Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 7

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Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 7Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 7 – Four Play”I see that my girls had their fun,” Drakken said, standing on the door.He was naked and fully erect. Ron was beside him, his hands tied behind his back, naked with his dick semi-hard, looking at Kim’s and Shego’s naked bodies.He had seen them both naked earlier that day, but it was the first time he was seeing Kim naked in the flesh.Kim was highly aroused.Despite the fact that she was naked in front of Drakken and Ron, she felt good. She saw Drakken’s erect penis and wanted it bad. Then she looked at Ron. He was standing with his mouth open, looking at the girls.”He’ll get lucky tonight,” thought Kim.Then Drakken moved aside and Kim saw Ron’s rising dick. Kim looked in amazement. That thing was huge. She wanted it badly.Drakken came near Kim’s face. Shego got off of Kim and guided Ron to a chair and sat him down. She removed the strap-on panties and went back to the table near the action.”Kim Possible, finally naked on my table,” Drakken said as he marvelled at her young body. “I’m really going to enjoy this”.To Drakken’s surprise, Kim grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. Having a real dick was a really good feeling.”Oooohhhhh!” Drakken moaned as she got to work on him.Kim was doing her best. She licked with the tip of her tongue the head of Drakken’s cock. Then she used her tongue to lick every inch of his cock, until she reached his balls. She licked them, while playing his cock with her hand. Then she took one of them in her mouth. Then the other one.Drakken was in heaven. An expression of pleasure was all over his face. Kim began moving up again. When she reached the top, with one motion she engulfed the whole thing.She was deep throating him. She could feel the head going down in her mouth. She let him go a bit out and continued her job. She felt that he was close to coming. Drakken grabbed Kim’s head and began fucking her mouth.”I’m gonna cum in your hot mouth Kim Possible! Take it all!” Drakken said, and with a big “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!” he emptied his load into Kim’s mouth.It was a huge load, but Kim managed to swallow it all, never missing a drop. The taste was a little salty maybe. She let Drakken’s cock out of her mouth and licked her lips. But Drakken was still hard.Kim was still lying on her back, her legs spread apart, when Drakken climbed on the table and positioned himself between Kim’s legs.”And now, let’s fuck,” Drakken said.”Not so fast, tiger!” Kim said. “First you’ll tell me the plan, then we’ll fuck!””Okay, okay. I’ll tell, but then we’ll fuck,” Drakken replied.Kim nodded yes.”I was planning to steal the pheromones, modified it and mixed them with some perfumes and sell it. People who would use the perfume, would love me and embrace me as their leader and I would have succeed in world domination. But she blew it all off!” he said pointing at Shego.”What did she do?” Kim asked.”She broke the bottle when we came back at the lair. That’s why everyone is horny all the time around here,” Drakken replied.”But we’re having so much fun!” Shego said, with a wide grin.”Well I told you the plan. Now we fuck.” Drakken said to Kim.”No we don’t. You didn’t tell the part of Junior in all of these” Kim replied.”He had his own plan. Ask him when he comes in.” and with that, he drove his cock deep inside of Kim’s pussy.Kim gasped from the entry, but when Drakken started fucking, she let herself go with the pleasure.Shego decided to join the action. She climbed on the table and positioned herself on Kim’s face. Kim got the queue. She began licking and fingering Shego’s pussy. It was her first time, but she tried her best.And her best was good enough for Shego.Soon, all the team was moving in unison. Only Ron was left out. He was türbanlı antakya escort hard, horny and he could even touch his throbbing dick.Kim, on the other hand, was having a great time. Drakken knew the basics and his size was good. Shego had a very sweet pussy and now she was pinching Kim’s nipples. She kept fingering Shego’s pussy and licking her clit. Shego bent over and begun licking Kim’s clit while Drakken was fucking her. Those send Kim over the edge.Orgasm hit her hard and came all over Drakken’s dick.Shego kept licking and Drakken kept fucking, so Kim kept licking and fingering Shego. She had an idea. She put her other hand in Shego’s pussy and removed the fingers she had inside. The fingers she already used were well lubricated. She put a finger on Shego’s rear entrance and pushed. Shego let out a loud moan.Kim started fingering both of Shego’s holes and licking her clit, sending her over the edge. Shego’s body twitched, her breath became faster and soon was squirting all over Kim’s face.After Shego came, Kim continued licking her pussy. But Shego wanted some real action. She got off Kim’s face and headed to Ron.Drakken, with Shego out of the picture, positioned Kim on all fours and started fucking her doggy style. He was going balls deep. Kim showed her approval by moaning loudly. He knew that he could last a long time, after he had cum already three times that night.Shego kneeled in front of Ron. She started massaging Ron’s huge dick. He couldn’t touch himself all this time and he was in pain. Then, Shego touched him. Pre-cum started oozing from the cockhead. Shego tasted it with the tip of her tongue.”Mmmmmm! Tasty! Now, let’s see how much cock I can get in my mouth!” Shego said, smiling up at him.With one swift move, engulfed Ron’s dick. She hadn’t taken even the half of it. She retrieved back and started licking the whole shaft.”Oh, yeah!” Ron said. “You can do it baby!”Shego continued her way down, licking the shaft, until she made her way to his balls. She played with them and went back up. She begun, once again, to take as much cock in her mouth as she could. She managed to take 5 inches. She tried again, deep throating him, and she took 8 inches of Ron’s cock in her mouth. She couldn’t take anymore. She started pumping her head up and down, her hand playing with Ron’s balls. She wanted to put as much lubrication as she could for the next phase.Ron was enjoying it. She was good. Sure, he had better blowjobs, but Shego was doing a nice job. And the extra sensation in his balls!Shego was gagging from the size of his dick, so she decided to move to the next phase. She removed the dick of her mouth and untied Ron’s hands.”Now I want take the whole thing in my pussy!” Shego said. “Stay on that chair. I’ll sit on you.”Ron was about to live one of his biggest fantasies. From the first time he saw Shego he wanted to fuck her. She was hot and she knew it.Shego positioned herself above Ron’s dick. Although she was a bit taller than Ron, she was standing and he was sitting, his erect cock was rubbing the entrance of her pussy. She grabbed the cock and started lowering herself on it. She stopped when she had 7 inches inside her to adjust to the size. When she was ready, she went all the way down, taking the whole thing. When she felt Ron’s balls touching her pussy lips, a small orgasm hit her body.Meanwhile, on the table, Drakken was enjoying his revenge. Kim Possible had fucked every single plan he made for World Domination. And now he was fucking her. And she loved every bit of it. He knew that this mass orgy was because of the broken pheromones bottle.But still, it was fun!He had finally got in Shego’s pants (although he always suspected she had a taste for girls) and was getting türbanlı antakya escort bayan his revenge from Kim.Her pussy was tight and if hadn’t already cum, twice with Shego and once by the blowjob Kim gave him, he would have cum instantly.Kim’s thoughts were similar to Drakken’s. She knew that if weren’t the pheromones, she’d never fuck Drakken, no matter how horny she was. She maybe had fucked Shego, if she could. She now knew that the absence of a boyfriend was making her very horny. But the pheromones had also revealed her Ron’s BIG secret.When they’d be out of that mess, she would fuck his brains out. With that thought in mind, Kim came hard once again. The convulsions of her pussy lead Drakken to his own orgasm. He held Kim’s thighs and then unleashed four shots of sperm inside her. After their orgasms subsided, they turned their attention to the show Shego and Ron were giving.Shego thought that a loser like Ron, despite his “enlarged status” would be inexperienced. But after a few strokes Ron took control of the situation. He leaned forward and started kissing Shego’s neck, while his hands were exploring her body. He fastened his pace a bit and started caressing her nipples with his mouth.His right hand had found its way to Shego’s clit. The left hand was caressing Shego’s ass, a very sensitive area for her. A finger inserted her anus, then a second. Shego lost it. Orgasm after orgasm was hitting her body. Her surprise of the things Ron knew was mixed with pleasure and lust.”I definitely have to change my opinion about Ron Stoppable,” Shego thought. Her moans of pleasure were filling the room.Then Ron surprised her once again. He took her in his arms and got up, his cock still deep in her. He turned around and let her legs touch the ground while her hands heaved the wall. Shego gasped by the turn. She was turning around an eleven-inch shaft. Ron wasn’t all the way in when he turned her around, but with one fast stroke, he went to the hilt.Now, he was fucking her balls deep. Every time his balls hit her lips, a little orgasm ran through Shego’s body. Ron started kissing Shego’s neck, driving her wild. His hand was pinching her nipples, while his left was massaging Shego’s clit. Again, orgasm after orgasm hit her body.”That’s it! Fuck me hard! Fuck my slutty pussy with that big pole of yours! Give it to me!” Shego screamed.Hearing that, Ron went furious. He started pumping Shego’s pussy so fast and hard, like a cylinder in a V8 engine going 200mph. After a while, he grabbed her thighs and with seven final strokes unleashed seven shots of thick white cream in Shego’s wet and wanting pussy.He continued fucking her for a while, then removed his limp dick from her pussy and whispered in her ear “I hope you enjoyed that!”Shego stood against the wall; legs spread wide, sperm running down from her pussy, not being able to say anything.Her only thought was “Oh God!” and a feeling of emptiness, after Ron withdrew.All this time Kim was jealous. She wanted to be in Shego’s place. She wanted to feel Ron inside her, feel him unloading his sperm deep into her. Then she had an idea.Drakken was once again hard after the show. He now had his chance to do something Shego declined him twice already that night.Shego hadn’t moved an inch from her position. She still tried to recover from the excellent fuck Ron gave her. She felt Drakken entering her and prepared for another round of casual fucking (compared to Ron). Drakken fucked her pussy for a while to lubricate it with Ron’s sperm and Shego’s juices. When he felt he was ready, he removed his dick from her pussy and slowly entered her sweet ass.Shego was about to get ass fucked by her boss and was ready to protest when she felt something coming up türbanlı escort antakya her leg. She looked down and saw Kim licking Ron’s sperm from her leg and heading to her pussy.The first taste of Ron’s sperm was like nectar to Kim. She definitely had to taste the product directly from the source, but now she wanted to taste the mixed version. She licked her way up Shego’s pussy and when she reached the target, she started sucking all of Ron’s sperm out of Shego’s pussy. Drakken was now all the way in to Shego’s ass. He realized the she wasn’t as tight as he had hoped her to be.”She must have done it a lot,” Drakken thought. But, what the fuck? This was a great day. He had fucked Shego and Kim Possible and now he was doing the only thing he wanted to do, since he hired Shego as his sidekick. Fucking that perfect ass of hers.Shego was having a good time, with Drakken fucking her ass and Kim sucking her pussy. This wasn’t her first time to be fucked from her rear entrance. She had used her ass as a weapon to get information and money. Everybody wanted to fuck her perfect ass. A few had made it. Some of them had given her pleasure. Her ass was a sensitive area for her. The simplest touch could end to a massive orgasm. But not everybody had that touch. But this time, the combined stimulation of Drakken’s dick in her ass and Kim’s tongue in her pussy was doing the trick. Her body twitched and she came hard. Screaming Kim’s name as she did.Drakken wanted to try a lot of things on Shego. He saw that Ron had gone back to full attention, so he had an idea.”Hey, Stoppable. Get your dick over here!” Drakken said.Ron went close and then Drakken grabbed Shego by her knees and lifted her up, exposing the entrance of Shego’s pussy in the air. Ron got the hint. He positioned his dick on Shego’s entrance and rested her legs on his shoulders. He looked deep into her eyes and saw three things all at once. Fear, lust and anticipation. He leaned forward and kissed her. His tongue entered her mouth.Unwillingly at first, she opened her mouth. But she then submitted to lust and fully embraced Ron’s tongue. The resistance was down. Ron, still kissing her, entered with one fast stroke all the way in.Her eyes widened from the sudden invasion, but Ron’s mouth never left hers and she couldn’t scream. Ron got in the rhythm with Drakken. When one was going in, the other was going out.When Drakken called over Ron, Shego thought that she was going to blow him. But when Drakken lifted her up, she panicked. She had a lot of guys in her life. But never had a “sandwich”. She didn’t even have two guys at the same time. And now she was going to have one in each hole. And one of them was huge. She was curious to find out how would it feel been filled up. The reassuring smile on Ron’s face and his passionate deep kiss broke her resistances. His sudden thrust send a sharp pain through her spine, due to the fact she wasn’t prepared for him. But when she got used to it, she enjoyed every moment of the double penetration.Kim was a bit left out and a lot of jealous. Not only Shego had taken Ron’s dick twice in her but Ron was also kissing her very passionate. “Enjoy it as it lasts. After tonight he’ll be mine, and mine only,” Kim thought.She decided to watch the show from below. She went under Shego and watched as Ron and Drakken were pumping both her holes. She decided to tease them. She started massaging Drakken’s balls and licking Ron’s. She wanted Ron so badly. She took one of his balls in her mouth and sucked. Then the other one.The teasing from Kim had its results on both men. Although Shego was coming again and again, they would have last a bit longer without Kim. First came Drakken. He came deep inside Shego’s ass and so hard he almost fell back. This move made Ron’s dick slip out of Shego’s pussy and landing on Kim’s face, and starting unloading its cargo. Kim caught with her tongue as much as she could reach and then started sucking Ron’s dick clean of Shego’s juices.Ron was in heaven. Not only his dream girl had tasted his sperm, but now was giving him head. His dick was rising again. Kim wanted that.”Nice show,” a voice said. “I want in!”

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