Kissing Rowan (revision)

Anal Fucking

Chapter 16: Kissing Rowan

I could sense the tension within him. Rowan wanted me. He felt a sexual longing for me, but he had been my protector too long to make a first move. If any other woman had been there Rowan wouldn’t have hesitated to make love to her. Nor would any other women have hesitated to let him know she wanted him. I decided I didn’t want to be that different from any other woman. I wanted Rowan. I wanted his kisses and his eyes. I wanted his chest crushed against my breasts. I wanted him to be my first man.

It didn’t take much to let him know. I took his hand and stopped in the middle of the forest path. When he turned to me I simply smiled and pulled him close. I could feel him pressed against my belly; he was already hard. I arched my brow teasingly.

“The woods. It always does that to me,” he said. I had a feeling it would always do that for me too from then on. I looked up into those hazel eyes. They were like the woods; all brown and green and full of hidden life. I bent his head down to me and stood on the tips of my toes to bring his mouth to mine. I pulled at his short brown hair and kissed him hard, rubbing my lips back and forth across his. Out of breath I pulled my lips from his the barest measure. I could barely hear myself whisper: “Take my dress off.”

Rowan’s fingers worked on the buttons down the back of the dress one by one. It was so slow I thought he would grow impatient and rip them off, but he just undid each one, one at a time, while I kissed him harder and harder trying to claw my way into him. I couldn’t get close enough. My arms around his neck were practically strangling him. My legs were clamped around his waist like a riding monkey at the goat races. I’m surprised he survived.

When the dress was finally unbuttoned Rowan started slipping it off my shoulders and down my body. I hated having to let him go to get it off. My cinch and under skirt quickly followed. Only my lace short pants covered my hips. I jumped back on Rowan and we fell onto the mossy forest floor. I rolled on to my back wrapping my legs around him and ripped his shirt open then started on his pants. My fingers fumbled in my haste.

“Get them off!” I yelled. “Get them off!”

“You’ve been a virgin this long, can’t you wait another minute.” he teased working the laces and buttons of his fly.

“No. Its been long enough.” Now the front of his pants were half open and the top of his cock was in view. I pushed Rowan up and over. His head glanced a rock as he fell on to his back.

“Sorry,” I said while I finished freeing him from his pants. I pulled his breeches halfway down his thighs and swallowed his cock down to his balls. I licked and slurped him ’til he was even harder then before and very wet then I turned over onto my hands and knees. Rowan kneeled up behind me. I felt the heat of his bare thighs against my skin as he pulled the crotch of my short pants aside and placed the spongy head of his penis against my outer lips. My hands pulled up clumps moss and leaf litter from the forest floor. My leg muscles twitched in impatience and longing. He pushed forward and slowly abidinpaşa escort entered within. The walls of my gigh fluttered around my lover’s cock. I rested my head sideways on the ground and raised my hips up.

“More. More,” was all I could say.

Rowan leaned forward and took my breasts in his sword calloused hands. He teased the nipples between finger and thumb and thrust in to me ’til the head of his cock came up against my hymen. He pulled out slowly and then pushed back in a little harder. Still my virginity held. My head was now swimming with pleasure and want. I wanted him all the way in.

Rowan pulled back ’til only the barest tip of his cock was within my lips. This time as he started his forward stroke I bucked back pushing my hips up into his groin. Sharp pain flooded through my body as he pushed through the obstruction. I half started to scream then bellowed like a cow taken in the fields. It was primitive and beyond time. I felt myself sent back to an age before civilization or even language. A time of savages and beasts, living, killing, and fucking in the forests. Rowan was buried to the roots within me. My face was mashed into the damp decaying leaves and twigs; an acorn was digging into my cheekbone. The smell of the rich loam filled my senses. I used my inner muscles to hold him still; relishing the feel of my first man deep inside me. I could of stayed like that forever, but I wanted to see those handsome hazel eyes of his.

I raised my right leg up over Rowan’s head and turned over onto my back. I looked up into those pretty eyes and lost all sense of myself; those brown-green eyes became my whole universe. I locked my ankles under Rowan’s ass and started pumping him into my gigh hard and fast. I became lost within the sensation of filling myself with Rowan’s cock again and again; faster and faster. My breath started becoming short and shallow as I felt my orgasm building. I raised my hips up off the ground and wrapped my arms and legs tightly around my swordsman. I crushed my gigh into the base of his belly; rubbing my ‘little button’ against the root of his cock. It was a timeless moment of bliss.

When I came to I smiled up into his questioning face. “That was great. Thank you.”

“I’m not sure I had anything to do with it. You were in complete control.”

“Yes, but you let me. Now show me what you can do. Show me what those women talk about, pretty eyes.” I wrapped my arms around his neck, drawing him down to me for a deep kiss.

“You mean your mother.” Rowan gave me a short thrust. “Has she told you about how I fuck her?”

“No. She just smiles whenever I ask. Dianna as told me more. And Fergi of House Ahlonale and . . Oh.” Rowan had started stroking again. Long and slow. I felt myself building up to another climax already.

“And . . oh the other . . oh . . one . . ah . . the red . . ah . . head. She . . She . . She . . ah . . ah!”

“She what?”

“Said . . said . .”

“Said what?”

“Shut up and fuck!”

“I am fucking. I know what Jaclyn said. She said I was just the right size for her ass. akyurt escort She says that a lot.”

“Ahh.” was all I could say.

“I don’t think we’ll try that this time.”

“No . .”

My body was bent almost double with my knees spread wide. Rowan put his arms around me and crushed me to him. His lips found my breast and he sucked hard on the nipple.

“Rowan . . ah . . ah . . you . . you . .”

“Yes . . now!”

Rowan slammed into me hard. Grinding himself against my gigh. The base of his cock pressed against me rubbing in circles. Ripples of pleasure, almost painful in their intensity, started coursing through my belly down to my thighs. I could feel Rowan pulse within me as he came. My ears ringed with a scream of pleasure I slowly realized was mine.

I liked it and I wanted more. Rowan started getting up.

“You’re not going anywhere yet,” I said wrapping myself around him.

“Uillceal, its your first time. I think you need to take it easy. And clean up.”

I looked down to where our bodies met. There was blood all over my thighs and clotted in Rowan’s hair. An achy feeling I hadn’t noticed before was coming from within me. I relaxed my iron grip on Rowan’s neck and flanks and let him up off me. My thighs were sore.

“Doesn’t this thing ever have enough?” I teased swatting at his still hard cock as he pulled out.

“With such a beautiful and enthusiastic young woman how could he have enough?”

“Come here.” Rowan stood up in front of me while I tried to wipe my blood off him with my underskirt. It didn’t help his erection any. I started tenderly licking it from head to base and back when I noticed a scar going across the bottom of his cock, about a link from where the scrotum was attached.

“Were you injured?”

“That’s where the Hag-of-the-Woods makes her cut. Its where we’re bladed after we compete in the circle of Arawn.”

“Bladed? I thought that just meant you had a right to carry a sword. Are all the men marked like this?”

“Only the ones that survive the circle. Didn’t you know?”

I started circling my tongue around and around the scar. It made me sexually excited to think of all those men having their penises cut. I’m not a cruel or, I think, perverted woman, but the eroticism of the image was indisputable.

“Tell me about it,” I said while flicking my tongue back and forth along his cock.

“After the circle every man who has earned a blade is taken to the sweathouse. Its dark and extremely hot and full of smoke. We’re told to strip nude by the druid who shakes cold water over our cocks with a bundle of broom. He tells us a beautiful woman is coming to dance for us. He tells us she is going to strip naked. “In through the door comes a woman dressed in veils with long black hair. I can smell her perfume. Its sweet and heavy. My cock started to rise as she danced down the line of men. I noticed she took the cock of each man within her hands and stroked it before moving to the next.

“The man next to me had a sudden twitch as she fondled him. I figured he had cum in her hands. Then ankara escort the beautiful woman in the thin veils was dancing right before me. Her blue eyes stared into mine while she reached out and stroked my cock in her hand ’til it was harder then I could ever remember it being before. Then there was a sudden sensation at the base of my cock and something wet dripping down over my balls and onto my legs. For a minute I thought I had cum, but it was the wrong end. Strangely right as I realized what had happened I did cum. It was full of seed and blood.

“When the woman left I realize she never had stripped naked, but that is because of the druids’ last betrayal.”

“Which was?” I asked, my tongue snaking around his scrotum.

“Oh, Uillceal. That’s good. Better then your mother ever was. I’m close to cumming again.”

“What about the woman in the sweathouse?”

“Ahh! Oh, she was never a woman. It was a young druid dressed up for the part.”

“Why can’t they get a real woman? I sure they could find one to take on the role.” I felt I’d like to. One would have to be careful not to cut too deep and great skill would be needed to make the cut quickly. I itched at the idea.

“They can’t take the chance of any female blood ever desecrating their shrine. If the smallest drop of woman’s blood, be it Keltii, Ys, or she-goat falls upon the ground of the druid’s shrine Arawn will abandon it and the druids powers of prophecy will disappear. So no female person, animal, or plant is allowed in the sanctuary.”

“They are a little uptight, the druids.”

“I much prefer the company of silé.” Rowan moved slightly so his cock head was now pressed against my lips. I opened them and let him push it in between my teeth. Pain and pleasure chased each other across his face. I pulled back my teeth from his sensitive flesh and wrapped my tongue around him. I grabbed his muscular thighs and moved my mouth up and down; sucking hard on every up stroke. Rowan pulled my long hair back from my face so he could watch me. I took his testicles in my hand and gently caressed them and scratched the underside of his sack with my nails. I was using every trick I had learned in my years of silé training.

I could feel Rowan’s thighs tense and he started pumping into my mouth harder and harder. His face was flushed and his breathing was labored. He grabbed a knot of my dark chesnut hair and thrust himself deep within my mouth. My nose was at the base of his belly. His curly hairs smelt of musky sweat and the sweet tang of my virgin blood.

His cock was like a fire on my tongue. The head nudged the back of my throat. I could feel little tremors starting at the base traveling upwards to the tip. Rowan pulled out and then pushed back in even deeper, roaring like a bull of the woods. His cock head nearly chocked me as it expanded, shooting his cum down my throat.

I swallowed all I could and then let his softening cock fall out of my mouth. I pumped the foreskin over the head and licked the last of his cum as it slowly pulsed out. It tasted like nothing I had ever had before. Salty yet sweet and a bit musky.

“You like that don’t you?” Rowan asked.

“Yes,” I giggled. “I do.”

We cleaned up as best we could in a nearby brook using my underskirts to towel dry and left for House Gwynlambth. I hoped we could avoid my mother for now, but I was going to have to tell her about me and Rowan later.

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