Subject: Just playing – Chapter 2 – BROTHER’S KISS. Chapter 2 — BROTHER’S KISS. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: www.luces-delatierra.blogspot.es or in English pot.es He had started kissing me and had just asked me whether I minded. -You’ve just taken me aback, Don, I wasn’t expecting this. -But can I go on? You’ve been so kind as to make me cum twice and I am enjoying. I’m hard again. -Shit! So am I. I’m not sure it’s proper that you kiss your own brother in the mouth. But I’m hard too. -Just playing, Ron. This could be a new game that we can play, called brother’s kiss. -And you mean we could also play this game over and over again? -Well, that depends on you. And if you don’t mind I will keep on kissing you and will stroke my crotch again, sure I can achieve a new cum. And I saw him touching his crotch again and you could see the big bulge he had then. -Hell Don! Whatever game we play, we’re two players. I still don’t think that this is right, but at least we both agree, so somehow it’s right and I like your lips in mine, so let’s keep on kissing. We’re entering dangerous roads, but it’s true at least that our dicks are not implied, I mean not your brother’s dicks, but only your own. I’m also stroking myself. So we started now to kiss passionately with no inhibitions, and we seemed two boyfriends for soon I saw his tongue dancing in my mouth, savouring my tongue and both of them danced together in the same passion and lust. And the hands in our own crotch never stopped as we were merging in this new affection. I could never think I would ever like to kiss a boy, but I had said to him before, he was not a boy, he was my twin Don Davis and his mouth I did appreciate. Soon I heard him shout: I’m cumming, Ron! But even so, he kept on kissing me for two more minutes till I also came. -Do you feel bad now, little brother? -Shit, Don, we’ve been playing. I don’t feel bad, but we’ve cum thrice. So we’d better sleep now. -And could I often kiss you now, Ron? I sighed, not sure this was right but at least still our dicks were not implied. -You can, Don. We can often kiss each other now. Good night. And we decided to sleep now. I found sleep was difficult to come that night for both of us but soon I saw my brother sleeping on my chest, a new pillow he’d never used. I didn’t mind and I saw that way he could sleep calmly now. And my feet being totally calm at last, I managed to also sleep. After eight hours of sleep I woke up and I saw Don very close to me. -Can I kiss you again, Ron? -After coffee, please. You know escort I wake up zombie-like. -I think you’re dumbfounded. -I’m not. You know me well, Don. I need a coffee before anything. Come on, brother. Let’s go to breakfast. As we were having our coffee and our toasts, my mind got clearer and I remembered everything we did last night, the foot massage and the kiss and how we both had cum three times. Seeing me still with a lot of doubts, he told me. -I think I will have my shower after our morning work in the stables, but first I’ll call Mr. Wilks –he was our mechanic- so he could repair our truck and I’ll be with him one kilometer away as he tries to repair the brakes and only later I’ll help you with the horses. Is it ok, Ron? -It’s ok. I’ll also have my shower later. In that moment I saw that even my brother’s naked chest was making me a bit horny and in order to avoid it, I decided I should tell him. -Ok, Don, we can kiss now. So we timidly first, but more securely later, kissed each other and I started getting hard again at the taste of his mouth combined with the stench of his feet which again I noticed. -You don’t like this game, do you Ron? Please be sincere. -I do like it, don’t worry. What worries me is going further, for we know very well that we like girls and we’re brothers. But so far you can be calm and we can play brother’s kiss and brother’s feet. Don’t worry. -So ok, I’m phoning Mr. Wilks now. He called him and he answered he would be there in an hour, so since the damaged truck was one kilometer away, he’d better start walking now. I nodded and told him I would go to the stables and would wait for him there. I smiled at him and told him we could kiss there again. An hour later, when I was brushing our horses, I heard my twin coming back. He told me the truck had been taken to the car repair shop. Then he took off his shirt, it was a really hot day in summer, and started sweeping the floor. I was also shirtless. Neither of us had had his shower yet. Sometimes I thought I saw him looking at the drops of sweat that were running down my chest. And suddenly, as if in a game, looking at me as if saying “forgive me, please. I have to know the taste”, he began running his tongue down my chest. -Will you allow me, Ron? Oh please say you do –with his tongue still tasting my chest, he looked at me as a mischievous child. I almost laughed and in a funny mood I told him. -You’re incorrigible, Don. Such weird games you think of! But ok, you can go on if you want, but I must have an awful smell. -It was the smell that was calling me and the vision of your drops of sweat. It’s so damn good! And the taste is better than anything I’ve tasted before –and saying that he raised my left arm and as if it was something he did every day and was used to, he started slurping my pits-. Now if you allow me this could be a new game called brother’s pits. And whenever you’re sweaty, I would like to izmit escort bayan lick them. Oh, tell me that I can. -I don’t know how much it will take us to play with each other’s dicks, but ok, if you like the taste of my stinking pits, you can go on. It’s funny to have a tongue there. He continued licking my left pit and soon moved to my right pit and he was all the time stroking his crotch. I knew he would cum with my smell and this was funny. I loved knowing that my stench was erotic to someone and shit! My affection for my twin instead of diminishing increased then, having so much fun at my body. And when I did not expect it, he shouted. -I’m cumming! Oh, thank you, little brother. But he was still cumming when it was me that raised his right pit now and started slurping his drops of sweat there. -I told you last night, Don, that the games we’re playing are quite bizarre. But it’s two players here. Whatever game you play, I will also play. And you were right. The taste of armpits is wonderful. So I think after now we’ll play three games but we’ll play together. We are twins, and whatever you like, I also like. What a scrumptious flavour. I started stroking my crotch of course and also moved to his left pit now, sure that as he had done before; I would also cum with this new game. And it took me very little to cream my pants now with an aroused face that my twin told me later that had moved him. -Glad you’re not shocked, little brother. -I’m not shocked because we don’t play with our dicks, but ok, we can give each other feet massages, we can kiss and we can also lick each other’s pits. Now let’s continue with the job. And we spent one more hour there and finally headed home. I told him I would go to the shower at last. He kissed my mouth then and I intuitively felt he would have liked to come to the bathroom with me and watch me having my shower, but he said nothing. In the shower, I was all the time erect, thinking that Don could enter suddenly and stay there watching me. It was strange what I was feeling. I found it all increasingly weirder but I also liked my brother more, much more. He was sweet; he was brave and it’s true that many things I would never do with other boys, I would do with Don. After my shower it was his turn and as he showered, I was preparing lunch and I think I also pictured myself entering the bathroom to see my brother’s body, which I guessed would be just as my body and in fact what I had seen of him so far: his chest and his feet were as if I was looking at myself in the mirror. We started lunch and were all the time looking at each other timidly, but both of us hard. Obviously these fraternal games were making us timid but both of us increasingly lustful at each other’s bodies. After lunch, Don went to his computer as every day. There were things of our job as horse dealers that he needed his computer for. But I soon heard AC/DC and izmit sınırsız escort I heard from the living room where I was reading: Danger, Danger, don’t talk to strangers… yeah, that’s exactly the soundtrack for my feelings then. I wouldn’t talk to strangers when I talked to Don, but it was danger, danger, what we were doing. The rest of that day we managed to be less timid at each other talking mostly of business and finally we went to bed and Don asked me whether I wanted to play brother’s feet again. I told him that with such a wonderful masseur as he was, I would be delighted if we played again, so he told me he would be first now. Oh, how I loved feeling this warmth in my feet now. Now they didn’t stink but as he was massaging my feet, he told me he remembered my stench last night and missed it, but even so, he liked touching my feet again. Now we both had no socks. Soon he started licking my toes and at once both of us started to stroke our own crotch and after ten heavenly minutes, he shouted that he was cumming. I also wanted to cum twice and told him to wait for a couple of minutes for I also wanted to cum before becoming my brother’s masseur. I did cum at last and still cumming I told him it was his turn now to experience the pleasure of having a foot masseur now. Brother’s feet was such a good game that by now we both had the certainty of cumming twice. We not only liked being massaged but also being the masseurs. I also missed his stench but my twin’s feet were sexy and I liked feeling the warmth of his skin in that area. I started to not care anymore to think this was somehow incest and also started to be slowly persuaded by my brother’s view that this was only games that we used to play and again I said to myself: “just playing, this is nothing.” I was gonna cum and asked him whether he was soon cumming. “If you want, right now, little brother”, he told me and again we took communion in the same shared brotherly lust and we both erupted in unison. Finally we were again together in bed and he looked at me and asked. -Brother’s kiss now? -Every day, Don, and every day we’ll cum with kissing in bed. So every night we came three times before falling asleep. Thus we continued for a week, playing with our feet every night, kissing a lot of times every day and also playing brother’s pits but scarcely cause he agreed with me that he loved feet in every hygienic condition, but he missed my manly scent on my pits and we only licked them when they were sweaty. The next week, when we were working together in the stables, I felt a great urge to piss and went to the toilet in the stable. I had just started pissing when I saw Don was there at the door, which I had left open and was watching me piss. -Your dick is just like mine, Ron. –He has a perceptible boner. -I could guess that –I told him a bit embarrassed. But he approached me, I knew it because the smell of sweat increased, and was still wondering if anything would happen now, and Don instantly grabbed my cock, which inevitably got hard as a rock when it felt his hand, and looking at me again with his mischievous look, he asked me. -Can I help you, Ron? Oh, tell me I can.

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