Subject: Kathy and Samantha Part 10 [Kathy and Samantha, part 10, questions and answers.] Kathy came back to the couch where Samantha was leaning in the corner with her knees up. Kathy was back in her t-shirt and her pink cotton panties with the white waistband. When she leaned over to the table in front of Samantha her t-shirt rode up her back and her panties were low on her hips and baggy under her butt. “Hey, droopy butt,” Sam said, pinching Kathy’s panties’ bottom and tugging it. “Stop that!” Kathy said quickly turning around. She looked a little angry as she pulled her panties up and then held her hands in front of them. “What?” Sam said, a little hurt. “They looked cute. I just thought…” “Well don’t,” Kathy curtly added. “What?” Sam said again. “I was just fooling around.” “Just fooling around?” Kathy said, more angrily. “Is that what we’re doing? Just fooling around?” They stared at each other for a bit, Sam taken aback and Kathy stern faced. Kathy then turned and went off into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. “Kathy!” Sam called after her. “Kathy!” She sat forward, and stared toward the bedroom door. “Shit,” she muttered under her breath. She picked up the remote from the table and went through all the channels, not really watching. After a moment Kathy came out of the bedroom in a dress shirt and pants and went into the kitchen. Samantha gave her a minute before following. Kathy was sitting at the table. After a bite of a sandwich, she leaned back in a chair, a little slumped down. Sam looked in the fridge for a minute, then went to the sink, leaning back against it. Kathy stared at her sandwich while she chewed. Sam ran her thumbs under her panties’ waistband and pulled them up. Then she tugged at the bottom of her t-shirt, pulling it down. If Kathy noticed she didn’t show it. With a sigh, Sam slowly went over behind Kathy. With her hands on Kathy’s shoulders bursa escort bayan she leaned in and put her cheek on Kathy’s ear. “Kathy, please. Please tell me what’s wrong.” Kathy was silent. “Was it me? What I did? I was just joking. It… they… You looked so cute and I just–” “It’s not you,” Kathy said. She put her hand on Samantha’s. “It’s just… What are we now? Just fooling around? Like when we were kids?” Samantha lifted her head up and rubbed Kathy’s shoulders. Kathy tilted her head back. “Is that all this has been?” Sam leaned forward so Kathy’s head rested against her chest. “No,” she said. “It’s more.” “Really?” Kathy said and she slid her hands down to her stomach. “I’d like it to be more,” Sam said. She bent her head down to kiss Kathy’s forehead. “Would you?” “That’s what I’m getting at,” Kathy said. “I don’t want to just fool around… I’d like…” she hesitated, looking up. Their eyes met. Kathy’s were tearing up. “It… us… to be more.” “Oh, Kathy!” Sam said putting her chin on top of Kathy’s head. She slid her hands down Kathy’s shirt in between her breasts, stopping with her hands just below them. Kathy tilted her head to her shoulder and pushed her thumbs into her pants. Samantha kisses Kathy’s head again. Planting little pecks all over, her hands wandered around the bottoms of Kathy’s breasts. After a moment like that Kathy leaned her head back and turned her face up to Sam, her cheeks wet but she was smiling. Samantha turned her head so they could kiss and they opened their mouths and slurped each others lips, then began licking and rubbing their lips together passionately. “Oh,” Kathy said into Sam’s mouth. Between slurps she slowly went on. “Why did…” “We wait…” “So long.” “Who cares,” Sam slurped back. “We have us now.” Sam pulled Kathy’s shirt up to bunch it up under her breasts. Kathy sucked their mouths together and let out long görükle escort moan. She had pushed her legs out and fumbled her hands in her pants to open them and pull them apart and push them down. Sam lifted away from Kathy to look down into Kathy’s pants and her exposed hair. She leaned closer to Kathy, her chest on Kathy’s shoulder, and slid her hands down into Kathy’s pants. With her right hand she pushed two fingers down the middle of the mound of hair, immediately entering Kathy and rubbing her fingertips around. Kathy quickly began squirming with Sam’s touch. She grabbed Sam’s arms tight, causing Sam to have steady herself to keep her hand where she knew Kathy wanted it. Samantha soon slowed her hand to a gentle, circular rhythm, calling Kathy’s name in a soothing, low voice in the same motion, while Kathy gently rocked her hips up and down. For several minutes they rocked together, Sam humming, Kathy sighing, until suddenly Kathy pushed her hips up high and slid her hands down to push Sam’s hand harder into her. Sam moved her hand a little faster, Kathy thrusting her hips against Sam’s hand. Kathy tensed, shook and cried out, clutching Sam’s hand with her legs. When Kathy finally relaxed she turned in the chair toward Sam. Sam fell to her knees beside Kathy, her hand staying inside Kathy. She leaned close and kissed Kathy for a long time. “Oh, wow,” Kathy said, breaking the kiss. “Where’d you learn how to do that?” “I have one of my own, you know,” Sam answered grinning widely. Kathy smiled back, her eyes wandered to Sam’s t-shirt. Sam’s eyes followed as she knew her nipples were very visible. “You’re so lovely, my Sammy,” Kathy said. “Thank you, Kathy,” Samantha said. “You can have those anytime you want,” she laughed. Kathy looked up at Sam with a gentle, satisfied smile. “Now,” Sam said. “Can I have my hand back?” “Oh!” Kathy said, sitting up and bursa escort bayan opening her legs. “Sure. But I’ll miss having it. It was…” “You can have that again too,” Samantha said and she stood. Kathy stood too and they faced each other. They sheepishly looked each other over. Sam’s t-shirt was stretched up tight, highlighting her breasts, the left side of her panties were down over her hip, revealing some hair. Kathy’s shirt just covered her hair, her pants were falling down and past her thighs. Sam silently lowered herself before her friend and pulled the pants the rest of the way down. Kathy stepped out of them and leaned back against the table. Sam gently folded the pants and put them on the chair. On her knees, she looked up between Kathy’s legs, the insides of her thighs moist down to her knees. Sam rubbed her hands up Kathy’s thighs and then gently touched her fingertips into Kathy’s wet hair. Kathy trembled a bit. “Come up here,” Kathy said. Sam stood. They moved close, touching foreheads. Samantha started unbuttoning Kathy’s shirt. Kathy dropped her hands to Sam’s behind. Finishing unbuttoning Kathy’s shirt Sam pushed it back and slid it off. She then folded it gently and bent to place it on the chair with Kathy’s pants. “Let me pull your shirt off,” Kathy whispered and she grabbed the sides of Sam’s t-shirt. Sam raised her arms and Kathy pulled the shirt quickly off. Sam was blushing even now at how her nipples had sprung down, pointing and red. Sam brought her hands up to them but Kathy stopped her. “No need to hide them, silly girl, you know…” Sam giggled again, “I know, it’s just not something I’m used to… sticking out the way they do.” Kathy took hold of Sam’s shoulder and gently turned her toward the door. “Come on, let’s go lie down for a while.” She moved behind Sam and, grasping Sam’s panties in her hand, guided Sam to the bedroom. [Glad to have a new installment out after the delay — relationships, you] [know, have their back-and-forths. Email is invited for comments and even] [suggestions. Only direct questions will get a response. If you enjoy the] [Nifty Archive consider supporting — fty/donate.html]

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