Subject: Justin’s Dirty Secrets – Chapter 1 Category: Incest Author Name: Justin Thomas Author E-mail: jthomas37@proton.me ___________ This is my first submission to Nifty. A site I have read for many years. If you want additional chapters, which I do want to write, please let me know at jthomas37@proton.me. I’ll keep them coming as long as there is interest. Justin’s Dirty Secrets – Chapter 1 – Wet Dream into Reality “God, what is that”? I said to myself as my 12-year old brain tried to process what just happened. “Did I just fucking wet the bed”, I asked – almost out loud. As I reached down toward my dick, still hard from the dream I just had, I felt something still warm and wet on my stomach and sheets. I had already been watching porn and while this was the first time I ever shot an actual load, I quickly understood what just happened. While dreaming about my brother, my first load was a wet dream. A million things raced through my mind upon that realization. “I can cum!”, I thought with excitement as I continued to run my fingers through the pool on my stomach. “How can I make myself do this again”? “What does it taste like”, as I take a bit on my finger and onto the tip of my toungue. “Wait, the fuck? Was I dreaming about my 9-year old little brother?” That final realization confused me. I eventually rationalized it as a fluke of puberty and nothing to take too seriously. My name is Justin. My little brother Chris and I grew up in the Deep South in a deeply religious family. Even at 12, I was religious as well. I was a “student pastor” in my church’s youth group – delivering sermons once a month, learning to be a preacher in the baptist church. My religious environment made things even more confusing for me. I was horny all the time and always for guys. I never understood this attraction and believed with all my soul that it would send me to hell but, no matter how much I tried or prayed, that attraction never left me. Without thinking, I would catch myself looking at guys – imagining them naked – imagining doing all the things I had seen in porn and things I came up with on my own. I continued to tell myself it was just a phase, a product of puberty, and that eventually I would grow out of it. Of course, I never did. I grabbed a dirty sock from my bedroom floor and wiped away the rest of my drying cum from my stomach. As I did, I could not stop thinking about the dream that had caused all this mess. While I felt guilty, as if remembering this dream was itself a grave sin. Despite this, I could not control myself. As I began to relive the dream in my mind, my dick – about 5 inches at this point, began to grow hard. I reached down and grabbed my still sticky boy dick and began rubbing. I threw the blankets off me as I imagined Chris next to me, grabbing my still hairless balls. I could feel my next load building. Imagining Chris beginning to lick along my shaft and up the head was all it took. The second load of my life came spraying out of my cock, up to my chin. The second spurt landing on my chest, and finally the last bit dripping down the side of my hard dick and my hand. I was immediately both thrilled by the fact I could finally shoot a load and guilty as to what fantasy just made me spray. I again grabbed the dirty sock I used earlier to clean up and just laid in bed trying to figure out the experiences of that morning and what it all meant. Before I could get out of bed, Chris was banging on my bedroom door. It was Monday and time to get ready for şişli travesti school. We lived in a decently large house, inherited from our great grand parents, in a small town. The house had a large yard and we had a long dirt road to get to the main road into town. It was only us and one other house, so we had a lot of privacy around our home. Fortunately, the bus to school stopped right at the end of our yard and we were the only ones that got on and off there. While I was in the 7th grade my brother was in the 2nd. However, the same bus would drop off the kids at the middle school before taking the rest of us to the high school. I got out of bed and headed right to the shower. I would usually jack off on the bathroom floor, shooting blanks, before getting in the shower, but today I was already spent. I took a piss and got right into the shower. As I washed what was left of the drying cum off my body, I pushed my earlier fantasy from my mind; telling myself I would never imagine my brother again. I got out of the shower and walked down the hallway back to my room, on the way I had to pass my brother’s room. His door was about half opened. As I walked by I glanced in and could see him, fully naked except his white ankle socks. His small 2.5″ dick sticking straight up. I tried to remember if I got hard at that age but quickly reminded myself that I should not be having thoughts of my brother, pushed it from my mind, and continued to my room. The rest of the morning I avoided Chris. Every time I saw him I felt awkward – as if he somehow knew I had dreamed of him licking my dick. As if he somehow knew that I could not stop imagining it again and again. We finally made it to the bus stop, onto bus, and finally arriving at our schools. I managed to make it through the day without thinking about Chris again; mostly because I was thinking about every other cute boy I would see at school that day. Finally, Chris and I arrive home from school. Stepping off the bus and walking up toward the house. We knew our parents would not be home for several hours. We usually get home from school around 3:30, our parents don’t get home from work until around 6:30. It wasn’t unusual for us to be home alone together. The year before, my dad had built a large deck that spanned the entire back side of our house. On one end, was an above ground swimming pool that the deck complete encompassed. As we walked through the yard toward the house, Chris asked “can we please go swimming”? Chris knew he was not allowed to go into the pool without me. “Sure”, I said, “just give me a few minutes”. As we got into the house, I went straight to my room. I was already getting hard thinking about David, a junior football star at my school, who I saw walking around shirtless in those tight football trousers earlier at school. There will be more about David in a future chapter. I had planned to jack off in my room and then take my brother to the pool. As I was laying in my bed, getting close, my door swings open. “Shit dude”, I yell at Chris and quickly covering my leaking dick. There was Chris, in just his tight underwear, that’s all we wore when swimming in our pool, “are we going swimming or not?” he whines. “I said yes but I told you to fucking give me a minute” I snip back at him. I thought by now my boner would go down, but for some reason it only began to pulse more. “Fuck it, let’s go, I’ll meet you on the deck”. Chris runs down the hallway and out to the deck, I throw on some boxers and beylikdüzü travesti follow behind him. We both jump into the pool and start playfully splashing each other and swimming around. We start wrestling around and somehow Chris gets up on my shoulders. The pool was just deep enough that I could stand up and the water would but just past my chest. As he sets on my shoulders, I reach up and behind and grab onto the waistband of his underway and lunge back, throwing him off my shoulders. “Dude!” He screams out. Thinking I hurt him, I quickly turn around, “are you ok”? I seem him laughing and realize I am holding his underwear in my hand, they came off as I tossed him off me. “Now what!”, I yell at him as I throw them over the side of the deck. “I’m not going to in the yard naked to get them”, he says, “I’ll just stay naked, it’s like taking a bath”. I answer, “Ok, but keep an eye out for mom and dad, they can’t see you out here swimming naked”. Chris swims over to me, wanting to wrestle again. As he grabs on to me, I can feel his young 9-year old surprisingly hard dick brush against my stomach giving me an instant boner. “Dude, get your dick off me” I scream, secretly hoping he wouldn’t. Before I can even react, I feel him grab my boxers; yanking them down. As I push back from him, they slip down to my ankles in the water and eventually off. My rock hard dick springing up against my stomach. Chris quickly dives down to grab them and just as quickly throws them off the deck close to where his had landed earlier. “Now we’re both naked” he says as he laughs proudly at pantsing his older brother. We both grab onto a float in the pool, as we are both getting a bit tired. A million thoughts were rushing through my young brain, all of which I knew were disgusting and perverted. As the water calmed from all our playing, it became easer to see his dick and for him to see mine. I catch him glancing down at my still hard dick as he looks at me and asks “why is your penis bigger than mine”, and he lays back in the water sticking his dick just above the water. “Yours will get bigger as you get older” I tell him. Before I realized what was going on, he reached below the water and grabbed my dick, squeezing hard. “Dude that fucking hurts” as I wince back, both confused and turned out and my brother’s grasp. “It’s so hard” he says, “is it always like that”? “No” I answer, “only sometimes….kind of like yours is right now”. As he giggles he says “I know, I can’t control it. I don’t know why it does that”. It was then, I knew, I was not going to be able to stop myself from what I was going to do next. Even though my religious guilt told me everything about it would be wrong. “Ok, I think we have swam enough. Mom and dad will be home soon, we better get in the shower” I tell Chris. Without any delay, he climbs out completely naked and heads to the bathroom. “Fuck”, I think to myself as I quickly follow him. Before he could close the door to the bathroom, I walked in behind him. Both of us still naked and both of us still hard. “Why are you in here, I’m about to shower”, he asks. “We just swam around naked together, we might as well shower together. Besides, it will be faster”. He seemed to accept that answer without question and got the water running. It was a fairly large stand up shower, really just big enough for the two of us to stand up with about an inch or two space between us. Chris stood under the water and stood facing him, our dicks seeming to point at istanbul travesti each other. “Do you ever like play with it”, Chris asks me. “All the time” I answer him”. Without saying much else, he grabs the body wash and starting lathering up. Watching him rub his small boy cock with the soap made my dick pulsate. I grabbed the soap from him and lather up my hands. As I start to stroke my dick with the soap, he looks at me and asks “Are you playing with it?”. “Yea, man, I can’t help it. It feels good”. I quickly grab his hand and put it on my dick. “What are you doing” he equals and he tries to pull back. “Just grab it like you did in the pool, just don’t squeeze as hard” I tell him. As he holds my dick, facing each other, I put my hands on his young shoulders. “Now just move your hand back and forth…yea…just like that…keep doing that”. His grip was firm but not too firm, my 12-year old dick sliding up and down his soapy 9 year old hands. “Am I cleaning it?”, he asks me as I grip his shoulders tighter. “No man, you’re playing with it like we talked about earlier”. “Is it OK for brothers to play with each other like this?”, he asks. “I mean, as long as we are both OK with it, what’s wrong with it?” I answer him, while also trying to justify it to myself. “Will you play with mine?” I quickly answer “yea, after you’re finished with mine. But we need to hurry. Mom and dad will be home soon”. As he keeps his little hands moving up and down my dick I can feel that I am about to cum. Forgetting that I might actually shoot a load, I didn’t warn Chris. At this point we were both standing just outside the water, my hands still on his shoulder, my dick in his hands and rubbing up against his chest. “I’m….I’m….al….almost there….shit”, he keeps rubbing my hairless dick without letting up. I move one of my hands to the back of his head, pulling his head into the bottom of my chest. “Oh….ff…fff….fuck….I’m coming man”. I could feel my dick pulse his little hands. Three big spurts shot from dick, shooting up his chest and onto his chin. Chris immediately jumped back against the shower wall, mad. “Did you just pee on me…that’s so gross”. Before he could get too mad, I stop him “No, it’s not pee. It’s called cum. When you play with yourself you know that good feeling you get? When you get older cum will shoot out”. He looks at me confused as he steps back into the water. “Look at it on your chest, does it look like pee?”. “No”, he says, “that doesn’t happen to me”. “I know”, I replied, “give it a couple of years and you will cum to”. I almost got hard again, watching Chris rub the cum off his boy chest and chin, his dick still hard. “Your turn”, I tell him. I turn him around so we are both facing the same way and pull him back into me. My softening dick against his upper back. I kneel down slightly so I can reach his boy dick and smooth balls, grabbing them into my soapy hand. I could feel him push his head back into me. My hand swallowed his little dick entirely as he began thrusting his hips instinctually. “Mmmmm” he whimpered in a quiet young voice. It only took another few seconds before his little body tensed up entirely and he let out one last hard thrust and boyish “Uggggh”. “Did….did…um….did anything come out” he asks. “No buddy, maybe next time”. He turns to look at me, “Will there be a next name”? “Sure, why not, you just can’t tell anyone we play like this, ok?”. “Our secret”, he says as he turns off the water. The rest of the evening went as every other. Parents got home, had dinner, Chris and I played a few video games and off to bed. “What the hell did I do”, I ask myself as I drift off to sleep. “I can’t let this happen again….ah fuck….it’s definitely going to happen again”.

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