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The sun is shining as we leave the plane. This is the first time in years that I am in the USA. 2 weeks time to explore Disneyland. The drive to our Hotel takes a while and I can’t wait for a shower. We check in and enter our room. After unpacking I head for the shower and enjoy the cold water on my heated up body. I wrap a towel around my body and drop onto the bed. The towel loosens and the cool air in the room strokes my body. It is early noon and I decide that we should go into town. I can hear the shower in the bathroom. I leave the bed and start dressing. I put on a silky lacy pair of panties with a matching bra. Then a very light short dress. It snuggles up to my hips and flows around my thighs. I take out a shirt and a pair of light trousers and put them on the bed. Then I slip on a pair of shoes and shout out that I am in the lobby waiting. I grab my sunglasses and leave the room.

The lobby is filled with people and kids. I grab a few leaflets and settle down in a chair. After 5 mins a shadow drops over me and I look up to see my husband in front of me. I smile at him and get up. He takes my hand and we leave the hotel. First we search for a place to grab something to eat and after that we wander through the streets looking at shops. The sun starts setting, leaving the sky in a beautiful orange. He puts his arm around me as we start making our way back to the hotel.

I didn’t realize that we had walked so far. It starts getting darker as the day made way to the night. Slowly I started recognizing the streets again and I knew we had only about 10 mins till we were back at our hotel. We walked past a little alley, as someone grabbed my arm and I felt something hard in my back.

“Don’t you dare make a sound!” a deep voice growls at me, “I want all your valuables.” I nod and translate for my husband. I feel the hardness being pressed harder in my back

“What are you doing?” my attacker growls.

“I have to translate, my husband doesn’t speak English,” I reply. I hand him my handbag and my husbands wallet, hoping he wont ask for the wedding rings. Either he didn’t notice or he isn’t interested in them. He grabs my arm and I feel it hurt under the hard grip.

“Tell your fella that I am taking you for a walk with me. I will let you go once I am safe.” I translate and see the fear in my husband’s eyes. I smile at him and tell him to stay here. I have to walk backwards, as the criminal pulls me behind him. We turn around a corner and he looses the grip on me a little.

“Did you get anything?” I hear another voice asking. The criminal replies and tells his buddy that he got some stuff. His buddy asks what I am doing here and gets told that I was taken as a little safety, but that I will go now. I hear the second fella laugh and then he tells his friend that they should keep me a while. Kidnapping gets more money than some stupid wallet. Now I start getting panicky. Obviously they both agree, because I get gripped tighter and then pulled towards a car.

One opens the door and the second one pushes me in and enters next to me, a gun pointed at me. His buddy gets in front and starts driving. They avoid the main streets and only use little dark alleys and streets and after what seems like hours we stop in front of a broken down house. I notice that there isn’t another house insight, only trees. My kidnapper takes my arm again and pulls me out of the car. I stumble after him into the house. We walk through the hall, through the kitchen and there he opens a door that leads to a staircase. He pushes me up it and I end up in a little room over the kitchen.

There is only a small window, but that is barred from the outside. In the room are a chair and an old bed. I get shoved on that and then cuffed to one of the bedposts. Then I am left alone. Now for the first time I let my tears flow. I am lost now. My husband’s English is down to about 50 words. Will he be able to get help for me? Will they be able to find me here? What will these 2 do to me? I fight against the sleep as I am afraid, but eventually I can’t resist anymore.

The sun is up as I wake up, but most of the room is still dark, as the window is too small to let alot of light in. I need to pee and I am thirsty. I sit up and pull my legs under me. I can hear steps coming closer and then the door opens. One of my kidnappers comes in.

“Ok, Sweetie,” he says “Time for you to tell me where I can get some money for your sweet ass.” He unlocks my cuffs and takes me downstairs.

“I need to pee!” I tell him. He grunts at me and shoves me into a dirty little bathroom with nailed up windows. I hurry, because I don’t know when he will come in and I don’t want him to catch me with my panties down. I take a sip of water and then go back out to my waiting kidnapper.

He leads me to another room where his friend is. The whole place is dirty and full of bugs. There are two beds in the room and a couch. Newspapers and cans are all illegal bahis over the floor. I get asked for my name and the name of the hotel I was staying at. I tell him and his friend notes it down and then leaves. I hear the car starting and then the sound of it driving away. I get locked back onto the bed and am left alone.

Ages later I hear the car return. Shortly after one of the men comes up and brings me some food. I try eating it and then see the room darkening again as the sunsets. Another night here for me. The next morning the game of peeing returns and I am back alone in my room again. I can’t tell what time it is and only know if it is day or night due to the little light falling into my room. The food I get is mostly fast food and only once a day.

Another 3 days pass and I am still here. I can hear my kidnappers fighting downstairs. One wants to let me go, and the other wants to keep me. Suddenly a shot falls and then silence. I press up against the bedpost and pray that the one wanting to keep me is the one that was shot. Step coming closer. The door opens. I breathe heavily and stare at one of the men. He grins at me and I know that he is the wrong one.

“Well, well, Honey! Now your sweet ass is mine!” he snarls at me. I shake my head. He comes closer pointing the gun at me. He forces me to take off my panties and pull the skirt up. He licks his lips as my pussy comes into sight. He unbuckles his belt and undoes the zipper. My mind is racing for an escape, but I know that there is none. He kneels on the bed in front of me and takes out his hardon.

“Spread your legs Bitch and get a filling by my Cock,” he growls, “and don’t try no shit coz I will shoot you and fuck you then!” I spread my legs slowly. Too slow for him, because he pushes a knee between my legs and forces them apart. His hand reaches out and he rams a finger into me. I scream out and he slaps me. Blood starts running from my split lip. I shiver. His finger leaves me and he sucks it into his mouth, tasting me.

“Tastes good Bitch!” In the corner of my eye I notice a shadow on the stairway. I try not to look that way, hoping for help from whoever it is. My kidnapper moves closer to me. The shadow turns into a man, dressed totally in black with a mask and a pulled gun. He is tall and muscular. His movements are quiet, as he slides along the wall to a spot behind the kidnapper.

“Drop the gun and take your hands up or loose your life!!!” the deep voice of my rescuer growls. I can see the eyes of my kidnapper widen, as he realizes that he has been caught. He jumps up to one side and points the gun at the other man, but he is quicker and shoots. The next seconds go by me in slow motion. I can see the bullet flying through the air and then hitting the criminal in the chest. Blood escapes and he falls to the floor.

I close my eyes and curl to a ball. I don’t want to see this. I can hear the body being dragged across the floor and then falling down the stairs. Then the steps come closer again and I feel a warm hand on my face.

“Don’t be afraid. I am here to take care of you now.” I hear the deep voice again. I look up at my masked hero. Only now do I realize that he is alone. He can’t be a cop, as he hasn’t got any colleges with him. Is he someone that was hired to save me? His touch is soft on my cheek. He sits down beside me and takes a closer look at my cuffs, to see if he can open them in any way. I must know who he is and start pulling at his mask. He stops me. His hand covers my eyes and I close them. I hear him taking the mask off, but I don’t open my eyes again. I can feel his breath close to me, and then his lips on mine. His kiss is gently, soft and full of love.

Instantly I know that my masked hero is you. Everything that has happened to me the last few days and the near rape are blown away. All I feel now is your kiss and the love between us. Your tongue enters my mouth and I moan out. Your hand goes onto my back and pulls me close. I let my uncuffed hand go behind your neck. Our kiss gets hungrier.

You know that this position is hard on my cuffed arm, so you push me back onto the bed. I am not willing to let your lips go, so you follow me. You lie down next to me and I press up to you. My body is shaking, but not because I am scared. Your fingers fumble with the zipper on my dress, but then you seem to realize that you can’t pull it down due to my cuffs. You leave my lips and I protest with a light moan. You move back a bit and pull a knife. In one swift move you cut the little straps of my dress. Carelessly you throw the knife behind you and pull the dress down a little. Hungrily you move down and enclose a hard nipple between your lips. I moan out and arch up to you. You start sucking and biting on my nipples and I feel your hand going up my inner thigh.

“Undress for me please,” I whisper. Reluctantly you leave me and get up. You pull the black sweater off. “Slowly,” I tell you. You drop the illegal bahis siteleri sweater and slowly unbuckle your belt, then undo the zipper, then slowly push your trousers over your hips. They fall to the floor and you step out of them. You are left in only your boxers and I can see the bulge. You start teasing, you turn around and pull the boxers down. I can’t wait for you to turn around. You move very slowly and finally turn to face me.

I can’t help but admire your hard cock. I motion you to return to me and you obey with pleasure. You walk around the bed to the other side and settle down there, because you know that it is easier for me to have you at that side. I let my fingers slide over your chest and your hard tummy. You moan out. My hand leaves its downward path and runs up your side.

“Your turn,” you growl at me, and pull at the bottom of my dress. I lift my butt, so it can slide away from under me. You throw it across the room and look at my naked body. You reach out and let your fingers touch my skin. I shiver and moan lightly. Your fingers start running along my neck, my shoulders, my sides, avoiding my breasts and then over my tummy. I want you so much right now. You hands go up and cup my breasts, one in each hand. You take my nipples into your fingers and roll them. My eyes half close and shudders go down my body. Then one hand leaves my breast and goes down to the spot between my legs. You rub your hand up and down the wetness. I shudder again and close my eyes. I can feel you move and look at you again. You have moved to the center of the bed, sitting between my legs.

I look at your cock. Its thick and hard, like a rigid pole with veined ribs. It stands up straight against your tummy. I ask you to come closer so I can touch you. You obey willingly. You move closer in-between my legs. Your cock is almost touching my stomach. I reach out and put my small fingers around your cock, not being able to encircle it completely. Your whole body tenses and you growl from the depth of your throat.

You brush your hand over my kitty, then cup your hand over it and slide a finger in-between my lips. Your other hand goes back up to cup my breast and you run your thumb over the hard nipple. I gasp as you find my burning spot. My eyes are half closed again and my legs are trembling. I start stroking your cock, my hand moving up and down your shaft. Gently I move it over the soft skin on the hardness. It feels silky and soft, but hard and powerful at the same time. I can feel the veins burning into my fingers.

I want to explore the cock that feels so perfect under my fingers. I want to see if it really is as perfect as it seems. I look into your eyes and see all the mixed emotions in there. I whisper to you that I want to taste you. You move up and kneel down by my side. I move my hand down and cup your balls. You moan out loud as I squeeze them harder. I let my tongue dart out to lick up your cock. You nearly stop breathing. With only one hand I cant do what I want to you and you notice that. To help me you push your cock down horizontally, so that it points directly at my mouth. You smile at me.

I move my mouth closer to my lightly parted lips. My tongue licks across the head and then I let it slide into my mouth. You rock your hips back and forth and cock slides deeper into my mouth. My hand goes up to the base of your cock and I suck you in till my lips touch my hand. Your cock is now deeply embedded in my throat. Sweat is running over your body and your growls are deep and longing. I start moving up and down on your cock, letting it slide in and out of my mouth whilst sucking on it. My tongue explores it in my mouth, searching for imperfectness. I feel the veins and little bumps and little valleys, but nothing that isn’t perfect to me.

“Ohhhhh God, love, if you don’t stop I will come too soon. Don’t do this to me please. I want the first orgasm to be together!” you moan out. I let you slide out my mouth ever so slowly and give you free. You are shaking on your whole body, as you stroke across my face. I kiss your palm. You move back down the bet to my feet. I pull my knees up and you push them apart gently. Then you move forward and lean over me. You take your cock into your hand and nuzzle it into my softness, seeking my entrance.

You feel the extreme wetness as you find the right spot and slowly push forward. Both of us moan as you enter me. You slide in very slowly and as you shaft me, my hips rise off the bed to meet you. I can feel you come to the point where my husband’s cock normally stops and you get slower and gentler as you expand the virgin part of me. My cuffed hand grabs onto the bedpost and the other grabs into the sheet on the old bed. Little sweat pearls form and run over my body, and I let a deep low sound escape me. You stop and look at me.

“I will not go further,” you say “ I don’t want to hurt you in anyway.” My heart bounces in love for you at this moment. canlı bahis siteleri I know you have to gather all your control to stop there and not ram your hard shaft deep into me, and I love you even more than I ever thought possible. I know that you want to feel my hot body surround all of you and I want to feel all of you deep in me, but you are too much gentleman to go on, so I take the decision into my hands. I wrap my legs around your hips and lock them behind your ass.

With one swift move I pull you into me and your cock gets rammed deep into my insides. I scream in pain and you groan out. I feel a blackness overcome me and fight against it. I know if I was to loose it now, that you would go crazy in your worry. You swear as you see the pain and tears in my face.

“What the hell did you do that for?” you ask worriedly. My legs stay locked behind your ass, so you cant move away from me. My hand goes into your neck and pulls you down to meet my lips. I feel them quiver on my lips. You try to pull out of me again, but you can only move a little. I feel my body adjusting to your size and depth. As you try pulling out and get pushed back in by me I feel an amazing sensation go through my body. I moan with pleasure into your mouth and buck my hips up. Without a word you know that the pain has gone and that I am ready to take you. I unlock my legs and put them back onto the bed.

Your hips start to rise and fall, your cock sliding quickly in and out of me, pulling my lips back and forth. You growl as you feel me on you, enjoying my body. The pain is totally gone now and is replaced by pure pleasure. My legs are close to your sides and my free hand rests on your hip. My body is rocking back and forth with your thrusts. I bring my head up to look down over my stomach, to see your big cock hit into me again and again. My breasts are shaking with the impact of your thrusts. My breath is coming in little pants and I am purring and moaning in my throat.

Drops of your sweat fall down onto my body and mix with my own sweat. You are giving deep moans from you. Your thrusts get faster and harder and I buck my hips up again and again to meet them. You start growling and I can feel your cock expanding. My own orgasm is coming and my moans turn into screams of joy. Your hot cum shoots deep into my body and I explode in a rhapsody of fireworks. I feel your ass tensed up under my hand as you keep shooting thick hot spurts of your cum into my body, whilst my pussy milks you. I am shaking and shivering with my own orgasm. You thrust into me again and again, still cumming. You pull out so far that you slip out of me and your last two spurts shoot onto my tummy and breasts.

Your cock rests on my wet mound and I can feel my own juices running out of me. I run my fingers over your cum and spread it over my body. Then I move my hand to my mouth and lick your cum of my fingers. You moan out at this sight. I pull my knees up further and push you slightly away with my feet. I move up on the bed and pull my cuffed hand along the top post. The cuffs slide over to the other side and I turn around. I am on my hands and knees in front of you now. My legs are slightly spread and you can see your cum mixed with mine running along my legs. Your cock had started going slightly limp, but at this sight turned rock hard again instantly.

You position yourself behind me and wipe your cock, slippery with my juices, up and down my backside. As you are doing this, you spread my legs further apart. My buttocks open and you can see my wet puffy pink lips, aroused and ready for more. You bend your shaft down and probe at me, pushing my lips open and seeking my clit with your fingers. Your hand goes back to your cock. You position it in the right place and take hold of my hips. You ease yourself forward and your cock presses into me. I close my eyes and wait for you to fill me again. There is a moment’s resistance and then your cock pops in and your whole shaft slides into me. You groan as you slide deep into my heat and I gasp and grip the post till my knuckles turn white.

You take your first full-length thrust. Your shiny wet shaft slides in and out of me, pulling my lips back and forth. Your hand starts running over my backside, whilst your cock slams into me. I start moaning again. You know that I am loving this. Then you change your tactics and start pounding into me rapidly and as hard as you can. You smack my backside, once on each side. My body is bouncing back and forth and I am crying my pleasure out. You feel your balls tighten and you slow down, as you don’t want to cum yet. I know that I am not far away from my orgasm and beg you not to slow down. You increase your pace again, thumping into my backside, making my body shake with the impacts. Your stomach is slapping against me and I can feel your balls hit against my backside with every slam. Your hard shiny shaft, wet with my juices, whips in and out of me. I start screaming as I feel the waves of my orgasm rolling over me. You slam into me another time and then growl like a wolf as your cock goes rock hard and starts shooting your hot sperm deeply into me. You continue to fuck me and your cum starts dripping out of me.

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