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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

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From Chapter 72:

“Come on!” Andy says. “We can play in the shower.”

He dashes out of the door and I”m right behind him. He has nice glutes too!

He pushes the bathroom door open and, at that moment, I remember that we were going to wait for Mr Grant to finish!

My warning of “Wait!” is useless.

We both find ourselves, with full erections, looking at Mr Grant in the shower. Stiff cock. Soapy. Apparently jacking slowly. Surprised when he sees us.

I am about to apologise and back out when Andy says, “Hi Tom, is there room in there for two more, like in the showers at the beach?”


Chapter 73 � Showers Can Be Fun!

I am shocked at what Andy has suggested!

My heart is pounding!

I look at Mr Grant”s face for his reaction, and I read lots of things. Maybe confusion and perhaps embarrassment.

Andy repeats, “So, any room for two more?”

“I don”t think so, Andy,” Mr Grant replies. “Besides, I was just finishing up.”

“We could help you finish, Tom, just like Joey and I did at the beach,” Andy tells him, pointing directly at Mr Grant”s erection.

“Thanks for the offer,” Mr Grant tells him, “But, I don”t think so.”

“Aww, come on Tom…” Andy starts.

I”m surprised when Mr Grant becomes much more serious. “Andy, there is something that you really need to understand. `No” means `No”! Think back to what happened before you…had your `accident”. Shouldn”t `No” always mean `No”?”

There is silence.

My Dad shared with Karl and me that Mr Grant told him that Andy had had `an accident” and ended up in hospital, unconscious, with broken bones. And that his brain had been injured which affected his coordination, his speech and also resulted in him losing his senses of taste and smell.

Andy is obviously thinking. Mr Grant rinses off the soap and turns off the water.

“Sorry, Tom,” Andy apologises, his erection noticeably slackening off. “I just thought…”

“It”s OK,” Mr Grant tells him, and gives him a hug as he steps out. “But always remember what I said. Respect the other person”s wishes, and never assume how that person feels just because you want to do something.”

It”s a lesson for me too. And Junior isn”t quite as stiff as he was a few moments ago.

Then Mr Grant grins at us, “Now, lighten up! The pair of you horny devils get in there and enjoy yourselves, if that”s what you want!” and he gives us both a swat on his way past us.

Andy turns the water back on.

When the door is closed, I ask Andy, “What did Mr Grant mean about `before your accident”? What happened?”

“He knows,” Andy says to me, looking at me with sad eyes.

“He knows what?” I ask.

“He knows what really happened,” Andy answers. “That it wasn”t an accident.”

Then I remind him, “The last time you were here you told me that a guy tried to kill you, and that you would tell me about it next time. It”s next time now, Andy. Please tell me what happened to you.”

He hugs me to him under the warm water. Then he starts to cry.

“I”m sorry, Kurt,” he sobs. “It was all my fault. I”m not the person that you think I am. And I can”t tell you. Not now. Please don”t make me.”

Now I”m even more shocked.

“It”s OK, Andy,” I say to him. “You don”t have to tell me anything until you are ready. And I love the person that I know you are, whatever else you might think of yourself!”

“Thank you,” he replies, looking into my eyes. “And I love you too. Truly and really, I do.”

Both of our erections have now totally gone. Andy”s body is beautiful like this too!

“You still want to play?” I ask, thinking that it might cheer him up.

“Not really,” he replies. “But I will, if you really want to.”

“Like Mr Grant said, `No means No.” I hear what you”re saying,” I tell him. “Do you want to just cuddle in bed?”

“Can we, please?” he asks.

We don”t talk much, and I”m not going to ask that question again, whatever it is that Andy is reluctant to tell me.

I”m just comfortable snuggling up to him and holding his back against my chest, or is it my chest against his back?

For once, Junior is behaving himself! I absorb Andy”s body heat, and I wish that I could also soak up his pain and take it away.


“Tom says breakfast is in five minutes!” I hear, plus a knocking on our bedroom door.

Andy and I have hardly moved all night, except to roll over so that he is now behind me. Oh, and his longer-than-mine has found its way in between my legs and I can feel it poking behind my balls. I wasn”t aware of it earlier, but Junior must have been! izmit escort Obviously!

Andy calls, “OK, Will! Thank you!” then he rolls back away from me.

Our hands seem to automatically find each other”s erection. “We don”t have time now,” I whisper to him. We can do it later, back at home.”

“Maybe a bike ride then a shower together in the bunk house,” he suggests.

“Agreed!” I say, and to `seal the deal”, I squeeze his dick instead of shaking his hand which then responds the same on me. Junior doesn”t mind!

Then, something awful crosses my mind.

“When do you have to go back to the Gold Coast?” I ask. “We didn”t exactly talk about that.”

“The train leaves Charleville on Wednesday at 7:15pm,” he answers. “And I”ll have to do the 2-hour bus trip from Cunnamulla that connects with it. I have the tickets. Everything”s paid for.”

I expect that we”ll be taking you to Cunnamulla,” I tell him, “And have lunch there, then wait for the coach to leave at about 4:30.”

“4:50 actually,” Andy tells me. “That leaves us about 50 minutes in case there are any minor delays. On the way out here, I asked one of the train staff what would happen if the bus was late. He said that they can wait for up to 30 minutes to make sure that all of the people who have booked actually make it before the train leaves. Otherwise, passengers would have to wait for another two days and book new seats.”

I have to tell him: “Mr O”Rourke, the driver, told Karl and me that it”s a `coach”, not a `bus”. Busses don”t have a toilet at the back and are usually smaller and without air conditioning.”

“Hey,” he replies. “Then I”ll be riding in a coach, like your Dad and Helen did!”

“We could have asked William to take us for a ride in the landau, when it was all hitched up!” I say. “Maybe next time.”

“Are we getting dressed for breakfast?” Andy asks.

“Let”s not!” I tell him. “But a quick wash with cold water first would be a good idea!”

Looking down at our bodies, Andy agrees and comments, “OK. Hands off!”


After breakfast. “Are you going to drive Andy, Karl and me out to Whispering Gums, Mr Grant?” I ask as we all head up the stairs to our rooms to put on some clothes. “Or are Dad and Helen coming to get us?”

“Actually, neither,” he answers. “Davo and Ron are heading back out there and will collect the three of you on the way.”

“Cool!” Karl responds.

I know what”s on Karl”s mind! He”s developed this `thing” with Jacko. I don”t mind, because I have developed a `thing” with Ron, not to mention Andy, and my brother, and… Hey!


While we are having a coffee and waiting for the two farm hands, Mr Grant says, “Do you have everything packed, Will?”

“Ready to go!” he answers. “Are we taking my car or your Beast?”

“Seeing that we are only going to Cunnamulla,” Mr Grant tells him, “We”ll leave the Beast to look after the landau, and take your car. I”ve arranged for somebody at the airport to look after it while we are away.”

“Why are you going to the airport in Cunnamulla?” Karl asks.

“What do you reckon?” William butts in. “To get on a boat?”

“We”re doing a quick trip to the Gold Coast,” Mr Grant tells us politely. “I need to see my family and catch up on my mother”s health. You could come home with us, if you like, Andy. Or do you want to spend the next few days with Kurt?”

Andy looks at me, smiles, and then turning to Mr Grant, says, “I”ll come with you… NOT!”

“That”s what I thought,” Mr Grant tells him. “Which is why I didn”t even ask you.”

The relief on my face must show. Mr Grant grins at me, “OK, he”s all yours for three more days.”

My brain adds, `And three more nights!” All mine!

Not now Junior! Behave!

Andy smirks at me. I”m sure that he can read my thoughts. Maybe he just saw the lump arise in my jeans, and recognised it!

“When are you leaving?” I ask, looking at Mr Grant.

“When Ron and Jacko come to pick you up, then Will and I will head off too,” he answers. “This house seems quite capable of looking after itself, against dirt or thieves!”

We grin, then hear the distinctive sound of the Land Rover approaching.

We all rinse our mugs, grab our bags and head down the outside stairs. Will is the last one out, and the door closes behind him. He looks around. He tries the door handle then shrugs when it doesn”t open.

There are hellos and good-byes.

Mr Grant calls as we pile into the Land Rover, “Have fun, guys!”

Ron, Jacko, Andy, Kurt and I all answer together, as if it was rehearsed, “We will!” Then, looking at each other, we burst out laughing.


Dad and Helen are glad to see us. They are their normal, happy selves. Nothing about them appears changed, except for the rings on their fingers! I”m not sure whether I was expecting to see anything different. After all, anything that I imagined a newly-married couple would do on their wedding night, Dad and Helen had already done. LOL.

“We thought that you all might turn up for lunch,” Helen says, wiping her hands on her apron. “It will be about another 30 minutes.”

Ron and Jacko head for the bunk house. Karl takes his backpack to his room, while Andy follows me into mine, then we return to the kitchen.

“Anything we can do to help?” I ask.

“I knew that you would ask,” Helen replies, “So, I”ve left setting the table for you to do. Thank you.”

Andy immediately starts to collect the cutlery from the drawer and tells her, “No worries, Mrs Andersen!”

That stops Helen in her tracks. izmit otele gelen escort Then she smiles and replies, “Oh, yes. Well, it may take a little while for me to get used to that. But, Andy, I think that you had still better call me `Helen” so that I know you”re talking to me.”

“There is something funny about that, though,” Andy tells her. Then, slowly he says, “Your initials are now H.A.”

He waits for a response and I can see the wheels turning in Helen”s mind, with Andy obviously expecting some kind of response.

Then I get it! And I put Helen out of her misery. `Your new initials are `H” and `A”. Put them together and you have `HA”, which is funny isn”t it?”

And `HA, HA” is twice as funny,” Andy says.

When Helen picks up a wooden spoon and heads for us, grinning, we dodge and attempt to outmanoeuvre her. However, I feel a wooden spoon swat to my backside. She”s quick!

“HA! HA! Indeed!” she laughs.


Over lunch, Karl, Andy and I fill Dad, Helen, Jacko and Ron in on everything that happened after they left yesterday.

“Did Tom and Will see all of this too?” Dad asks.

“Actually,” I start, “Mr Grant was in the library with Mr Davo, and Will was with you two in the landau. But after they heard the door slam the first time, Mr Grant and Mr Davo came out and saw everything else. So did Chad and Sean and Marty! And it was Mr Davo who told everyone how valuable the papers were that Melinda was trying to steal.”

“So, Tom has an original, unpublished manuscript from Charles Dickens?” Helen asks.

“Apparently,” I tell her. “Mr Davo said that he recognised the style of Charles Dickens” `sketches” about beggar boys in London and that it was actually signed `Boz” so he knew who wrote it and how valuable it could be.”

“But Tom will never be able to sell it,” Andy tells her.

“Why not?” Helen asks. “Because he wouldn”t want to part with it?”

“No,” Andy replies. “The house will never part with it.”

Karl adds, “Even when Chad wanted to use it as evidence, the front door kept slamming and he couldn”t take it out. That door is weird!”

Ron says, “You three aren”t having us on, are you? Did you put your heads together and come up with all of this fantasy last night?”

“No. Honest!” Andy says. “You can ask Tom. Wait! Actually, no you can”t. He and Will are flying to the Gold Coast for a few days.”

“What? On their magic carpet?” Jacko adds, chuckling.

“Just wait! You”ll see,” I say. “Besides, none of us knew anything about Charles Dickens and his `Sketches by Boz”, so how could we make that up?”

Helen lets that part of the conversation drop, but asks, “Melinda, did you say? From Cunnamulla? It”s strange that I only met her for the first time yesterday.”

“She was the friend of one of your bridesmaids,” Andy reminds her.

“She looked very familiar,” Helen replies. “Does anyone know if she has a brother named `Robert”? I went to school with a boy by that name when we moved to Cunnamulla years ago. He looked much like Melinda does. As I remember, he used to cheat a lot and copy homework and assignments from other people, pretending that it was his own work.”

That fits! However, without telling the others about Robert living as Melinda, I simply say, “I think that there is a lot more that hasn”t yet been revealed. I expect that Mr Grant will tell you whatever he knows when he comes back at the end of the week.”

I can see on my brother”s face that he wants to tell everyone about the small dick and balls which Sean”s staff discovered at the hospital, but I give Karl the `evil eye” and he shuts up.

To end the discussions on a lighter note, Jacko says, “So, Karl and I were the last ones to the table, so it looks like we”ll be doing the washing up.”

“And then we”d like to go horse riding,” Karl says. Then he asks, “Is that all right, Dad?”

“Of course, son,” Dad replies. “The horses are in your hands!”

My brain says, `So will Jacko”s dick be, I”ll bet!”

“What about you, Kurt?” my Dad asks. “Are you planning anything?”

I can”t tell him what Andy and I have planned!

Before I can give Dad an answer, Ron turns to me and says, “Hey, Champ, would you and Andy like to join me in pegging out a new quad bike trail? I think that I know a potentially good one, heading down south a bit and then turning east, and crossing the river.”

Andy looks at me, then answers Ron, “Sure. Thanks. That could be fun.”

I think that this doesn”t change Andy”s and my plans much because we were going to take the bikes out anyway then play in the showers afterwards. We can still do that.

Karl says, “So Jacko and I will ride north then, and keep out of your way.”

THEM keep out of OUR way? Ha!

I wonder whether anyone else can read my brother as easily as I can!

There is something that I need to ask. “What about you and Helen, Dad? What are you going to do? Would either of you like to join Karl and Jacko? Or Ron and us?”

That wouldn”t upset my plans too much, but I would just like to know where they will be and what they”ll be doing. I really don”t expect them to spend more time in bed!

I get the filthiest of glares from Karl.

Helen replies, “Your father and I thought that we”d spend the afternoon fixing up the spare bedroom next to ours. You can never tell when it might be needed.”

Karl and the others are probably imagining `guests”. I”m thinking `baby”.

Knowing secrets can be fun!


The new trail is a good one!

Half-way darıca escort down to the southern workers” hut, we turn left and head towards the river. There is a shallow crossing just before the river flows into another potential swimming hole that looks ideal for younger kids.

Then, zig-zagging through lots of trees, we eventually come out onto a flat area with hardly any vegetation. Great for riding the bikes! Like the mud flats that Mr Cameron showed us.

We end up near a spring that is the beginning of a small creek which Ron says would probably flow into the main stream a bit farther south. It has the best-tasting water! Ron reckons that this is an ideal place for a picnic!


Riding back, Andy and I make sure that we get nice and dusty, riding in circles on the flat area. Haha!

“You guys are gonna need a shower when we get back,” Ron tells us. “Helen will have a fit if you take that dust into the main house!

If Ron says that we should have a shower, then who am I to disagree? LOL.


After taking the bikes into the shed, Ron tells us that he”ll clean them up for us, then he”ll go and see if Dad and Helen need a hand with anything, while Andy and I clean ourselves up.

We undress at the door to the bunk house, except for our undies in case Helen can us from the house, and shake as much dust as we can off our clothes.

The warm water feels good, and I can actually see the dirt making streaks on the floor before it disappears down the drain.

Andy and I soap up each other”s body and get each other very excited. Junior loves the feel of Andy”s hands, but loves even more pushing between Andy”s legs. Soapy. Slippery. Hot!

We swap places a couple of times, and I”m holding Andy”s hips and thrusting Junior in and pulling him back when the door opens. I must have been too excited to hear anyone coming!

“Helen reckons that I could use a shower too, and…” Ron starts to say, then stares at us.

All three of us freeze.

Andy and I have been caught!

Thank goodness we weren”t in the middle of `giving ourselves to each other completely”, although Andy had suggested that we could do it.

I”m definitely glad that it”s not my Dad standing in the doorway!

Even though I”ve done the same thing with Ron, I don”t know what to say to say to him. But, he”s caught me doing it with somebody else!

Andy says nothing either.

“Hey! It”s OK guys,” Ron says. “I haven”t seen anything!” Then, stripping off his clothes, he adds, “You can keep on doing whatever I didn”t see! And, I couldn”t tell anyone what I didn”t see, could I?”

He stands and watches us for a moment.

“I”ll tell you what I can see, though,” he says. “You both have very bright, positive auras, which are merging into one! You two belong together.”

Andy is still staring. And I”m still holding his hips. And Junior is still excited. Too excited! And I can”t stop what is about to happen! Now what do I do?

I hold my breath, but just as Ron joins us under the water, Junior erupts. I can”t disguise what is happening. Ron has seen me do it so many times now that he knows how my body reacts. So, too thrilled to care or to be embarrassed, I just moan and grunt as if he isn”t here!

“That looked like fun!” Ron says. Then he asks, “Can anyone else play that game?”

I”m tempted to say `no”, but Andy hasn”t cum yet. And I know that he wants to.

“Andy was about to have his turn,” I say.

“I can”t tell what I don”t see!” Ron tells us. “You guys carry on, and I”ll just rinse off.”

I turn my back to Andy and he cuddles up behind me.

“I can”t do this with somebody watching,” he says, sounding very disappointed.

“Maybe I can help,” Ron suggests.

Andy and I both stare at him and give him a `What?” expression.

“I don”t mean join in with you,” Ron says. “But maybe something else might help.”

He soaps himself up and starts to jack off.

Junior responds! And I can feel Andy harden up too.

It doesn”t take long before Andy”s thrusting is synchronised with Ron”s jacking.

Ron says, “Remember, you can”t tell what you don”t see!”

“I don”t see what you”re doing,” I smirk at him.

“Me either,” Andy says.

Ron increases the speed of his wanking and Andy speeds up between my legs too. Pretty soon, I hear them both breathing heavily. My body is totally excited � watching Ron and feeling Andy, both in perfect timing.

“I”m gonna cum!” Andy growls.

“Me too,” Ron announces.

Neither of them slows down. Then I feel Andy”s body shake and jerk. At the same time, Ron shoots a large stream of white in our direction. And another. Andy jerks. Ron shoots. So does Junior! Andy groans. So does Ron. So do I.

“Wow!” Ron says. “For something that I didn”t see, that was pretty spectacular!”

“Thanks!” Andy tells both Ron and me. “That was almost fun!” Then he laughs, “I”m only here for three more days!”

Is that a hint for something?

(to be continued)


[Author: Merry Christmas! Stay safe!]



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