Just Another Day in the Fall


Just Another Day in the FallFollow-up to “My sister keeps up on her promise”Reminder: my sister is a nice athletic build, 18 years old, brunette with brown eyes and C cup tits.It was September sometime (a little while after my birthday) and my sister had been taking pictures with a disposable phone and needed to get the rest of the reel developed so she asked me to take some photos of her around our house. Bored with having nothing else to do I decided to take her up on it. So we start shooting around the house, she got in a seductive pose from time to time saying that it was fun to think of what the guy at the photo department would think of it. I kept admiring her beauty thinking that whoever got to touch her skin. She had a boyfriend now and was faithful to him. That’s the kinda girl she was. So here we are taking pictures of her in her tight jeans and small shirts and I can’t help but get a hard on. I do my best to hide it but she notices me anyway.”Whatca got there?” she asks.”N-nuthin..” I stutter out.”Seems like you like this photo shoot a little too much.””Aww c’mon s*s, you know what you’re doing,” I said with a chuckle.”Fair is fair,” she said, “want me to turn it down or turn it up?””You won’t tease me?” I ask.”I’m you’re sister, would I do that?” she responded.She slowly takes off her shirt, being very sexual about it. And tells me to look through the lens and not to stare at her because it’d be hotter that way. Now in her pink bra and jeans she starts doing a little dance playing with her tits and acting coy. She unzips her jeans but doesn’t take them off. She sways back and forth turning around and showing off her perky ass. She turns her head and sees me looking straight at her ass.”Don’t just look at it you perv,” she says, “you can touch it.”I reach out and grab her ass. That isn’t enough for me so I grab the jeans by the loop and pull them down slowly. She was wearing matching pink panties. Very hot stuff for me and she giggled as she saw my jaw drop.”you can grandbetting giriş kiss it if you want,” she said as I prodded my head forward and snapped a picture of me kissing her sweet ass.She got upset saying that she couldn’t develop a picture like that. She struggled for the camera but I wrestled it away from her. She started to pull up her jeans and said that if I was going to be like this then we wouldn’t have anymore fun. She grabbed her top and went downstairs.Disappointed I gave her the camera and she left. Not a big deal, I guess, with her current boyfriend she wasn’t about to have sex with me anyway.Later that night I went down to her room to apologize and I caught her playing with herself. Not uncommon by this point. I walk in and she freaks and tries to hide herself. I say, “C’mon I can help you with that.””I guess you owe me since you fucked up the shoot earlier,” she said.I walk in and grab her legs, separating them and preparing to eat her out. It had become a regular thing and I actually quite enjoyed it. I started licking her in and out while fingering her clit. I knew just how to get her off at this point. She starts screaming as I get her to orgasm and cum all over my face. I step back and undo my pants thinking that I may get some since she was pleased and she backs up telling me that I know she has a boyfriend and that we weren’t going to do anything. I head to my room upstairs and she sends me a picture from her phone of her ass and dripping pussy. I use it to masturbate and eventually fall asleep.The next day goes by like any other and I’m getting no affection from her. Night comes with a storm and she comes to my bedroom. A shirt and panties just like my first time with her and she asks if she can sleep with me. I agree and let her come in my bed. I’m spooning her and she turns around to ask me a question. “You don’t think I’m a bitch do you?””of course not,” I reply, “you can be off-putting sexually with me but no you aren’t” grandbetting yeni giriş I say with a sarcastic tone.”I’m sorry, I just want to be faithful, you know?” she says back.”I get it but I wish you didn’t get a boyfriend, I’d love to be fucking you instead of pretending I am,” I say.”I miss having sex with you too. He doesn’t get me off quite like you do,” she said.As she says this she reaches down and grabs my dick. I’m semi-hard with the knowledge that I won’t be getting any of her tonight.”I could pay you back without sex,” she implied.”what? am I gonna get a blowjob?” I ask.”If you want me to?””oh my god I would love that,” I say trying to sound cool.She turns around and starts giving me some head. It’s good but I can tell she was just doing it to please me.”C’mon go harder,” I said trying to envoke some more effort.She looks up at me almost disgusted then looks down at my dick with some new-found motivation and starts deep throating my cock. I throw my head back with pleasure as she’s gagging on my dick. I can feel some saliva running down to my balls as she keeps going harder and harder. The gagging noise is so amazing. I begin to shudder with the upcoming orgasm raging in my sack. She looks up at me and stops.”What? Now?!” I ask.”Well you didn’t seem to like it too much,” she said.”Baby, no. Please don’t stop. I was about to cum!””Get me off and I’ll return the favor,” she said as she swings her ass around and brings her pussy to my face. I start licking her pussy half motivated by the lack of jism coming from my dick but I get into it. I start licking harder and harder fighting with her panties for her pussy as she finally cums leaving a trail from my chin to my chest.”Oh that was great,” she said getting up and walking out of my room. I have a quite argument with her, since my parents were in the other room, about how she said she would get me off.”tough luck,” she responded, turning to the door.I follow her down to her room telling grandbetting güvenilirmi her this was total bullshit and that she owed me. She had her little quip responses and said I wasn’t going to get it. We end up in her room and with all the blue-balled aggression I had I grabbed her by the arm. I said that if she wasn’t going to give me what she promised then I’d take it.”And do what? **** me?” she asked in a smart ass tone.”I’ll do to you what you did to me my first time,” I responded slyly.I pushed her down on the bed stomach first and pulled her arms behind her back. I held her hands together with one hand and pulled her panties down with the other. She struggled trying to get out from under me to no avail. I was much stronger than her by now. I reached my lips down and kissed her pussy which was still very wet from when I had pleased her earlier. She threw out words of protest and tried getting out of my hold. Not this time, she was mine. I pulled my boxers down. I grabbed her right leg with my hand and pushed her other aside with my waist and got my dick up to her opening. I slowly pushed in her as she let out a scream. I fucked her as hard as I could and I could swear she fought less and less. As I was about to cum I pulled out and regained my composure. I calmed down and got myself ready for her asshole. It was tight since she hadn’t let any boyfriend near there and I pushed my way in. I didn’t care if it hurt her or not. She had been putting me off for this long and I deserved it. I’m ramming my dick full fledged in her ass and with every thrust she is crying out. As I came I let go of her arms and she moved free.”You fucking asshole, how could you do that to me?” she protested.”You brought this on yourself. Giving me blue balls and denying me since you’ve been with that douchebag,” I responded. “Next time–“”Thank you,” she said quickly.”Urmm…. what?” I asked, puzzled.”I need you to fuck me but I couldn’t come onto you since I’m with T.J.,” she said, “besides, I’ve always had a fantasy of being forced into sex.” She leaned down and kissed my cock head and licked up what’s left of my jizz.I stood there puzzled by what had actually happened. This was her plan!”You wanted to get ra-ped?!” I asked.”Well yeah, and who better than you’re little brother?” she responded.

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