Kareem’s cream


“Where do you live?” Jenny asked as Kareem as he readied to dive into the swimming pool. “live a few blocks from here,” the 22 year old student replied to the 17 year old prep school local. Jenny was a tall blond with a narrow body and respectable tits, but a nice ass. Kareem stood over her by more than six inches and was muscular with a shaved head and skin as dark as three days in a row.
Jenny got up and stood next to Kareem as he was bullshitting with one of his friends he came to the pool with to see what her skin looked like against his. She went and sat back down watching the black boys around the swimming pool wondering what she could say to satisfy her urges.
She remembered her best friend, Beth, talking about when she hooked up with Kareem, when she had her first orgasm.
Jenny grew restless and decided to swim a few laps ever since she was there anyways, while Kareem continued to shoot the shit.
As Jenny swam Kareem and four other guys watched her and started to talk about her.
“Look at that piece of ass there.” said Kareem. “I wonder how good she is in bed.” added one of Kareem’s friends.
Jenny turned over swimming and noticed the black men watching her. That moment she turned over to show her ass off. “Look at that,” one of the black men churned.
“I think she’s waitin for it.” laughed Kareem. “There is only one way to find out bro.” said Kareem’s friend.
Kareem dove into the pool swimming towards Jenny. He escort izmit swam under her and looked up at her in the water, while she continued her laps. She opened her eyes and noticed Kareem waving at her. Seconds later both of them were talking on the surface near the edge of the pool.
“So where is your man at?” Kareem asked. “Don’t got one.” Jenny replied with a smile.
Kareem grabbed her ass and kissed her in the water. Then he whispered into her ears “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, just come with me.” Kareem grabbed her hand and helped her out of the pool and started walking towards the girl’s bathroom.
Jenny was so excited she didn’t care where they went, even if the life guard came in to bust them she would be getting the black cock she was dreaming about all day.
As they entered the bathroom dripping wet they noticed it was empty.
“Perfect timing.” chimed Kareem.
Jenny’s pussy was growing wetter every second thinking about fucking this black hunk. She pulled him into a stall and shut the door. She said to him “Give me a taste of that black meat.” while dropping to her knees in front of him. She slowly pulled his trunks down as an eleven inch black snake smacked her in the face.
She tried to wrap her hand around it and looked up at him. “Nice dick.” she said.
“Suck it.” Kareem replied. Jenny wrapped her lips around his dick and looked up at him and slowly started to suck his dick. She had never had a dick this big, but izmit escort loved the feel of it in her mouth. She slurped loud on his dick. If anyone came in the bathroom they would surely hear her slurping on a big black dick.
Jenny noticed his balls dripping from the pool water and attempted to lick them clean while still jerking on his cock.
She stopped for a moment. “I wanna feel this dick fucking the shit out of my pussy like you said.” “Oh your gonna more than that Jenny.” Kareem replied.

Jenny moaned as she continued to suck Kareem’s dick. “Mmmmmmm.”
Kareem looked down at her and said “We’ve gotta get this goin girl. Let’s see what you got.” He pulled her head off of his dick and she stood up.
He ripped off her bikini bottom and top.
“Nice, now get down on your back and point your ass in the air for me.” said Kareem.
Jenny knew what this meant, he was going to fuck her ass. She was an ass virgin, but would let Kareem fuck any of her holes with his magical cock.
She got on her back and did as he said as he pointed his big eleven inch dick at her butt hole. He rubbed it up and down her ass and pussy before inserting the head slowly.
She groaned in pain as the head penetrated her ass. She gripped her legs as his dick pumped in and out of her pussy.
Kareem forced his cock into her ass balls-deep as she shook from the impact. He continued to push his dick in balls-deep with Jenny begging for his dick izmit kendi evi olan escort “Fuck me hard Kareem, I want more.”
He continued stretching her little white butt hole around his big black dick. At one point he thought he heard a door shut as he was pumping his dick into her ass. She was so loud everyone out in the pool probably knew what was going on.
Kareem didn’t care he continued to feed Jenny’s ass with his black dick.
Suddenly the stall door opened and a female life guard stood with her jaw dropped watching Kareem fuck Jenny’s ass.
“Better get the fuck out unless you want some of this.” Kareem said to that lifeguard.
The lifeguard dropped her whistle and ran out the door traumatized.
Kareem began fingering Jenny’s clit while fucking her ass.
Jenny responded shaking with an orgasm from the stimulation of Kareem’s dick in her ass and fingers rubbing her clit. Kareem continued to fuck her ass towards the ground as hard as he could.
Kareem felt closer to cuming and pulled out of her ass. Jenny sighed as the black dick that rocked her ass was now closing in on her face. “Suck it.” said Kareem as Jenny opened her mouth to taste her ass and pussy juices on his dick.
Kareem gripped the back of her head and forced it his dick down her throat making Jenny choke. Then he pulled his dick out of her mouth and did it again, but came as his dick penetrated her throat forcing all the cum down her throat.
Jenny looked up at him while she struggled to swallow Kareem’s cream. She continued to try to suck his dick before Kareem grabbed his trunks and headed out before encountering the life guard again.

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