It was a mess but I didn’t care. “Lean over the bed,” Colt instructed. I did while he moved to get the lube and condoms that were sitting on his nightstand. Kris got on the bed in front of me and kissed me before Colt returned. Colt’s cold, thick finger penetrated my ass. I could hear him ripping open the condom. Then cold lube hit my ass. “You ready?” “Oh fuck yeah,” I said. “The boy is so ready to get fucked,” Kris said. “I am so ready to fuck your ass Corey,” Colt said, almost growling. I felt his cock brush against my hole and then felt it move to enter me. It slid inside of me with ease. “OOOO fuck! What an ass!” “OOOO fuck me Colt! Fuck my ass!” I moaned loudly as his cock went deeper. Colt grabbed my hips and began fucking me. It felt so great, yet it was different than Matt’s long cock being in me, plus it was covered. However, there was one thing really missing and that was the love Matt and I shared. I blocked it out of my mind and wanted to enjoy this sexual experience with Colt. It felt so good finally having his cock inside me. He held on to me and fucked his covered cock in and out of my ass, pulling me back to meet him so it drove me harder and further down on his cock. Our flesh was slapping together and I felt his balls hitting mine on particularly deep thrusts. I was moaning loudly as Colt continued to thrust his hard dick into me and then I felt Kris’s mouth on my cock. He was laid down on the bed with his head hanging over the edge so that every time Colt pushed his cock in to my ass it sent me forward and my cock slid further into Kris’s mouth. When I saw a drop of precum on the end of Kris’s dick I leaned down to lick it off. As I bent over Colt slapped my ass and pulled his cock out of me. I pulled off Kris’s dick and looked over my shoulder to see what Colt was doing. He answered me when he rammed his dick back in me, making me scream. It was a scream of such pleasure. He knew that. He did it again and then a third time until I was screaming his name. “Stop! Get another fucking condom!” Kris yelled, pulling himself up from the bed. “No way am I taking both of you,” I said quickly. “No bro, I want you to fuck me while Colt is fucking you. A real threesome,” Kris said. Colt pulled out of me and grabbed another condom. Other than our trip to Amsterdam and the threesome where Kris and I double penetrated Matt, I hadn’t used one in a while. I slid it on and lubed it up while Kris was fingering his ass. Kris moved in front of me and got down on his back on top of Colt’s messed up bed. He lifted his legs and then reached down to spread his cheeks. I slid two fingers inside his ass and gently started fingering him. As I did that, bending over slightly to reach my target, Colt got back behind me, angled his cock just right and pushed it back inside me. “Too damn tempting not to keep going,” Colt said in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my chest and started fucking me again while I still fingered Kris’s ass. I lined up my cock and eyed Kris’s pink hole. “Stop for a minute,” I said to Colt. He did, pulling completely out of my ass and taking a step back, moving a little to the side so he could see as I pushed my cock against Kris’s hole. It took a minute to break through his tight sphincter, but eventually his ass opened up and I pushed inside. Kris let out a groan when my cock went inside him. “Fucking thick motherfucker,” Kris said, gripping the sheet. “Don’t be a pussy and take Corey’s thick dick,” Colt said as I buried myself completely in Kris’s ass. I looked down and saw my cock stretching Kris’s hole. His ass felt so warm and so tight around my dick. I put my arms under Kris’s knees and pushed his legs back, pushing his ass up so I had easier access as I started thrusting in and out of him. I leaned forward some more, placing my hands down on the mattress, sliding my dick as far in to Kris gaziantep masaj salonları as it would go. Supporting myself on one arm I turned and reached back, taking hold of Colt’s hard cock and guiding it until it was back inside my ass. It was mind blowing to be in the middle. I was fucking Kris while Colt was fucking me. I wished Matt could see us right now. Putting both hands down on the mattress again, pinning Kris’s legs back, I started fucking his ass again, only this time when I pulled out of Kris I forced my ass back on to Colt’s cock, and then when Colt drove in to me it sent my dick plunging into Kris. There was loud moaning from Kris while Colt was grunting. I didn’t know which one to do so I just enjoyed the sensation. I slapped Kris’s ass and began fucking him harder. “Fuck!” Kris screamed. “Take it easy on me!” “Colt is fucking me so damn hard,” I said, biting my lip as Colt pounded me. We continued on for another minute or so with Colt fucking my ass and me fucking Kris. The whole situation was nearly too much. Colt’s dick felt so good in my ass and Kris’s ass was doing a number on my cock, squeezing it hard, trying to milk the cum out of my balls. Kris and I made eye contact and a little smile appeared on his face. I couldn’t resist leaning down to kiss him, almost folding him in half. When I did that Colt leaned over too, taking Kris’s ankles in his hand, which he then used for extra leverage as he absolutely hammered my ass, which in turn had me fucking the shit out of Kris and all three of us moaning and screaming. Colt finally pulled back and Kris used the strength in his legs to push both of us off him. We looked at him, wondering what he was doing, when he climbed up onto the bed, on his hands and knees, and presented his ass to me again. I stepped straight up and sank my cock back inside that sweet hole to hear him moan. Holding on to his hips, I started fucking him again, driving my dick up into his ass and pulling him back to meet my thrusts. I was just building to a nice pace, moving in a nice rhythm, when I felt Colt’s lips kiss my shoulder and then his cock was pushing its way back inside me. With Colt all the way back inside me, he wrapped his arms around my body and then pulled his dick out of me only to drive it back in, plunging his cock deep inside me and forcing me to bottom out in Kris’s ass too. We quickly worked into a rhythm so Colt and I were moving together so it was almost like we were both fucking Kris’s ass, only Colt’s dick was inside me the entire time. I was being fucked so good by Colt’s hard cock and with every scream that escaped from Kris’s lips his ass tightened and I knew the end was close for me. After a few more deep thrust I pulled out of Kris but Colt stayed inside me. My condom was slung across the room before I began cumming all over Kris’s back, with my ass gripping Colt’s cock tightly. With cum flying out my cock, I felt Colt’s cock pulsating in my ass. He leaned over on me and kissed my tattooed back at the center of my tattoo. Kris moved so his feet were on the floor and spread his legs wide apart. He didn’t last long before leaning back, pressing his back against my chest, and splattering his body with his nut. Colt kissed my neck and pulled out of me. “Fuck, I came in a hurry but Corey tightened that ass around my dick, I couldn’t help but cum,” Colt said. Kris sat down and pulled me to him. We kissed on Colt’s bed before Colt joined in the mix. I pulled away and could smell the scent of our sex and sweat, along with other strange odors in Colt’s room. “I’ll go sleep on the couch tonight and let you two have this bed,” I said. “No, go sleep in my room,” Kris said. I moved back over and kissed both of them before leaving. Now guilt flooded my brain. I came and sat on the couch to digest what had occurred. It was great, but was it worth it if Matt gets pissed off? I felt awful and put my head in my hands. I wanted to cry now thinking that I had just fucked away two of the best years of my life. I stood and got a drink of water while thinking about what I had just done. I threw down the cup and walked to my bedroom. Matt was still asleep in the same position. I moved and slid up next to him. I threw one arm over him and buried my head on his shoulder. Thankfully the next morning, my alarm on my phone went off. I woke to turn it off and saw Matt awake. “What are you doing here?” My eyes clinched tight. “Please forgive me. I am the worst boyfriend ever. Kris, Colt and I had a threesome.” I felt tears welling up in my eyes over the confessional. “Was it hot?” “I guess so, but I fucked up Matt.” Matt kissed me, “No you didn’t. I said you could…” “But you didn’t fuck around on me.” “I’ve fucked around with Kris without you before.” “And I have too,” I said. “I know Colt is a great fuck. Tell me he was,” Matt said. “Maybe, but nothing compared to you. Nothing will ever compare to when you and I make love.” “We make love because we love each other. Every so often getting pleasure with and from our two hot ass roommates ain’t a bad thing. I love the fact you told me and were straight up about it with me.” “I had to or else it would have eaten me alive. I wanted to tell you last night after it was over. I had such a guilty feeling.” “It’s okay. Now you better get a move on or you’ll be late.” “So we’re cool?” “Cool as ever,” Matt replied. “I feel fine now. That medicine is the bomb.” “Matt, just take it easy. It could return. You need to rest one full day.” “We’ll see,” Matt said. I kissed him with great passion and didn’t care if I was late or not. I rolled out of bed to shower. After I put on one of my new shirts, along with my new jeans and necklace, I squirted on some cologne and did my hair. Matt used to be particular about his hair but now it was me that was. I wanted to look nice despite having a great boyfriend. I returned and found Matt back asleep. I didn’t bother him and knew he would go to class despite what I said. I headed out on this cloudy Friday and walked over with Cody. Other than Matt, he and Ethan were beyond smart and taking the hardest classes here. It was still hard to believe his dad was a preacher at one time and the fact he was an electrical engineering major. I wanted to ask him about Ethan and that girl Scott told us about but kept quiet. We talked about the game and what was on tap for the weekend before I said goodbye to head to the first of my three classes in a row. My first class was rather boring, while my next one I loved. It was exercise physiology. It showed us the muscle groups that worked together in exercise and sports. This was my favorite so far that I was taking. After that class, I was on to First Aid class. I know it is necessary and so far hadn’t captured my interest like the previous one. Finished with my day, I raced back to the apartment to dress for my shift at the Rec. I saw really quickly Matt hadn’t listened to me and was gone to his class. I dressed and headed to work in my car. I was there with another worker, Jasmine. We were friendly but weren’t real close like I was with Tabor. I said hi and headed to my desk that I now head. I checked the schedule of workers and knew by now who was usually assigned on my days. I checked a few guys in and noticed Jasmine just sitting there. I left and ran into gaziantep escort bayan my boss, Mr Ellington. He had been here a year and really seemed to like me. He asked if he could see me in his office for just a minute. He shut the door and had me take a seat in the small office. “Corey, something has been brought to my attention and I need your input since you’ve been here a while,” he said. “Okay,” I said. “Some of the students, the new ones that is, have been requesting the assistance of a personal guide or trainer. I know we have a few on staff but they are so covered up. I was wondering if you, and maybe Kris, could come up with a short program.” “Man, I’d love to, but what about my current job?” I said. “We can work something out. You usually just watch over them and make sure each person is in their place. I really feel like you could start this and show around the ones that are needed on the days you are here. It may not be much, but it could turn into something. Jason Tolleson and Leah Wells are doing it on the days you aren’t here.” “Sounds great to me. I’d love to get away from the desk for a little while and show people around.” “You’d be great. I’ll speak to Kris later once he gets here. He’s got the perfect personality for it as well, plus it makes better use of his skills and lets you put into practice your major.” “Awesome. When do we start?” “Next week. First I’ll let some of the licensed trainers show you around and together you can get a program sorted out. I did this since I see so many wondering around and having no idea where to start. I think this way we can keep them around if they have a set plan.” “I do too. I appreciate this and your confidence in me.” “It is well deserved, Corey. You’re a great worker here and such an asset.” I returned back up front and assisted Jasmine and another worker Alec with the influx we had around lunch. I was waiting on Tabor to show up, since he was training, to man the front desk. Some of the other new employees weren’t happy that he had advanced so quickly but he did so showing a great attitude and a desire to work. Tabor came through the door and was later than he normally was. “Wassup?” Tabor asked before setting down a bag. “You’re late,” I replied. “Tabor, try and make it as close to your assigned time as possible. Some days I know it’s hard but you need to put forth the effort.” “Okay,” Tabor said and didn’t look so happy. I gave him instructions and watched over him while he manned the computer and checked in the students. If there was an overflow, I’d jump in and could get them inside quickly. Tabor and I took a break about 3. I asked him to follow me to our break room where we could relax and have a quick snack if we wanted one. “Sorry for being such a hard ass on you today,” I said. “It’s cool, dude, but I thought we were brothers.” I laughed, “We still are, but do you want me to be like Colt is to Chase?” “Hell no. Colt is so damn hard on Chase.” “I know he is, but he means well. I came down hard on you because people know we’re buddies, plus I don’t want you to think because we are you can bend the rules.” “I gotcha.” “Good. I did it in front of them to show I wasn’t showing favoritism towards you. Now the good news…” “We can for sure come over for the game.” “You can, I guess. No, Kris and I may be starting to help the new ones with their training and fitness.” “That’s awesome. I hear people all the time come to the desk and ask if there’s anyone that can help show them the machines. I usually say no but feel bad for them. Most of them just leave.” “I know. I’m excited about it. It’s something that should have been started a while back and gets overlooked, especially once the year gets going. You’ll start to see the same faces at the same time every day.” “I noticed that. I really notice the really hot girls. Is it cool if I ask one of them out?” I laughed, “I don’t know about hitting on our customers. There are some cute girls that come in.” “I really wanna sneak in their shower and just watch,” Tabor laughed. “You do and you won’t have a job.” “I know. I’m not a complete dumbass.” Just before I left, Kris came in the break room. “Bro, I heard about what may be our new job! It’s fucking awesome, huh?” “It is. I’m excited about it and it lets me see how things will be for me in the future.” “I know, bro,” Kris said and saw Tabor, “Tabor, in two years, if all goes well, we’ll pass the reins to you.” “Wicked, bro,” Tabor said. “Some of these fat fucks need it.” “Hey now,” Kris said. “Don’t say that. I’ve seen some of those fat fucks lose a lot of weight.” “I was just joking. The trouble is the fat ones don’t wanna step foot in the door.” “But when they do, Corey and I will be there to show them the way!” Kris said. “I take it you’re pumped,” Tabor said. “Just a little,” Kris laughed. At 8:30, I was off work and went back with Tabor to work out. It was my routine to get in as much work in the weight room as possible. Tabor was a great companion and loved to work out with me. Sometimes Kris would join us but tonight he was preoccupied with other stuff here. I got back to the apartment about 9:30 or so with Colt and Matt sitting around. Colt had a beer in his hand. I went over and got my welcome home kiss from Matt. “Corey, I heard you confessed,” Colt said. “I did. I didn’t feel great about what we had done,” I said and put my arm around Matt, who looked perfectly fine now. “You are so fucking whipped,” Colt said. “I am, but I didn’t want to lose what I had,” I said. “You wouldn’t lose me. I think it’s so hot that the three of you had sex. Colt and I were talking about what a great ass you have…” “Like it was made for dick, dude,” Colt said. “I guess. Wanna hear some good news?” “Sure,” Matt said. “Next week, Kris and I may be sort of like trainers to the new ones that come in,” I said. “I thought the Rec Center had personal trainers,” Colt stated. “They do, but we’re going to coordinate with them and help people get started, like show them the basics,” I said, with Kris coming in the door. “Bro, I was talking with Gary Sussex, one of the trainers, and we’ve come up with this killer plan,” Kris said, barely in the door. “Corey was just telling us about your new jobs,” Matt said. “It’ll be so sweet,” Kris said and went to the fridge. “Hey, where is everyone tonight?” “I guess out,” Colt said. “I’m fixin’ to leave and meet up with Andrea. Matt knows what we did last night.” Kris laughed while opening his beer, “You’ll never get sick again, huh?” “I hope not. That was awful, but that medicine is the bomb,” Matt said. “Good to hear, but I think Colt and I aren’t getting it,” Kris said. “I hope not,” Colt stated and got up to leave. “See you later.” “Later bro,” Kris said. TO BE CONTINUED. I hope you enjoyed `Junior 14′ in my long running series of “Rooming with My Best Friend”. I continue to enjoy all your emails and try to respond to each one. I really appreciate my regular emailers and also love hearing from those who just found my story. I’m very thankful for those who have stuck with me throughout this very long. It wouldn’t be as long if not for all the encouragement I’ve been given. Be sure to put “Rooming” or something like that so it doesn’t go to my spam folder. Please sign up for the emails on my website, www.wasputzgaystories, if you don’t want to miss it plus read other hot stories about `Rooming’ and its many characters written by various fans/authors. You are always welcome to write me at: hoo. I sincerely appreciate it each email and will respond to each one. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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