Just Like The First Time


Sandra tossed her long mane back as she crossed before the open window. Anyone passing by would see that she was upset perhaps even angry at the odd gestures they saw her making or the long strides. Though any thoughts possessed by anyone happened to be far from the situation at all.

It had all started over a month ago, things were strained for her and her Man, so strained in fact she had learned the truth of her own feelings and that just increased the tension in her, and in him because he didn’t know what the hell was up with her. Sandra had a habit of getting close and then pushing away the very person she didn’t’ want to, which in turn would cause him to be confused on what the hell she was doing or why. Looking back on it, Sandra should have just told him what was going on and let him deal with it in His own way, rather then try and hide it because of a broken promise. But that was neither here nor there, just the beginning of a long time in waiting to feel him and touch him.

Sandra paced before the big picture window, long sensual strides even more provocative by the way her body seemed to move with feline grace. Like a large beast caged, her hands clenched and unclenched as thoughts ripped through her mind like wildfire. Every few strides she would shake her head, that long golden mane would shimmer and fall like a billowing cloud against her shoulders and back. The more worked up she became the more animated, though anyone in that house would know exactly what she was feeling as her eyes blazed with deep burning lust and need.

Belatedly she heard the phone ring, her head skipped a beat as she suddenly fell completely still, her ears attuned for the sound of His voice as the recorder started, she had heard it to late and knew if she rushed she would just miss him anyway. Sandra’s body was tense; quivering as hard nipples strained at her shirt, even the fabric brushing against the sensitive tips was increasing her hunger. She listened carefully, her breath a bit labored and heavy from the pacing, her eyes darting to the machine just as His voice started.

“Sandra, don’t you dare do anything until I say so. You know how much I love to hear the first of many orgasms after such a long time of being without,” he whispered with a deep ominous chuckle following before the phone went dead.

It was then that Sandra feeling the full throb of her clit now groaned. Just His voice was enough to send her through a very quick and thorough level of one to five, five being at that point of orgasm where she is flying high and being devoured as she devours. And that is exactly what she wanted to do; she wanted to devour him like a full course meal, savoring the taste of him and yet rip into him like a big juice steak after not eating for a long time. It never seemed to surprise her the way she reacted to him, it was natural and it was completely.

Sandra quickly looked at the clock, it wouldn’t be long before he was there. Silently she ran through the steps of getting read and calculated that the time was aplenty to be read. Striding toward the bathroom she grasped the short creamy pale silken robe from the bedroom door handle without breaking her path. Kicking off her shoes as she entered the bathroom before, turning on the shower. Watching the steam fake hospital porno of the shower start to fill the bathroom, leaving the door partially open. Grasping the hem of her shirt she lifted it off, a slight moan escaping as the material scraped over her engorged nipples. Just the little touch was enough to make her cunt pulse to a matching heartbeat. Unsnapping her jeans and then the zipper she tugged them down, feeling the slight pull against the bells in her clit piercing.

“Fuccccck,” she whispered breathlessly, her body stopped mid motion as she trembled like a new born foal standing for the first time.

Sandra dare not move, she knew that to do so, would at this very moment send her into that orgasmic bliss that craved with every ounce of her being and yet was being denied until she saw him. Closing her eyes, Sandra counted, then sang, then just growled just before a tiny whimper of helplessness passed her lips. Taking deep breaths, her breasts lifted, steam from the shower coated her in a light sheen, tongue darting out along her lips as she concentrated on breathing calmly.

It was a few moments before she could actually move without just having an orgasm on the spot, she knew she could very easily do so, as she had many times before without any touching. Just that pent up need, like a wild beast needing and trying to break through to freedom. Sandra stepped from her pants, continuing to breath before stepping into the shower and closing the door. The hot water pelted her flesh, instantly the heat soothed even as her flesh became red from the temperature of it.

Gathering her long hair in her hands and twisting she made a quick fastening of it with a band and tipped her head forward, leaning into the wall as the water beat on her back. Counting to twenty before moving again, her stance widened until her legs were apart and her clit throbbed but wasn’t being rubbed at all with her motions. Sandra took down the washcloth and wet it as her head tipped back just enough so the water now pelted her neck and shoulders. Lathering up the cloth she quickly traced it along her arms and chest, biting at her lip as the cloth seemed to tug at her nipples. Quickly she moved the cloth down her belly and then along her sides and hips. Twisting slightly she washed her back, trading the cloth from hand to hand as the water continued to warm her. Drawing one shapely leg upward, her pelvis dipped inward and Sandra’s first thought was of how her hips moved like that when she would rub against His cock like a needy little slut. Biting her lip more tightly she took the cloth and swept it down and then up her leg before lowering her leg and letting her other foot rest on the same spot, repeating the long languid strokes along her leg. Carefully, Sandra, washed as close as she could to her cunt before stopping, she dare not even try, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand the attention to her clit, besides her own scent was arousing to her because she was so in need. Hanging up the cloth she turned off the water and opened the door, a plume of steam billowed out as she stepped from the shower and closed the door behind her.

Looking at the towel and reaching for it she decided that wouldn’t be a good idea and would fake taxi porno just let the air of the room dry her body naturally. Sandra crossed to the sink and she did pamper herself, she dusted her body with a vanilla scented liquid powder that she rubbed into her skin, her nails scraping almost roughly. In the full length mirror she watched herself, the sensual display that she put on could have been for the man she adored, and yet it was just for her. Hands roamed languidly along her body, nails scraping softly, then harder at some points, her skin was so sensitive she would quiver with every touch, a natural blush began to cover her cheeks, her eyes glossed over before her very sight. Turning this way and that, her gaze slid over each curve, each tiny indent of a dimple to her lower back, the svelte length of her back to the soft lines of her breast in a side profile.

Taking a deep breath and then shaking her head slightly she quickly tipped her head down, long curls tumbling toward the ground. Finger raking through the mass before flinging her head back. the curls absently falling here or there, falling over her shoulder to tease at the curve of her breast. Reaching toward the shelf she grabbed a bottle of perfume she had specially made she sprayed two squirts into the air and let it fall around her, lightly dusting so it wasn’t overpowering. Sandra could still smell her own arousal and with the mingled scents of sandalwood, wild-berry and vanilla, it only intensified her own natural scent.

Just as she finished, Sandra heard the car in the driveway and knew he was back. Swallowing she couldn’t help but be a bit nervous and shy even as she wanted to just feel Him deep within her clenching depths immediately, Sandra didn’t want foreplay she just wanted Him, now…fully. A soft groan passed her lips and she moved through the bathroom to the bedroom and then into the living room. As she passed the bedroom door she again reached out without stopping and grabbed his necktie, slipping it over her head as she strode toward the front door. The neck tie brushing gently between two lush breasts, the soft rose tipped nipples straining as she turned and leaned against the wall near the door. It was all she could do to not grab the door knob and attack him as he entered. Closing her eyes a moment she took a deep breath, her body quivered it was so tense, warmth flowed through her like a living volcano ready to explode. Turning her head just right she watched the door knob turn.

Inhaling deeply, Sandra’s eyes glued to the door handle she saw it stop moving and some rustling outside. Blinking a bit in confusion she had no idea what he was doing or the fact that he was just as wanting of her as she was of him that he had stripped down to nothing before the door and uncaring of the neighbors. Sandra watched the doorknob and as it opened she breathed a sigh of relief. Before she could look up he was before her, grasping her leg and the tie as his mouth feasted on hers. With one stroke he was inside her, so wet and silken, so fucking deep she just cried out against his lips. Her back was slammed up against the wall, her head tipped back as his forearm was against her throat, fingers clutching the tie and tugging so it tightened around her family stroke porno neck. Eyes wide she looked at him, the primal rage that took over, the sheer force of his gaze made her own lower.

Reaching out she grasped his chest, nails sinking inward so harshly they broke the skin, the scent of blood mingling with her own need and His drew a deep growl of pure lust to flow from her. One sharp thrust inward and his cock was buried so fucking deep she screamed, lifting her other leg as she was pushed into the wall and locked it around his waist. A deep growl flowed over her from his lips as he took her harder, her clit mashed between them as her breath was being choked. The tie was tightening more and more with each ram of his hips into her. Lips parted, trying to catch a breath as her body breathed its own fire. He knew what she wanted without her even having to ask, he could sense her body was going to give way even if he told her no.

“Don’t you do it slut, you hear me? DON’T YOU DO IT”, each word was deep, harsh and carried a tone she knew well, punctuated with each thrust of His hips to roll tight into Sandra’s body and push against her clit. Sandra knew what was going to happen instantly and panicked, her voice was lost her throat swelling as her face turned red, lungs burned from the lack of air and yet she shook her head, pleading with him not to force her when she was being told no. That feral gleam and evil mocking laughter followed her silent plead.

“You heard me Sandra, don’t you dare do it, DO NOT CUM SANDRA, ” he yelled at her.

At that precise moment her body betrayed her and she orgasmed, her body thrashed against the wall, bucking into him, her heels dug into his ass, pushing and grinding her ass into his balls as her juices coated his thick cock. Reluctantly he gave her some air enough so that the hoarse scream slide over his mouth as he attacked hers with his own. Unable to catch that breath she felt her body shaking wildly against him, slick with a sheen of sweat as his body pummeled into her with deep long thrusts, so forceful that her head slammed back into the wall repeatedly. Still in the throes of her own orgasm she felt Him shift, the subtle motion of his body.

He growled at her, ” YOU fucking little slut, god damn.”

His voice trailed off with the thrust that sent him over the edge. Suddenly able to breath she gulped in breath after breath as she clung to him, nails raking down his back as his hips rolled and rocked, Sandra kept digging her heels into his ass, she knew he loved it and then just as quickly dropped her head and bit into his shoulder, growling out to match his own. The slickness between them was filled with the smell of their hunger, their lust. Just as she was beginning to relax her legs around him, he threw back his head and started laughing, lifting one hand to grasp her chin and turn her face to the doorway, where a few people stood by transfixed by the show that just happened. Sandra’s eyes grew wide as she began to blush profusely, trying to shake his hand away.

He laughed between the words spoken, ” Don’t worry folks, she really isn’t that shy.”

Kicking his foot out to kick the door closed in the faces of Sandra’s neighbors she lost balance and both went falling to the ground in a heap of laughter, the door echoing behind. Deep rumbling laughs to meet her own throaty ones before both looked at each other. Sandra’s eyes filled with love and his own promising retribution. One sentence uttered.

“You will pay for coming without permission slut”, before his lips took hers once more.

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