Kim’s Rough Life

Cum Shot

Kim’s Rough LifeKim is 32yrs married and two great k**s although her family is great it’s her sex life that takes control. She is sitting in her living room when her sister Amy comes in saying HELLO but Kim is lost in thought. Amy laughing says hey you dreaming about a lover? Kim’s eyes water and she grabs Amy. OMG Honey I was just k**ding what’s wrong? Kim dries her eyes and tells Amy to sit down. OK I’ll tell you it all but Please don’t stop me till I’m finish.About three months ago I was in the park watching the k**s running around and wishing mine were still young I needed to use the bathroom and went in the one in the park as I was coming out of the stall a woman pushed me back in. I fought to get out and yelled but she held me to tight then she grab my tits and it shocked me I froze and she kissed me on the lips. I swear to god sparks flew I had never been kissed like that so tender but so scorching hot too. I stop fighting and she put her tongue in my mouth I never liked that even me and Tom don’t do that kind of kissing but with her I loved it couldn’t get enough. Her hands were all over me first my tits then my ass between my legs and I spread my legs for her to do as she pleased. I returned her kisses and my tongue to all while moaning and trying to catch my breath. We stop kissing and she just looked at me. When I was little my mom eryaman escort use to tell me that she loved dad at first sight but I never had this happen Tom followed me for months before I let him date me, but now I knew I would never want to not be with this woman I just meet. After looking awhile she asked WHAT’S YOUR NAME. I’m Kim Simms. ARE YOU MARRIED. yes I am. HOW LONG AND DO YOU HAVE k**S? I’ve been married for 13yrs and my k**s are 11 and 9. DO YOU WORK? No I’m a house wife I help out at the school sometimes. She ask me if this was the first time I kissed a girl before and if I liked it? I knew I couldn’t lie and told her it was the first but hoped it wouldn’t be the last cause yes I really liked it. She asked where I lived and I told her then she said I’ll be there at 7pm be ready and was gone. I went right home I knew it was wrong but didn’t care I took a bath and tried on six different dress till I settled on my little black dress told Tom she was a old friend and we needed to talk he didn’t like it but I didn’t give a shit. At 7 the bell rang I opened the door and she was so pretty in a red dress so short and cut very low I could see most of her tits. I said Hi and she stepped in so I gave her a look of my home then we left she guided me to her car with a hand on my back open my door and when I sat down she reached emek escort in and did up my seatbelt looking me in the eye. We went to a fancy dinner and she sat next to me as we ate after while talking she put her hand on my thigh and it felt great. On the way back to the car her hand rested on the top of my ass at the car she opened the door but then turned me to her and kissed me one of her best kisses I melted in her arms I could care less who saw us it felt so good so right I trembled all over. We went to a bar it was crowed so we stood by the bar then one stool was open she had me sit spread my legs and she stood between them after a couple of drinks she leaned in and in my ear asked ARE YOU READY I didn’t know what she was talking about till her fingers rubbed my panty puss I almost jump off the stool she pushed my panties aside and put a finger in me and another rubbing my clit in seconds I orgasm so hard my head was spinning. She laughed then pulled her fingers out licked them clean and smiled at me leaned in and kissed me I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her for all to see. She took me home saying I think you’ve had enough of now. I’ll call you in the morning bye. The next morning and every one till today she calls me to talk about three times a week she comes during the day and fucks me silly her strap-on is ten elvankent escort inches long and as big around as my wrist and OMG does she know how to use it, I’ve done things with her I would never do with Tom. She takes me out about twice a month I wear short dress no bra or panties and twice now she has bent me naked cover her car and fucked me hard in the bar parking lot and once in the dressing room at the mall dress shop. Amy unable to hold back ant longer says OMG YOU GET FUCK TEN TIMES MORE THEN ME WHAT IS THE MATTER? OK OK see because when I’m with her I don’t care who sees me . Well yesterday at the store with my 9yrs daughter a very pretty very big breasted woman walks up to me HEY I KNOW YOU MAN WERE YOU MOANING LOUD WHEN THAT WOMAN WAS FUCKING YOUR ASS SATURDAY NIGHT turning red I said no you must be mistaken but she came back NO I REMEMBER THAT BRITH MARK ON YOUR ARM pointing at it. My daughter now knows about me and the look on her face was killing me then to make matter worst the woman grab my ass and when I turned she kissed me I didn’t pull away I kissed back and she put her hand in my top unable and unwilling to stop moaning and begging for more watching my daughter run to the car my world crashed around me. Pushing away I go to her and we sit in the car for two hours talking I tell her it all answer all her questions but then she ask DOES DAD KNOW? I say no she says what I already know HE SHOULD OR YOU SHOULD STOP IT ALL. That is why I’m worried I need to tell him cause I will not stop being with her or any woman I’ve come to the understanding I’m a PUSSY WHORE AND LOVE IT…

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