Subject: Just Messing Around With The Harris brothers Rapper T.I.’s eldest son, Messiah Harris and his second eldest, Domani Harris had decided to get an apartment on their own. They had been living in the apartment for a hot minute. They were enjoying the freedom of having their own space. On this particular day, Messiah had just come downstairs after taking a shower and was looking quite fresh. His brother, Domani was finishing up washing the dishes from breakfast. Messiah walked up behind Domani and wrapped his muscular arms around Domani’s waist and kissed him gently on his neck. “Hey, man!” Domani said as he pushed Messiah away. “Someone might see.” Messiah looked at his brother as if he were crazy and said, “You do realize that we’re in this apartment by ourselves, right?” Domani turned to his brother and chuckled loudly. “I’m sorry, bro.” Domani apologized. “I keep forgetting that this apartment is ours and no one can walk in on us.” “I don’t think you believe that.” Messiah said. “Believe what?” Domani asked. “That no one will walk in on us.” Messiah said. “I do, man.” Domani said, looking Messiah dead in his eyes. “Prove it.” Messiah said. “How?” Domani asked. “Take off them clothes… and leave `em off for the rest of the day.” “You just wanna see me naked.” Domani said. Messiah just shrugged his shoulders. Domani rolled his eyes and said, “You win.” Then he began to strip out of his clothes, starting with his tank top as Messiah sat down at the kitchen table and looked on happily. Domani unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. When he bent over to slide them down and off, Messiah reached over and caressed his ass. Domani just looked at his brother and asked, “Having fun?” “You have no idea.” Messiah replied. In truth, Domani really didn’t mind having his brother’s hand all over his ass. Domani was about to take off his boxers when Messiah stopped him. “Here, let me help you with that.” Messiah got behind Domani and slid his boxers down. Messiah whistled lewdly as he got a look at Domani’s firm, smooth ass. He reached out and slapped Domani’s ass. Startled, Domani stood straight up and looked at Messiah. Messiah just shrugged his shoulders innocently. “Do that again.” Domani said with a smile. Messiah motioned to Domani and said, “Come here. You’ve been a bad boy.” Domani walked over to Messiah and Messiah bent him over his knees. SMACK! SMACK! “Mmmmm!” Domani moaned. He wiggled his ass in abject pleasure. SMACK! SMACK! “Oooh!” SMACK! SMACK! “FFUUCCKK!” At this point, Messiah could feel his dick getting rock hard. “On your knees, boy!” He said. Domani got on his knees in front of his brother. Messiah stroked his ten-inch dick, getting it fully hard. “Now, wrap your lips around this dick!” So, Domani got down on his knees, between his brother’s legs and opened his mouth, letting Messiah slide his dick in his mouth. As soon as Domani’s lips wrapped around Messiah’s dick, Messiah gasped. That happened every time Domani began to suck his brother’s dick. “Mmmm, damn!” Messiah moaned. “Them lips of yours are lethal!” Her grabbed Domani by the hair, holding him firmly. “Ooowwweee!” Messiah, gently, pulled Domani’s mersin escort hair back as he continued to suck on Messiah’s dick. “Man, that feels so good!” Messiah said. Domani stopped just long enough to look up at his brother and smile. Then Messiah bent down and kissed Domani’s lips. “Tasty!” Then Domani continued to suck Messiah’s dick. As he did that, Messiah reached over and grabbed a handful of Domani’s booty meat. “Mmmm.” Domani moaned. “You gone let me fuck this ass?” Messiah asked. Domani looked up at his brother and said, “I’m gonna be pissed if you don’t!” “Come here, man!” Messiah said. Domani looked up at his brother. Before he knew what was going on, Messiah picked him up and slung him over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. “Oh shit!” Domani exclaimed as he was being lifted off the ground. Messiah slowly, carefully, carried his brother back to his bedroom. Then he, gently, dumped him onto the bed. “Turn around.” Messiah said. “I wanna see that ass.” “Not until you take off your clothes.” Domani said. “I wanna have some eye candy, too.” So, as Domani looked on, Messiah, slowly stripped out of his clothes. Domani licked his lips when he saw Messiah’s hard dick. “Now, will you turn around?” Messiah asked. “You gonna eat my ass?” Domani asked. “Well, duh!” Messiah said. So, Domani turned onto his stomach and spread his legs wide. Messiah got between his brother’s legs and smacked Domani’s ass cheeks. “Keep smackin’ my ass like that,” Domani warned. “I’m gonna cum all over your bed sheets!” So, Messiah uses his brother’s ass cheeks like a drum kit, smacking a crazy beat on his butt. “OWWWW! FUCK!” Domani hollered. “STOP!” He tried to pull away from his brother but, Messiah grabbed his legs and pulled him closer. “Where you think you’re going?” Messiah asked. He pinned Domani’s legs under his own body, so Domani was trapped. Domani did the only thing he could think of: He covered his ass with his hands, like he did when his dad would try to whoop his ass. “That ain’t gonna help you!” Messiah said. He grabbed his belt from his pants and used it to tie Domani’s hands behind his back. Then he continued to whoop that ass. After a few minutes, he stopped. Then he went underneath Domani’s body. He felt around and found his dick…. His hard dick! “I knew I could get your dick hard!” Messiah turned Domani onto his back and, sure enough, Domani’s dick was rock hard! Messiah looked lustfully at Domani’s dick. “Mmmm, that sure looks good.” He said. “Would you like a taste?” Domani asked. If that’s okay with you.” Messiah said as he looked his brother over. “Sure.” Domani said. “Come get this dick.” Messiah got between his brother’s legs and slid Domani’s dick into his mouth. He began to suck Domani’s dick like an ice cream cone, using his tongue up and down the shaft. “Oooh, fuck!” Domani, gently put his hand on top of his brother’s head. “Mmmmm.” Messiah had never sucked Domani’s dick before and it felt real good. “What exactly do I have to do to get you to suck my dick regularly.” Messiah thought for a moment. “Let me take naked pics of you whenever I want AND let me fuck you whenever I want.” He escort mersin said with a smile. Domani smiled back and said, “Deal on both conditions! Your mouth is the bomb! I’d do anything to get my dick sucked on the regular.” As Messiah sucked Domani’s dick, he slid two fingers up Domani’s asshole. “Oooh!” Domani gasped. Messiah slid his fingers in and out of Domani’s hole. “Shit! That feels so good! God damn!” Domani’s back arched as Messiah continued to finger his hole and suck his dick. “Mmmmm!” “How does that feel, man?” Messiah asked. “It… feels… GOOD!” Domani moaned. His eyes went up into the back of his head. Even his toes curled! “I think you’re ready for some fuckin’,” Messiah said. “What do you think?” Domani looked at Messiah with a grin on his face and said, “Indeed!” Domani pulled his legs over his head as Messiah slid his big dick up in his hole. “OH FFUUCCK!” Domani cried out. That dick was a monster! It began to stretch his hole almost as soon as it entered. Messiah bent down and began nibbling on Domani’s neck as he fucked him. “MMMMMM!” Messiah’s dick drilled it’s way to Domani’s soul. “FUCK ME!” Messiah began to long stroke his brother’s tight hole. “Mmmm.” Domani moaned. “Fffuuuccckkk!” Messiah long stroked his brother’s hole causing Domani to moan louder. “GOD DAMN!” Domani hollered, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. “How that dick feel, man?” Messiah asked. “Dick feels good!” Domani said, his body trembling as Messiah continued to long stroke that hole. As he long stroked Domani’s hole, Messiah reached down and pinched Domani’s soft nipples. “FFUUCCKK!” Domani cried out. He tried to push his brother’s hand away from his nipples but, Messiah was persistent. He continued to try and fondle Domani’s nipples. Every time he tried, though, Domani would push his hand away. “Enough!” Messiah bared. He reached over to the table and grabbed Domani’s towel. Then he grabbed Domani’s wrists, and, with the towel, he tied Domani’s wrists together. He lifted the towel over Domani’s head and tied the other end to the head of the beach chair. Now, he was free to fondle Domani as much as he wanted. Domani looked at Messiah’s toothy grin and knew he was in trouble. Messiah slid his dick back up inside Domani. “OOH SHIT!” Domani hollered. As he fucked Domani again, Messiah pinched Domani’s nipples with both hands this time. “MMMMMM! OOOOH!” Then Messiah bent down and bit Domani on the neck. “NOOOOO!” “Hush, man!” Messiah admonished his brother. “You know you like it when I get a little rough!” Messiah grabbed Domani around the neck and fucked him harder. As he fucked Domani, Messiah noticed his dick getting hard. “See? I told you!” As Messiah slammed his dick up Domani’s hole, he continued to nibble on his neck. Domani’s body trembled as Messiah slammed his dick harder and harder up his hole. At this point, Domani’s toes curled and he in heaven! “Fuck… MEEEE!” He cried out. Then, suddenly, Messiah slid his dick out of Domani’s hole. Then he rolled Domani onto his stomach. “Damn, Domani,” Messiah said. “That booty looks good. I might just take a bite!” So, Messiah spread Domani’s mersin escort bayan legs wide apart and bent down and began to nibble on Domani’s ass cheeks. “AWWW, FFUUCCKK!” Domani moaned. Messiah nibbled and licked like he was trying to get to the center of a Tootsie pop! “MMMMMMMM! OOOOOOOH!” Domani tried to escape, somehow. Messiah slid his dick back up Domani’s ass and laid on top of him. Domani’s eyes got as wide as saucers. “Where do you think you’re going?” Messiah asked. He began to piston fuck his brother’s hole. “OH LORD JESUS!” Domani cried out. “FUCK!” Messiah slowed down his stroke and gave his brother that ole long stroke. “Mmmm.” Domani moaned. “My ass!” Domani felt like Messiah’s dick was splitting his ass in half. “Oooh!” As he fucked Domani’s hole, Messiah bent down and nibbled on Domani’s neck. “Mmmmm!” Domani turned his head and Messiah looked into his eyes. Then Messiah kissed Domani passionately. “Fuck me!” “You like this dick?” Messiah asked as he continued to fuck Domani like a horny ex-con. “Yesss!” Domani moaned, his body twitching every time Messiah slid that big dick up his hole. “God damn!” Messiah could feel his balls churning. He knew what was gonna happen next. “Man, I’m gonna cum!” He said excitedly. “Mmmmm!” Domani moaned. “Cum on my face!” So, Messiah pulled out and Domani quickly turned onto his back. Then Messiah stood over him and, furiously, stroked his dick. “FFUUCCKK!” He roared. Domani opened his mouth and, seconds later, Messiah’s cum landed squarely in his mouth. Domani didn’t close his mouth until Messiah was done. Messiah shot several loads into Domani’s mouth. Domani, happily, swallowed every last drop. “Now, it’s your turn, bro.” Messiah said as he got down. Domani looked at Messiah. “Can you help me with that?” Domani asked. Messiah smiled broadly. He knew exactly what kind of help his brother needed. Messiah grabbed Domani’s legs, put them over Domani’s head, and tied them to the chair, leaving his ass totally exposed. Then he slapped Domani’s ass HARD! “OOOOH!” Domani cried out as he stroked his dick. Messiah proceeded to give Domani an ass whoopin’ with his bare hands! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Domani’s light skin ass was getting darker and darker the more Messiah spanked him. “FFUUCCKK!” Domani roared as he stroked his dick. “SSHHIITT!” Domani was beyond hot at this point. “MMMMMMMM!” Then, it happened! Domani shot his load everywhere. At least, all over his chest. Messiah stopped spanking Domani’s ass. He caressed Domani’s ass, instead. Then he kissed Domani’s ass. “Damn, this ass is on point!” Messiah said as he untied Domani’s legs. “That dick is the bomb dot com!” Domani said as he stroked his brother’s dick. Then Messiah looked at his watch. “We gotta get cleaned up, bro!” He said excitedly. “The guys are coming over to record your knew music in about an hour!”. “Oh shit!” Domani exclaimed. Messiah got up and headed towards the bathroom. As he passed by, Domani smacked him on his ass. Messiah quickly turned around. “You’re lucky we’re in a hurry.” Messiah said. “Or, I’d whoop that ass.”. “Do I look worried?” Domani said. Messiah thought for a moment. Then quicker than a hicc, Messiah grabbed Domani and put him over his knee. SMACK! SMACK! “You gonna learn to respect me!” Messiah said as he spanked Domani’s ass. “I GIVE! I GIVE!” Domani cried out as he wriggled and squirmed, trying to get free. The End

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