Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around

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Kylie Minogue – Spinning AroundKylie Minogue – Spinning AroundGary could here that Kylie was just starting her last song of the concert out on stage so he decided to sneak into her dressing room and have a look around before she finished. He opened the door to her dressing room slowly while he checked that no-one was watching him, he walked cautiously inside checking to make sure that her personal assistant wasn’t in there. The coast was clear so he closed the door and started to walk around her room .He had always been a big Kylie fan, and not just because of her music, he couldn’t imagine a woman with a more perfect body and now he was stood in her dressing room.He couldn’t contain himself any longer and he opened her wardrobe, it was full of stylish clothes from the likes Gucci and Prada and at one end was a very special item of clothing that he’d never dreamed he would ever see, Kylie’s famous hot pants from the video to Spinning Around. Without hesitation he ripped them off the hanger and put them into his pocket as a memento of his visit. In all his excitement he didn’t realise that the show on stage had finished, and suddenly he heard voices outside. “Oh shit the concert must have finished” he said to himself, as he desperately looked for a place to hide. Just as the door opened he jumped inside the wardrobe. Kylie walked into the room and shut the door behind her, she stripped off her tight blue jump-suit that she had worn for her final performance leaving her completely nude.Gary was dumbstruck at the sight of Kylie’s naked body, which was even more perfect than he had ever dreamed. He was so amazed that for a split second he didn’t notice the massive bulge developing in his trousers. Kylie was oblivious to all this and decided that she was going to unwind after the concert in the same way that she always did, she sat on her bed and reached over to her dresser and opened the draw. Gary couldn’t work out what she was doing until he saw her pull a 9-inch black dildo out. Oh my god he illegal bahis thought I’m going to watch Kylie fuck herself. The massive hard-on that he was developing was getting really uncomfortable as it tried to split his jeans. Ah fuck it he thought and he pulled out his cock and started to wank as fast as he could.Kylie was busy thrusting the huge artificial cock in and out of her pussy when she noticed a strange sound coming from her cupboard. She pulled the dildo out of her soaking wet pussy and walked over to the wardrobe and opened the doors to see a man desperately tugging on his massive member, he seemed so engrossed in what he was doing that he hadn’t noticed her. “Excuse me what do you think you’re doing,” she said. “Oh shit” replied Gary “Its not what it looks like.””I hope it is what it looks like because I really need a big hard cock like yours. Gary couldn’t believe what he was hearing “you mean…” “I’ll show you exactly what I mean,” said Kylie as she knelt down and took his cock in her hand and began pumping slowly up and down. ” I must have died and gone to heaven” he said to no-one in particular as the Australian temptress pulled his cock closer and closer to her lips, then she opened her mouth and enveloped his cock in liquid heat.All Gary could manage to do was stand upright as she swirled her tongue around his cock. He rested his hands on her bobbing head and forced her further and further down his ten and a half-inch rod. Kylie resisted the urge to gag and swallowed his cock into her throat. “Oh my god yes” said Gary as he doubled over in sheer pleasure. Kylie knew that he was about to blow his load so she slid his cock out of her throat and began to lick the sensitive underside of his throbbing member. “Kylie stop I’m gonna cum” said Gary as she slurped her saliva off his shaft. It was all to much for him and he shot his load, covering her face and tits with cum, Kylie desperately tried to catch as much of it in her mouth as she could but there was far too much for her illegal bahis siteleri to swallow and it started to dribble down her chin onto her chest. Kylie started to collect the cum off her chest and face and lick it off her fingers. This was enough to start Gary’s cock on the road to recovery.Once Kylie had finished cleaning herself off she walked over to the bed and lay down. Gary knew what she wanted and followed her over to the bed his raging member leading the way. “Come here and fuck my cunt” she said in the sluttiest voice Gary had ever heard he didn’t need a second invitation and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and without warning he buried his massive tool in her soaking wet snatch.”Ohhhhhhh, fuck my cunt” screamed Kylie as he pushed his cock in and out of the tightest pussy he’d ever had the pleasure to fuck. “Have you ever been fucked before?” said Gary “Never like this” Kylie moaned back. He was getting close to cumming and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer but Kylie was beginning to get really worked up she was arching her back and forcing herself further and further down his cock with each stroke. A few seconds later Kylie came to an amazing climax, her pussy spasmed around his cock as her juices flowed. This sent Gary over the edge as well and he shot his load for the second time that night deep into Kylie’s cunt.It was a few minutes before either of them had got they’re breathe back enough to speak. “That was fucking amazing” murmured Kylie. “Is there anything else you wanted to do” she asked. Well there was one more thing but I don’t think you’d want to” he said reluctantly. “Why don’t you try me, I’m not that innocent” she replied. “Well I’d really like to fuck your ass” he said in a hopeful voice. “Well why not that would really complete the night for me” said Kylie who loved getting fucked up the ass. She climbed up the bed and piled up some pillows to rest her head on and pushed her pert ass into the air ready for a good hard canlı bahis siteleri fucking. Gary couldn’t believe what he was about to do, he pushed his cock into her still sopping cunt for some lubrication. “Have you ever let a man fuck you like this before” he asked “yeah but never a man with such a big cock” she replied.He placed his cock at the entrance to her ass, and picked up the dildo she’d been using earlier turned on the vibration and shoved it all into her pussy, this made her want his cock in her ass even more. He decided it was time and he started to force the end of his cock into her hot ass. She screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain as the widest part of his rod pushed past her sphincter. He knew that the worst part of the pain was past so he continued until his cock was in her ass to the balls.”Are you alright” he asked, she experimentally worked her ass muscles around his member and got used to its immense length and width. “Go ahead and fuck my ass” she said. Gary could feel the vibrations of the dildo in her pussy through the thin veil of skin separating her cunt from her ass, as he gradually began to slide his prick slowly in and out of the greatest ass in music. Kylie was moaning, as the pleasure became more physical than psychological ” you call that fucking,” she said “fuck me harder,” he obliged and began ramming his cock in and out of ass as quickly as he could, it was much tighter than her pussy and he knew that soon he would cum inside Kylie for the second time.The sensations in her ass and pussy were to much for her and she came with a huge scream of pleasure that she had never felt before, this sent Gary into what felt like the biggest orgasm of his life as he shot wad after wad of steaming hot cum into Kylie’s perfect ass. After they’d both calmed down Gary collected his up his clothes from around the room as he picked up his trousers Kylie’s hot pants fell out of the pocket, “Do you mind if I keep them” he asked “Yeah you’ve earned them” said Kylie as she wrapped a towel around herself and walked him to the door. He stepped out into the corridor and turned to say goodbye, Kylie handed him a card with her number on and said “If you’d like a repeat performance call me.”Gran historia by Knoxville

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