Karen’s Barracks Tales

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My name is Karen and if you’ve kept up with Sean’s writing over the years then you have a pretty good idea of what a wild girl I can be. I should be honest that not all of his stories are actual facts, some of them are either exaggerated or fantasies, some of them his and some of them mine. The majority however are at least close to true with just the names changed to protect the innocent. Well maybe not the innocent but at least the people who don’t want their entire lives ruined. This story is one that is completely true.

Most of you probably already have a good idea about who I am, I’m twenty six years old happily married and waiting on my first born son. I’m not going to say that my husband doesn’t satisfy me because he is an incredible man but I used to be a force of nature. I was the girl that every man wanted and not because I was the prettiest girl on the planet. It was because once I caught a man in my gaze he knew for a fact that I would give him a ride he’d never forget. Part of me misses breaking the new boys in. This story takes place when I was younger though, just twenty three and my boyfriend Sean was still an Active Duty Marine.

Sean was nothing like the other Marines, to this day I’m not really sure what was going through his head when he joined other than he needed to know if he could do it. He wasn’t a jock, he hates running and prefers sitting at home playing Pokémon to watching the Super Bowl. Actually he hates the Super Bowl because it’s basically the only thing on that day so he often spends it off someplace.

Now his room mate on the other hand, Jacob Stallone is what you’d expect from a Marine. Six feet of sculpted goodness. Every inch of him is riddled with thick veins to guide your tongue over. He was the kind of man who took charge of a woman with nothing more than the look in his eyes. I remember that about him. When he looked at me I knew what he was thinking. The first time I looked into his eyes I knew that he was going to have me when he wanted me. It wasn’t a matter of if it was just a matter of when.

When was about six months later during on of Sean and my fights. I don’t really remember what the fight was over. We used to fight all the time over the tiniest things. The only thing that was important was that I decided that I was going to surprise him with a visit to say that I was sorry. I don’t know how many relationships you’ve been in, but I’ve been in a lot and I’ve found that sometimes it is better to apologize for something that wasn’t your fault than it is to fight over it.

I can remember driving down the base dressed in a low cut blouse that barely covered my nipples and a matching skirt. Actually the skirt was at least two sizes too small but it didn’t illegal bahis matter because I was sitting down when I drove onto the base so the gate guard only saw my top. I knew that most of the Marines were at work until around four so at two I could have walked in from the parking lot nude and had a good chance of going unnoticed. It didn’t hurt that I knew Sean always taped his door open (they had those hotel style doors that opened with a key card and not a key) so I just decided to let myself in and watch movies until she showed up.

Well as luck would have it Sean wasn’t actually on base that day. He was away at something called CAX. I still don’t know what CAX is but I know it meant he wasn’t on base. Instead the man his roommate, who usually went home for the weekend simply because it was convenient, was the one who walked into the room and found me, sprawled out on a bed watching porn.

“Holy shit.” I remember gasping as I tried to simultaneously cover myself and turn off the television and failing at both. I managed to change the channel so the picture was blurred and yank my skirt down just enough to draw attention to the transparent panties I was wearing. The smile on that curled his lips was purely predatory and the tone of his voice matched. He asked what I was doing there. “Wuh wuh waiting for Sean!” I stuttered and he told me that he wouldn’t be back all weekend.

I was blushing from head to toe at this point. I could literally feel the warmth all over my body. Normally it’s difficult to tell if I’m blushing because of my cinnamon brown skin but I’m sure he could tell. I quickly jumped to my feet and started tried to dash towards the door but Jacob quickly moved to block my path and since I was staring at the floor I ran right into him. That was the first time I’d actually touched him. If you’ve never touched a solid man before I can’t tell you what it’s like. Sean was in good shape but he didn’t like to lift weights. Jacob on the other hand was on his way back from the gym still wearing his undershirt and mesh shorts. His skin glistened with a sweat but the detail that instantly seared its way into my mind was that he was solid. Like a statue.

He asked me in a tone of melted chocolate if there was anything, anything at all he could do for me. My knees shuddered beneath me threatening to give way. Jacob gently adjusted my line of sight so we were eye to eye. Once he’d held me there for a moment he repeated his question. The combination of his voice and his eyes was more than I could handle. “Be gentle.” I whispered.

Jacob’s wolfish grin spread at my feeble request. I don’t know how he planned this, he couldn’t have. I didn’t tell anybody, not even Sean, that I was coming down to illegal bahis siteleri visit him but Jacob seemed like he had a plan. He wasn’t going to be gentle. He told me that with both his words and his actions when he shoved me back onto the bed.

With one hand he yanked my skirt and panties down and off nearly flipping me upside down in the process. I didn’t fight; actually I helped him get my clothing off. He wasn’t interested in getting my shirt off. He let me keep that tiny part of my dignity while he took peeled his shirt off and I took his shorts and boxers off.

I’ll be honest. Jacob wasn’t nearly the largest guy I’d seen. Sean was actually bigger by enough that I could tell just looking at Jacobs which wasn’t fully erect yet. I stared at it for a moment watching it come to life. Maybe I’m weird but like the way a cock looks as it first starts getting hard and you can see the man’s heart beat because his dick leaps just a bit with each pulse. It’s kind of hypnotic for me, particularly when I know that I’m the reason all that blood is flowing.

I was allowed to stare at it for a just a moment before he hooked his arms under my thighs and hauled me to the edge of the bed lining his cock up with my drooling nether lips. “Condom.” I managed to croak. The hot tip of his cock was already nestled against me and I wanted more than anything else for him to push into me. He wasn’t going to use a condom, that wasn’t an option. Jacob was going to fuck me, that wasn’t open for discussion. “I’m not on the pill right now you might. . .” He cut me off by adjusting his cock so it was aimed at my asshole.

Jacob pushed lightly against my ass a few times teasingly then he spun me around on the bed twisting the sheets away from the mattress at the same time. I was still on my back with my head hanging over the side of the bed when he stuffed his cock into my throat. Never before or since has a man taken me like that. At first it was scary. I wasn’t sucking his cock, he was fucking my face. Each time Jacob thrust forward I could swear that he was going to drill a hole in the back of my skull. Spittle ran down from the edges of my lips and over my cheeks while I gagged. He was using me. Gradually I adjusted enough that he could smoothly slide in and out of my throat but that wasn’t what he wanted. He was enjoying hearing my gargle on his cock so once I got comfortable he started moving faster, or wiggling or staying all the way down so his nuts rested on my nose blocking my air.

He called me every nasty thing I had ever heard a man say and then he started on the things that truly made my ears burn. The thing was that even as he was talking about what a cock hungry slut bag I was getting turned on. I canlı bahis siteleri had been wet before he walked into the room but when he finally finished skull fucking me there was a wet spot beneath my ass.

I didn’t need to be told what to do at that point. I only needed to be told what not to do. I wanted to reach up and wipe the gobs of my own saliva from my face but he told me to leave it so I did. Then I got on my hands and knees and spread my legs. It wasn’t often that I let Sean fuck me in the ass (and I’ve never let my husband do it) and I wanted to protest but I couldn’t get pregnant and I couldn’t argue with Jacob. I bit down on the sheets to stifle any scream he might force out of me and waited.

Jacob wrapped his arm around my waist and started playing with my clit with his cock head resting against my asshole. He was a master with his hands, like a musician he played my body forcing me twist and churn in whatever direction he wanted. He made me stick myself with his prick chasing the euphoric feelings from his fingers. It wasn’t anything like the other times I’ve let a man take me like that. It didn’t hurt, I just felt full.

My blush came racing back when Jacob started describing in vivid detail what he was doing and how my little asshole looked stretched out around his cock. Then he told me exactly the kind of girl he knew I was. The kind of girl who would let a man she hardly knew fuck her face so hard she’d drool all over herself and then take it in the ass. I started to protest but he pushed to finger into my mouth and hooked my cheek. If he wanted me to speak he’d tell me what to say. I almost came right then.

I’m not sure how long Jacob spent fucking me slow and deep, loosening my asshole open before he started pounding. What I do remember is that did start pounding away and with his fingers in my mouth I couldn’t so much as crawl away for a moment’s reprieve. “I’m a slut!” I hissed at his command. It wasn’t loud or explicit enough. “I’m a dirty nasty ass whore!” I cried. I still wasn’t loud enough. He wanted to be sure that the other Marines in the barracks heard me and he wanted me to say something. “I’ll fuck anything with a cock! I’m a cock whore and-” I hesitated and he slapped my ass. “-I need cocks for my greedy asshole!” I screamed and I came. No man has ever given me an orgasm like that.

It was also apparently enough for Jacob who plunged his full length into me and flooded my bowels with his cum. It felt hot and good inside me. He pulled out and wiped his cock off on my ass. After a moment of silence Jacob grabbed my shoulders and led me into the bathroom. I washed up took a deep breath and walked back into the room.

Maybe one day if I want I’ll talk about what happened next. The only thing I’m going to tell you right now is there were six of them standing around still in their digital cammies, the bottoms anyway. On top they were just wearing tight olive green shirts. It was six Marines and well I’m only a woman.

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