Kate.. First girl I cheated with.

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Kate.. First girl I cheated with.Sex with my girlfriend at the time was great. True love making and the one thing she did let me do was cum inside her. I needed more so i went searching. My GF had a sexy thin body. Cute butt and nice small perky tits. Gorgeous face. Butt… I had an appetite for a big ass thick girl (pun intended). I remember in high school this girl I would always flirt with but of course had no courage to make any sort of move. She was a thick girl. Nice giant booty with awesome perky tits. I had her number so i sent her a text one night. We talked, flirted, and she told me “me and my friends used to talk about your dick in gym class.. it looked huge when you jogged.” I told her something along the lines of you should see it in person. She obliged. She said her parents went to bed and i could come over at midnight. I got there and she made wait in her basement until her sister went to bed. thankfully she did because i totally forgot her sister was friends my gf. Finally she comes and grabs me and we make our way up the stairs. We get inside and sit on her bed. Her parents room was 20 feet away so she said we had to be quiet. she put on a movie kurtköy escort and we started to make out. Good kisser, nice tongue. I start to feel her tits and without hesitation she grabs my cock and pulls it out of my gym shorts. she goes down and examines it and starts to suck. in the sexiest way she says “I love your cock” with a little laugh and smile and continues to suck. She did really good. Much better then my gf. I loved watching her lips and pretty face bob on my cock. I pull her up and take her shirt and bra off. Her tits are GREAT. She has these perky tits. There almost pointy, like a pyramid if you know what i mean. The nipples were so pink and big. Plus, they were huge! I grabbed one and put the other in my mouth. They tasted so good. I worshipped those titties. Just when i thought it couldn’t get any better i reached back and grabbed her ass. oh my god the ass i forgot while i was mesmerized by those titties. I lay her over and take off her panties. I make out with her and start to finger her. She’s got some hair down there. Not a full bush or anything but quite a bit. I didnt care at all. I tried to go down and lick maltepe escort her pussy but she stopped me. I think she was embarrassed of the hair. She went to her dresser and got something. Condoms. Fuck i thought, no nutting inside her. she tosses it to me and i put it on. I lay on my back and she slowly sits on my cock. I moan so loud and she tells me to be quiet because of her parents. i pretty much don’t give a fuck and grab her big ass to feel it wobble as i pound her hairy pussy. her tits just rubbing on my face. She gets paranoid and says the bed makes to much noise and makes us go on the carpet. I finally get a good view of her fully nude and it was a sight. watching her ass as she walked and got on all fours so i can fuck her from behind. I still jack off to that sight to this day. I walk over and i see that her asshole is exposed. I try to put my face between her cheeks but i only got one good lick in before she asked me what i was doing. “just fuck me she said” I start off fast but she tells me to slow down because it hurts. i almost can’t help myself. the faster and harder i pound the more her ass shakes. Now she’s starting kartal escort to like it. She came so hard, i thought she was crying. Now theres a knock at the door. Her mom. “you okay in there?” She said she was laughing at a movie and she will keep it down. I quickly get back at it. She stops and makes me follow her into her bathroom connected to her room. I get behind her again and start to pound again. This time I can see her tits in the mirror and actually grab them. From being able to see her tits shake around in the mirror and watching her ass cheeks bounce around i was ready to cum in no time. I told her i was about to cum. She turned around and pulled the condom off and started to jerk me off into the sink. I was already cumming when she pulled the condom off and it sprayed everywhere. i squirmed like i was having seizure. We took a shower together and made out some more in there. When we got out and i got dressed i told her to make sure my gf didnt find out. She said “what the fuck? youre still with her?” I replied “I thought you knew.” She wasn’t happy when i left and scolded me but did agree it was really good. She said it wouldn’t happen again. I was bummed but still smiled all the way home.Im an asshole.I saw her at the bar like a year later and she was flirting once again like she wanted to fuck. I was single at the time but on a different adventure that night. Maybe she would of let me lick her asshole this time.

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