Just a Simple Date


Another story from Kelli. Enjoy!



Jason was going out with his girlfriend that Friday night, so when Tommy called and asked me out, I quickly accepted. I liked Tommy and especially liked his long cock! There was little doubt that we’d go somewhere to fuck and suck after dinner, if there were even to be a dinner. But I was confident that he wasn’t such a jerk as to fail to feed me, for god’s sake. I mean, c’mon, wasn’t a good blowjob worth the price of a simple meal?

I was taking my time getting ready for the date. Mom and Dad had gone out for an early dinner but they were due back just before Tommy was to pick me up. They weren’t all that agreeable about me dating Tommy or anyone else for that matter, but they liked him better than some other guys that I knew. And also, even though he had a long, beautiful cock and loved sex, he had the appearance of nice, clean-cut boy. That went a long way to settling my parents’ concerns. Little did they know!

I was dressed and ready for the date. I had on a nice conservative skirt and blouse with low-heeled pumps. I didn’t wear panty hose because they always got in the way of enjoyable petting and intimate caressing – can’t have anything hindering that, now, could we? I watched the headlights coming down the long drive to our house, but couldn’t tell if it was Mom and Dad or Tommy. I just stood there and watched.

I opened the door for Mom and Dad, smiling happily. “Hi.” I said as they walked into the house. “How was dinner?”

Dad chuckled and glanced at Mom. “Squirt, your mother is a fun dinner date.”

“Now don’t you start up again!” Mom said, but was trying to hide a smile. She turned to me and asked, “What would you do, honey, if the waitress brought something that you didn’t order?”

I glanced at Dad, but said, “Well, I’d tell her what she’d done and …well, ask her to bring me what I’d ordered.”

Dad grinned at me. “Yeah, that’s good, Squirt, but what if the food she brought was better than what you’d ordered, and she suggested that if you wanted it, it would be free?”

Uh-oh, I thought, and grinned at Dad. Then looking at Mom, I said, “Well, if it looked good, I’d probably accept it. I mean, hey, it’s free, right?”

Mom looked at me for a moment, then turned and walked off. “Kelli, you’re just like your father …two peas in a pod, for god’s sake.”

I didn’t usually get into their arguments or discussions, but sometimes they’d draw me in like that. Neither used me as a power play, it was more like joining in on the humor of the situations. I’d always been a happy-go-lucky person and I always sought out the humor in things. Arguments or heated discussions notwithstanding. Dad and I usually were in agreement in arguments, so Mom seldom called me into the discussions. But Dad would often use me to provide humorous relief wherever possible …and get him out of any difficulty.

We all heard the car pull up out front. Dad looked at me, then said, “Tommy, huh?”

“Oh, Daddy, he’s a nice guy …really. You’d like him if you’d just try.”

“I’d like him a lot better if he were in South America.” Dad said, but grinned at me.

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Daddy, he’s nice …and we’re just going for a burger and fries or something …maybe a movie if he has enough money.”

Daddy kissed me. “Be careful, Squirt …and don’t be late, okay?”

On the way out the door, I yelled back, “Don’t worry, Dad, I won’t be late …and, yeah, we’ll be careful.”

Tommy stayed sitting in the driver seat, which was unusual. So I opened my own door and slid onto the passenger seat. “Hi,” I said happily, smiling at him. And that’s when I saw it. His long cock was out of his pants and standing straight up and hard as a rock!

“Oh, man,” I said and laughed. “What the hell’s with that …you can’t be that damned horny, Tommy!”

He smirked at me. With one hand on the wheel, he stroked his big cock, bending it over toward me. “On the way over, I was thinking about you and …well, it just got hard.” He glanced at me and grinned. “Hurt so bad I had to take it out!”

I laughed and looked again at the big, hard shaft. Geez, it looked so good standing up at attention …more like trying to get attention! And it sure got my attention! Tommy had the longest cock in the school if one believed all of the rumors. As a good friend of my first lover, Tommy and I had enjoyed several sexual encounters. He wasn’t the world’s greatest lover, but his big cock was a joy to suck on and play with and fuck.

I tried to resist the urges and actually held out for …oh, two whole minutes or so! I slid over against the center console and reached down for the big, hard dick. He groaned as my hand made contact, grinning happily. “What the hell are you gonna’ do with that thing when we get to the restaurant?” I asked, stroking the hardness.

“Well, I thought …well, after this happened, I thought we’d just swing by Macdonald’s and …well, go through the drive-thru.”

I looked at him czech first video porno and tried to frown seriously even though I was almost laughing inside. “So what you’re saying is …well, like, a good blowjob and sex is only worth something like a Happy Meal and fries?”

He turned and looked at me. “Oh, god, …no, Kelli! No, I don’t mean that, for god’s sake! I just …we …ahh, what the hell am I gonna’ do?”

I was by then stroking slowly up and down the shaft. The sensation was like velvet wrapped around a steel pipe …only warmer. On the up-stroke, I let my thumb or my index finger loop up over and onto the smooth head of the big cock. And each time I did it, he’d moan softly and the big cock would pulse or jerk in my hand.

Still stroking it, I grinned up at him. “Well, you could make it go soft …then you could get it back in your pants.” When he glanced at me and frowned, but I continued, “Then we could actually have a real dinner …like in a restaurant …and with real waiters and everything …just like big people.”

We both knew that there was no way that the long, hard shaft was going to just go soft all on its own. And the nine inches or so of hard cock couldn’t be confined inside his pants. I grinned as I thought of him walking into the restaurant with a huge, nine-inch bulge in his pants.

He glanced at me and grinned. “We could go out to the old fire road and …well, you know …take care of it.”

“Oh, no you don’t, buster!” I said in mock anger, squeezing his big cock. “I might be a damned cheap date, but I ain’t givin’ you a blowjob before you buy me dinner!”

He groaned. “Aww, geez, Kelli, what’s the big deal? I mean, hell, I’m almost in pain here. What am I gonna’ do?”

I laughed. “Do what you’d do if I weren’t around …jerk it off yourself!”

He glanced at me and frowned. “Aww, Kelli, don’t be such a …I mean, what if I say please?”

I was still holding his cock, stroking it slowly, sensually. I’d sucked him off on several occasions and enjoyed it thoroughly. I’d been looking forward to doing it this very night, but my dreams didn’t include sucking the big cock while leaning uncomfortably over the center console of his car.

I stroked his cock and grinned up at him. “Do you still have that blanket in the trunk?”

His face lit up with a grin. “Oh, yeah, sure, Kelli! Where do you wanna’ go?”

With my thumb caressing the soft, sensitive head of his cock, I said, “We could go to that little park on the loop …at Abrams, I think?”

His head jerked around toward me. “That’s …ahh, like, kinda’ public, ain’t it?”

I giggled, stroking the shaft and squeezing. “Yeah, a little, I guess …but that’ll make it kinda’ …well, more exciting, huh?”

He was silent for a moment, thinking about my suggestion, as the lights of town drew near. Glancing at me, he asked, “Geez, Kelli, what if …god, what if someone sees us?”

I laughed. “How many people go walking in that park at night? Hell, there aren’t even any lights, are there?”

“Well, shit, Kelli, there’s lights all along the pathways, for god’s sake!”

“Yeah, sure …but we won’t do it on the damned path, you idiot!” I laughed and stroked the big, hard cock.

The little park surrounded a small, man-made lake with a little wooden bridge over a narrowing spot in the water. It was a nice pleasant park with lots of big shade trees and numerous areas of thick shrubbery. It was in that shrubbery that I had in mind to suck him off. Strolling casually around the little lake, Tommy’s hard on was more than evident by the bulge in his pants and trailing down his left pant leg. I teased him about it, but there was no one around the area to hear or see us.

I made him walk further than I’d originally planned just to tease him. But spotting a thicket beside the little path between two of the lights, I pulled him through the branches to a small, open spot. He grinned as he glanced all around searching for voyeurs, I suppose. Then spreading the blanket, he pushed his pants and shorts down. The big cock sprang out straight and stiff, bouncing in the breeze. He quickly sat down on the blanket and leaned back on his elbows.

As I moved in and sat down beside him, he grinned. “Oh, damn, this is gonna’ feel so fuckin’ good!” He smiled. “God, Kelli, you’re just the best …the greatest!”

I grinned at him and grasped the big cock. Stroking it firmly, sliding the skin up and down the shaft, I looked at him and grinned. “Ya’ want a handjob or blowjob?”

He glared at me and frowned. “Shit, …a handjob? Aww, Kelli, don’t make me beg like a damned dog.” He whined. “Oh, man …please …please?”

I laughed and leaned down taking the head of the hard cock into my mouth. He groaned with pleasure and lay back on the blanket. His cock was so nice, not just because it was long, but it was like the perfect size for my mouth. His cock curved upward from his belly and slightly to his left. Knowing that, I’d positioned czech gangbang porno myself on his left side so that the big cock actually curved toward me. All of that made it much easier for me to suck on and enjoy the big cock with having to bend it toward my mouth and lips. He moaned and murmured with pleasure as I licked and kissed and sucked him. I’d have moaned in pleasure, too, but I’d always been taught not to speak with my mouth full. And it was full, believe me!

While I sucked on his cock, I also played gently with his testicles. Unlike most of the boys I knew, Tommy’s balls hung low, dangling beautifully in the little skin sack. So with my right arm lying across his chest and belly and with my hand holding the base of his cock, my left hand played with his testicles. I was gentle in playing with them because most guys can become pretty tense and nervous when it comes to their testicles. I’d been with Tommy several times, so he knew that I wouldn’t hurt him, but he could still be somewhat tense if I wasn’t careful. To prove it once again, I leaned down, licked and kissed each sensitive orb as he moaned with pleasure.

For all of its length, Tommy liked me to suck and lick the sensitive head. I loved to take the entire cock into my mouth and throat, but that day and time, I concentrated mostly on the sensitive head. I really wanted to make the pleasure last longer, but Tommy had been ready to explode for quite a long time. Holding it back was not much of an option and I never liked teasing my boys too much – that would have been cruel to them. Besides, I’d been looking forward to this for a couple of days myself.

With the head of the cock in my mouth, I used my tongue to lick all around the sensitive, smooth flesh. His moaning had increased some and the big cock was swelling and becoming even more rigid. My right hand was gripping and stroking the hard shaft with my left hand playing gently with the testicles. He was only a few moments from blasting the hot cum into my mouth. I would have grinned happily, but my mouth was full of cock!

With a loud grunting moan, the big cock swelled and became iron-hard. The muscles of his belly stiffened under my right arm and he arched his back slightly. Sealing my lips tightly to the head of his cock, I continued to lick at it. With another grunt, he arched his back and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and hot cum splash onto my tongue. Knowing Tommy, I swallowed quickly to be ready for the second and third spurts of cum. At that time, I squeezed the testicles gently as if trying to milk them for more. His moaning was almost continuous and then the big cock spurted the second volume followed almost immediately with the third. I sucked firmly, drawing all of the hot cum from the big cock. I continued to lick and suck on the big head, but already it was losing the stiffness and rigidity. His moaning was softer and he began to actually use words.

“Oh, my god, Kelli …you’re the greatest!” he said staring up at the night sky. “God, I love you …love the way you suck my dick.”

I couldn’t smile because the big cock was still in my mouth, but in my mind, I smiled happily. I continued to suck and lick gently on his cock and could feel it become more and more flaccid. Squeezing the testicles gently, I applied extra suction with my mouth and eased backward, stretching his cock as it pulled from my mouth. He leaned up and watched me, a grin on his face.

It was about that time when I heard the faint sounds of people talking in the distance. I couldn’t hear the words distinctly, but it became clear that several people, including some children, were in the park with us. Tommy didn’t seem to hear them, so I said nothing.

“God, Kelli, you’re …damn, you’re really great.” He said caressing my back and shoulder. “I love you, Kelli …and I love how you suck my dick.”

I sat back on my heels and smiled at him. “I’d ask if it was good, but I think I already know.” I laughed quietly, my hand still playing with his testicles. “Was it worth a good dinner? Do you think you can walk into a restaurant now?”

He laughed and looked down at his long cock lying limp against his thigh. He chuckled. “Yeah, I think it’s sorta’ gone down a little, huh?”

“Well, we’d best get going,” I said grinning at him. “There’s some people coming this way. Can’t you hear them?”

His eyes got large and he turned to listen. After a moment the sounds of children talking and laughing became clear. “Oh, shit,” he said jumping up and pulling up his shorts and pants. “God, Kelli, let’s get the hell outta’ here!”

Laughing and giggling, we ran around the little lake and back to the car. I’m sure that if the people saw us running, they’d know for sure that we’d been having sex. But it was dark except for the little, low-level pathway lights, so it’s doubtful that anyone would know who we were.

“Thanks, Kelli,” he said for the tenth time or so. “You’re really a fantastic girl …thanks a bunch!”

I grinned brazzers porno at him and thought about playing with his big cock again to get it all hard and straight again, but I resisted the urge. “Yeah, Tommy …you’ve said that a few times already, okay? I appreciate it, but let’s go have dinner somewhere.”

We’d already decided to go to the little Italian restaurant when we passed Sully’s pizza bar. It was actually a bar, but it had a little dinning room connected through a side door. Even though we couldn’t order beer, it was a favorite pizza hangout for the kids in town.

“Hey,” Tommy shouted. “That’s Mike’s car!” And as he slowed down, I saw Mike’s car, too. Mike was another of my sex partners! Tommy slowed, turning to look. “What the hell’s he doing here? He’s supposed to have a date with Cheryl.”

“Maybe they’re having pizza?” I said as I wondered what the big deal was. “So what?”

“No, no! He said they were having dinner at her house …with her parents!”

We turned around and drove back to Sully’s. As we pulled into the parking lot, Mike came out of the building. Tommy pulled up and honked the horn. Mike turned and saw us and waved. Walking toward us, I glanced around wondering where Cheryl was.

“Hey, guys,” Mike said leaning on the driver’s door. “Kelli …you look like hot stuff tonight. Tommy sure lucked out getting a date with you, didn’t he?”

I smiled my best smile at him. Mike was one of my favorite lovers. After we had sex, we loved to snuggle and cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other. It was such a wonderful, relaxed, warm, cuddly feeling. He was definitely the best kisser of all of the boys. I just loved being with him. I started to answer his comments, but Tommy beat me to it.

“Kelli and I were going over to Torterrelli’s for dinner …why don’t you and Cheryl join us? It’ll be fun!”

I looked at Mike and nodded for him to agree. He smiled, then said, “Well, thanks, but Cheryl won’t be joining us. She got into some kind of trouble …her parents grounded her …wouldn’t even let her have anyone over.”

“Hey, that’s okay, Mike,” I said hurriedly. “C’mon with us …it’ll be fun. You don’t want to be alone on a Friday night! C’mon with us!”

I wasn’t sure if Tommy was all that hot on the idea, but he didn’t object nor did he make any nasty faces at me. Mike grinned at me and said, “Hey, if you guys don’t mind …it’d be great. I’ll just meet you over there, okay?”

I doubt if Tommy could tell, but my heart was pounding with anticipation of a hot night of sex with two of my favorite guys! I felt a little bad for Tommy, but at the same time, I promised myself that I’d give him some extra attention.

The dinner was fun with lots of banter, jokes and laughter. There were some people that stared at us and we were joking about how it must look – one girl with two guys on a Friday night! Ooh, they both had some choice suggestions for the remainder of the evening. And I was a perfectly willing participant. Our laughter and whispering must have cause more than one eyebrow to rise in moral indignation …and probably some pretty lewd thoughts. I was happy, however, to see that Tommy wasn’t angry with me for inviting Mike along. And now that the ideas of sex had been broached, he seemed perfectly fine with the idea of sharing me with Mike.

After some discussion in the restaurant, we’d decided to end the evening at Mike’s house, in the basement playroom. It had become something of playroom and party room for many of Jason and Tommy’s friends. It was basically open all the time and his parents never bothered us much, if at all. It was also a place for couples to have sex if they made arrangements with Mike. I’d had sex with Mike on several occasions in the room and I was pretty sure that Tommy knew about it.

Since they’d suggested the playroom, I was pretty sure that they had sex on their minds. But then being boys, almost no matter what they’d suggested, sex would have been most prominent in the minds! But what I wasn’t sure about was if it was to be both of them fucking me together or one at a time. I wasn’t going to ask!

I slid over and sat on the console, hugging Tommy as he drove to Mike’s house. I kissed him on the cheek and caressed his big cock through his pants. “Thanks, Tommy …it was a nice dinner.” I kissed his cheek again and whispered, “Even if you did serve the dessert first!”

He laughed and caressed my thigh. “You’re really great, Kelli …really. And I hope you’re …well, okay with …ahh, Mike and all.”

I giggled into his ear and kissed him again. “Geez, I don’t know …what do you guys have planned? Ravaging poor little Kelli in Mike’s dungeon?”

He laughed, then turned to face me with a big grin on his face. “Hmm, now that’s a swell idea!” He grinned. “Ravaging the beautiful Princess Kelli of the evil empire.”

I kissed his cheek and firmly squeezed the growing cock through his pants. “Oh, dear me, …I’m so scared, …so frightened …oh, poor Princess Kelli.” Then kissing his ear, I whispered, “I’m just sure that the princess will surrender without a fight.”

Mike was waiting in the driveway when we arrived. We went directly to the basement without ever seeing or hearing his parents. Mike flicked on the light over the little bar to the left and said, “Kelli, grab us a beer …I’ll put on some music.”

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