LACEY’S WEDDING DAYLacey’s Wedding Daybyrockandroller©My daughter Lacey and her fiancé had chosen a stunning mountain chalet for their wedding. The building was at the top of a hill, with a spectacular view of the valley below. Out front there was a large lawn, where the ceremony was to be held. Inside, there was a big room which was set up for the upcoming reception with formal dining tables, flowers galore, a small stage and dance floor, and a large wooden staircase for the happy couple to descend. It cost me a fortune, but it was worth it. It was going to be a very picturesque wedding, and I’d do anything for my little girl.A short while before the ceremony was to start I left the relatives and 200 or so guests and headed upstairs for a last visit with my unwed daughter before our walk down the aisle. There were several rooms upstairs, including a bar and a kitchen, the rest rooms, and separate dressing rooms for the bridegroom.When I got to the brides’ dressing room, it was being guarded by one of Lacey’s bridesmaids, Mandy. I knew Mandy from way back, but before today I’d never seen her drinking, and I’d seen her have more than a few. Now she was looking just a little tanked, and judging by the way she was kind of moving from foot to foot, in need of a rest room. When she recognized me, she was obviously relieved. “Oh good, Mr. J! I’m so glad to see you! I really need to go use the ladies’ room, but I’m supposed to keep anyone from going in here. Lacey wants to be alone for a little bit before her wedding. No family, no friends, and no Donald – you know, all that stuff about seeing the bride before the wedding.” She didn’t even wait for an answer, but just started walking away, still a little shaky on her feet. As she headed away, she said over her shoulder, “That means you, too!”Well, I waited a while, guarding the door. From what, I’m not sure. Nobody came by, and Mandy didn’t come back. It was getting near the scheduled start for the wedding, and so I figured I’d better pop my head in and give Lacey a warning.I walked into the room and the door closed shut behind me. Outside of my line of sight I noticed that this room was much nicer than the groom’s. There were several comfortable sofas and chairs, flowers, racks for the girls’ clothes. There was a full length mirror so that the bride to be could admire her wedding finery. But all of my attention was riveted on the sight before me.Lacey was sitting on a couch over by the 2nd floor window which looked out over the valley. Her long blond hair fell in waves over the shoulders of her brand new white wedding dress. She had one of her gorgeous legs up on the arm of the sofa, and the other spread as wide as she could get it. Lacey held the skirts of her wedding dress up with one hand, and I could see her naked thighs above her white stockings. Her borrowed blue garter held one stocking up, and I could see all the way to her crotch. At least, I would have been able to. But on her knees in front of Lacey was her best friend, Paige. Paige was on her hands and knees, her gorgeous ass in her bridesmaids dress pointing at me, her head buried in Lacey’s snatch while she furiously licked away.I was stunned. Make that completely stunned. On the one hand, this was the sexiest thing that I’d ever seen. On the other – it was my daughter! I’d lived with her all of her life, watched her grow up from a little baby, nurtured her through her teen years. And I’ll tell you that all of those years of skinned knees, schoolwork and boyfriends hadn’t prepared me for this. I never had any idea that she liked girls. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t speak. But I wasn’t quite so dazed that I didn’t feel my cock jump to attention. Lacey had her eyes closed, and she was moaning softly and even grinding her pussy a little into Paige’s soft lips. She had her free hand, the one with her engagement ring on it, wrapped in Paige’s short dark hair, and she was urging her on gently. Paige was obliviously preoccupied, and so my entry went unnoticed for a few seconds. The muscles in Lacey’s shapely legs tensed as she neared an orgasm, and her breathing was coming harder and faster. Just as she was about to fall over the edge her eyes opened just a little bit. In the throes of her ecstasy she almost missed me. But her eyes snapped into focus as she spotted me by the door.“Daddy!” Lacey squealed. She pushed Paige’s head away, closed her legs and dropped her wedding sahabet güvenilirmi dress back down. Paige immediately stopped and turned to look at me. Both of them had the grace to blush. I stammered something in the way of an apology and how I had just come in to warn her that it was almost time for her entrance. While I was mumbling excuses Lacey was stammering something about Mandy, and Paige was giggling, not at all put out by my unexpected entrance. Paige wiped her mouth slowly with the back of her hand and then licked it off. Then she and sat down beside Lacey’s knee, smiling.Lacey finally ran out of things to say, and then seemed to realize that there was nothing else to add. Instead of making more excuses, she just blurted out, “Daddy, I’m just so horny! I couldn’t wait until tonight!”I didn’t know what to say. The wedding day daddy book didn’t say anything about a situation like this. “What you do with your fiancé and anybody else is your business,” I said. At that, she protested mightily.“Daddy, Donald doesn’t know! I kind of mentioned another girl to him once, but you know how he is. I mean, I love him and all, but he’s such a stick in the mud! He wouldn’t marry me if he knew. And Paige and I have been together for years! I want to marry him, but he can’t know about this. Promise me, Daddy! Promise me!”Lacey was right. Donald was kind of a stick in the mud. But how any man wouldn’t be turned on by a sight like this was way beyond my understanding. I muttered a promise, and then started to back towards the door. Before I made it though, I saw a look pass between Lacey and Paige. They both smiled a shy smile at each other. They could obviously almost read each others’ minds, and they had come to some kind of unspoken conclusion. I almost had my hand on the knob when Lacey said in a breathy little girl voice which wasn’t much like her own, blushing all the while, “I just have to come before the wedding. I’ll die if I have to wait until the honeymoon starts. But you can watch if you want to Daddy.” Then she raised her skirt, spread her legs and closed her eyes. Paige looked right into my eyes, smiled, and then returned to her hands and knees position in front of my daughter’s spread legs and with a small sigh of contentment, went back to her licking. Paige moaned softly as her tongue again tasted Lacey’s slick pussy.Lacey shut her eyes again, enjoying Paige’s ministrations. Lacey knew her daddy well. I had often made joking passes to her best girl friends, including Mandy and Paige. She knew I subscribed to Playboy, and had even told my own daughter on occasion that she looked really sexy. She knew that I wasn’t some kind of prude and that I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from enjoying such a sensual sight. She knew that I would be riveted to the vision of her long legs with Paige’s short brunette locks bobbing between them. And Lacey was right.After slurping Lacey’s wet cunt for a few moments, Paige moved her hands from Lacey’s white stockinged thighs and reached back behind her, caressing her own taut bottom. She teasingly pulled her skirt up, showing me her tight little ass encased in a pair of silver satin panties. She wiggled her ass at me and then slowly pulled the panties down to her knees and spread her legs as much as the panties would let her, all the while kissing and licking enthusiastically. I saw her tight little asshole and her obviously red and swollen naked pussy lips. “I think she wants you to fuck her, Daddy.” Lacey said with a giggle. Paige stopped her licking long enough to look me in the eye and nod a few times before she returned to licking Lacey.Now I had known Paige since she was twelve. She and Lacey had practically grown up together, and were almost sisters. But as she came of age I found myself fantasizing about her little waist, full figure and naturally pink lips many times. But I knew in my heart of hearts that she was a young beauty with a lifetime of love and sex in front of her, and I never even imagined that she would truly want to let me make love to her.In short, this was an opportunity which I had dreamed of for years, however secretly. And there was no way I was going to miss this now that it had arrived, however unexpectedly. What little restraint I might have had left me in an instant. After all, I wouldn’t be screwing my daughter, I’d be screwing her best friend whose body I had craved for years. sahabet yeni giriş Besides, I figured that there was no way I could walk my daughter down the aisle with this raging erection.I walked over to kneel behind Paige as I unzipped my pants. She was so wet that her cum was running down her legs. I positioned myself behind her, looked at my daughter’s gorgeous spread legs, and pressed myself slowly in. Lacey’s mother had never felt this tight, and my dick entered heaven. As I pushed into her hot pussy, Paige’s lips were crushed against Lacey’s clit, and they both moaned. I pushed myself in and out slowly, driving myself into Paige and Paige into Lacey. Lacey’s breathing became faster and harder, and Paige mewled softly. Lacey leaned forward over Paige’s back and put her palm on my cheek. As I pushed in and out, she moaned softly, and her breathing fell into the rhythm I was setting.Her face flushed as her orgasm neared, and Lacey opened her eyes and tried to focus them on mine. She spoke in a slow breathless voice, her panting interspersed with her words. “Cum in her, Daddy. Hu-uh. Cum, uh-uh, in Paige. Cum now. Oooooooo!” As she tumbled into her orgasm, Paige and I came too. I thrust myself into Paige as far as I possibly could and shot my hot sperm deep into her. Paige’s lips were pressed against Lacey’s pussy, unable and unwilling to be anywhere else as she drank the cum which gushed from my daughter’s spread legs. And I felt Paige’s pussy spasming rhythmically around my straining dick. We all froze, each enjoying our massive orgasms together.After a few moments of straining and pressing ourselves into each other, we started to come down, and we slid slowly against each other as we started to gaspingly catch our breaths again. I knew that I had never experienced sex like it before, and I was pretty sure that neither of my girls had either.Finally we separated, and stood up to rearrange our clothes. The transformation was amazing. My daughter went from being a hot lesbian slut to a bride to be just by dropping her skirt. And once Paige pulled up her panties and pulled down her skirt she was suddenly a virginal looking bridesmaid again. Or maybe not. She had a sexy glint in her eye that I don’t remember having seen before.I won’t say that we had quite regained our composure, but we were all three standing by the door and about to rejoin the wedding when there was a sudden knock and Mandy’s voice came from the other side, “Hurry up you two! Five minutes to showtime!”I looked at my daughter and her best friend and the question started from my mouth, but before I could speak, Paige spoke up. “Yes, Mandy knows. No, Mandy doesn’t like girls. I mean, we asked her once, and she was cool about it, but she didn’t want to. But she’s known about us for years, and she agreed to cover for our last quickie while my little girl’s still unmarried.” She gave Lacey a quick hug, and they touched their heads together.I was awestruck by the sight of these two beauties standing before me. Lacey’s blond hair and Paige’s dark hair were a perfect complement to each other. They were young and sweet, and I felt that my chest might burst from a combination of love, pride and lust.“But Daddy,” said Lacey. “There is just one thing.” I looked at her expectantly. “You can’t possibly walk me down the aisle like that!” Lacey’s eyes dropped to my crotch, and Paige and I saw what she was talking about. My dick had gotten way too much excitement to go down after just one orgasm, even though I was sure it was the most intense one ever in the history of the entire universe. It was straining against the front of my black tux, as obvious it could be. Lacey was right, there was no way I could walk her down the aisle like that.“I’ll tell you what, Dad,” Lacey said, reaching down and unzipping my pants. “I’ll let you come on me today, and we’ll do this right when we have more time. I mean, it is my wedding day and all.” For the first time my daughter’s hand touched my stiff manhood as she removed it from my pants. She gave it a quick caress and then she began to gather the skirt of her wedding dress to raise them again. “I do have to save something for Donald.”Paige giggled at that, and then spoke up. “Yeah, we’ve talked about you before. Lacey always told me that we could probably have you someday. We just didn’t figure that it’d be today.”When Lacey had her wedding dress bunched up sahabet giriş under her breasts, she leaned forward and embraced me, and my hard cock slid against her taut naked belly. I was still wet with Paige’s cum and mine, and her warm skin felt almost as good as Paige’s hot pussy. Lacey buried her face in my shoulder as she held on tightly. She moaned softly when my hot dick touched her, almost as if I had actually entered her, and then she began grinding her tummy up and down my cock. I put my hands around her slim waist, and pulled her tight against my dick.Paige, not wanting to be left out, pressed herself against Lacey’s back, her face peeking over Lacey’s shoulder. “Look,” she said, “A Lacey sandwich!” She giggled melodically and Lacey smiled.Paige reached her hand around Lacey’s waist and grabbed my cock. She started moving her hand up and down with the same rhythm Lacey was using, sliding me against my daughter.I slid myself up and down, fucking my two new lovers simultaneously. Paige leaned forward and kissed me over Lacey’s shoulder, whose blond hair drifted over our softly touching lips.“Ooooh, babe, I want to taste him so bad!” Lacey said.“I know honey. I think I can arrange that,” Paige whispered in her ear.Paige’s free hand disappeared from Lacey’s shoulder. She reached down, shifted her clothes, and then in a moment reached her now wet finger towards Lacey’s mouth. Lacey closed her pink lips over Paige’s finger and sucked softly. While Paige watched closely, Lacey licked our cum off of her girl friend’s hand, and mewled softly at how good it tasted.Lacey lifted her leg up and wrapped it around me. She was still slowly grinding her tummy against me, and my dick was sliding up and down between her tummy and Paige’s fingers. It was almost like being inside of her, but somehow way more erotic. My breath was ragged, and I was almost ready to come again. I tried to look at her, but I couldn’t focus.Lacey took my face in her hands. She held me and looked me in the eyes. She said, “I’m going to kiss you daddy.” She paused a moment, and then pulled my lips closer to hers, all the while standing on one leg and grinding herself against my throbbing dick. “I’m going to kiss you, Daddy.” She spoke softly, and deliberately. She moved her face closer, and I felt her breath gently tickling my lips. “I’m going to kiss you, Daddy,” she whispered. Closer. “I’m going to….”Lacey’s lips touched mine. This was no daughterly kiss. Her lips pressed hard against mine, and her tongue slipped delicately into my eager mouth. My whole body spasmed from my lips to my toes, and I hurled a load of come up her tummy and chest. Over and over I spurted, as Paige kept rubbing me softly against Lacey’s tummy.I thrust and jerked forever, and then finally I could stand it no more, and had to break our kiss just so that I could gasp for some air. My thrusting slowed, and then stopped, although I was shaken by several aftershocks. My come, finished with it’s journey up towards Lacey’s heaving breasts, now drooled down her naked stomach, over my dick and Paige’s warm fingers.Lacey looked over her shoulder and shared a smile with Paige. They kissed softly. Lacey gave me a quick peck on the lips, put her leg down and held her wedding dress up and away from her tummy as she backed away from me. She bent over and watched my come ooze down her belly towards her crotch. Paige stepped around and looked, too.“A little help here, baby?” Lacey said. “I can’t have my Daddy’s come staining my dress before the wedding.”“No, that wouldn’t be right, would it?” Paige said, and then they both broke out laughing. Paige used the side of her hand to sc**** my cum down Lacey’s tummy towards her naked pussy. When she got there, she rubbed it into her, trying to press the white liquid inside my daughter’s waiting pussy. Of course, this was a fool’s errand, and she was obviously just taking the opportunity for a last bit of wet fondling. Paige said, “Best I can do, baby. At least it won’t stain your bodice.” They broke out in a giggle, and then Paige lifted her hand to their lips and they took turns licking off the juices.Lacey dropped her dress back down, and I put myself away. My girls each gave me a quick kiss and we all left the dressing room. Lacey got ahead of us walking to the top of the stairs, and Paige linked her arm in mine and whispered in my ear, “We’ll have to come up with something to do while she’s on her honeymoon, won’t we? I mean, she shouldn’t be the only one having fun the next two weeks.” I nodded mutely, still amazed at what had happened to me. Then I took Lacey’s arm in mine and as the Wedding March began to play, I walked down the aisle towards my daughter’s wedding.

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