Lady Millie


Lady MillieWith a good portion of pride mixed with nerves, Brandon stepped into his brand new Peugeot 208, which he got since yesterday as a present from his parents for his 21st Birthday. With his hands shaking a little, he pressed the start button and the engine sprung into action. Carefully he drove off and decided he was going to just go round the block and maybe through the main shopping street of the village, hoping someone he knew would see him. The initial nerves slowly subsided and Brandon felt confident, enjoying his new wheels. He turned right into the shopping street and slowly drove through it. But, he could not recognise anybody he knew. Somewhat disappointed he speeded up a little. Wow! Brandon hit the break in a gut reaction. Some woman with two loaded shopping bags had just stepped into the road in front him, but Brandon had managed to stop in time not to hit her. The woman looked towards Brandon and Brandon was about to start shouting and giving her “the bird” when realised it was a lady from a few houses away from him, on the other side of his street. He didn´t really know her personally, but remembered her face as she was rather good looking for her age, always had very elegant clothes and in general seemed a very lady like person. He guessed she was in late 50´s. He also knew she had lost her husband some years ago, as Brandon remembered the funeral cars in the street in front of her house. As he sort of knew the woman, Brandon got out and asked politely if she was ok. Yes, thank you dear, she replied; sorry, I really did not take notice of the traffic. Brandon, noticing the lady was somewhat startled, offered to take her and her shopping home. Really? Well thank you young man, that is very kind of you, the lady replied to Brandon´s offer. Brandon got the two shopping bags and put them in the boot of the car and then opened the door for the lady. By the way, I am Brandon; we live in the same street. My name is Millie, the lady replied. I thought I saw a familiar face; it is nice to meet you Brandon …..And thank you for stopping in time. Millie looked around the car and said: you have a lovely car Brandon, I guess it is very new as it has this new car smell. Yes, Brandon replied, I got it yesterday for my 21st birthday. While chit chatting a little, they drove back to their street. Brandon parked the car in front of Millie´s house and as a proper gentleman, opened the car door for her. Then he got the shopping bags out of the car. I will take them in for you Lady Millie, Brandon offered. Hahaha! Lady Millie he calls me. Please, just Millie will do. I am not thát old you know, nor very formal, Millie said with a grin on her face. Brandon sort of chuckled a little about Millie´s reaction. Would you like a drink Brandon, Millie asked while taking her head scarf off. Brandon looked at the Millie´s beautiful long, dark brown hair that revealed from under the scarf. I bet there is some Latina in her, Brandon thought to himself. Next Millie took her coat off, and her full body appeared in front of Brandon. Damn! Nice rack! Brandon thought while staring at the not to be missed bosom of Millie. Millie obviously noticed the young man staring, so she made a point of shoving her dress in the correct position, pointing her bosom even more forward and shaking her boobs a bit. What would you like to drink Brandon, Millie asked. Erm, erm, just some water will do Millie, thank you, Brandon replied with a clear blush on his face. Millie chuckled in herself about this very shy young man.They sat down at the kitchen table and Millie put a glass of water in front of Brandon. She pulled a chair out and sat next to him. What a beautiful kitchen Millie, Brandon said in awe while looking around. Yes, it is a nice kitchen, Millie replied. I had it all redone two years ago as I love to cook. My late husband and I planned it all, but unfortunately he never got to see it finished. I am sorry Millie, Brandon said in a soft tone. It´s ok Brandon, it is now a good two years ago and I am sort of getting used to the fact I am alone. There are many times I miss a man in the house though, for instance when something breaks and need fixing. I am pretty handy Millie; just tell me and I see if I can fix it, Brandon replied. Well, Millie continued: the two kitchen sinks are not draining very well. You think you could fix something like that? Millie asked in a sweet voice. Well, I can at least take a look at it! Brandon replied. He got up and opened the two kitchen unit doors and looked at the situation. I just take it all apart and clean the tubing, as there is probably something stuck somewhere, Brandon said. He started to undo the pipes and fittings, when the door bell rang. Millie got up to open it and after some minutes came back with another lady, who was noticeably stressed. She was older than Millie, Brandon guessed, but also pretty well preserved. Brandon continued in the kitchen cupboard and he could hear Millie comforting the lady, while guiding her to the kitchen table. But surely there is some solutions to all this, Brandon could hear Millie say; don´t get so upset dear and tell me more what is going on. The lady obviously didn´t feel comfortable telling Millie what was upsetting her, as Brandon was in the kitchen too. Ah, Doreen, this is Brandon. He lives further up in the street and after nearly having run me over, was so kind to take me home with my shopping and is now fixing my kitchen sink, Millie said with a cheeky undertone. Doreen, still not convinced she should the details of her grievances to Millie, therefore spoke in a soft, nearly whispering voice: we have not had proper sex for more than 5 months now and the last Erection I have seen of George is more than half a year ago. I have tried everything: sexy underwear, sex toys, porn movies, I have completely shaved my pussy….it is just not happening. And recently, because he is so disinterested and probably embarrassed about it, he won´t touch me anymore either. My last orgasm is now 5 months ago! So this morning he gave me this fancy vibrator that arrived by post and said that that would be my “boyfriend” from now on. But I want a real cock and be ravaged properly! Doreen said a little too loud. Brandon, not knowing what to do, let alone say anything, hurried up to put all the pipes and fittings together again, as he had found the blockage and cleaned it all. He turned the tap on and all was ok again. Done Millie! Brandon announced fairly loudly, pretending he was oblivious to the conversation he just heard. I think I better go and leave you to talk to your friend Doreen. Hold on Doreen, I will just let Brandon out. Brandon followed Millie to the front door. Millie turned around and opened her arms and hugged Brandon and patted a kiss on his cheek. Thank you Brandon, you are a darling. And thank you for fixing my kitchen sink, Millie said. Write my mobile number down Millie and text me when you have something else to be fixed. I am happy to help you out, Brandon said. Awww, thank you Brandon, Millie replied and jotted Brandon´s number down on a piece of paper. Hopefully see you soon; Millie called out when Brandon walked away into the street.Four days later Brandon received a text from Millie: Dear Brandon, the mirror door in my bedroom closet has come out of its rails; do you think you can fix that? Brandon texted back he would be there after dinner tonight. I am going out for a bit mum, Brandon called out to his mother. Ok love, see you later, she replied. Brandon walked over to Millie´s house and rang the doorbell. Millie opened the door and with a cheer in her voice said: Brandon! Come in please and thank you for coming so quickly. Would you like a drink first? She asked; I have some cold beer, but also have a red wine open? Let me have a look at that door first and then maybe later we have a drink, Brandon replied. Millie looked super elegant again, in a red dress, which cocooned her body till half way her thighs. Brandon´s thoughts started wondering, but before his thoughts got too carried away Millie said: come Brandon and she grabbed his hand. They walked up the stairs to the first floor. Brandon eyes mezmerised with Millie´s nicely curved bum and hips. Millie led Brandon into the bedroom and said: here it is Brandon, the door is all crooked. Brandon looked at the dislodged door. We need to get most of the hanging stuff out ok, so I can get to the little wheels at the back of the door, Brandon informed Millie. Ok, let´s pull everything out and put it onto the bed. Millie pulled her clothes off the hanging rod and passed them to Brandon. Somewhere in the middle, a latex outfit came out. Wow! Brandon called out, do you wear this? He asked with unbelief in his voice. Well, I used to, when my husband was still alive. He used to love it when I dressed up and we did little role plays. I also have a nurse and a non outfit and one of a school girl! Millie browsed through her clothes and said: ah, here they are! Millie laughed at Brandon´s face. Brandon meanwhile, felt a warm tingling feeling developing in his groins and his cock started to swell just by looking and holding these garments and thinking of Millie wearing them. He thought: she could be my mother…but my God she is one hot lady; just imagine her in these outfits! Brandon snapped out of his horny thoughts and stepped into the cupboard and turned round. He had to lean back against the back of the cupboard, so his waist was pushing forward. Ah, I see the problem, he informed Millie and he popped back the door into its rails. And I see another problem, Millie said, looking at the rather obvious bulge in Brandon´s pants. Before Brandon knew it, Millie´s hands stroked up and down his semi hard cock inside his trousers. So the thought kocaeli escort of me wearing these outfits turned you on Brandon? Millie asked in a husky voice. She kept stroking Brandon´s cock, which she could feel hardening between her fingers. Brandon, still leaning back against the back wall and his waste forward mumbled: erm…yes Millie, it does…..a lot actually. Which outfit you like best Brandon? Millie asked, while squeezing his cock a bit harder. Erm, erm…the latex one is the hottest one I think, Brandon replied. Aha, but that means my little Brandon wants me to be your mistress and you will need to do what I tell you, Millie said in an even huskier voice. Do I? Brandon replied sheepishly. Yes you do Brandon, you are now my little slave, Millie said in a much more firm tone. Stay in that cupboard and I will release you when I am ready. Millie resolutely shut the door of the cupboard and Brandon could hear her going into the bathroom. What the hell? Brandon sort of chuckled in himself. But he was super exited to find out what would be next. After a good 5 minutes, the cupboard door opened. Somewhat blinded by the light, Brandon saw Millie in her latex outfit, with boots nearly up to her groin, a latex bra that made her big boobs pointy and with open nipple ends, tight pants with an open crutch and long, latex gloves. She had a little whip in her left hand and a flogger whip with leather strings in her other hand, where the handle was a penis like dildo. She was truly beautiful like this. Wow…., Brandon stumbled; you are hot….. Silence! Millie shouted. You talk when I ask you to talk, Millie said in a commanding voice. All I want to hear from you is “yes Mistress” or “no Mistress”. Come here slave, Millie ordered. Brandon stepped out of the cupboard. Take these dirty clothes off slave, Millie continued. Brandon, realising he had to go along with this role play, obeyed his mistress and said “yes Mistress” and undressed himself. Now hang up my clothes again, Millie ordered Brandon. Again Brandon replied “yes Mistress” and put Millie´s clothes on the bed, back into the cupboard. When he was done, Millie ordered him to come to her. She put a latex, dog like collar around his neck and clipped a leash on. Millie ordered Brandon to go on his hands and knees. Yes Mistress Millie, Brandon obeyed and dropped down on hands and knees. You are now my slave dog. Fetch your clothes off the floor with your mouth and put them on the chair next to the door, Millie ordered. Brandon managed to grab his trousers and shirt with his teeth and on hands and knees took them to the appointed chair. When he stopped, Millie shouted: socks and shorts too dog! And she hit Brandon´s butt cheek with the whip. Ouch! Brandon called out! Silence dog! If I hit you, you like it, Millie said. She hit Brandon again, on his other butt cheek. You like it dog? Millie asked with a sarcastic undertone. Yes Mistress, Brandon replied. Good dog……now get the rest of your clothes. Brandon obeyed and got his socks and boxers and dropped them on top of his other clothes. Brandon was like in a trance like state and his cock rock hard. Stick out your tongue and pant like a dog, Millie ordered Brandon. Brandon stuck out his tongue and started panting like a dog. Millie put the end of her whip under Brandon´s chin to lift his head up. Hmmm, that is a good tongue. She pulled the leash and made Brandon crawl towards her. Millie sat down on the bed and said: they say dogs don´t like pussies, but you will like this one. She let herself drop back on her elbows her closed legs up in the air. In front of him, Brandon could see Millie´s beautiful bum, with her pussy lips being squeezed between her legs and poking out of the crotchless latex knickers. Millie opened her legs and at the same time yanking the dog leash, pulling Mark forward. Not that Brandon needed much encouragement, seeing the neatly shaved pussy opening up in front of him. Now lick dog! Millie ordered Brandon. On hands and knees, Brandon started licking the inside of Millie´s thighs and around her pussy lips. Brandon nearly got high on the lovely sweet musky smell of Millie´s pussy. Ohhmmmm, Millie grunted. Hearing Millie´s reaction to his wondering tongue, Brandon started running his tongue along the length of Millie´s pussy, lapping her like a proper dog. Ayyyyhmmmm, was Millie´s reaction. Brandon now started licking, lapping and sucking like his life depended on it. He put his hand on the inside of Millie´s thighs, to push her legs even more back open. Ayyyaaaaaa, oyy oyyy came out of Millie´s mouth, as Brandon´s tongue could now reach even deeper inside her. Brandon could see her chest and boobs going up and down under her heavy breathing and sighing. After some intense licking and sucking, Millie called out: lick my butthole! With his mouth firmly locked onto Millie´s now very wet pussy, Brandon sort of sloppily and slushily uttered a “yes Mistress”. Brandon had never licked or touched anyone there before, as he thought it would be yukkie. But he was so horny and possessed by this hot woman, all his inhibitions had vanished. Slowly he let his mouth run down Millie´s pussy, with his tongue frantically licking and pushing inside her until he reached the separation between pussy and butthole. He tickled it with his tongue for some moments and then started circling Millie´s butthole. Uuuhhfff hmmmm, this is nice! Millie uttered. Oowwww my little doggie makes his Mistress very happy. Brandon continued licking and kissing Millie´s butt, when she ordered him: fuck my butt with your tongue. Brandon pointed his tongue as much as he could and started pushing. With Millie´s butthole now being all wet and relaxed, Brandon felt his tongue going in more and more. After a few minutes, he could get his tongue inside like 2 or 3 centimeters. Aaay aayaaaay, Millie screamed. She was totally horny and oblivious she was having sex with a 21 year old. Brandon fucked her butt so nicely with his tongue; she had to get an orgasm. Now make me cum dog! Millie called out at Brandon. She yanked the leash again and pulled Brandon up. Brandon started licking her pussy again and Millie pulled the leash a little more, so his mouth ended up on her clit. Now suck! Millie ordered her dog. Like a sucker fish, Brandon´s mouth locked onto Millie´s clit, his tongue circling and pushing Millie´s clit around. Millie´s hands grabbed Brandon´s head and loudly screaming “oh God yessssssss!! Yessss!!” Millie climaxed, her whole body shaking and jerking spastically. With her bosom pumping up and down heavily, she tried to catch her breath again, while Brandon was still softly licking and pat kissing her pussy. You have been a good dog, Millie said and you will get a reward for good behaviour. Millie unclipped the leash and ordered her slave to get on the bed on hands and knees. Brandon uttered “yes Mistress” again and crawled up onto the bed on hands and knees. There, stay there, Millie ordered. She patted Brandon on his right butt cheek and started stroking his bum and running her fingers along his butt crack. She got a stool and sat herself down, behind Brandon, like a farmer who is about to milk one of his cows. With her left hand she started massaging his butt and butthole, while with her right hand she grabbed Brandon´s hard cock and started milking it. This is for being a góód doggie, Millie said in a somewhat friendlier tone. After a while Millie let go of Brandon´s cock and grabbed both his butt cheeks and spread them open. She spat a few times onto Brandon´s butthole and then continued milking Brandon´s cock. With her other hand, she circled her saliva around Brandon´s butthole and suddenly, she pushed one of her latex covered fingers inside. Uffffff, Brandon sighed. It didn´t hurt, but he was also not very used to this feeling. Millie let her finger slide in and out slowly, while continuing to milk Brandon. When she noticed Brandon´s butt muscle had relaxed enough, she spat on his butthole again and then tried pushing in two fingers. Uffffffffff, an even harder sigh came out of Brandon´s mouth. But the wonderful feeling of it all, it was too nice to object to it. Brandon now had two of Millie´s fingers sliding in and out of him, while his cock was lovingly milked at the same time. Turn around and lie on your back dog, Millie ordered Brandon. Brandon flipped over and dropped on his back. Hold your legs up with your hands and spread wide, Millie continued ordering Brandon. She got up and walked over to the chest of drawers and got a pot out. She opened the lid and dipped her finger into it. It was Vaseline. She smeared some onto Brandon´s butthole and on the dildo handle of her flogger whip. She then placed the dildo head against Brandon´s butthole and slowly started pushing it forward, in a pumping like motion. She spat into the glove on her right hand and grabbed hold of Brandon´s cock and started wanking him. As Brandon´s butthole was already used to the two fingers, the dildo head plopped inside quite easily. Slowly Millie pushed the dildo forward till about two thirds of the length of it. She moved forward and started ticklick Brandon´s cockhead with her tongue. Brandon was groaning, as all this was heavenly. Millie then sank her mouth on Brandon´s cock, with her right hand pulling the skin down, so to get his cock head exposed as much as possible. She started pumping her head up and down and with the same pace, moving the dildo in and out of Brandon´s butt. Brandon was huffing and sighing and moaning, his eyes rolling. He had never ever experienced anything like this. The girls he dated so far, he only got to some fingering, them wanking him off several times and two blowjobs. He only tasted a pussy twice and nearly fucked izmit escort a girl on a park bench, but as neither had condoms, it never happened. So this was something else! Millie upped her tempo on both her sucking and fucking movements, while with her right hand making circling movements around Brandon´s cock shaft. Brandon could not hold out any longer and suddenly exploded into Millie´s mouth! Aaahhhhhhhhhh he screamed, as Millie let her mouth sink completely over Brandon´s cock when he came, while shooting his hot cum deep inside Millie´s throat. Millie left Brandon´s cock deep in her mouth and the dildo in his butt for some moments. Then she slowly pulled the dildo out of his butt, but still holding his cock in her mouth. Brandon could hear a swallowing sound and then felt Millie´s mouth releasing his cock. Hmmmmm, well I had my drink, would you like some too? Millie laughingly said. Brandon pushed himself up and moved forward to Millie. He stroked the back of her head and pulled her forward and they embraced in a long, passionate kiss. Brandon put his head in Millie´s neck and sighed: God, you are some hot woman Millie. This was amazing.Millie meanwhile, was softly massaging Brandon´s cock. And you have a lovely cock Brandon. It is nice and thick. I am sure you have made a lot of girls happy with that. Brandon didn´t respond and looked down onto the bed. What? Millie said with surprise in her voice; you have never made love to a girl yet? No, Brandon sort of mumbled. Awww, my poor boy, Millie said in an sorry voice. Well, we better do something about that then! And as she said that, she got up and pulled her latex outfit off. She laid herself on the bed and patted the space next to her and said: come here Brandon, lie with me. Brandon shoved up next to her and Millie put her left arm around his shoulder and pulled Brandon towards her. Here, suck on that Brandon she said, while she pushed her right hand under her boob to make it point at Brandon. For a moment Brandon admired Millie´s boobs and then sunk his mouth on one of her nipples. He softly sucked the nipple, while with his fingers, he softly squeezed and turned the other nipple. Ooooh Brandon honey, Millie sighed. Brandon alternated between kissing Millie and sucking her nipple. After a while Millie let her hand drop down in search of Brandon´s cock, which she found soon enough. She massaged it softly, sometimes squeezing it a bit and soon enough it was growing in size again. As Millie still had one arm around Brandon, she pushed him, indicating he should go on top of her. When Brandon moved himself on top of Millie she spread her legs, which made Brandon´s cock slide into her still wet pussy. Brandon instinctively started moving his hips a little, while burying his head in Millie´s neck. Millie pulled her knees up, so Brandon could come deeper inside her. Take me Brandon, Millie said with a glittering stare in her eyes and while wrapping her warms around Brandon´s neck. Brandon started moving his hips and felt Millie´s pussy around the whole length of his cock. Ohhhhh Brandon! Millie called out. Brandon upped his tempo, his head all fuzzy with horniness. He was actually fucking a woman! Grab my ankles Brandon! Millie called out. Brandon repositioned himself on his knees, while grabbing hold of Millie´s ankles, pushing her legs up and far back and wide spread, without letting his cock slip out of Millie´s pussy. Brandon started pumping again and his cock completely disappeared inside Millie, every time he pushed forward. This was a great position and he had a great few of his cock sliding in and out. Yeah! Fuck me Brandon, harder! Harder! Millie screamed. Brandon was pounding away, his cock glistering from Millie´s juices when it slid out and the front of his waste and the top of his legs making a smacking sound against Millie´s bum. He fucked Millie like this for quite a while, but Millie wanted her boy to try some different positions. So the called out: now doggie style! Take me doggy style! Brandon slowed down and let his cock slide out of Millie and got off her. She quickly turned round on hands and knees, spreading her legs wide out. Brandon looked at Millie´s slightly opened, dark red and very wet pussy. This was all so unbelievably horny! Brandon shoved forward on his knees until his legs were positioned under Millie´s tummy and placed his cock in between her pussy lips. He pushed his hip forward and rammed his cock inside Millie. Oowwwwfffff, Millie screamed, fuck me! Brandon was fucking Millie as hard as he could, making Millie´s boobs swaying wildly back and forward. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Yeaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Millie banged her fists onto the bed, while she came. But Brandon did not stop and kept fucking her in a brisk tempo. Stop, stop! Stop please, Millie begged Brandon. Brandon slowed down and just let the head of his cock inside her. I need to catch my breath! Millie uttered, while panting loudly. After a few moments, she recuperated and said to Brandon: Lie down on your back. Brandon let himself drop on his back. Millie then stepped over him and with one hand positioned his cock under her pussy and let herself slide over it. She rode his cock for some time, while Brandon grabbed her boobs and massaged her nipples. Every time she sank her pussy over Brandon´s cock, she called out a “ahhhh”, while she hmmm´s every time she went up. At some stage she stopped and looked down intensely at Brandon. Now I am going to fuck you Brandon, Millie said. She leaned forward and let herself drop on her hands, putting them either side of Brandon´s shoulders. She then slowly started moving her body forwards and backwards, ensuring Brandon´s cock was not slipping out of her. Brandon grabbed hold of Millie´s boobs, swaying over him and sucked on her nipples. Millie spread her legs a little wider, thus to get Brandon even deeper inside her. She upped her tempo and her pussy was sliding faster and faster over Brandon´s cock. This was such a good position, as he could feel every millimetre of Millie´s pussy sliding up and down over his cock. Millie now let her whole body drop onto Brandon´s body and thrusted her hips up and down in a crazy tempo. Uhhmmmmmm, Brandon grunted, fuck me Millie, fuck me, he stumbled. Brandon pushed his hips up as much as possible, to receive Millie´s pounding hips as best he could. Millie could feel Brandon´s cock hardening inside her and knew he was about to come. She pumped her hips on his cock as hard and fast as she could and when she felt Brandon was about to explode, locked her lips onto his, and kissed him passionately. A muffled mmmmpppffffffff was all that could be heard when Brandon came inside Millie, who frantically kept kissing and fucking him. After about half a minute she stopped her movements and released his lips. Pheeewww, Brandon sighed, gasping for air. This was so nice Millie. Millie could feel Brandon´s shrinking cock and his cum slide out of her. So, at least you are not a virgin anymore! Millie smiled at Brandon and while giving him a wink she said: and I am sure I will soon need to find you another job around the house that urgently needs sorting! Brandon laughed and confirmed: gladly Millie! Millie laid herself down next to Brandon and both stared at the ceiling. Suddenly Millie got up and leaned on her elbow and said: hold on Brandon, I have a plan how we can maybe help Doreen and George. Do you have anything on this Friday evening? Brandon replied that he had nothing on that evening. Ok, then be here at 9pm please, Millie told Brandon in a decisive voice. But what do you have in mind Millie? Brandon asked. You will see young man. You will see, Millie replied.That Friday Brandon had a shower after dinner, as no doubt something was going to happen involving sex. At 9pm he was at Millie´s front door. When Millie had let him in, they went to the kitchen, where Doreen and George were at the table sipping their red wine. Seeing all the plates and pots and pans, they had obviously had a little dinner party. So this is Brandon. You already met Doreen and this is her George. Brandon walked over to George and shook his hand. George was a tall man, somewhat skinny and probably in his mid to late 60´s. So what are you fixing today Brandon? Doreen asked with a grin on her face. Before Brandon could answer, Millie said: he is not coming to fix anything in the house, but maybe we can fix you two….. But what do you mean Millie? Doreen said with a little too much surprise in her voice. Do you find Doreen attractive? Millie asked Brandon. Erm….well uh, yes….sort of, yes, Brandon replied. Or you find her too old and not sexy? Millie continued. Well, I would get funny looks if I introduced her at home as my girlfriend, but she is definitely an attractive lady, Brandon replied with a chuckle in his voice. George meanwhile had grabbed his wine glass and took sip after sip. Where was this going, you could nearly hear him think. Would you like to have sex with Doreen? Like you had with me? George nearly spewed out his wine when Millie said this and Brandon, now realising what Millie´s plan was, said with some confidence in his voice: well, if it is on offer, I wouldn´t say no. Doreen, who was clearly in on the game, said: ok, let´s go to the lounge then. That is more comfortable. She pulled George up from his seat by his hand and made him follow her to the lounge. Millie put her arm around Brandon´s shoulder and whispered in his ears: well, you are going to fuck two ladies tonight. Let´s hope it has an effect on George´s mood and more importantly: his pecker.Having arrived in the lounge, Doreen ordered George to sit on the middle cushion of the big sofa. She then walked up to Brandon and stood in front bodrum escort of him. Meanwhile Millie had moved behind Brandon and both ladies started fondling and undressing him slowly. Every time a body part became bare, the ladies stroked and kissed it. Brandon thought it all was great and let the ladies do their thing. By the time he was naked, his cock was already half hard, as they way these two ladies went about undressing him, was really sensual. Help me with my clothes Brandon, Doreen asked. Brandon unzipped Doreens dress and pulled if over her head. She had some lovely lingerie, with stockings and suspender belts. Pull my knickers down dear, I don´t think I will need them anymore, Doreen continued. She really was a woman on a mission and Brandon willingly obliged. Doreen had a little landing strip just above her clit. It looked very neat and sexy. Doreen sat herself down next to her husband and put one of her legs on top of his leg, while lifting the other one up, so it was resting on the sofa arm rest. At the same time Millie had kneeled in front of Brandon and lapped up his cock and started slowly sucking it. Doreen rubbed her pussy slowly, while watching Millie sucking Brandon´s cock. George just sat there, like a bag of potatoes, not knowing what to do. When Millie got Brandon´s cock totally hard and battle ready, Doreen said: come and get it Brandon, it is all yours. George doesn´t want it anymore, so you can have it now. Doreen spoke these last words in a somewhat sarcastic tone. Brandon kneeled down in front of Doreen, but didn´t dare looking at George. Come here and suck these, Doreen ordered Brandon, pushing her boobs up with her hands. Brandon leaned forward and as soon as his head was in reach, Doreen put her hand on the back of his head and gently guided him towards her boobs. Brandon kissed around her nipples and then with both hands lifted Doreen´s boobs up and sucked her nipples one after the other. Ohhmmmm Brandon, hmmmmm, Doreen moaned. After some nipples sucking and boob caressing, Brandon started wondering down along Doreen´s belly, pat kissing it and licking her skin. He reached the little landing strip and let his nose run up and down through it. Doreen also smelled so lovely and musky, just like Millie. Doreen pulled her legs up and held her right leg, while she ordered George to hold her left leg. George put his hand inside Doreen´s knee and watched Brandon started kissing the insides of his wife´s thighs, running his tongue along the soft skin. Hmmmmm Brandon, this is so lovely, Doreen purred. Meanwhile Millie had undressed herself completely too and sat down on the other side of George and started softly massaging George´s groin area, while stroking her own pussy with her other hand. George was still sitting there holding his wife´s leg up and didn´t know whether to look left or right at all this hotness happening either side of him. But he also didn´t have feel the inclination to get up and be angry someone was licking his wife´s pussy. Millie whispered into George´s ear: look how Brandon licks Doreen´s pussy and how much she enjoys it. Doreen meanwhile was totally horny and within minutes reached her first orgasm. Ohhhhhhhhwwwww she screamed, while pushing Brandon´s head onto her pussy as hard she could. I so needed this, Doreen uttered when she had her breath back. Come here Brandon, stand on the sofa, so I can suck your cock. Brandon stepped onto the sofa and Doreen moved herself up against the back rest. This way Brandon could fuck Doreen in her mouth very easily. Brandon slowly pumped his cock in and out Doreen´s mouth, while she massaged his balls and squeezed his bum cheeks. Millie meanwhile had unzipped George´s pants and got up to pull them and his shorts off his legs. She then grabbed hold of George´s still floppy cock. George meanwhile was mesmerized with Brandon´s hard cock sliding in and out of his wife´s mouth. The noises Doreen made, meant she was truly enjoying it all. Millie started sucking and licking George´s cock in the hope, some life would flood back into it. Brandon was nearing and orgasm, as Doreen´s mouth felt so wonderful and soft. Doreen noticed this and pulled Brandon´s cock out of her mouth. Fuck me Brandon as I want you to spray your cum inside my pussy. Brandon got off the sofa and Doreen got up too. She kneeled down in front of George and let her arms rest on his upper legs. She looked behind her and said: come on Brandon, fuck me! Fuck me real hard, while invitingly wiggling her butt. Brandon positioned himself behind Doreen and pushed his cock inside her glistering pussy. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck me Brandon! Doreen called out. Brandon started pounding Doreen, who was looking straight at George, with her eyes rolling of pleasure. Oh baby, this is sooo good, she moaned to George. Hmm, Hmm, Hmm Doreen hmm´s in the rhythm Brandon fucked her. Millie meanwhile was still trying to suck some life into George´s cock, letting her tongue circling the cockhead. Doreen leaned forward and managed to lick George´s balls. Millie, still feeling no sign of something growing in her mouth, had gotten hold of George´s hand, which she had lead to her pussy. She pushed George´s hand against it and after a few seconds she could feel George touching her pussy a little, followed by him pushing a finger inside her, making little fucking movements with it. Then suddenly Millie sensed life in George´s cock. All the horniness George witnessed in front of him, made his cock go harder and harder. And with his cock hardening, it was easier and easier for Millie to suck his cock properly. Brandon meanwhile was really fucking Doreen´s pussy hard, his body slapping against the back of her legs. After several minutes, Millie called out: we have lift off! Doreen stopped licking her husbands balls and looked up saw her husband´s erect cock right in front of her nose. She pulled it out of Milie´s mouth and placed it in her mouth. With Brandon banging her from behind, she automatically pumped her mouth over George´s cock. She could cry of joy, but was too horny and hot to start being emotional. When Doreen was satisfied George´s cock was hard enough, she let go of his cock and looked lovingly at her husband and said: now you fuck me George. Fuck me like you always have done. George, now very much in the mood got up and Brandon moved out of the way. Then George dropped on his knees behind his wife and pressed forward, pushing his cock inside her. Oohhhwwwww, this feels so good George, Doreen groaned. Millie meanwhile had moved herself on her knees on the sofa. And you fuck me again Brandon, she called out. Brandon moved behind her and while standing up, pushed his cock between Millie´s pussy lips. Both men were now banging away and both women were purring and moaning loudly of enjoyment. Millie came pretty quickly under Brandon´s pounding. The a****l within George had properly woken up as he shouted “pussy swop!” and both men, swopped women. Brandon ordered Doreen to lie on the sofa on her back, with her legs high up in the air. Brandon grabbed her ankles and pushed his cock inside Doreen, while George was pounding Millie who was still on her knees on the sofa. She moved forward, so Brandon slipped out of her. Millie was the first one to reach her climax. George had quite a big cock, that in this position rubbed her clit wonderfully. Ufff, let me get my breath for a bit George, she asked. Come here with that lovely cock, Doreen called out to her husband, with wild fire in her eyes. I want to be spit roasted! Brandon pulled out of her and Doreen got up off the sofa and dropped on hands and knees. Brandon kneeled in front of Doreen and pointed his cock towards her mouth. He shuffled forward a bit and Doreen let her mouth slide over his cock. George meanwhile had positioned himself behind his wife and shoved his cock in her from behind. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Doreen moaned, being fucked from both ends now. Doreen grabbed Brandon´s balls and pulled them towards her, indicated he needed to fuck her mouth harder. Meanwhile George was hammering away inside her pussy. With Doreen holding and massaging Brandon´s nuts, he couldn´t hold out much longer and with a loud Aaahhhhhhhwwwwwww he injected his cum into Doreen´s mouth. Doreen pulled Brandon´s balls still firmly towards her, so Brandon´s cock remained deep inside her mouth. Seeing Brandon cum inside his wife´s mouth, made George exploded too and while slapping his wife butt wildly, he squirted his cum inside her pussy. When the men´s cocks were shrinking and flopped out of Doreen´s pussy and mouth, she purred a little dismayed: awww, I wanted to come again too! Don´t worry, I will sort you out, Millie responded. Lie back on the sofa darling. And with the two men watching like in a trance, they saw Millie´s head disappear between Doreen´s legs. Millie could taste a mixture of Doreen´s pussy juices and George´s cum, which made her wild. She lapped and licked and sucked, occasionally softly, alternating with wildly, while Doreen massaged her boobs and nipples and it didn´t take long until Doreen reached her climax. Millie looked up from in between Doreen´s legs, her mouth and face totally wet. Doreen pulled her towards her and kissed her friend passionately, smelling and tasting her own and George´s juices in and around Millie´s mouth. Thank you my lovely friend, Doreen whispered when she had let go of Millie´s mouth.When they all sat down on the sofa, Millie uttered: well George, I hope you are up to it again now and realise you have a very sexy wife. Yes, I do, George mumbled, this was wonderful. I wouldn´t mind doing this again. It made me super horny seeing Brandon licking and fucking my wife and her sucking his cock; it was a wonderful experience; thank you Millie and Brandon, thank you for bringing spice in our lives again Doreen smiled at her husband, as she was so happy to hear him say this. So it was decided they would have a sex meeting every fortnight, but in between, Brandon fixed a lot of “little problems” for Millie, with her receiving him in her various outfits.

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