KeysWhy wait? The washing machine was filling with water and there was a little more room remaining, so I stripped off my clothes and tossed them into the sudsy water. I stood there mesmerized by the cascading waterfall filling the tub. My trance was broken by the sound of the front door opening. My body shuddered uncontrollable as a shiver coursed through me from my core to the tips of my fingers and toes. Goosebumps rose on my skin; my nipples instantly became erect and I fell that familiar tingle in my pussy. I glanced around the laundry room but every article of clothing was now in the washer. There is no mystery in marriage; my hubby has seen it all before. But it is always fun to slowly reveal the goods; not so, this time, everything was on display.I padded down the hall naked toward the foyer to greet my hubby. He rarely cums home for a ‘nooner without calling first. I presumed he wanted to surprise me.I heard the door close and the deadbolt click locked just as I turned the corner. With my arms spread wide to embrace him, I was greeted by the locksmith. My eyes popped open as big as saucers. My heart leapt into my throat and raced from the shock. Instinctively, I clasped my hands around my breasts in a futile attempt to cover my nakedness, but my pussy remained exposed. I got my surprise allright.The locksmith’s eyes roamed my body, paying particular attention to my nipples and neatly trimmed pubic hair, before I jumped back into the dining room adjacent to the foyer and peeked around the corner to engage him in conversation.I had forgotten our appointment. I had planned to be out and about running errands, so I instructed him to complete the work and leave the new keys hidden in the backyard. He was very self-assured and composed like he encountered naked women all the time during the course of his day. He informed me that the new locks had been installed and then he approached me with his extended hand, my new keys dangling from his middle finger. He politely asked me if I needed or wanted anything else. Otherwise he would be on his way. illegal bahis Didn’t he see that I was completely naked!!!My initial impulse was to shriek and tell him to stop in his tracks but I didn’t. Instead I began to slowly retreat down the hall backwards leaving my place of cover at the entrance to the dining room. He followed me, turning the corner I just vacated. I repositioned my hands to cover my pussy with one hand and my boobs with the other. My fingers cupped my pussy lips and I could feel my wetness glazing my pussy lips. My nipples were as hard as diamonds and determinedly tried peek out from behind my clenched fingers and forearm.He stood only a few feet away now, with nothing between us, his hand outstretched. He was fully clothed and I was naked. He rattled the keys like a little bell in front of my face. If I reached up for them I would expose myself further. Unwittingly I continued my slow retreat until I bumped into a side table.Shocked, I yelped as though I was grabbed by an unknown intruder. My hands snapped up to a defensive stance revealing my intimate parts to the locksmith. It was obvious that I was very agitated and he immediately backed away. He offered to leave the keys on the dining room table as he departed.His eyes inspected my every crevice and curve as he withdrew.I suddenly felt foolish. I must have shocked him as much as he shocked me when I sprang around the corner with open arms. He reacted the way any man would: He gawked.He was guilty of nothing more than doing his job and ogling my nakedness, which I presented to him with my grand entrance.I implored him to stop. I dropped my hands to my sides, releasing the tension in my arms and shoulders. My body language softened and became inviting. My erect nipples were now free to express themselves and I felt the viscous slickness between my pussy lips squishing as I walked toward him. He enjoyed my change in demeanor.He smiled and apologized for startling me. He again asked me I needed or wanted anything else. I took the key from his finger and placed it on the illegal bahis siteleri table. Then I guided his hand down to my soaked pussy. He slipped into me easily and began sawing his finger rhythmically in and out of my pussy, massing my clit with his thumb.Pleasure washed over me. His other hand found my nipple and twisted and pinched it, tugging at the distended sensitive nub.I unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to the floor releasing his hard cock, already oozing pre-cum. I stroked its shaft while caressing its swollen purple helmet as he slipped another finger into me.I gasped and sank down on his probing fingers. My arousal was peaking; I needed him in me now. I wanted to be fucked hard.I pulled his fingers from my pussy and spun around bending over dining room table behind me. My invitation needed no further explanation. He positioned his cock head at my glistening opening and in one deep stroke filled me to the hilt. His balls slapped against my pussy as he came to rest inside me. He pressed my torso down from the center of my back with one hand, mashing my breasts into the polished mahogany dining table and pulled my ponytail back with the other. He was intent on riding me. And he wanted me securely positioned for the pistoning to cum.The table creaked with each plunging stroke and as his pace quickened the table moaned as much as I did. My arms splayed across the table top grabbing for the edges. I was ready to cum but he had other thoughts.He pulled out of me abruptly. I was confused and disappointed. Then I felt his cock slap between the top my ass cheeks. Slick with a combination of our juices, it slid easily up and down the length of my ass crack. As the bottom, he would plunge deeply into my pussy dredging it for more self-lube and then smearing across my asshole.He wanted to fuck my ass. Without a word spoken between us. He positioned his cock head covered in slipperiness at my anus; I tried to relax as I felt the pressure increasing at my anal opening. Slowly my asshole began to swallow his swollen prong. Then he canlı bahis siteleri stopped. As I became accustomed to his size, he began pressing into me again. He massaged my clit from behind as he jammed his cock into me. I felt a wave of pleasure beginning to roll. Finally my asshole surrendered to his constant pressure and his cock filled my ass. He started slowly but soon regained the same rhythm as when he was fucking my pussy. He was ready to erupt like a volcano. I needed to catch up. Trying to relax my asshole distracted me and I didn’t want to miss my orgasm but he was attentive to my needs as his fingers danced across my clit as he continued to plumb the depths of my ass. My wave of pleasure was rising. I tried to reach back to caress him but he pinned my crossed arms behind my back with one hand and increased the vigor of his thrusts to express his dominance.Heat radiated from me as my blood surged to my pussy. I was ready. I had ridden this wave all the way in and it was about to crash over me with a crescendo of pleasure and release in orgasm. I bucked back into his cock as he drilled me, lifting my pelvis off the table, challenging his dominion over me, resisting his control and authority. His response was swift and stern. He immediately stopped stimulating my pussy and clutched my ponytail assertively, pulling its reigns taught against my unruliness; his other hand clamped down on my pinned arms. Then he proceeded to teach me a lesson.He fucked my ass vigorously, thrusting deeply into me. He dominated me completely and I submitted to his will. His every whim was my pleasure.Capitulation was my aphrodisiac. My resistance, subsequent punishment and surrender triggered my orgasm and I shuddered and convulsed repeatedly. I was delirious with pleasure and basked in the endorphin rush. I felt fuzzy and warm.I know he orgasmed too because I felt his collapsed body recovering as he blanketed my back, his chest heaved with the deep breaths of satisfaction; his softening peg sliiped out of my ass with an audible pop. My asshole was numb; I just laid there under him hoping my gaping opening would close.Another happy customer, he thanked me for my business. He zipped up his jeans and turned to leave when I called him back.“Don’t forget your key”, I said as I tossed him a key to my house.

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