Just a Dream


You didn’t know I was looking at you today, but I was. From the moment you walked through the door, there were butterflies in my stomach. And then you smiled at me and I had to use every ounce of energy I had in me just to turn away, afraid that you’d see how you affect me. Then Mr. Jones sat down and everyone’s head was down, over their tests. But not mine.

I was gazing at you, loving the way you lean back in your chair without a care in the world. And then you turned around and we made eye contact for what felt like centuries, although it was only a few seconds. I blushed and you winked at me. Had I been standing, I’d have collapsed on the spot.

By the time I reached my dorm room, I was near fainting with the heat and tension that had spread throughout my body. My roommate is gone for the weekend, and I have the room to myself. I closed the blinds and peeled off my jeans. I caught my own reflection out of the corner of my eye and stop to admire my figure. I had been practically living in the gym since the end of last semester when I first saw you. I’m in my favorite bra and the thong that matches under a tshirt. Slowly, I climbed into bed and settled in under the sheets. I unfastened my bra and pulled it out through my sleeve.

Feeling particularly mischievous, I slowly moved my hand up under my shirt and began teasing my nipples the way I imagined you might. They hardened as I moved across them, only exciting me more. I closed my eyes and arched my back, licking my lips, pretending we were kissing. In my mind you tasted so good, and your lips were so soft and delicious. Slowly, I moved my right hand down my side, gently, the way you would. I slid my panties off and opened my legs as wide as I could. I ran my fingers up and down the inside of my thighs, pushing myself to the limit before finally sliding one finger inside czech couples porno of me, slowly. But that’s not good enough. You have bigger hands than I, and one of my fingers just doesn’t feel right. Two fingers. I continued to move my fingers in and out and in and out, imagining that it was really your hand against my body, and your fingers inside of me, driving me wild with pleasure. I imagined how you’d throw me down and undress me quickly and carelessly, tossing my clothes on the floor. I’d lay back and give in as you kiss my neck, sending tingles up and down my spine. We’d kiss passionately and hungrily, wanting to just melt into one another. You’d hold my wrists above my head with one hand and with the other you’d caress me and tickle me, as I giggle and squirm away.

You’d say, “I knew you were ticklish!” and I’d wrap my legs around your waist as your lips met mine again. Slowly, you’d kiss your way down my neck to my chest, where you’d kiss me gently, and tease my nipples with your tongue, just to hear me moan with pleasure. You’d take your time, exploring me to see where I’m sensitive and what makes me moan.

By this time in my fantasy, I was already about to fall off the edge, when a knock on my door interrupted me. I laid there in silence, pretending not to be in my room, until I heard you call my name through the door. Still dazed, I jumped up and pulled on my pajama pants and answered the door.

“Hey woman why didn’t you wait for me after class?” you said.

“I had some homework to do before my next class,” I stammered, obviously lying.

“Okay, we’ll do it together then,” you said. I wondered if you could see through me. I wanted to just grab you and throw you down on my bed and ride you until you had nothing left. Instead, I invited you in. We sat in silence czech estrogenolit porno with our books, the way we had hundreds of times before, only this time, there was a throbbing between my legs which only increased when you put your arm around my waist, innocently, the way you had a hundred times before. I could feel your fingers go up and down my back as you read. Plenty of times you’d done this, but I was unable to hide the excitement it stirred within me.

I sighed softly. You stopped reading, but you didn’t look at me. You hands went to the back of my neck and you ran your fingers along my neck and shoulder. I closed my eyes and sighed again. You looked at me. I didn’t look back at you, but I could feel your eyes on me, so I bit my lower lip and sighed again. Your breathing stopped. I looked at you. For a moment it was awkward, but then you just took me into your arms and kissed me with more passion than I could’ve fantasized about. We laid back and you kissed me for what seemed like eternity. The throbbing between my legs was growing stronger, especially with you between my legs. My body begged for you. I sighed again as your hand went up my shirt. Without wasting time, you pulled it off with a remarkable amount of ease. Your lips left mine and you kissed down my neck as I’d imagined. Your tongue felt better on my nipples than I’d imagined.

Again, not wanting to waste time, you pulled my pajama pants down and I felt your hand, as you touched me, causing me to moan. For the first time, I felt your strong hand against my body and your fingers inside of me. The throbbing continued, as I grinded against your hand. Your breathing became heavier as I pulled your shirt over your head and threw it across the room. The feeling of your body against mine had been something I’d imagined czech experiment porno for months and now that I was here underneath you, I felt faint. I rolled over on top of you and unfastened your belt clumsily. I undressed you as quickly as possible and climbed over you. Your eyes on me made my nipples harden and my cheeks flush with color. You reached up and took hold of my hips and pulled me slowly down on to you. I grew dizzy and let myself be guided by your strong hands, as you moved me in rythm with you. You smiled at me and I felt goosebumps all over my body. I arched my back for you as you looked up at me.

“You are so beautiful,” you said. “You feel so good.”

“Oh my god,” I moaned. “I’ve wanted you for so f*cking long!” This gave you a new confidence and you moved me faster. I leaned my head back and lost myself in the sheer ecstacy of having you inside of me. You ran your hands up my body and found my nipples again. My breath caught in my throat. Unconciously, I began to move faster. This made you moan. The sound of your voice practically sent me over the edge. I moaned your name over and over again. I could hear you saying my name and then I felt you grip my waist. Your breathing changed and I could feel you tense up underneath me. Thrilled, I moved my body up and down over you faster and faster, as you came closer and closer to climax.

And then it happened.

Your eyes rolled back and you held my hips tightly. Your quiet moaning became louder, deeper, as you came into me. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from your face as I came closer and closer to my own orgasm. You recovered quickly, and sat up, kissing my neck and sucking on my nipples as I grinded against your lap. I could feel your nails in my back and I’m sure I pulled your hair as my legs tightened around you and I threw my head back and practically screamed in ecstacy. The rush spread throughout my entire body and I shivered against you, as you wrapped your strong arms around me and kissed me gently.

“That was crazy,” you said. “And awesome.”

“Mmm,” was all I could say.

Then we drifted off to sleep. And I wondered if I’d wake up and realize it was all just a dream.

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