It had been a couple of weeks since I had last talked to Kaliegh. I remembered the last time very well and could almost feel the warmth and moistness between her legs again. I had a memory of her scent filling the room as surely as I could remember her voice reaching a peaked crescendo. So, when I got the phone call to come over, I couldn’t get dressed fast enough to get out the door.

I drove the 20 minutes to her house, even running a couple of red lights on my way to her apartment loft that she shared with her roommate. I hurried and found a parking spot, although it was a couple of blocks away. Damn this Long Beach. I hated California parking. I couldn’t stand the fucking shit.

I finally made it up to her place, and caught her roommate Mel walking out as I was coming up. We said “hi” and she told me Kal was up in the loft, I couldn’t make it up the stairs fast enough. I started to knock on the door, but realized I didn’t need to. The door was ever so slightly ajar, and from inside I could see the glare of the TV. I couldn’t see the picture, but didn’t need to, really, as I could hear heavy panting and moaning coming out in that wonderful television mono-sound. I just stood there for a few brief seconds before I slowly pushed open the door, to see Kaliegh sitting on the couch in her panties and a t-shirt, one hand down the front of her underwear and one slowly tracing a circle over her nipple. I slowly crept in, making sure not to make any sound to startle her, the smell of sex was strong in the air.. I stood over the couch and leaned over, blowing softly in her ear as I reached a hand down to stroke a breast.

“Oh shit!” she screamed, lurching forward on the couch and onto the floor. “I didn’t hear you come in, “was the response I got from her. She seemed a little flushed, and I couldn’t help but notice her nipples were poking through the front of the shirt.

“Doing research?”

“You know it.”

“Need help?”

“Couch mofos porno is open. Make your self comfortable,” she said as her gaze drifted down from my face to the bulge starting to form in the crotch of my pants. A hungry look in her eyes told me what she wanted, but I decided that I’d play hard to get. I did take off my boots once I sat down on the couch, and as soon as I sat back into the cushions to watch the movie, there were two little hands reaching over to undo my belt.

“Would you stop that? What was it you wanted?”

The only thing I got was a low growl from deep in her throat as she looked up at me, our hands play-fighting with each other. I grabbed her wrists and jerked her up next to me on the couch, holding her hands in her lap.

“There, stay that way,” I instructed, pinning her back with my shoulder. She swung a leg up over mine, and it was at that point that the smell of sex in the room hit my nostrils, sending my brain into overdrive. It took all my willpower to not rip either of our clothing off, but I tried to ignore it.

She scooted over so that she was straddling my lap facing away, and I could feel the heat from between her legs. She started to rock back and forth, getting my dick hard in the process. I couldn’t believe what she was doing, with the door to her apartment still wide open. Anyone could look in and see what was going on.

“Maybe one of us should close the door,” I whispered into her ear, running a hand slowly up her inner thigh next to her pussy, only to goose her. She jumped slightly and let out a slight yelp before she turned around, her breathing heavier.

“I’ll take care of the door, you take care of those jeans and that shirt,” she told me breathily as she stood up to shut it. I obliged with the jeans and took off the t-shirt I was wearing, but left on my boxers and the wife-beater I had on underneath. I didn’t want to feel totally naked, seeing as how I’ve naughty america porno got a beer-belly and am some what self-conscious about it.

“I guess that’s a start,” as she pushed my shoulders back against the couch on her return, sitting down again to straddle my lap one more time. With the jeans off and just the soft silk of my boxers, her moist area was more pervasive, and she had a better chance of getting herself off.

As she rubbed herself against me, I took the time to liberate her of the shirt she had on so I could suck on a nipple, letting my fingers tweak and pull on the other one. Then I’d switch, changing sides to get the other one as hard as the first one. This went on for awhile until she reached down and pulled me out of the fly on my boxers, taking my member in her hand and slowly stroking it. She slowly ran her hand up and down lightly touching while I had a hand up in the crotch of her panties, rubbing the soft satin up and down while my thumb did circles around her clit. I could feel the wetness dampen my palm and start to pool up. I pushed the panel aside and slipped my middle finger inside, her juices more than enough to allow it to plunge all the way.

Kal humped my finger as I inserted a second one and pressed against her clit with some more force. Her hand had stopped moving along my cock and I reached another hand down to guide the head up to her entrance. She took her hand off and spread her lips, letting the head of my penis start to enter her velvet opening. I could tell she wanted to sit down hard, but I used my arms to keep her up, letting her sit back down an inch at a time before I’d pull back out almost all the way. Finally, I let her sit down after a couple minutes of doing this, seeing as how she would be almost all the down my length, anyhow.

She sat there for a brief second, not moving, just breathing and whimpering slightly as I felt her last couple public agent porno inches expand for me. Once she felt comfortable, Kaliegh started to move back and forth slightly before I reached my hands down and gripped her butt, lifting her up a couple inches on her forward swing and letting her back down on the return. We kept this pace up for at least a good ten minutes before I had to force her to slow down, as she’d sped things up little by little in our pattern. I could tell she wanted to come, and I was close, but I wanted us to hang on for a brief period longer.

“Silly, I know what you’re doing,” Kaliegh giggled as she used a finger to playfully smack my nose. “Now, it’s my turn to drive,” she said as she lifted herself up off me, turned around giving me a great view of her ass from behind, and then proceeded to take her underwear off. With her legs now spread apart and fully naked, she sat back down on my lap, this time facing away from me. She slid my dick up inside of her, letting it fill her up. As soon as she felt me inside her all the way, she leaned forward, placing her hands on my knees, and began bouncing her hips up and down, taking me almost all the way out, and then back in forcefully. I could tell by her breathing and the timing of her “hops” that she was close to coming, and at this pace I was going to be either right in front or right behind her on that one. It didn’t take long to find out. I began dumping my seed in her, feeling spasm after spasm leave my balls and unload. After I dropped my second one, she started to contract around me, her walls coaxing whatever they could out of me. She sat back down hard, leaning backward and slightly to the side so as not to crush me. I sat there playing with her breasts as we slowly came back down to earth. Kaliegh looked at me, and I at her, and we both broke out into laughter at our actions. She pushed herself off of me, letting the air that had gone up into her get expelled back out, which sent us into peals of laughter again. As she put her underwear back on, I started to get dressed.

“Oh now you don’t, we’ve still got the rest of the night,” she said over her shoulder as she went into the bathroom and turned on the water. I had this funny feeling the night was just beginning…

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