Lady Charlotte’s Journal: Page Four

Big Tits

Lady Charlotte’s Journal: Page Four(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s)Page Four:Monday July 6th 0800hrsDear Journal: I was awoken by the steward bring me my breakfast, I seemed to be that satiated with the sex off last night that I just drank the coffee and ate some toast then dozed again. Di and Izzy came into my cabin and jumping onto the bed telling me to get my lazy ass up. I had to tell them I just felt exhausted and was going to sleep for a while. It was after midday when I was woken up again but this time it was Izzy and Di and the yacht’s doctor. He fussed about a bit then gave me a tablet and told me to rest. My two friends were quite worried but I told them I had over done it yesterday and would be okay later on.When I awoke next it was after lunch and I felt a lot better so got up and dressed in my bikini. It was a similar style to that one worn by Ursula Andress in that bond film and though I say so myself was very sexy without showing anything. I went up to the sun deck to see if I could get something to eat. My two friends came straight over to sit with me and I ordered a light lunch from the steward. He brought it to me within 15mins and eating it and with the coffee I was almost myself again. Monday July 6th 2000hrsDear Journal: my aches and pains are still causing me problems and all I could think of was using some kind of embrocation but tuzla escort I would have to do this after dinner. Izzy told me to see the ships doctor who told me to come and see him after our meal he would be found in the medical room.Dinner over. I wait about 10 minutes then went to find this medical room. It looked the standard type of medical room with bottles of gas fastened to the walls and various cupboards. The doctor told me to sit at the desk as soon as I walked in. I noticed he didn’t look up from the fax he was studying but I put that down to him being busy. When he looked up he said,“Right Lady Charlotte, what seems to be the problem?“I just have aches and pains all over.”“Okay!”and he stood up put a thermometer into my ear mumbling“You haven’t a temperature so it isn’t flu, I think the best thing would be to get you up on to the couch over there, give you a full body massage then let you sit for half an hour in the sauna.”This sounded ok though I was a little nervous of the full body massage having never had one before. He told me to go behind the curtain and undress and he would be in shortly. You have to understand this doctor was about 60yrs old so I never thought anything about it. I stripped off my outer clothes and standing in just my bra and panties told him I was ready. He came in giving me a clean white towel telling me the essential oils would damage my underwear and get up on the table and lay down on my stomach. So, pulling off my undies I climbed onto the couch and my head fitted into the ring holder. tuzla escort bayan He took the white towel and folding it placed it across my bum area.I felt the warm oil being drizzled down the centre of my back. That calming feeling was so warm that I hardly noticed his hands moving over my body. They were light in their touch yet set me on fire as they moved this way and that. Pulling at my different muscles, each place he rubbed seemed to release the tension in the muscles. I felt him remove the towel and start to work on my bum cheeks. My pussy started to react to the gentle pressure being applied to my bum cheeks. I felt his finger move slowly between my thighs close to my pussy without actually touching it. I could hear myself moan every time he came close to rubbing my pussy. Then he slapped my bare bum cheeks telling me to turn over.It was such a shock, this old man slapping me on my bare bottom I just turned over. There I was completely naked with this doctor slowly pouring the essential oil around my breasts. He started to massage my breasts rubbing the oil around my pert mounds and my apprehension slowly drained away as his hands seemed to be working miracles on what was my aching body. He started to rub his hands around my breasts, squeezing them and rubbing them, I could feel my nipples hardening and no matter what I tried to do they just became so hard and erect. Then he started long slow pulls of his hands from my boobs down over my tummy and stopping at my hips. My body was so relaxed yet excited at escort tuzla the same time. I so wanted him to touch me especially when he started working on my legs. From the foot and ankle to the calf then onto my thigh muscles. Each time he eased his hands up my thighs I wanted him to start feeling me, my pussy seemed to be crying out for his fingers to touch me and give me some sort of relief. I started to think if he doesn’t do it shortly I am going to have to myself. I felt like I was floating on air every sexual point on my body was on fire. Then he took the oil and drizzled some from my clit down through my slit and onto my bum hole. I don’t know what oil it was but every where it touched burst into flame inside, I knew I had to have some relief and seeing as he wasn’t going to I found my left hand going down to my pussy and starting to rub it. Slowly at first but I watched him watching me play with my clit, his cock became hard. He didn’t say anything, he just undid his zip and let his very erect cock slip out. For an old man his cock was beautiful. He wasn’t massive but as he told me to turn over he pulled my legs apart and gently slid inside me. This was the first time I could actually say I was made love too. He was very gentle yet hard enough to make me cum more than once. I was disappointed he hadn’t cum yet and thought maybe because of his age he couldn’t. When I got the biggest of my orgasms he suddenly rammed deep inside me and I could feel his hot seed douche my insides. He stayed cuddled to me stroking my hair and back as though he was really in love with me. I would stay away from Izzy’s dad and friends from now on. Looking at my watch as I put it on it was almost 2200hrs and I was so relaxed I decided to go to bed.

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