Katrina’s New Friend


Living in a resort playground part of the world, one adjusts to many things: people can buy just about whatever their hearts desire, people can be all smiles while they stab you repeatedly in the back, and payback can be a real bitch.

That kind of sums up the 18 months I spent near Savannah, GA…..with new “friends” at my new job. Oh, it had its ups-&-downs, but it all started with a beautiful, mixed-up minx named Katrina.

Katrina was a kick-boxing instructor at the resort gym where I worked. She was gorgeous. You know the type…everything in its place….and I do mean EVERYTHING. She was very easy on the eyes and smart too. When you spoke to her, she was always polite and positive, but when you studied her….really got to know her, you realized there was a façade that was a thin veneer to what lay beneath.

I happened along in her life having just come from Arizona…..left a resort there…where I did a fine job in PR and playing golf with a variety of vendors. Was tired of the desert, so I figured an East Coast gig would be a nice change of scenery….never really imagined being in Savannah, but a friend of mine owned this resort and its gym and knew I was tired of Arizona…so, its who you know, right?

I met Katrina purely by accident….I heard a lot of ruckus coming from the equipment storage room. Being curious in nature, I went to explore. When I opened the door, I saw a petite, 5’4″ brunette wearing tennis shoes, tight skin-tight stretch workout pants and a sports bra. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she was wearing a baseball cap…with the pony tail pulled through the open slot on the hat. She was glistening…not really sweating, but the room’s light did play off her well-toned, somewhat tanned skin…I assumed she either came out of a class or had worked up a sweat looking for something.

Her outfit left very little to the imagination…in fact, not only did I notice that she was sporting some nice nipple hard-on’s, I also got a nice glimpse at a beautiful “fuck me” tattoo on the small of her back…a futuristic looking set of angel wings (with some serious modifications in their design). When she bent over to dig through an equipment bin, I noticed that her pants did nothing to hide her either going commando or having REALLY small underwear on.

All this was gathered in just a few moments of watching her dig through the equipment bin…muttering to herself that she knew the items were right here.

Needless to say, I was mildly amused by her antics and simultaneously curiously aroused by her outfit. However having spent 20 years in the swimming arena (where everyone is somewhat exposed and most guys learn to not sport too many hard-on’s lest they be embarrassed beyond belief) I kept myself in control.

I mean she should know me before I bend her over the bin, pull down her pants and bury my meat in her box, right?

So, not knowing her, but really wanting to know her, I cleared my throat and asked if she needed any help.

Apparently she hadn’t heard me approach as she practically jumped out of her clothes when she heard me ask to help.

“Well, I guess you can,” she started and I quickly learned that she not only had a beauty that played well with the eyes, but a voice that was sweet and melodic. “I’m looking for my daughter’s gym bag…it was in the class room when we went into the locker room, but it seems someone cleaned up the class room and now we can’t find her gym bag. It’s blue and red…has wheels…and should be full of her school books.”

“You seem to be in a rush,” I said as I put down my things and started to look around the equipment room.

“Yes, I have an appointment with the attorney…I am in the midst of a divorce and shouldn’t be late.”

“No, I would think not. By the way, my name is Alex….Alexander Tower. I’m the new PR Director.” I offered my hand to her.

She took my hand with a grip that indicated someone who knew how to give a firm handshake. “Katrina…Katrina Poseidon. I’m one of the instructors here…teach kick-boxing….and this is my daughter, Kayla.” It was then that I noticed a blonde, blue-eyed munchkin who was digging in another equipment bin.

“Hi, Kayla” I waved at her, she waved back and flashed me a smile….I thought to myself, boy will this lady have her hands full when this girl becomes a teen-ager. Kayla and Katrina could have easily passed for younger/older sisters…but one of the more noticeable things was how they both had the same body movements and mannerisms. Truly like mother-like daughter (in some things)

We spent a few minutes digging through the equipment bins when I finally did the old “if I was a (blank) where would I be”? Considering Kayla was the one responsible for the gym bag and probably got bored…I figured it was somewhere other than the class room and these bins.

“Kayla, where else were you today?” She paused and looked at the ceiling deep in thought…I found it humorous almost like she was acting Antalya Escort for me.

“I was at the eatery and the playground.” Looking at Katrina, I offered to look on the playground if she wanted to check the eatery.

Sure enough, when I got to the playground and asked the monitor staff if they found any “lost” gym bags, they said there was a blue and red one in their office…they hadn’t had the opportunity to take it to Lost and Found. Checking the office I found the bag. I took a peek inside to see if there was anything that would indicate it was Kayla’s (wouldn’t want to take someone else’s bag) and discovered there were textbooks that looked like they belonged to a young student, and I did find a Note-To-Home slip that had Kayla’s name on it. But I also discovered that if it was JUST Kayla who used this bag…she had some adult tastes: black thong underwear, a lacy bra, and an item that I would’ve sworn was a button sized vibrator.

Closing up the bag, I caught up with Katrina and Kayla sitting at the eatery. Raising the bag in “triumph” they both broke into heart melting smiles. “My hero,” Katrina said jokingly. She stood to gather the bag and Kayla and gave me a hug for finding the bag. I noticed that she not only looked gorgeous, she smelled awesome too! A fruity fragrance came off of her hair…and her body offered a fragrance of a mint of some type…together it was a mix of soft/strong fragrances.

Imitating a cowboy tipping his hat I said “Always willing to help a damsel in distress, ma’am. Just let me know how I can be of service again.” She laughed and headed for the door.

That was how we first met….but it set the tone for our interactions. After she finalized the divorce, she seemed kind of “lost” without a man being around her. She seemed to gravitate towards me…slowly at first…but over time, we ended up going to the movies together, fixing dinner at each other’s apartments, hanging out on lunch breaks, shopping together, dancing and enjoying family events with her friends and Kayla’s friends.

It was during this time that I learned that she was a military brat who had married a Marine and totally subscribed to the notion that a military wife is supposed to be perfect in every way…so when her man comes home, he has nothing to worry about. She never lost that notion and while I am not necessarily a subscriber to that idea, it sure was neat to have her always in the “perfect” mode.

I also learned that she was a computer geek who ran her own computer business on the side and used the kick-boxing classes for relaxation and guy watching. In addition, while I had no social life to speak of, she always seemed to have some hot stud hanging off her arm…of course these relationships would start off with a rip roaring start then crash into the ground in a terrible fashion. Many times she would invite me along with them, and of course I would get death-glares from most of her suitor’s (but there were a few that were ok with me tagging along)

Usually I met the guy at the beginning of the excitement…provide a bit of input on whether the guy was worth her time or not….then learn about all the sordid sexual adventures they would have (for instance I learned that Katrina kept her pussy free of pubic hair and she was very tight…always tight….when they had sexual intercourse). Then of course I would usually got a phone call (usually at night at one of the town’s dance bars) she would be in tears and I would be the one to comfort her and let her know that all was not lost. There were a few occasions where I even had to help her walk up the few steps to her apartment and into her bed. Oh, sure, I would cop a feel on her breasts or squeeze her butt and if she were wearing a loose fitting blouse, I would take a peek. And yes, there were times when she was so out of it, that I would get her out of her most constricting clothing (namely her jeans and shoes) and put her to bed (I truly enjoyed those occasions) There were even a few times when I stood with her as she purged herself of too many drinks.

Once, about a year into our relationship, I was “babysitting” Kayla when Katrina came home far, far earlier than expected. By this time, I was pretty well woven into Katrina’s life…I was not only the male confidant for her but also a “manny”…a male nanny…and it wasn’t unusual for me to stay overnight if Katrina came home late (my apartment was about 45 minutes from Katrina’s). I slept on the couch…but usually with a pair of Katrina’s underwear close by…Like I said, I was a male nanny in a sort of way, but I was a “good guy” too. So noticing that Katrina had a penchant for getting behind in her home life…and I usually didn’t have that much office work to do after hours, if I was babysitting, I would bring my office work and laundry and do it at Katrina’s. In time I learned how she liked her clothes washed, dried and folded and she allowed me to help her out with the wash and such.

Little did she realize Antalya Escort Bayan that my fetish for women’s underwear would be satiated by doing her laundry…so while I slept in a room down the hall from hers I slept with clothing garments that were mixed with her most womanly scents. I also had already inventoried all her womanly possessions…remember: I’m a curious fellow and it was curiosity was what got me to even meet Katrina. So of course while she was out on dates, I would rummage through her stuff and notice all the various toys and gadgets she possessed for self-gratification and enjoying a partner

On this night though, Katrina went to her room with only a barely audible “good night”. Fortunately Kayla was already semi-asleep, so I scooped her up and put her to bed. She gave me a mumbled “good night, Alex” and rolled over on her side…dead to the world.

After a few minutes of cleaning up the living room and putting dishes away, Katrina came down the hall. She was wearing an old sweatshirt that was 3 sizes too big with a “I’m free if you’re rich” saying on it (it was her favorite and she always wore it when she wanted to relax). She was also wearing some cotton shorts that barely covered her butt-again comfort clothing for her.

“Are you ok?” I asked. She shrugged. “Care to share?”

“Maybe,” she whispered. “I’m not sure”

Knowing that she had some built-in defaults for crisis situations, I offered: “Hmmm…how about I fix you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some coffee?”

With a smile and a silent “that’d be great” she went into the living room and settled on the sofa.

After fixing her snack, I brought it to her. “Your meal, my dear lady,” I said as I sat next to her on the sofa.

“My hero,” she said with a smile. I turned the TV to a music channel that played soft music.

I waited for her to eat, but she didn’t seem to want to eat. She just seemed to be off in No-Man’s-Land of thoughts. “Turn around,” I directed her. She knew what I was going to offer and turned her back to me. Reaching under her sweatshirt I placed my hands on her back and started giving her a massage. She seemed to enjoy the massage and started to relax.

After a few minutes, she seemed to be sleepy. “Tell you what,” I said. “Let’s go to your bed and I will finish this the right way.”

“Ok,” she said—almost as if she were entranced. In my mind I was pondering what was going on, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But curiosity being my middle name, I went with the flow to see where this was going.

I followed her cute butt down the hall, her shorts had “Playmate” stamped across the back. Boy how I wanted to make her not only my playmate, but also my playground. After a year or so of hearing about all her failures with men, you’d think she would realize that the guy she might really want was right at the end of her arm.

We entered her bedroom. I went into the master bathroom to get the massage oil. “I’ll be right back,” she said. “I want to check on Kayla.” While she was checking on Kayla, I also dug out a towel to place on her bed and one to place over her backside. She had adjusted the thermostat in the room, obviously wanting it to be a bit warmer in the room. “Great,” I thought, ” I’ll pass out from heat exhaustion while giving her a back massage.”

This was something new for us…massages. She didn’t like them at first because of an injury she suffered when she was in college and participating in the soccer program. But after she let me learn how to massage her injury site (and she realized it actually helped her with the pain in her hip) she was ok with massages.

After a few minutes, Katrina returned to her bedroom. Having had the extra time, I also scrounged up a few candles and lit them providing a softer mood for the moment. She stopped and took it all in….and let out a heavy sigh. “My hero,” she said softly. This time it almost seemed like she was balancing me against the others who had been in her life.

Trying to keep the mood light, I smiled and said “My lady, your massage area awaits.” I bowed in her direction and motioned for her to lay upon her bed where I had positioned the towel. She lay down on the towel and automatically pulled her shirt up and over her head. “How is it you always know how to cheer me up?” she asked. Gazing down upon her bared flesh, I could barely answer. This was a moment I had dreamt of (and jerked off to) many times over in the course of the last year.

“Alex, you always seem to know what to say and what to do,” she sighed as I started to work the oil into her lower back. I almost always started at the area near her hip injury. Slowly I massaged her left hip, working my fingertips deeper into the muscles. Katrina relaxed even more.

“Do you really want me to answer that?” I asked. In a moan of tension release, she nodded. I had moved to the middle of her lower back, and heard a few vertebrae pop and lose their tension. While Escort Antalya I hesitated on my response, to figure out just the right thing to say, I let my hands slip a little deeper than normal and slip under her shorts’ lightly. I realized she was not wearing any panties.

Speaking softly and as seductively as I could, I began my explanation. “To begin with, I don’t look at you as just a new pussy to fuck. But as someone who has the whole world on her shoulders. I have taken the time — more than a year, Katrina, to learn almost everything about you. And I didn’t do it to find myself in your pants, but because I love being with you and near you.” I shifted my weight to kneel over her thighs. When I moved over her thighs, I removed my shirt and got more oil.

“There is very little about you that I don’t like…and you seem to like being around me, right?” She dreamily nodded “yes” and moaned an um-hmm. With her eyes closed, she was smiling now. Her tears gone.

With more oil in my hands, I ran my hands up her spine and spread them out over her shoulders. Katrina had been laying with her hands and arms under her chest. But as I worked her upper back and shoulders, I moved my hands down the length of her arms, forcing her to bring them out from under her chest. With this, her breasts flattened against the bed, but were visible to me. I continued to work her back from her shoulders to her lower back. The “fuck me” tattoo screaming at me the whole time.

“In addition, Kayla enjoys being around me…and you trust me with her, right?” Again, another soft um-hmm. “So of course I am going to know what heals you. And I will be a friend to support you when you are hurting.”

My hands were going back up her spine and I decided it was time to spread the area they touch a little bit more. As I ran my hands down her sides, I splayed my fingers and my pinkies brushed her breasts. This was the first time she was consciously aware of me touching any part of her sexual organs. And she stiffened a bit.

“And let’s face it,” I continued as if nothing strange happened. “I have been with you through thick and thin over the last year….even helping you get into bed when you couldn’t get yourself undressed and in bed. I have been there to pull you out of muddy fields when you inadvertently when 4-wheeling. And I have even become a pseudo-manny.” She giggled at that.

“True, true,” she said. “You are my very idea of what a hero is supposed to be like.”

“You are finding this fairly amusing…Are you drunk?” I asked. By now my manhood was wanting some attention but I couldn’t bring myself to take too much advantage of her if she were drunk. My hands were freely rubbing oil into her back and her sides. I managed to slither down to resting over her knees….moving her shorts about half-way down her butt. As I slid her shorts down, I lowered my head and took a quiet sniff near her crotch…sure enough there was the musky smell of her pussy getting aroused.

“No, I am not drunk…and you are making a lot of sense.” I moved down her legs some more almost resting on her ankles, moving her shorts down off her butt. I took a moment to remove my shorts and pull hers off her legs.

She was startled by this so I quickly moved back over her thighs. Partly to keep her from rolling over (and seeing my raging hard-on) and partly to keep her in a position where I could keep working on her back.

The sight of seeing her tanned body completely naked before me was awesome. Her back was finely tuned and her butt was a picture perfect small, round ass. Her legs-muscular due to her kick-boxing.

“Katrina, what would you say if I told you that you are the most beautiful person I have ever met? Oh and before you answer consider I work with PR and media types….so I have defined beauty more deeply than just skin deep.” Under my breath I added: and boy is your skin beautiful!

“First I would say: thanks for the compliment, I work hard to keep my skin beautiful (giggle) and then I would say I am not sure I am as beautiful as you think I am.”

I lowered myself over her back, positioning my hips high enough to keep my hard-on from touching her, but my chest was against her shoulder blades. I whispered in her ear as I ran my hands with oil over her arms (which were stretched over her head) “Then it is time we explore something new together.” In a quiet response she said: “Mmmm?”

“You need to roll over,” I whispered. I saw her eyes open and felt her shoulders twitch as if indicating a “no” to that idea. So I continued with the statement: “But before you roll over, I need to take care of some things.” And with that I pulled back up off her shoulder blades….reached for the towels and placed one over her shoulder blades and one over her buttocks.

“Alex, I need to go to the bathroom….sorry” What can you say to that? Lifting myself off her legs, I gave her room to head to the bathroom. Thinking to myself: Now what?

It took her a few minutes. An idea popped into my head…I got off the bed and opened her dresser drawers. Finding what I was searching for I placed the items under the extra pillows on her bed. I then laid down to wait. In all the books I read about massages, this wasn’t supposed to happen, but stuff happens, right?

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