Subject: Lance Storm & Val Venis Disclaimer I: This is a work of adult fiction dealing with homosexual sex between consenting adult males. If this is offensive to you, or you are underneath the age of legal majority in you state, country, or other municipality, please don’t read it. Disclaimer II: This is a work of FICTION. That means it’s not real. It is meant to imply nothing about the actual character or sexuality of the people involved. It’s only make-believe. If you have any comments on the story, or just want to chat, send me an email at hoo It was a great night for Lance Storm. He had just picked up a victory of the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle. There was only one problem, his dick was hard as a rock, forming a very noticeable tent in his tights. Kurt and himself had gotten extremely physical during the match. There was a bunch of rolling around on the mat and several roll-up pins, thus causing his hard on. He was running around backstage trying to find a good spot where he could jack off, where no one would find him. But it just seemed that everywhere he went, someone was there. He went inot the shower area, only to find the stud Randy Orton and Maven stroking each others dicks. He then tried a couple of the lockerrooms, but still no luck. However, he did have luck finding Kurt Angle putting a private show for HHH, but that’s not quite what he was looking for. Although it did make him harder, if that was even possible. So he decided to go to his last resort, the bathroom. He quickly pushed open the door and hurried to a stall, making sure to close the door behind him. Once safely in the stall, he quickly pulled down his blue tights, the ones that showed off his ass so well. He then pushed his thong down to his ankles, his hard dick flying out and smacking his stomach. Lance then sat down on the toilet, bursa escort his tights and thong around his ankles and his shirt still on. He wraps his right hand around his seven inch tool and begins stroking it slowly. “Ahhhh, finally,” he says softly. He begins moaning as he strokes his dick. It had been awhile since he last did this. Sure he had had sex, but never really got an opportunity to jerk off solo. He spit in his right hand and rubbed it all over his dick, using his spit as lube. “Oh yeah, Oh fuck, Oh man,” were the things he moaned as he continued to stroke his dick. ***Val Venis was walking to the bathroom, really having to go. He was right at the door when he heard incredibly intense moaning coming from inside. Curious, he quickly went inside and made his way to the stall next to where the moaning was coming from. He closed the door behind him. Suddenly he didn’t have to pee anymore, he was way too interested and aroused by what was going on next to him. He inspected the stall and to his surprise, and to his liking, he found a glory hole. He smiled and then got down on his knees to take a peak. What he saw was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen. Lance Storm was sitting on the toilet, tights down, stroking his dick. Val felt his dick twitching to life in his trunks. He pulled them down, enough for his dick to be released, and began jerking off, watching Lance getting off. It was only a short time before Lance caught on to Val watching him. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it and scare Val away. He wanted sex with Val, right here, right now. So he decided to make his first move. He slowly stood up, and stuck his dick through the hole. Val gladly took the dick in his mouth. “Oh yeah, suck it good bitch,” Storm said, loving his dick being ungulfed in the warm wetness escort bayan of Val’s mouth. While Val was sucking on Lance’s dick, he was stroking his own. Lance got impatient with Val’s sucking so he decided to see how good Val really was. He started fucking Val’s face, pumping in and out, faster and faster, until he had a steady pace. This caught Val off guard for a minute but he didn’t let it phase him too much. Val felt his balls tightening and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he would cum. He could hear Lance moaning more frequently and he knew Lance wasn’t going to last much longer either. After a few more thrusts into Val’s mouth, Lance was ready. “I’m going to cum,” Lance yelled. Val removed Lance’s dick from his mouth and began stroking it, as he continued stroking his own. “Here it comes,” Lance said as the cum exploded from his dick and creamed all over Lance’s chest. Lance shot about eights shots of thick, white cum. Val stood up, still stroking his dick. Lance’s dick was still hard as a rock, and still through the hole. Val took his right hand and rubbed Storm’s cum all over his chest. “Oh yeah, oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” Val moaned deeply. He held on to Lance’s dick and then shot his load all over it. Val covered Lance’s dick with his hot jizz. Both men pulled away and leaned back against the wall, both completely spent. Lance was the first to catch his breathe. “Come into the stall with me,” Lance said smiling. Without thinking twice, Val pulled up his trunks and walked over to the stall and went in. He thought Lance looked hot through the hole, he looked ten times hotter face to face. Lance pulled off his tights and thong completely and put them in the corner. He then pealed off his shirt revealing his gorgeous body, now completely naked. He threw the shirt in the bursa escort corner and then sat down on the toilet, the “Big Valbowski” standing right in front of him. Lance then placed his hand on Val’s hips. “Turn around,” he commanded. And with the help of Lance, Val turned around, presenting his ass to Lance. Storm then put his hands on Val’s trunks and pulled them down and Val stepped out of them, then putting them in the corner. “Bend over,” Lance said. Val bent over, putting his hands on the stall door. Storm then caressed the cheeks of Val’s now bare ass. This got a pleasured moan from Val. Lance then spread the meaty ass cheeks to expose Val’s puckered hole. Lance spit on Val’s hole and rubbed it all over, getting it ready for his dick. He spit once more, rubbed it in and decided it was time. He then spit on his hand and lubed his dick up. “Now sit on my dick,” Lance commanded. Val slowly squatted down, as Lance lined his dick up. When Lance’s dick was at Val’s tight hole, Val slowly started to ease himself down onto it. Once it was completely in, Val told Lance to give him a minute. “Okay, fuck me good,” Val said. Lance began to thrust into Val’s ass slowly. Loving his dick being squeezed by Val’s tight ass. Storm gradually began to pick up the pace. “Oh yeah, your ass feels so good,” Lance moaned. “Oh fuck Lance, fuck me harder,” the Big Valbowski yelled. And that’s just what Lance did. His balls began to smack against Val as he fucked as fast as he could. “OH SHIT, AHHH, I’m cumming,” Val moanedd as he came all over his stomach and some shooting onto the floor, without once touching his dick. As Val came, it tightened his ass around Lance’s dick, bringing him over the edge. “AHHHHH, OH MAN,” Lance yelled as he emptied loads of his hot jizz inside Val’s tight ass. Val then got off Lance’s dick, got some toilet paper and cleaned his stomach off. He then threw that in the toilet, bent over and got their clothes. Both of them then got dressed. “Thanks for a great time,” Val said opening the stall door and started leaving. “Anytime,” Lance said.

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