Subject: Keeping Count It had been a while since I had been at the spa and I wantedto make an impression. I had contacted a few tops and had told them of my ideaof putting on a show and they, collectively, agreed. So here I was making a2.5-hour drive so that I could get my groove on! While I had parked mycar and walked across the street, I imbibed in a bit of a joint and by the timeI had climbed to stairs was getting the relaxed and sexy feeling one gets fromthe strain I had grown. I grabbed my key and towel; not that I used it, andfound a locker to put my stuff in. shoes, pants and shirt off and I was readyto cruise. Now I had been herebefore and knew my way around so the first stop always is the slurp area andthat is where I found two of the tops I had contacted. My first reaction was tocaress both of their cocks through the towels they had on. The response fromthem was what I was looking for, a “hello son” and the slight but everinsistent push down on my shoulders. As I fell down to my knees I took thenipple of one and gave it a little tug and got an appreciative groan from him,the other had his towel parted and I took his rather large cock in my hand andswirled my tongue around his head. This cock has owned me in so many ways and Ican make him cum quicker than he likes so he pulled me off his cock and pushedme over to the other, not so small, friend. This one belonged to a newer acquaintance and I was stillfiguring how to get him to cum in the minimum number of minutes. He was apowerfully built, not too tall man with an impressive 7.5 inch cock that had tobe 6 inches around, he loved for me to deep throat him and, to tell you thetruth I loved sucking his cock. It was just a bit too long and a bit too widebut that made it just so much fun to take in my mouth. When he got in all theway down my throat the air was cut off and forced me to breath through my nose,something that centred me and made me focus on the task at hand-sucking hiscock until he came in my mouth. I left him in my throat and started humming abit just to give some vibration around his thick pole stuffed but not moving inme. This caused him to start moving but instead of pulling back he pushedforward and was fucking my throat and pushing my nose into his groin, all thewhile I and both of my hands full, one of the cocks was my owner and the otherwas just some random guy with a very large and very thick cock. I had given full attention to the cock in my throat and hedid cum in me but pulled out after the first spasm and covered my face in hisejaculate. One down. My owner quickly claimed my mouth and he, within moments,was depositing his load in me. Two. Before he pulled out of me, my owner hadtold me to get another kocaeli escort two loads and then we could go to the back room and puton a show. I looked for the thick guy but he had wandered off so I obedientlyswallowed two men to completion. Three and four. I am a submissive bottom and will always obey my owner but Ialso am a bit of a slut and need to get some of my own satisfaction, somethingjust for me and not because I was told too. I wandered around for ten minutes,sucking random cocks and eating the ass of a rather beautiful man I had suckedoff on my last visit. Five six and seven. During the loopthrough the rooms section of the spa I had found where my owner was and stoppedto give him another blowjob, he wanted the door open and my ass out for anyoneto use. It only took a minute before there was a hand sliding over my cheeksand parting them. I heard the snap of alid and felt the cool lube sliding down the cleft of my ass, all the while myowner and he were carrying on a conversation about how good my ass was. He tookhis time and worked the lube into me with his fingers, getting two and thenthree deep in my ass, stretching it open and putting more lube in. all the willI was giving my owner a blowjob to remember, wet and sloppy with all sorts ofslurping and gagging. It was on one of the down strokes on his cock that theman behind me pushed his cock in me. My god did I see stars! This was a log that was being pushed in meand like the slut I am just loved it. I almost forgot the cock in my mouth andstarted to focus on getting all of this big ass cock in me. I would be lying if I said that he was an easy fit but withthe desire to please both of the men that were using me and the bottle ofpoppers my owner had he did get fully in me. Poppers are the universal slutmaker and boy do I respond well to them. The bottle was pressed under my noseand I took my fill of them and then a bit more. That familiar holeopened in front of me and I fell into it holding on to the sensation of a cockin my mouth and worked it like it was my job all the while knowing that mybackdoor was getting pushed open and a large visitor was coming in. I am a goodmultitasker and while continuing the blowjob started helping the guy to getfully locked into me. I bent my knees to give him a different angle and thenpushed back to get all of him in me. He was so big he got to a place inside methat I only get to with my dildo and did it ever feel great. He stayed therefor a few beats until I got used to him but at the same time my owner wascumming in my throat and I was shaking so he took that as a signal to start hisassault on my hole. The bottle came out again and my owner made sure I wastotally in the “pig kocaeli escort bayan zone” as he called it. He fed me those poppers and pulledmy soft cock far from my body. He has trained me to never get hard while I amin the zone but to focus on whatever cock or cocks were pleasing themselves andto give them the best fuck a boi could give. Well here I was with my face in my owners crotch and my assout the door with a very large cock fully lodged in it. My body was twitchingto get fucked and the guy behind me took hold of my hips and started to pullout a bit, all the while pouring more lube down the space between us. He pushedback and then shoved a bit more, opening that door deep inside me and stayingthere. He knew what he was doing and he knew he was going to get a good fuckingfrom me. My ass opened up and I started to wiggle on his cock, slow languidcircles and tiny pullbacks. I was using his cock as a personal fuck toy and Icould tell he liked it. The more I moved the more he moaned and soon he wasstarting his own motions, tiny sawing slides and then a deep push. We kept these up aslong as my legs held out and then I had to move but never pulled him out. Wejust sort of twirled around and soon had him sitting on the bed beside myowner. This motion caused him to go deeper in me and that was wonderful, mycock jumped a bit and oozed cum from a hands free orgasm. I took a second to come floating back to earth and thenstarted to fuck his cock like it was the only one in the world. With my feet onthe floor and my hands on his thighs I raised up and sat down until I got therhythm going and then bounced on that gorgeous fuck pole like a tramp, like aslut, like a fuck boi; all of which I am. This guy knew what he had and let me have my way with him for a bit, hehad both of my nipples twisted and pulled on them causing me that beautifulsexy pain that all subs live for. There was more ooze from my cock, enough tobecome another source of lube as it dribbled between us. This was when hestopped my bouncing and pulled out. He spun me around while standing up and hadme on my knees with my ass up in the air. Without missing a beat he was back inme balls deep and starting using me for his pleasure now. I had thought he wasdeep and thick before but being down like a dog opened me and I let out a bitof a groan, which only caused him to pusher harder and use longer strokes. Atthis point my owner put not only his cock but also the bottle in my face and Idid double duty. Sucking him deep while getting a full dose of poppers and witha big fucking cock in my ass was nirvana! I bobbed on his cocksucking him until he came down my throat again and focused on the fucking yahya kaptan escort I wasgetting from the other end. I thought I had been bobbing on my owners cock butin reality it was the reaction to the full-length strokes going in my ass. Icould tell he was waiting for me to get a mouthful and when I did get my rewardhe went to town on my ass. He was thoughtful but not overly caring. He used theentire length of his cock and it was long; long enough to get to those placesthat itch but rarely get tickled. I could feel is head popping in and back out,teasing me, causing me to open like a flower and then going balls deep in onelong steady slow push. He bottomed out and pulled back but this time he steppedup his assault and used me truly for his own pleasure. I do not know ifanyone can relate to that feeling when a man takes control of your body andonly cares about his own pleasure or when you realise that he is the onlyreason for your existence and you want nothing more than to please him but thatwas where I was mentally. I fucked his cock, he fucked my ass and we fuckedeach other until he dumped a load in me that I could feel spurting in me. I wasin a blissful state. Eight and nine. Collectively we went to the showers and washed each other,well I washed them as the thank you for a good time. After drying them off Itook another tour of the spa and found the back room after servicing anothercock in the slurp area, he was a bit forceful and I did not finish him off butleft for the back. It was in the back room that I put on the show for all tosee, I climbed on the lounge area and hung my head off the edge. I said in aloud voice that I was a cocksucker and wanted to suck cock.. I hung my headback and took the first of many cocks in my mouth. I have no idea how many Isucked but they all came in me. There was one guy who had hold of my ears andused my throat like a pussy fucking it as if it there was no tomorrow. Am notsure if it was the guy from the slurp area but it sort of turned me on and Igrabbed his ass cheeks pulling him deep in me and let him have his way. Iswallowed him and said thanks as he walked away on shaky legs. My owner and the guy with the log for a cock were close byand I gave them a bit of a suckle for a while, my owner was spent and the otherwas too large for my mouth to go deep but I offered him my ass again and hesank himself all the way down for all to see. We fucked for what seemed likeforever but was closer to twenty minutes and I did get one more cock to suckbefore reluctantly had to leave. I did get the name of that wonderful cockowner and we are planning our next visit. All in all a get time was had and I got to not only swallowat least 15 loads but also got the most fantastic fucking in years with apromise for a repeat, albeit in private this time. If you ever go to abathhouse in Toronto and see a guy in tall socks sucking cock, step up and letme swallow you as well. I am a cocksuckerand am shameless about it!

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