Krista Teaches a Young Man Ch. 02


(DISCLAIMER: There are no characters under 18 in this story)

(Please read Part 1: Krista Teaches a Young Man)

Krista teaches some more

The next day was bright and sunny and Krista and George were hosting a barbecue for their friends. They both enjoyed entertaining, and were looking forward to it. The day was busy with them both getting drinks and food prepared. Simon offered to help, and Krista and George gave him tasks to do. He was only too happy to be around the beautiful, hot older lady. She was glowing and feeling very good after a deep sleep and the unbelievable sex she had the night before. She did not feel any pangs of guilt for having cheated for the first time in her life, that too with a younger man. Try as she might, she couldn’t bring herself to think something so good and healthy that gave pleasure to two adults was wrong in any way. She was clear that she loved George as much as ever, and this was just a physical act of fun like flirting or dancing with another man. In fact it was an act of generosity to help this young man have a special first time, while teaching him to be a good lover. She was careful not to show any sign of it in her interaction with Simon, talking to him as if nothing had happened. She was still her usual flirty and cheerful self. He was slightly awkward, particularly in front of George, feeling guilty of having had sex with his wife the night before, while her husband was asleep.

She was wearing shorts and a shirt knotted around her waist, showing her flat midriff. Simon couldn’t help his eyes being drawn to her legs and cleavage showing through the flimsy shirt. She caught him looking and even wagged her finger at him, seeing him go red in the face. She disarmed him with a smile, and was inwardly feeling sexy and desired.

Later in the afternoon, she took a long, luxurious shower, and dressed for the barbecue.

She wore a short denim skirt that came to mid-thigh showing off her long toned, bare legs and hugging her tight behind. She topped it with a thin white shirt that showed the faint outline of her lacy bra. A pair of open toed heels completed her hot look.

Both George and Simon were downstairs when she walked down and neither could take his eyes off her simple, yet stunning look. George whistled at his wife and remarked to Simon about how hot his wife was. Simon agreed, with a reddening face. Little did George know that it wasn’t shyness, but the guilt of what they had done behind his back.

Simon imagined her wearing matching silky white panties underneath…

Their guests started arriving shortly, mostly couples of the same age groups as George and Krista. The barbecue was in full swing, with George at the grill and Krista and Simon serving appetizers and drinks.

As always, she got a lot of attention from the males, who couldn’t resist looking at her hotness on display. The wives and girlfriends were jealous, but not too bothered, as she was really nice and known to be faithful.

She flirted with young Simon all afternoon, teasing him with sexy smiles, and brushing against him. She was sitting opposite him at one time, perched on her husband’s lap, and when he was looking at her, parted her legs slightly, and he got a tantalizing glimpse of white between them! Her long, toned and smooth legs were also driving him crazy. He was scared someone else would notice her flashing him and his large bulge through his khakis. She certainly did notice. She was also getting increasingly turned on by teasing him, watching him go red in the face when she caught him peeking up her skirt, and felt her panties getting wet as her moisture started to leak.

She was drinking margaritas all afternoon and had a nice buzz, and that was making her more adventurous. After the whole afternoon of teasing, her horniness was getting out of control. She wanted to have him right there in the house, with all the people in it.

She asked him to help her in the kitchen with appetizers, and walked ahead of him. He followed, his eyes glued to her tight butt in the denim.

“Are you crazy!” he whispered to her as soon as they were alone. “What if someone sees you doing that!”

“Doing what?”, she innocently asked.

“Showing me your..uh..”he stammered.

“My what?” she pursued him.

“Your p-panties!” he stammered. His shyness was making her cream in them.

“Don’t you like my panties?” she continued to tease.

“Y-yes, but..” His heart was racing, afraid of someone listening to their conversation. “So you like looking up my skirt at my panties? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, looking up the skirt of a married woman! Someone older than you!” She mock scolded him, getting hotter and hotter at his innocent reaction.

They were both breathing hard and flushed. Suddenly, she closed her hand on his bulge, squeezing it.

“Is that what I did to you?” she whispered throatily. “You bad boy! I think I need to teach you some manners, not to look up women’s skirts.”

She found that teasing and sexual banter with this innocent young man and it’s effect on him turned her on like nothing else. This was a whole new experience to her, one that she was growing into.

“We mersinescort can’t let you walk around my friends with this thing sticking out! What will they think? Meet me in my husband’s office in 10 minutes.” she whispered.

She went out to the living room and announced to no one in particular. “I think I’ll go lie down upstairs for a bit. Too much to drink!” she giggled. She swayed her way upstairs, hoping her dripping juices were not showing on her thighs.

Simon slipped upstairs when no one was looking, with a hammering heart, wondering what she was going to do with a house full of people, scared but unable to refuse her summons. He was softly walking the corridor, wondering where George’s office was when a door opened, and a hand dragged him inside.

“Shhh….” she giggled. Her hot mouth covered his instantly, and her tongue snaked inside his mouth – he couldn’t believe how hot this new experience was! She pushed him back against the door, clicking it shut and locking it. She wrapped a long leg around him and used a hand to rub his erection outside his pants. “Ooh, so hard! Is this just for me?” she moaned.

He never ceased to wonder at the transformation from her friendly but reserved persona into the wanton siren who was very vocal about her desires. She was using the behavior to turn him and herself on…

She frantically unzipped him and slid her hand inside, gripping his rod – he thought he would come right then. The only sound in the semi dark room was the zipper and their heavy breathing. She pulled him by his penis into the large office, towards the desk. She backed up to it and perched up on it, opening her legs slowly, to his widening eyes. He could see the white satin panties soaked and plastered to her, with the wet material outlining her swollen lips and a faint shadow of her dark strip of hair. A strong pungent smell of her arousal came at him as he got closer.

“Is that you’ve been looking at all afternoon? Now you can look at them closely, you bad boy!” she purred.

“See what you’ve done to me? I’m soooo wet down there!” She pulled the gusset to the side and revealed her puffy, red lips. He had never imagined anything like the erotic sight in front of him. He could see her thighs glisten with her dripping juices.

She knew she had to have him now, and the risk of discovery added a frightening thrill to the whole situation.

“Take them off.” She said in a throaty whisper, her eyes hooded with lust. She guided his hands to the sides and hooked his fingers to the sides. He started to pull them down, the material was clinging to her, and peeled away from her pussy lips. He slowly rolled them down her thighs and ankles and she took out one leg, keeping them on the other.

She dearly wanted him to lick her down there, but her desire to be fucked right then and the risk of discovery didn’t allow that.

She couldn’t wait any more. She pulled him up and grasped his tool in her hand, once again marveling at his youthful hardness and girth. she pulled him and placed the large head between the soft petals of her hungry womanhood. She rubbed it between her drooling lips, liberally coating it with her juice. He felt the intense heat radiating from her on his tip. He started to push forward slowly, her soft hand guiding him while her other hand was on his behind pulling him in. They both moaned in unison as his head stretched her lips and entered her slick tunnel. He slowly inched inside, feeling the hot wet walls of her experienced cunt grasp and pull him inside. Finally, he was all the way in her and his balls were resting against her. She felt really full, relishing the hard thickness for a few moments.

He held himself inside her, taking in the look of sheer ecstasy on her beautiful face. Every inch of his manhood was squeezed by her furnace like, rippling walls. She opened her eyes and broke into a sexy smile. She pressed her lips against his, kissing him with passion and making his penis throb. She put one arm around his neck, and the other one grabbed his ass to keep him in her. He slowly pulled most of his penis out of her body, with her strong inner muscles gripping him barely releasing him, and then eased back inside her oven.

She knew she needed to hurry, and was so turned on that she would not last long. She released him until only his crown was in her, and then pulled him in with her muscular legs wrapped around his behind, letting out a long “Ohhhhhh” that was loud in the empty office. He desperately covered her mouth to muffle her sounds. She started fucking him back with a fury, her inner muscles squeezing and rippling along his length. The room was filled with the slapping, squelching sound of flesh against flesh. He had no choice or control, and was going along for the ride with this wanton married woman.

She was too far gone to care about someone hearing them. He could even see her husband from the window serving the guests, with no idea that his wife was getting serviced by a hapless young man upstairs, with his thick young meat inside her, quenching her raging fire.

Within a few minutes, she felt her orgasm coming like a freight train, and she brought him in one last yenişehir escort time, as deep as she could, her pussy completely devouring his cock. Then she exploded, fireworks going off in her brain, while her pussy muscles wrung his cock and set him off in a massive orgasm. His fluids rocketed up his penis and burst out like a volcano erupting into her boiling inside. She could feel his lava like fluid splashing her with a force only youth could have. They both kept coming and groaning for what seemed like minutes, he spurting more than he thought he had into her clenching insides. She could feel his thickness pulse and throb, as she let out a loud moan that sounded unnaturally loud in the large room.

The pent up flirting and horniness of the afternoon and the danger of discovery set them off to a height they did not believe existed.

Had her husband walked in there, he would have seen an intensely erotic sight – his fully dressed lovely wife moaning with her beautiful face in rapture, her long legs in heels wrapped around this young man, her panties scrunched and hanging off one leg, pale hands locked on his buttocks, wedding ring sparkling on her finger, crimson nails digging in and contrasting with his darker flesh. He would see the muscles of his behind flexing as he shot spurt after spurt into her willing cunt, each accompanied by a grunt from him and a throaty moan from her. He would see their combined fluids overflowing with each shot onto his polished executive desk. He would imagine the juncture of their bodies and her strong inner muscles coaxing and milking every drop of youthful spunk from this virile but helpless cock…

Their breathing slowly came down, and they became unstuck, her pussy reluctantly letting go of his semi hard member. A large stream of their juices drained down her thighs. He was riveted by the sight of her red, swollen nether lips, with his spunk draining from between them. She grabbed a bunch of tissues to sop up the large amount of cum from her thighs and pulled her soaked panties up, hoping they would keep the rest from leaking. They hurriedly straightened their clothes, and used tissues to wipe the tell tale stains from her husband’s desk. She went and opened the window to let the smell of sex out of the room.

She headed downstairs, asking him to follow discreetly, a few minutes later. His heart was still thumping and he couldn’t believe what they just did. She was really hot to trot when aroused.

When she joined her guests downstairs, her face was flushed in afterglow. George noticed it, as did others, but put it down to too much wine.

That evening, they were all tired and buzzed after the party wound up, and went to bed early. Krista was still feeling horny and was all over a sleepy and drunk George. She quickly undressed him and herself, and started to make love. George was too drunk to be very effective that night. It was pleasant to have him within her but he failed to bring her to a climax and she found herself closing her eyes and thinking about Simon and their incredibly hot quickie during the barbecue. She tried to imagine holding and having him, and his innocent young face as he climaxed. It made her hotter and more aroused and unable to fall asleep. Meanwhile George was deep in sleep, with the combination of the drinks he’d had and their quick lovemaking.

Simon had fallen asleep in the guest bedroom, with a vision of the beautiful and sexy older lady of the house and his unbelievable adventures with her that day. He had only just fallen off, when he was awakened by a delicious sensation of a warm, silk clad body sliding into his bed, shocking him awake. The lights where still off, but her warm breath struck him in the ear, along with her throaty whisper.

“Shhhh! I wanted to give you a good night kiss to make sure you went off to sleep.” She whispered naughtily.

Her hand was ahead of her, though, and had already wrapped itself around his tool, finding it stiffening already to her delight. She slid her bare leg arund him, rubbing it across his torso, and started gently nibbling his ear. She sat up and looked into his young face, before planting a wet kiss and continuning into a sensuous tongue-probing, that sent his pulses soaring. He returned the tongue with his own, slowly learning from this hot woman, learning to be gentle, persistent.

They kissed for a while, laying side by side, with her hand continuing to jack him off. Then she took his hand in her left, and guided his fingers down to between her legs. His fingers felt the sensation of her warm, wet lower lips, with a slight bit of hair above them. She had already taken her panties off! He could see the gleam of white silk on the floor next to his bed, in the dim light.

It was nothing like he had ever experienced before. The smell of her perfume and body were intoxicating. She guided him to rub between her lips, showing him how to be gentle, and showed him her stiff clitoris, and how to rub it. Her breath quickened and she let out a moan, as he got the hang of it, and was doing very well for a learner. They continued pleasuring each other with their hands for a while. She was getting wetter toroslar escort and wetter, and he could feel her juices spurting from her depths and drenching his fingers.

She wanted something else to show him (and herself), though, and speed up things in the bargain. She sat up against the headboard, and pulled him up as well, nudging him to get lower in the bed.

“I am going to show you how to do a complete good night kiss!” She giggled.

She slowly spread her legs and pulled up her short nightdress, and revealed a shadowy dark patch between her legs in the dim night light. She beckoned him to get closer and lower.

“This is one of the things you need to learn, to properly pleasure a woman.”

She gently guided his head and coaxed him to kiss her down there. His nostrils were filled with her heady smell as he got closer and closer. He tentatively kissed her, not sure if he would like it. Her hand tightened behind his head, and she let out a gasp at his first touch.

“Lick me!”

The taste of her was tart and strange, but her moans encouraged and told him what he was doing right. He was intoxicated at the thought of being able to provide pleasure to this beautiful woman who could have any man she wanted. She had all the males drooling at her whenever she went, and he, with no experience, was the one chosen to! He started licking between her lips, probing and getting to enjoy it more and more. He was driving her crazy. She had never thought this youth would pick up so quickly and take her rapidly up the slope of ecstasy. She held his head in place between, and let his tongue and lips discover how to please her, and simply grunted or cooed when he did something. Soon he was literally lapping at her faster and faster, leading her to a crescendo. When it came, it caught them both by surprise, and she stiffened, jamming his face into her drooling cunt, smothering him. She let out a loud, long drawn moan that echoed in the large room, and would surely have woken up George, but he was deep in sleep…..

She came down from her high slowly, and her breathing subsided. Simon sat up and looked at her in wonder. The bedsheet was completely drenched with her flowing river. She sat up, and pulled him to her, kissing him deeply and tasting herself on his face.

“Now it’s my turn to kiss you!”

His eyes widened as she pushed him back on the bed, and pulled his pajamas down over his rock hard penis, marveling at his thickness again. She lowered her mouth and kissed the top of his penis, slowly taking it into her mouth. This was another first for him, and again something he had never imagined in the porn he had watched. She started to lick and suck on him and it was all he could do to keep himself from cumming immediately. The whole experience was turning into a dream again. Her warm mouth sucked and caressed his sensitive head, and she slid as much into her mouth as she could. He could feel sensations that were completely different from anything he had felt before. She licked and slurped over his length, holding and caressing his balls in her soft hands. He could see the flash of her wedding ring on her hand cupping his testicles and reminded him of how wrong this was. But his brain and body was completely consumed. She went at it with a frenzy, enjoying his member jerking and his groans, indicating a rapid climax. He felt a sudden surge of his fluids shooting up, and exploded in her mouth. He came and came buckets, and she could barely slurp it down, blasting the back of her mouth and flowing out. She had never had this huge a load or such an experience with George. He kept jerking for a while, finally softening, and dribbling. She let him out with a sigh. He felt drained like never before.

The sight of her lovely face, with his juices dripping was strangely very erotic, though he had always thought it crude in the porn he had seen. She left him with a wet kiss, and finally said her good night, slipping on her panties, and asking him to sleep well. Sleep they both did, into a deep, sated slumber.

The next morning, Krista was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for George and Simon. The smell of coffee wafted through the house. She was not dressed for the day yet, wearing a long shirt, no bra, and just a pair of yellow cotton panties. She was feeling sexy and glowing from the amazing sex she had the day and night before, and smiled brightly at Simon as he sat in the kitchen on the breakfast table with George drinking coffee and eating his breakfast. Simon could not stop looking at her and was trying his best to keep his eyes from her toned legs. She noticed him, and smiled mischievously at him, waggling her finger at him when George was looking at his newspaper. Simon could feel himself getting hard, looking at her, and remembering their passionate lovemaking from the previous afternoon. He was trying his best to hide his erection under his khakis, covering it with a newspaper. Krista could sense from his fidgeting what was going on, and felt amused and sexy at the reaction she aroused in this young man. “Teenage hormones!” she thought to herself. She found herself getting aroused as well, and marveled at how quickly Simon managed to arouse her passions. She imagined his thick cock straining in his brief’s and remembered it plowing her depths and taking her to heights of ecstasy the day before. She felt herself getting wet, and starting to dampen her panties.

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