‘Just’ Jane Ch. 02


I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


At 9:00 AM I stood before Poole ready for inspection. I had removed every stitch of lining from my one piece swimming suit. I knew the moment his eyes looked into mine he was happy with himself. My nipples started to harden even more causing the taunt material to broadcast my arousal.

Standing today Poole moved within inches of me, his hand cupped the camel toe between my legs, leaning in he kissed my cheek.

“You’re more beautiful now than the day you got married.” He whispered in my ear.

Taken in by his words I leaned into his broad chest. My nipples brushed against him before I realized where I was.

“I need to get to my desk.” I pushed myself away.

Flustered I walked to my desk not even caring to look up and see who had been watching. Claudia approached me looking disappointed. She laid my tablet on the desk with a thud.

“You have an assignment.” She snarled.

“Did I do something to offend you?” I asked.

“No.” Claudia snapped back.

“So why the attitude?” I replied.

She looked at Poole and then at me. The inference was quite evident as she glared at me.

“So you think I asked for that?” I defended myself standing up to face her.

“Didn’t you?” Claudia challenged me as she looked at my still hard nipples.

“Look, I’m the only woman here wearing a one piece suit including you.” I glared at her now. “I’m also probably close to twenty years older than any of you. Maybe it’s not what I signed up for, but I need this job.” I said quietly but firmly.

“I’m sorry Jane.” Claudia said in a quick about face.

“Actually my name is number Forty One.” I winked at her.

Claudia smiled then returned to her desk. I picked up the tablet and turned it on. There was a message from Max with specific instructions and an appointment at 4:00. I was working and studying when Claudia approached my desk. I looked up concerned I had forgotten something.

“Yes?” I smiled nervously.

“Care to grab some lunch with me.” Claudia asked cautiously. Caught off guard I hesitated a moment.

“Sure.” I replied happily.

“Really?” Claudia asked sensing my reluctance.

“Yeah but maybe only a half hour. I have an appointment at four I’m preparing for.” I tried to explain.

“Ah, battle under fire. I remember those days.” Claudia laughed. “Half hour, I promise.”

We stopped and pulled on the required robes when we were outside of our office. Since everybody else dressed normally for work, I noticed how few people actually wore robes. Then I noticed Claudia was wearing high heels. I myself was in comfortable canvas flats. The sound of her clicking along the hallways drew the attention of most.

Standing behind Claudia I noticed her extra tall heel and appreciated just how long her calves looked standing in them. For a brief second I imagined it was me and Poole walked up behind me and shoved his cock deep in my pussy.

“What will you have?” The friendly voice behind the counter asked.

“Is the chef salad fresh?”

“Made to order. Take a seat and we’ll bring it out.” The young man answered.

“Do I need a number or something?” I asked a bit confused.

“I think we’ll be able to find you.” He smiled.

At first I thought he might be flirting but then I looked around the sea of colored clothing and just two more girls dressed in white robes like Claudia and I had on. In less than thirty minutes I was back at my desk and started cramming for my test in the afternoon.

Both Pool and Max stopped by but neither one offered any help or asked for any insight regarding the appointment. About three I noticed one by one the other girls rose from their desks and turned in the tablets. Max bade them each goodbye as they headed to their respective changing rooms.

At three thirty Max stopped by my desk.

“Jane I need your tablet for the meeting.” He said holding out his hand.

“But I’m not done yet.” I argued.

“It’s ok, you’ll do fine.” He said with conviction. “Poole needs to see you now.”

I wish I had Max’s confidence. Turning off the desktop I made my way over to Poole who was on the phone.

“Sorry gotta go my next appointment just showed up.” He spoke impatiently.

“Look Sam, set up an appointment and come in to see me. I don’t do business on the phone you should know that.” Poole rolled his eyes.

“No I am definitely not coming there… Sam canlı bahis you can threaten me all you want but if you want to talk it will be in my office…Sam I’m going to hang up…If that’s what you want, it’s your business…Goodbye Sam.” Poole hung up the phone.

“You wanted to see me?” I stood before him nervously.

Poole rolled closer and tapped his knee.

“Please sit down.” He nodded to where his hand just landed.

“I would rather stand.” I replied gathering all my will power.

“If you insist.” Poole stood up and turned me facing away from him.

I felt his hands rest on the tops of my shoulders and start gently kneading the stress from around my neck.

“The people coming have been taking advantage of my generosity, do you agree?” Poole asked softly.

“Yes.” I replied.

“You will not speak unless I ask you a question. Answer the question and that question only. Do not elaborate.” Poole spoke calmly.

“I understand.”

“Do not use words such as, I think, I’m not sure, like, or if I remember correctly. Be succinct, clear and concise.” Poole’s hands moved from my neck to my upper arms continuing to work the tense muscles. “If you don’t know, say so. And please don’t ever lie, even if it hurts my cause.”

“Ok.” I closed my eyes as he worked his magic.

“They will be in bathing suits, need I mention that staring or worse laughing would not make me happy.” Poole’s hand now moved to my waist.

“What if they stare or laugh at me?” I suddenly felt self-conscious.

“I can assure you they will not be laughing.” Poole’s thumbs pressed firmly on each side of my spine along my lower back. “As for staring, I can’t promise I won’t be the only one.” He chuckled.

“Please don’t.” I whimpered.

Poole’s hands dragged down over my ass cheeks. My legs became unsteady as he cupped the bottom of each cheek. Taking the opening of my suit at each leg he pulled firmly gathering the material and working it into the crack of my ass.

“What…” I tried to protest.

“Shh, trust me.” Poole whispered.

Suddenly his hands moved around my waist pulling me back against his body. I was trembling now as his hands moved to the leg openings at the front of my suit. Poole again gathered the thin material and brought them together in the middle.

“Poole” I whimpered.

“Trust me Forty One.” Poole’s hot breath grazed my cheek.

Wiggling the material side to side I felt the lips of my pussy spread to accept the gusset of my suit. The cool air hit my shaved lips confirming my pussy was now exposed.

“Not here.” I pleaded.

“Trust me Jane.”

Poole’s one arm wrapped around my waist holding my still trembling body. His other hand found mine gripping my tit. Guiding it ever lower Poole moved my hand over my pussy.

“Take your time.” Poole said huskily next to my ear.

“I can’t.” I whined.

“Sure you can, we both know you want to.” Poole whispered.

I flung my left arm behind me and pulled on the back of his head. My right hand cupped my pussy and rubbed hard with the palm of my hand.

“My tit’s.” I managed to moan.

Poole’s right hand moved to my left tit as his left arm still held me tight against his body. I wanted his hand inside my suit but was too far gone to tell him. We stood together silently as I gradually brought myself close to an orgasm. Poole never spoke, he didn’t caress my tit, and he didn’t thrust into my ass. Oh how I wanted him to do all those things and more.

I move my thumb under my suit trapping it between it and my aching clit. Feeling his hot breath on my neck I thrusted my ass hard against his upper thigh hoping to feel his cock. Just the thought of it made my brain exploded with desire. Giving my clit one last flick my pussy soon followed.

I was cumming in the arms of the man I ran from so many years ago. I was cumming in the arms of the man I despised for all of these years since then. I was cumming and I don’t even remember how it all started. I gave one last thrust against my hand as Poole held me tight throughout my orgasm.

I was floating on a cloud of exhilaration when Poole leaned down and kissed the side of my neck. Exhilaration turned to contentment as the softness of his kiss registered. Slowly the reality of what just happened started to overcome me. I tried to pull away but Poole held me firm.

“It’s ok Jane, no one will ever know.” Poole whispered.

“I’ll know.” I allowed my head to fall.

“Are you sorry it happened?” He whispered.

I thought about what took place and how I truly felt.

“No.” I admitted.

“Good, neither am I.” Poole kissed my neck one more time. That simple show of affection confirmed my answer.

“You should go clean up. Lela has set out a suit, I would be grateful if you wore it.” Poole said as he let me free.

My legs felt unsure at first but I walked straight to my dressing room without turning back to see him. The thought of Poole looking at my exposed ass cheeks made bahis siteleri me smile. I freshened up, brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. I pulled the perfume from my purse and dabbed a bit more on before inspecting the bathing suit and high heels Lela placed on the platform.

Expecting a micro bikini I was happy this actually had a reasonable amount of material. Pure white and with no lining I slipped on the bottoms. The top was a halter style tying behind my neck. I stepped into the stylish white shoes and found they fit perfectly. I looking in the mirror I saw the camel toe and my nipples were still on display.

Looking up in the mirror I saw myself. Taking a deep breath I thought about the meeting and realized for the first time how relaxed I was. “Damn him” I yelled at myself now knowing what Poole did. I headed to the door and before turning the knob I took another deep breath. Calm as a cucumber, I thought to myself. With a smile, I knew only Poole could have put there, I strutted back to the office.

“There she is, I told you she wouldn’t be long.” Poole offered me his hand as his eyes glanced over me. “Mel, Rhonda, this is Jane, she will be assisting me.”

Mel and Rhonda both looked me over, from what I could tell the response was positive.

We greeted each other and moved to four black leather office chairs near the pool. There were no arm rests but were well-padded on the bottom and back. Two chairs faced the other two, between each pair a narrow table with ice water and two glasses.

Mel was average height but overweight and looked like a lost grandfather at the beach with the swim trunks he had on. Rhonda was either brought as a distraction or Mel hit a homerun with beauty and hopefully brains.

My guess is if you looked up voluptuous in the dictionary her picture might be there. With a bikini two sizes too small, skin was trying to escape from every direction. If she sneezed the meeting might get a bit more interesting.

“Ah, Max is here with drinks.” Poole announced. “What will you have?”

Mel looked at Rhonda as if it was some kind of trap.

“Gin and tonic for me.” Poole started.

Max poured the drink and handed it to Poole. He poured a glass of white wine for me and sat it beside my chair on a napkin.

“I’ll have what she’s having.” Rhonda spoke up.

Max turned to the cart and pulled out another bottle of wine. I thought that strange since he just poured me one. Handing her the glass Max winked at me.

“Oh hell, scotch on the rocks.” Mel announced. “Why am I wearing a bathing suit and he isn’t?”

Max stood wearing the long black slacks and white shirt he wears every day at work. The shirts vary in style but the large gold cross is always in view.

“We let him do that once but we ran out of baseball bats trying to keep the women off him.” Poole joked. “Honestly?” Poole winked at Rhonda who was laughing. “He’s an old friend, I threatened to fire him over it but the problem is he’s the brains behind all of this.” Poole waved his hands. “In fact Max is the reason for this meeting.”

“So he’s to blame?” Mel sipped his drink “It’s Friday after four, now will someone tell me why I’m here?”

“Mel, I just don’t think you value our business.” Poole stated bluntly.

“That’s not true!” Mel replied after taking a big gulp of scotch.

Max made his way back to his desk leaving us standing, the three of them drinking. Poole and Mel bantered back and forth while I concentrated on Rhonda. I could tell she was attracted to Poole as she hung on every word he said.

She batted her eyes and giggled as Poole and Mel talked about past business dealings. Max stopped by and topped off the scotch and wine. Poole asked for another gin and tonic. I drank some wine but it was really just white grape juice. Max laughed as he sat at his desk.

I focused on Mel now. He seemed nice enough and smart enough. He had this confidence about him I would expect to see in a man running a multi-million dollar business. What I didn’t see was composure. Mel changed subjects and arguments in a way that led me believe he didn’t really understand his business.

“Jane, we did how much with Mel in the last year?” Poole took a chair and so did they.

“Two point eight million.” I answered quickly.

“Two point eight, up from just under two point five the year before.” Poole stated.

“So?” Mel asked.

“So you’re selling the same products to my competitor for…” Poole looked at me.

“Six percent, or one hundred sixty eight thousand less.” I explained.

“How do you know that?” Mel asked.

“That doesn’t matter, what does, is what are you willing to do about it?” Poole leaned forward.


“Do you know how much my competitor buys?” Poole asked Rhonda.

“I’m not sure. It’s a lot.” Rhonda blushed.

“Jane?” Poole asked.

“I can’t be sure…” I bit my lip knowing I just fucked up. Poole looked at me with a brief scowl. “Two point four million in the last year.” I answered bahis şirketleri regrouping.

“Four hundred thousand less. Mel, I know he’s your son in law but damn it business is business.” Poole pointed his finger at the ceiling. “Martin is a smart man, and he’s a good man. You should be proud of the work he’s done.”

“So what are you asking?” Mel took another drink.

“I’m guessing we will increase six percent a year for the next five years. Jane’s projections are…” He looked at me again.

“Seven percent, or, three million nine hundred twenty seven thousand in year five.” I quoted off the top of my head.

“There you go Mel, four million.” Now what can you do for me. “Oh and your deliveries are still an unresolved issue.”

“Poole I’m already cheaper than anyone else.” Mel argued.

“Mel, we both know Martin is holding back our orders.” Poole softened his voice. “The Lilliard Company has made an enticing offer. Not less money but better service guaranteed.”

“Lilliard?” Mel acted hurt.

“I know, Bradley is an ass, and lord knows him hoisting the trophy at the annual golf tournament the last three years is more than I can take some times. But Mel, I have people to answer to as well, and they only see the bottom line.”

“Eight percent?” Mel offered.

“Are you happy with that?” Poole asked sincerely.

“Yeah, but I can’t do a dime more.” Mel took another drink from his glass. “Will that work?”

“Sorry Mel but no.” Poole replied.

Mel looked stunned to be turned down so quickly.

“Look buddy, I’m not trying to put you out of business just to be treated fair. If you give me eight then Martin will want eight. The others will want five or six, next thing you know Lilliard is the only game.”

“So…?” Mel looked confused.

“Six percent just like Martin. No more no less. Prices locked in for five years provided we increase each year. Our deliveries go out first, and access to your books so we can verify.” Poole offered.

“Six percent vs eight? That’s…”

“Fifty six thousand based on just last year’s purchases.” I answered.

“You’d give that up? But why?” Mel seemed perplexed.

“Because I like you Mel, you’re a good man.” Poole stood up and shook his hand. “Business may be about money but it’s really about people. Mel, you’re good people. Listen if it makes you feel any better we have a scholarship fund to help students pay for college. If you make a donation I’ll match it and we’ll both get a tax write off.” Poole smiled.

“Rhonda see to it we do that.” Mel said seemingly happy he came now. “I’ll send over the contracts Monday.”

Mel smiled still shaking his head. Poole sat down and they now talked about everything but business. Poole listened intently. Occasionally, and subtly, he pointing his finger at me when Mel said something Poole thought was noteworthy.

After studying all day it came naturally to me to remember what it was I needed to remember. Poole also interacted with Rhonda but found nothing that interested him. I watched in awe as Poole seemed genuinely concerned for Mel and Rhonda’s wellbeing.

“Great!” Poole wrapped it up. “Max will make sure you both get home safely.”

I think Rhonda was disappointed Poole didn’t hit on her but then neither one were in shape to drive. Max escorted them to the door and talked to the two assistants waiting outside. One male the other female, I’m sure returning them to their clothes. Knowing Max, transportation was waiting as well.

“Well done Jane.” Max congratulated me.

“Sorry about the screw up.” I looked at Poole.

“Nah, you were great. He never had a chance once you started talking.” Poole smiled.

“So this is where you negotiate?” I asked looking around.

“Controlled environment.” Max smiled.

“That’s why the grape juice” I teased Max.

“And Poole’s straight tonic water.” Max smiled broadly.

“And they have to wear swim suits?” I questioned.

“You get to see people like they really are.” Poole added.

“Why no notes or laptops” I asked pretty sure I already knew the answer.

“I’m not dealing with machines. I want to deal with people, good, hard working, honest people.” Poole’s voice started getting louder.

“You really care about them don’t you?” I said amazed.

“Damn right, it takes years to find quality business partners. Money isn’t everything, people are. Except of course when companies or people fuck you, then it’s all about money.” Poole said with passion.

“So everyone wears a bathing suit? Even big corporations?” I shook my head.

“We would never force someone with a real deformity or disability to wear one. But most of them have agreed to as well.” Max explained. “It makes them feel included. One guy came in with a catheter bag strapped to his leg.”

I looked at Poole and he nodded it was true.

“You should get home, we’ll see you tomorrow Forty One.” Poole smiled.

“Well?” Cody asked at the dinner table.

I took a few minutes and gave the girls the highlights of our meeting. I didn’t disclose any names or numbers just my observation of Poole’s negotiating skills. I also didn’t tell them about what Poole did before the meeting.

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