Just eighteen

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Just eighteenWhen Graham had invited me on a night out I was under the impression that all of our friends would be there. I had not been informed that I was, effectively, a plus one for his younger sister’s 18th birthday party. Had I known I’d never have bothered. Hanging out with a bunch of k**s? This was no way to be spending my Saturday night. But here I was, and I was in hell.It seemed that all of Lucy’s friends were boys. Obnoxious, irritating boys. It wasn’t really their fault. All 18 year old boys are obnoxious and irritating. I was when I was 18. If you’re a man reading this, I guarantee you were too at that age. Any sympathy I felt for them did nothing to make me resent them less, though.I had met Lucy a handful of times over the years, but it’d been a while. I was surprised to see that Graham’s little sister had turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. She was a pink-haired goth with sharp cheekbones and a small, slender frame. About the only thing keeping me from walking out on the night was the fact that I couldn’t tear my eyes from her. Sure, I could barely wind my tongue in long enough to speak, but you can’t have everything, can you?The night was a dud. Lucy’s friends, as well as being obnoxious, gradually drifted away. Some couldn’t handle their booze and had to leave early. Others drifted off to other people they knew in town. There were some who just plain disappeared, although I presume they’ve reappeared since, not that I could care less. canlı bahis Most annoyingly of all, Graham left far too early. He was never the biggest party a****l, but it would have been nice of him to stay out after ten o’clock and not leave me to babysit them alone.By the time it was one it was Lucy, her boyfriend and me. Her boyfriend was pretty drunk – had it not been his girlfriend’s party I imagine he’d have left much earlier – and since we all lived in the same general direction we piled into a taxi together.We dropped Lucy’s boyfriend off. I was expecting Lucy to stay with him, but instead she told the driver to wait. As soon as he was through his front door she returned.“We’ll go to yours next,” she told me.“Are you sure?” It was the first coherent sentence I’d managed in front of her all night. “It’s your first night out. Don’t you at least want me to see you off safely?”“No. Not until morning, at least.” Her hand had come to rest on my thigh. I looked in her big, hazel eyes. They smouldered like coals set deep in the middle of her skull. I could see her rubbing the back of her teeth with her tongue, a sly smile dancing across her lips. Unable to break eye contact, I gave my address to the driver, a slight stammer in my voice.As the car pulled away, she gently unzipped my fly, as though she were trying to do so without waking some sleeping b**st. She unbuttoned the front of my boxers and my cock emerged like a jack-in-the-box. She pulled bahis siteleri my foreskin back and enveloped the head of my penis in her warm, wet mouth.She sucked on my dick all the way home. It was sloppy – I could feel her dribbling down the shaft of my cock, pooling around my balls and dampening the front of my pants. Knowing that we were being watched just made me even harder. I reached over and pulled her skirt up. It was a tiny little thing, so I barely had to pull it up any distance to start fingering her pussy. The more passion and lust she serviced my prick with, the more intensity went into my fingerfucking, and vice versa. It was like a spiral of sexual desire, which seemed to be working its way to its natural conclusion when the car stopped. We were at my house.Hurriedly, I paid the driver. Lucy either didn’t notice or didn’t care. She carried on sucking. I placed my hand under her chin and led her out of the taxi and into the house. She barely skipped a beat.Inside, I threw her down on the stairs, spread her legs and went down on her. I darted my tongue around her clit before plunging it inside her. Her hands clasped at the back of my head, pulling me deeper and deeper. Her nails dug into my skin as my tongue cramped up but I kept on, determined to push her to heights of sexual ecstasy she could never have imagined. I wanted her to know that she wasn’t fucking her boyfriend, she was fucking a man – I wanted her to come so hard that every bahis şirketleri time she fucked in the future she would be trying to recapture that split second when my tongue was inside her in just the right way and her orgasm had rippled throughout her body. Finally, I got my reward – a wave of cum all over my face.I drew myself upright, barely giving her a chance to realise what was going on. I pulled her to me and sunk my dick inside her as far as I could. Her hot, wet pussy engulfed it. She was so tight I felt I might cum there and then. She arched her back and squealed. I fucked her furiously, her small frame rocking back and forth as she grasped at the bannister to steady herself. I pushed her top up and pawed at her tiny tits. She placed her feet on my arse and used them to pull me in closer with each thrust.Eventually we swapped positions, me sat on the stairs, her astride me, riding my cock. I worked my hand in between us and rubbed her clit. As I did so she leant in and started to nibble on my earlobe, biting harder each time a wave of pleasure shot through her. As she straddled me, her pussy pulling at my cock with each movement, I felt myself ready to cum.“Get off, I’m going to cum.”“No, cum inside me.”“What?”“I want to feel your cum inside me.”By this point I didn’t have any say in the matter. My cum spilled out of my dick and into her pussy. I could feel it being smeared over my cock as she gradually slowed down. Eventually, she came to a halt, sitting there on my slowly-deflating cock. We collapsed together, there on my staircase.“Welcome to adulthood,” I said.“Hmm,” she murmured, smiling to herself. “Is it always this good?”“Stick around and I’ll show you.”

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