just another day – part 1


just another day – part 1Standing in front of a full length, she smoothes her dress. Will he be disappointed, no suspender clips to feel, she hope’s not.“Mmmm you’ll do”, she says, slipping her stocking feet into her shiny black 4”heels, still looking into the mirror, yup bum looks good, She’s hoping he won’t be disappointed, nerves feelings fill her body, then the overwhelming feeling of lust take hold, butterflies fill her stomach and her smooth pussy pulse with the thought of things to come. She runs her finger through her almond smelling hair, lifts the locks and framing her face. She know’s he won’t be disappointed, she hope’s the horny guy she’s about to meet will be blown away.The journey seems to take forever, the butterflies still dancing in her stomach and the moistness of her pulsing pussy, leading her to distraction. She steps from the seat on the bus, her stocking tops show, she smoothes bahis siteleri her dress down hoping that her juices had now marked her dress, stepping from the bus the driver say’s,” see you again”, she turns and smiles, her lips, moist and appealing.With a confident stride she walks the short distance from the bus stop to the café, she glances through the big window, his there, his looking down, her heart races….. and her moist pussy tingles with anticipation. She walks through the door, not noticing who’s around, his still looking down, her heart beats hard and fast. She lifts her head, walks towards him with a confident stride. He looks up smiles the broadest smile, then stands, his hands cup her face and his lips softly touch her, she melts with his touch , her body falling into his strong frame, his kiss takes her breath away. After what seemed an age, his hands slide down her back to her canlı bahis siteleri waist and he pull her towards him, his firm cock, against her thigh, her left hand falls and gently she strokes his firm cock as it twinges to her touch, his says “ I have missed you, your lips, your kiss….. “,I’m sorry I am late….she whispers in his ear, his hands smooth over the dress, her hips and hold her firm bum, his finger tips forming the curve of her bum, curling round and under to touch caressing her bum. He holds her there and kisses along lingering kiss, the tip of her tongue brushing his, tongues dance in each other’s mouths, the juices flow in anticipation as her.They sit chatting and looking at each other, her hand touching his firm thigh, his hand stroking her, feeling her fingers. They sit closer and her hand flows over this trousers and to the tip of his throbbing cock, she uses her index canlı bahis finger and firmly strokes the tip of his cock, feeling it pulse with every stroke, he leans into her, and with each sensual feeling he takes a sharp intake of breath.He looks into her eyes longingly, but his hands smooth over her dress hem once more, without moving his gaze, a big smile crosses his handsome face. His strong hand slides inside her inner thigh, his finger tip touch the silken material of her knickers, dancing and tracing the lace edge , he leans forward kissing her once more his finger slides between her moist lips, her juices coat his fingers, slowly he withdraws his fingers , glistening with her juices he places his fingers carefully not to lose ,one drop before they dry.She drinks her coffee , and stand , smoothing her dress so it just covers her stocking tops once more. He holds her close kissing her trendily, his arm around her waist, as they leave the shop. Walking chatting, his arm never leaves her waist, lifting his right hand to his face , he smells his finger, then licks each on in turn. “ you smell great and taste so good”……………………….

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