Just to watch

Just to watchWe once answered an add from a couple who just wanted to watch a couple have sex, after all people have to start somewhere. After a few days of phone ping pong (no mobile phones back then) we met Brian and Kate, a couple about our age he was about six foot carrying a little too much weight, she about five foot, busty, blonde and bubbly. We met in a local pub but it didn’t take long to arrive at our home, they had c***dren currently with a babysitter. Though they were slightly nervous Brian soon suggested that we might as well get on with what we had got together to do, in our family room I had already put a couple of foam mattresses on the floor (we used them for swingers parties), I dimmed the lights a bit and put on some soft mood music. I slowly undressed Anne while Brian canlı bahis did the same for Kate, I started to slowly make love to Anne taking my time and putting on a show for the two of them slowly kissing and licking my way all over her body before going down on her my tongue finding her clitoris and slowly urging her to orgasm. Still putting on a show I turned round kissing her on the lips my mouth covered in her juices a finger on my right hand playing with her clitoris before burying two deep in her cunt I continued to drive my fingers hard and fast into her, eliciting gasps and moans of ecstasy from her. I could see Brian was enjoying it his cock was standing proud and Kate looked positively flushed, I suggested to them that if they wanted they could touch us while we were making bahis siteleri love at first they continued to watch no doubt waiting for each other to make the first move.I was surprised to find it was Kate that made the first move not to touch me but to have her hand join mine in Anne she started by playing with her clitoris then her fingers joined mine inside fingering Anne as hard as I was. Brian went for Anne’s breast sucking on her nipples while Kate started sucking his cock, this was getting interesting and not quite how I expected it to go. After a while I got Anne to ride my cowgirl fashion we had Brian on one side and Kate on the other a nipple each as we fucked Kate seemed to take to this like a duck to water, taking the bull by the horns so to speak she sat on my bahis şirketleri face no doubt expecting me to use my tongue on her, not being one to disappoint I did of course I had no idea what Brian was doing. From what Anne told me later he wasn’t too impressed as Kate seemed to be enjoying Anne’s body I brought Kate to orgasm with my tongue smothering me with her juices, Anne feeling sorry for Brian jerked him off while riding me apparently he came quickly. After Anne orgasmed for the umpteenth time I shot my load and we separated, I expected Brian and Kate to put on a show for us to watch but Brian said the babysitter would be waiting and they’d have to go a strange ending to the night.Kate phoned us the following day to thank us for a wonderful time it appears though it was Brian’s idea he didn’t enjoy watching Kate enjoy herself, he thought he was the one that should have all the enjoyment and shooting his load so quick hadn’t done his ego much good. We never saw or heard from them again, I doubt they ended up swingers.

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