Kinkier and Kinkier with Sarah Pt. 01

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We were lying in bed chatting as the morning sun streamed into our room. We’d woken early (and woken horny) and made love slowly and gently, still half asleep if I’m honest. It was just over a month since Sarah had blindfolded me before unveiling her strapon and since then it had made a few more appearances in the bedroom.

Sarah had taken me missionary style – with me on my back – and from behind while i wore a collar and gag. It wasn’t as though she’d taken total control of our lovemaking, but some nights she just wanted to fuck me and see me submit, in the same ways she liked to be fucked and dominated herself. Did i mind? if you’d asked me a couple of months earlier I’d have probably said it wasn’t for me but, you know – each to their own. Now i wasn’t sure what to think but i loved it and was happy to do whatever Sarah suggested.

That morning she looked so sweet as she lay there, just one leg covered by the sheet and i absent-mindedly stroked her back, wondering if I should suggest seconds or have a shower before breakfast. before I had time to decide Sarah rolled over and stretched.

“Have you ever been filmed? Having sex I mean,” she asked with a grin.

“No. Well, at least I don’t think I have,” I winked.

“We should do it, you know. Then post it on online and see what people think. See if people think we’re good at fucking.”

I listened, not sure how serious she was or whether this was a trap to out me as a perv. (guilty as charged by the way)

“Haven’t you ever wanted to? Haven’t you ever looked at a porn video and thought, that could be me, or that you could do it better?”

“Er, no, but go on.”

I was intrigued as to where this was heading and also my cock was starting to twitch. Sarah had rolled on to her tummy with a hand under her and was slowly grinding her hips while she spoke.”

“It’s so easy to do these days apparently. Phones take such good quality video that we wouldn’t need much else, just me, you, some toys, your cock.. especially your cock.” she reached over and gently ran a finger nail along my now hard cock. “Let’s have a go. Nobody needs to know it’s us, and I’m getting wet just thinking about it. What do you think?”

Despite my stiff, straining member, the pragmatist in me spoke first, despite the obvious drain of blood from my head.

“But what about being recognised? What about our jobs?”

“i’ve been thinking about that too and Michelle has given me some tips. Anyway, it’s not as if neither of us has tattoos or other distinguishing marks. Who would recognise my fanny or your cock?”

Michelle was one of Sarah’s friends and notoriously filthy. Well, according to Sarah and her friends anyway. I’d walked in on one illegal bahis of their wine-fuelled discussions before and quickly exited, blushing, to a chorus of shrieking laughter. I’m no prude but a room full of Sarah’s friends after a few glasses of wine is no place for a lone man hoping to keep his dignity intact. Michelle was part ringleader, part encyclopaedia of smut and had tried most everything it seems. If any of that gang had posted videos online then it would almost certainly be her.

She was utterly gorgeous too. Shoulder length red hair, long legs and stupendously large tits which she would draw attention to before embarrassing you for looking at them. I couldn’t help looking though, nobody could, men and women alike.

Anyway, back to the question, what could I do? I was as horny as Sarah now and shrugged, “yeah, why not? If we film it and it looks stupid or we’re not happy with it then we jake don’t stick it on a porn site!”

“And try again until we get it right,” she smiled, biting her bottom lip, before climbing astride me and sinking down on me, slow and hard until we both gasped. She pinned my wrists above my head, and rode me, picking up speed. “I need to practice. Lay still, I won’t be long.” I laughed and lunged for a nipple, just missing as she rocking forward after each thrust. “I’m going to cum, but I’m not stopping ’til you do too. If we’re going to be movie stars we need to be able to fuck like rabbits! Come on, faster!”

I thrust back at her, banging up into her and lifting her off the bed and grunting with the effort. I wasn’t going to last long and within a couple of minutes I’d cum inside her for the second time that morning and she rolled off me and off the bed, across the room and into the bathroom. “Cup of tea, please!”

A week or so later i arrived back from work to find a parcel on the door step addressed to Sarah. I left it on the kitchen table and went upstairs to shower. it was Wednesday and Wednesday was our date night and we both always made an effort to get home early. Sarah was in the kitchen when i came back downstairs and we kissed briefly before she headed for the bathroom, the parcel under her arm. “Won’t be long. Have a think about what we’re doing tonight – I’m happy to go out or stay in and cook for you, it’s up to you.”

“Let’s stay in then. I’ll open the wine and find a movie for us. Car chases or zombies?”

“Neither, it’s date night, you knob!”

“What’s in the parcel? Something cool?”

“Nah, don’t think so.”

Later, after a reasonably okay chick flick, a tasty seafood risotto and a couple of glasses of wine, Sarah stood, took my hand and led me up the stairs. “Date night, darling, you know what’s required.” She wriggled illegal bahis siteleri her arse at me on the stairs and looked back over her shoulder at me. She still had her heels on – a date night tradition.

“God, you’re hot and those shoes give me the horn!”

“I know. In fact I know pretty much every way to make you horny. Tight jeans, heels, red lipstick. Stockings. You’re such a predictable man, but I love it. I love that you’re always ready to fuck me. Now, wait while I have a pee.”

I sat on the end of the bed and pulled off my socks. “Hey, what was in that parcel? New clothes? Shoes?”

“Sort of. In a way it was meant for both of us.” She came out of the bathroom, still wearing the heels! I love our date night traditions! “Want to see?” She knelt and took a box out from under the bed and pulled out what seemed to be a catsuit, black and shiny.

I shifted my jeans to make room for my cock which all of a sudden was springing to attention. “Try it on, I have to see you in it.” Fuck! Sarah knew I had a thing for catsuits. Whenever we watched porn together she knew that I loved the videos with women dressed up in tight fetish clothing like corsets and especially latex leggings and pants. I knew that Sarah had a thing for tight clothing too.

She kicked off her heels, pulled off her jeans and T-shirt, followed by her pants and bra and stepped into the new catsuit. It clung to every inch of her and I stared as she smoothed out any wrinkles and adjusted her tits. It was low cut to show her cleavage and a double zip ran from the plunging neck, down between her legs and stopped just above the crack of her arse – a good choice!

“Heels with it?”

I nodded and she dug out a pair of 5 inch stilettos. Very much “staying in” shoes rather than for going out. Her arse swayed as she crossed the room to the chest of drawers and she took out her collar, buckling it round her neck. She threw one of our ball gags onto the bed – “We might need this” – and posed in front of me, legs apart and one hand on her amazing arse, running her fingers across the shiny material.

With her other hand she lowered the zip, allowing an even better view of her tits.

“What do you think?”

My mouth was dry and I realised that I’d been stroking myself through my jeans. “Wow, you look amazing.”

“You can take those off. Want to see what else I got?”

I nodded, unzipping myself and quickly pulling off my jeans and pants. Sarah reached back into the box and tossed me another item in the same material. I caught it turned it over to work out out what it might be. “Fuck, that is so dirty!”

“Michelle’s idea. It’s a hood and perfect for making videos if you don’t want anyone to canlı bahis siteleri know who you are apparently. It works like a blindfold too. Shall we try it out?”

Sarah climbed onto the bed and pushed me onto my back, kneeling astride my legs, then unzipped the catsuit fully before shuffling forward. “I am so fucking wet. No messing about, I just need you in me.”

I didn’t mind the lack of foreplay, I was hard and my cock was literally throbbing as I held Sarah’s thighs as she sat straight down on my cock. “Fuck, yes! I mean absolutely fucking yes. I love your cock!”

She picked up the hood and, making sure she had it the right way round leant forward a little and pulled it over her head, pulling it into place and smoothing it down before zipping it up. She undid and rebuckled her collar tightly over the hood and ducked in for a long, wet kiss.

“I could have got one with eye holes but the thought of being blindfolded while you fuck me was just too much. I did get one with a hole for my mouth though because, well, you know. If I’m dressed up and tied up and you want me to suck your cock then we will totally need it. I also think it will be good for this..”

Sarah picked up the gag and popping the ball into her mouth, but down and buckled it tightly behind her head. The sight of the red rubber ball between her lips and contrasting with the shiny black hood was almost too much. I slowly started thrusting into her. She was indeed as wet as she’d said and I could feel her juices running down my cold and balls and down the crack of my arse.

I put my arm around Sarah’s waist and pulled her down hard on to me, my other arm around her shoulders. “Mmmmph” She grunted into the gag.

I took hold of the collar at the back of her neck and pulled her down against me and kissed the ball gag and her lips. She squealed and I picked up the pace. The sight and feel of the catsuit and the smell of the ball gag meant I wouldn’t last long. Sarah’s increased grunting and moaning as I thrust into her would ensure I would sooner rather than later. I loved her dressing up for sex, and I loved seeing her gagged too. I gripped the collar tighter and held to her waist: could I get any closer? Could I get my cock any deeper? Sarah shook as she came and my own orgasm came not long after. I stiffened and held her right as I pumped strings of cum deep into her cunt. She squealed again and buried her gagged, hooded face into my shoulder.

The room was quiet apart from our breathing. My deep breaths and Sarah’s through her nose.

After a few minutes I unbuckled the gag and Sarah moved just enough to take it out. “Fuck, that was amazing, I came so hard! It’s so hot under the this and it makes it even more difficult to breathe with the gag. In a good way though.” She was still wearing the hood and sat up to unzip it. As she pulled it off she looked flushed and her hair was stuck to her face with sweat.

“We are totally doing this again”

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