Kandie’s Party


Kandie’s PartyGuests should begin arriving at 12:30PM, she (the hosting Cd) said, so be here by noon. You’ll have time to get dressed, apply make up, and I’ll shoot some warm-up photos while we wait. I arrived promptly at 11:50AM. It’s always both exciting and a little spooky meeting a new gurl-friend as it was that day as I approached and rang the doorbell. But, she immediately made me feel warm and most welcomed. I couldn’t help but notice a table in her playroom where there were six of the largest rubber dildos I have ever seen of different shapes, and colors carefully spread out and easily accessible to guests. She must of seen my expression and commented, “I’m really into anal play and fisting. I’ll help you discover how pleasurable it is when you’re ready Kandie.”. And I’m thinking to myself, “I’m so glad I came!”. There was large flat screen monitor playing Pandor’s collection of erotic mood music. Assorted lubes, and condoms, a small leather whip and mouth gag were setting on another table….my limp cock was stiffening….and my mouth began to water..just abit…lol. I proceeded into her bathroom, applied my make-up (slut-look) and slipped into my playsuit. Earlier, she suggested that I dress provocatively for the party…wig of course, etiler escort perhaps a small cropped top, a tiny thong, thigh high hose and 5 inch heels. Not too much more. Her guys, she said, preferred crossdressers with minimal clothing; true sluts who enjoyed dressing the part. I have a very nice set of shaved legs accentuated when I slip into platform pumps, so no nylons for me today. I pulled over my disco sequenced top, slipped into my under-sized red thong and wrapped a chain belt around my waist, then backed close to the mirror, and twisted around to see how the red thong and chain belt accentuated my hungry little ass…..“Nice!” I thought, seeing how inviting my pussy appeared. That’s always been important to me. Whether I’ve invited a guy over, walk into an adult theater or be a guest as I was today, I want men to KNOW what I am and what I want! I dress like a whore because I AM a whore! I should not have to ask a guy to treat me nasty. “See how I’m dressed daddy?“ There should never be any doubt that I’m a genuine fuck whore.I sauntered out to the playroom. She looks and says, “Oh honey! You are gonna get a LOT of action today!” She walked over, fondled my stiff clitty, ümraniye escort gave me a soft kiss on the lips and had me assume several provocative positions while she snapped away with her camera. I was so hot! I thought, “This gurl is grooming me! – to be her new sissy whore!” and I was getting more excited by the minute. As I was on my knees, legs spread wide open, ready for another photo there was a knock at the door…..A middle aged good looking guy stepped inside, gave a little kiss to my host and glanced over at me. “Oh!” he said to me. “You MUST be Kandie.” I’ve heard a lot about you….“ I slowly pranced around showing off my assets as he undressed. “Wow!” I thought, “The first guy is hung!” He took a seat on the sofa facing the wide screen monitor and I slowly leaned over, got on my knees and began kissing the head of his big shaved cock..slowly….lovingly…working my way down his shaft….his cock growing and growing inside my hot mouth…I always like to show a man early on what I’m capable of by taking his full dick down my throat as I did with him. “Ooooo! Baby!! That’s so good!”  My host looks over and asks, “Ummm, is Kandie a good cock sucker?” “Yea!” he says. “She’s awesome! sarıyer escort We have a good whore here baby.“ Our host walks over and kneels behind me….fondling my clitty with one hand, and working my pussy with her other. “Yea, get her ready for Daddy’s big cock. I wanna really fuck Kandie good….”he instructs her. Twenty or so minutes pass and I don’t want to take his cock out of my mouth, but my pussy is so hungry for his cock! I slowly stand up, massage his dick and my pussy with more lube. “Are you ready to get fucked Kandie?”, he asks. I simply nod my head up and down, slip my legs over his thighs and he gently slides his hard cock into my pussy….Oh! it always feels soooo good! Up, and down…slowly at first. Then, a steep rise of my body before I come crashing down taking his penis deep inside me. I love when a guy sits still and lets me do all the work! Then, there’s another knock at the door and one more stud enters the party. My host ushers him in, introduces me while I’m bouncing up and down, getting my sissy brains fucked out….I slow, then slide off his toy, turn around and assume a reverse cowgirl position on his cock. Our new guest walks over, gets on his knees and begins sucking my 7 inch dick…it’s just too much! “I’M GONNA CUM!”, I exclaim. A four week old load of delicious jizz explodes in our guest’s mouth….Our host quickly gets on her knees hoping for a taste. She squeezes my cock. I grit my teeth …..the pleasure is too intense! and out comes a few precious drops of seaman to taste and enjoy……..To be continued……………….luv2rydit at mail.com

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