Just a morning :)

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Just a morning :)It was a Wednesday morning, I woke up about 8 o’clock.There she lay next to me in a pink night dress, the strap that normally sat on her right shoulder had sagged down to the middle of her upper arm.I put her hair on the side so that I saw her bare shoulder, I kissed it.I lowered the blanket a little, her beautiful full breasts came out in her thinner nightdress.her thick meaty nipples pierced through, not surprising because her nipples were hard and erected all the time.I can not resist rubbing her full tits and feel her hard nipples in my hand. They feel like bubblegums.I pull her right arm through the beak of her dress so that it is looser around her breasts, gently I reveal her right tit. Her bright pink areolas with a dark pink nipple on top is so beautiful in the morning.she still sleeps deeply, she gives no kick when I also expose her left breast.both breasts fall a little to the side when she is lying on her back, yes she has hangers, not to be surprised when you know they are heavy.my tongue caresses her right nipple, little bit salty.in the meantime my cock is already seriously swollen, I take her hand and put it in my boxer shorts with my head against her wrist and my ball bag in her hand.I feel her nails gently in my skin, this feels so good ..i’m starting to slide my dick in her hand,so that my foreskin is pushed backwards, pre-cum begins to smear her wrist.I take some of my pre-cum and put it on her lips, I tickle her lips and from reflex she closes her mouth and makes a smacking sound. “Yes, honey, this is just a foretaste” I whisper.I see and feel her nipples getting pendik escort harder, she u*********sly gets excited. I take her hand out of boxer shorts and put me on my knees next to her. My glans with pre-cum strokes her right nipple.her thick hard nipple shines in the daylight that gently enters between the curtains. From the moment I go with my cock along her mouth she gives a little touch of life, she turns on her left side.I gently pull the sheets off her Here she is lying naked with her breasts and her short sleeping dress. I carefully lift her dress to look at her full bottom wrapped in black cotton panties.that thick tasty ass asks, I lay my head next to her ass and start sniffing it. delicious aromas come in my nose, I push my nose the panties a bit between her buttock. mmm this excites me so hard.she gives some reaction but quietly continues, she is still unaware (I think)she turns on her back, pulling myself away just as quickly before lying under her.I keep going I can not stop now the urge is too big.I put myself between her legs so my head almost on her pussy,that nice smelling pussy asks to be sniffed.hmm yes nice, with the tip of my tongue I go over her in lace panties pussy.I suddenly feel two soft hands on the back of my head, I look up, she looks at me. “What are you doing?” she asks.”let me sleep””I did not think so” I answered and the atmosphere changed. I had to take the upper hand if I wanted to fuck her and I also know that she wants it, she does not want to admit it at the moment.she struggles a bit, I know this game of her, so I pull her dress out and tie it around her wrist escort pendik and the bed, with the belt on my bedside table I fasten her other wrist.I put myself between her legs and put her legs on my shoulders before I pull her panties off. It is moist because of her pussy juices.”No appetite?” I laugh at her as I grease the slimy juice on my tongue.”Do you want too?” I ask, she shakes her head “no, I think that’s dirty”I take her jaws and lightly press her mouth open, I put her nice smelling and tasting panties in her mouth.tears swirl down her cheeks.It is almost half past nine, the time that the mail is usually delivered. That brings me to an idea.I quickly put on a pair of trousers and wait for the postman at the front door.There he is, he sees me and brings me the mail personally. “Do you have time?” I ask. Probably he thinks I want to offer him something to drink so he says yes.he is going to drop the engine off his scooter “follow me” I say.the door of the bedroom is a bit open “look inside” hesitantly he looks inside the room and sees my wife lying there. She does not notice it.”go inside” I commend him. he lingers and I give him a push so that the door swings open and he stumbles into the room.she screams, but she can hardly be heard because of the panties in her mouth.I lock the door, “look at her”, he is shy and does not know where to look first.”What do you stand there now, go closer?” I commend him with a raised voice.he is scared, I see him trembling. I grab him at the back of his neck and let him on his knees at the foot of the bed. “lick her soles and toes”she works against me but pendik escort bayan I keep her both legs pushed against the mattress so he can lick her feet. she starts to realize that I have the upper hand and after a while I see her enjoying.I take her breasts tight and start sucking her nipples. she moans.she surrendered, “show her your dick,” I tell him.He pulls off his pants and takes his dick out of his slip. He is not yet in erection, probably because of fear.I look at her “make him hard” while I take the panties out of her mouth.”let her blow you”he comes closer and sticks his dick in her mouth. his eyes roll when she puts her full lips around his dick.while she sucks him I start licking her cunt, she is so wet. I knew she enjoyed it.after a while I tell him “come here and taste that cunt” he begins to lick her while I push my hard dick deep against her throat. I grab her hair and wait until she makes a gagging gesture.”play with her tits while I fuck her” I recommend him. he starts squeezing her tits, I take her legs, lift them up a little bit and penetrate her cunt with a deep hard push. she moans it while I hard and deeply fuck her cunt.”look at how I take her” he still looks at me anxiously.my cock begins to swell my scrotum pulls together and I spray my thick white warm cum in her wet pussy.”lick my dick clean” I recommend her the remains of cum and pussy juice licks them off like a real slut.to the postman: “you, lick that cunt clean”while licking her pussy she lets a cunt fart, probably because of the long hard knocks I gave her. Because of the fart my cum and her juice are all over his face.”Dress up and go away” I tell him.I kick him out the front door and go back to the room,”Thanks for all this” she says to me sweetlyshe sits on me, sucks me so that my dick back hard and fuck me again with her on top.

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