Korean Affair Ch. 03

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Ji Yong met with Kate every day for the next few weeks. Each lunch hour she would meet him at a different love hotel, and for 60 minutes he forgot he was a married man. His body seemed to be prepared to make up for the last 5 years of celibacy and Kate seemed more than willing to keep up with him.

Their affair was an easily kept secret. He and his wife lived separate lives for years. She looked after the kids and worked, while he generally came home late. They slept in a bed together but sleep was all they did. She stopped seeing and treating him as a man years ago.

Kate, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to get enough of him. Not content with their lunchtime sessions, she kept him revved up during the day with sexy texts, and the occasional naughty picture. By the time it came for them to meet, she had wound him up so tight that he was ripping her clothes off as soon as the hotel room door closed. If he wasn’t actually having sex with her, he was thinking about it.

With each day, or maybe he should say, each time with Kate, his confidence was growing as he began to feel like a desirable man. He was even happier at home. Though his wife remarked on his new cheerfulness, she had no idea of the cause. Each morning he left home eager to push through the morning. Lunch was a time of pure bliss spent with and inside Kate. His afternoons, post Kate, were the most relaxed part of the day. Satisfied and mellow, he sailed through his work so efficiently that his boss was thinking of giving him a promotion. No one seemed to have a clue that he spent an hour a day having an affair.

There were a few people who noticed a change in his routing. As someone who would usually join them for lunch, his coworkers began to remark on his continued absence. He calmly told them he was brushing up on his English but didn’t elaborate further. Let them think he had found a study course over the lunch hour. He didn’t need to tell him the English he was brushing up on happened to be a feisty British blond named Kate.

Being with Kate was testing his limits. He considered himself to be a fairly conservative man, but Kate was slowly pushing him out of his comfort zone. His wife would never have sex before dark, and never without the covers on them. The experience with Kate was a revelation. Seeing her fully nude riding him in a sunlit room was enough to make him hard just remembering it.

Today was going to be a problem though. For the first time since they met, he wouldn’t have time to meet her for a lunchtime rendezvous. With Christmas tomorrow, and a company wide shut down for the holiday, the rush was on to complete all outstanding work today. He was going to have to work through lunch, maybe just have enough time to grab a kimbap or two, and stay until late into the evening. He had told Kate yesterday as they lay in the afterglow of sex that he wasn’t going to be free. She was quiet for a minute and then accepted it with a smile.

As lunchtime came and went, he felt Kate’s absence like a knife. Though it had only been a few weeks, his body had gotten used to being with hers and his groin was making it clear that that part of him wasn’t particularly happy with the situation. With regular, and hot sex, back in the equation, his semen production had ramped up. His body was ready with his regular deposit for her, but unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen. He was left feeling heavy and swollen.

He quickly shot off a text to her, that he missed her and wished he could see her. It was simple, but true.

A few minutes later, he received his reply. It was a little less sexy that he was used to, but she did say she missed him too.

‘What time do you get off work?’

‘I’ll probably be buried under spreadsheets until 9 or 10.’

‘I see. That’s pretty late. Will everyone be working that late?’

‘No. I need to wait for everyone to finish their work before I can compile it. They’ll all get to leave a couple of hours before me.’ Having someone care what time he would work until was an experience he had been unknowingly been missing for the past few years.

‘Poor you. When you’re finished up, call me. I miss hearing your voice.’ A couple of sentences from her could make him smile. Kate was güvenilir bahis definitely someone special.

Sitting down to work, he didn’t even notice when the sun set and gradually the office emptied out. His light was the only one on on his floor, his office a beacon in the darkness. He ran a hand down his face and checked his watch. 10:30. Kate was probably already asleep. He desperately wanted to hear her voice, but he still had an hour of work left. He would have to content himself with sending her a text to wake up to.

Moving on to the next file, he vaguely heard the ding of the elevator. Cleaning staff usually moved through at some time of the night, tonight they seemed to be running early. He heard footsteps on the carpet, and only looked up when they stopped outside his office.

He was startled to see it wasn’t the cleaners, but Kate! His heart skipped a beat and then resumed at a much faster pace. He stood up and almost tripped over his chair.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, amazement clear in his voice.

“I missed you.” She took a step into the light. His gaze travelled up her starting at her black high heels. He could see her toned legs clad in black stockings before they disappeared below the hem of her long belted black coat. Her long blond hair flowed in loose curls down her back. Even completely covered, she had a way of turning him on.

“Are you not happy to see me?” She put on a playful pout.

“I’m very happy to see you. I’m surprised you knew where to find my office.”

“You told me about it. I knew the floor, and once I got here, yours was the only light left. It was pretty simple after that.” She let out a husky laugh.

“Mmm. I guess I’m not very mysterious, am I.” He took a couple of steps towards her, his arms reaching out for her.

“I like you the way you are. You’re good.” She pushed back at his chest, keeping him an agonizing arm’s length away from her. “I came to give you your Christmas present.”

“My Christmas present?” He was surprised. Though he did pick her up something for Christmas, it had been a tricky decision. Do you get the woman you’re having an affair with a present? If so, what to get? He didn’t expect her to do the same for him.

“Yes. Good boys deserve presents.” She pushed him back behind his desk and he sank back into his chair. She backed away until the bright light surrounded her. He could see her hands reaching for the belt on her coat and begin to pull.

His eyes locked on her hands, watching each of their movements. He saw the belt unravel and she slowly grabbed the sides of the coat, inching them apart. Under the light he began to see the glow of her pale skin. Opening the coat completely, she stood exposed before him.

Hidden under the coat she was wearing very little. The tights he had seen were in fact only thigh high stockings, their lace tops gripping her thighs. She was wearing some of the smallest panties he had ever seen, they barely covered her slit before disappearing between her legs in a thread of fabric. They were so sheer he could see the shadows of her slit through them.

The most surprising thing was that her breasts were covered with a huge bow. Rather than wearing a bra, she had a 6 inch wide ribbon of red satin wrapped around her chest. She was his very own Christmas present, ready to be unwrapped.

“Merry Christmas,” The side of her mouth pulled up in a devilish grin.

He groaned and he immediately felt his pants tent up. He launched out of the chair and reached for her. His mouth found hers in an instant and she kissed him back as hard as he kissed her. They were both hungry for eachother.

As he pushed the coat off her shoulders, he felt the heat of her bare skin. Running his hand from her shoulder along the smooth skin to her back he soon encountered the silky ribbon. Breaking their kiss, he stepped back just far enough so that he could see as he untied the ribbon. Pulling at one of the ends he watched in slow motion as her breasts broke free of the constraining fabric.

The office lights made her skin almost translucent, it had a glow to it. The cold air made her nipples rock hard little pebbles that were calling to him. His hands spread to support türkçe bahis her D cup breasts and he could feel her nipple piercing his palm. His hand was warm against her cool flesh and she arched her back to fit the mound fully into his grip.

He felt her hand travel down his stomach and it contracted under her touch. It cupped and then massaged him through his pants. His cock straining the fabric, it made it difficult for her to draw down the zipper. Her hand slipped inside his pants and pushed aside his underwear until she felt his hot skin.

He caught her lip with his teeth and pulled. She made him so horny he felt like a randy teenager. His hand moved from her breast and slid between her legs. Through the whisper thin material he rubbed her, it soon became damp with her arousal.

Kate managed to maneuver his swollen cock out of his zipper. Reaching back in, she freed his aching balls too. He felt like a lecher standing in his office fully clothed with his cock and balls poking out the front of his pants. Of course, he admitted he was a bit of a lecher. Most 42 year old married men wouldn’t be in their office with their fingers teasing the wet pussy of a nearly naked 25 year old woman.

She forced him to sit in his chair and she knelt down in front of it. Fitting herself under his desk, she started to stroke his cock. He settled more comfortably, allowing her full access to him. He was hers to do with as she pleased. She watched as she pulled his foreskin back and forth. The bulbous head of his cock getting more swollen and red as she played with him.

He bit his lip as her moist mouth closed around him. She sucked on just the tip, her tongue tracing the ridge around it over and over. Her tongue played with the hole and then started massaging the delicate piece of flesh right below the head.

As he became lost in pleasure, he saw the lights in the rest of the office flick on. Someone was here. He saw the blue jacket of the cleaning lady across the large open field of cubicles. She was coming his way.

“Shh… someone is here.” Ji Yong whispered to Kate. He tried to think what to do. It was very hard to concentrate at the moment.

In response to his panic, she sucked him even deeper into her mouth, her lips closed around his shaft. She scooted herself right under his desk, she fit perfectly in the opening. She pulled him too, by his cock and his wheeled chair settled right in front of her. He looked perfectly normal, sitting at his desk, fully dressed and working.

The elderly cleaning lady quickly did her round of garbage collection in the other offices and made her way to his. He made no move to get up as she approached. He couldn’t get up if he didn’t want to give her the shock of her life.

“Can I take the garbage?” She asked, about to step into the office. He looked at it, the can was right next to him, and he could see Kate’s head still greedily sucking on his member.

“Ahh…No!” He exclaimed a little too loudly. He calmed himself, “No, it’s OK. There’s hardly anything in there. Leave it for today.” He felt Kate manage to extract a bit of precum from him.

“Okay.” The cleaning lady gave him a look and shaking her head moved towards the elevator, ready to go to the next floor. Kate began kissing the underside of his cock all the way to his balls. Just as the doors closed and took the cleaning woman to another floor, Kate sucked one of his balls into her mouth.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed, collapsing back into the chair. She was more than he could handle. He heard a chuckle from under the desk. “Oh, you think it’s funny, huh?” He pushed back from the desk and hauled her out from under it. Her lips were shiny from saliva and precum. Standing in front of her, he grabbed her hips and sat her on the desk, her legs splayed as he stood between them.

He kissed her even as he pulled her underwear to the side. With one hand he lined his dripping cock up with her pussy. With a single thrust, he slid all the way inside her until his pelvis slammed against hers. He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him, going even further inside her welcoming heat.

He brought his hips back and could feel her tightness not wanting to let him go. He pushed forward güvenilir bahis siteleri and felt his swollen head forcing her flesh to part for him, to stretch around him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, hugging him into her. He was surrounded by her.

Ji Yong swept his desk, sending papers and pens to the floor. His heavy nameplate hit the carpet with a dull thud, but he didn’t even notice. He unwound Kate’s arms from around his neck and laid her down on the desk. With her hips barely resting on the desk as he held on to them, and her blond hair falling over the other side, it was one of the sexiest sights he had seen. Still wearing her heels and stockings, her panties pushed to the side, she was naked otherwise. He bare breasts bounced under the fluorescent lights, their pale pink nipples pointing skyward.

He glanced to the side and could see their reflection in the dark window. Anyone in the opposite building would be able to see them easily, their lovemaking on full display. Her stockinged legs were wrapped around his hips. Her pale flesh practically glowed under him.

He impaled her with his cock over and over. Pulling out and thrusting back in until his balls nestled against her ass. An unconscious fantasy of his, he was actually fucking someone at his desk. Almost getting caught earlier had aroused him beyond reason. He felt like an animal in his lust for her, he could only think of sinking himself deep inside her and filling her with his semen.

Kate was bucking uncontrollably beneath him, her back arching with pleasure. She was near to screaming out loud with joy, lost in lust. He leaned down and covered her mouth again, trapping her screams and keeping them from being discovered by the cleaning lady, or worse, security.

For minutes, he kept plunging into her depths, always on the edge but not yet ready to cum. Kate’s body shook and her pussy clenched around his cock as he brought her to three orgasms. He felt them but kept fucking her through them, bringing her quickly to the next peak. Her body was nearly limp before he felt his balls tighten as his cum rose.

Like a cork coming out of champagne, he shot his first load of cum into her. Her womb became coated in his semen, the thick white sperm filled fluid clinging inside her. He deposited so much inside her that he felt it leak out around his cock. He rested on top of her body, his cock plugging his cum inside of her.

“Oh…am I crushing you?” He pulled out of her and looked down at where they had been joined. He saw that his cock was surrounded by a circle of fabric wet with cum. He tucked his still hard cock back inside his pants. Other than his cum stained pants and heavy breathing, he looked normal.

Kate was looking a little worse for wear. Her lipstick was smeared, her hair mussed, and her well fucked pussy was reddened, swollen, and beginning to leak his cum. He pulled her underwear, what little there was of it, back into place and he could instantly see the fabric darken as it absorbed his semen.

“Merry Christmas” She said breathlessly.

He laughed “That was an amazing Christmas present.” He pulled her into a sitting position on the desk. He could see some of his cum escaping her confining panties and pooling on his desk. It was a sight he would never unsee.

A package caught his eye and he remembered he had brought her Christmas present to the office. He snatched it and shyly handed it to her.

“I got you a Christmas present too. It’s nothing much…I mean nothing as good as what you gave me…you might not like it.” His confidence disappeared and his voice grew quieter.

Kate smiled and pulled out the tissue paper from the top. For the first time in his life, he had gone to a lingerie store. He found the sexiest pairs of bras and panties they carried and bought a dozen. The bag was filled with delicate lace and silk in different colors and styles.

“I love them.” She kissed him “I bet they’ll look even better on.” She took one out and held it against herself. He smiled. Unlike most women, Kate never asked for anything. She wouldn’t want jewelry or expensive bags for Christmas. She wanted him for him rather than what he could provide her with.

“I can’t wait to see you model each one of them for me.”


I hope you enjoyed part 3. If you liked it, I’ll work on Part 4 with Ji Yong and Kate (I’ve already got a few ideas). Message me with comments/suggestions. Thanks! XOX

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