Larry and Freinds


Larry and FreindsSo Larry and I have been seeing each other a cpl times a week for the past 6 months. We have talked off and one about getting more guys together for me to service. Larry know being my sole master. I do as he commands me to do weather it be to service and eat his load or to eat his asshole to eating my load load for his amusement. He called me up one day asking if is was free the following morning he needed to be serviced of course i could not say no to my master i told him what time would he like me over he said his wife leaves for work at 7 be there at 7:15. I told yes sir see you then master. The next morning I was there at 7:14 i did not dare be late as i would be punished that is a story for another time. I knocked on the door avcılar escort he opened it naked i was surprised this was a first. i was wondering in my mind what he was going to do to me. Larry lead me into the living room he had porn playing on the big screen TV. He told me to drop to my knees and get to work. I dropped to knees and went to work on his cock. After only a minute he told me to stop and said i want you to meet a friend of mine. He said this is Steve out from the kitchen walked a man 6’0 190 pounds brown hair I would say 60ish naked and a good 7.5 super fat cock. I said hello and Larry said Steve wants his cock sucked i told him how good you can suck a cock. with that Steve walked up to me said suck it bitch. i went to town on his cock going beylikdüzü escort to work on Larry’s from time to time. I looked over next to Larry stood another guy , i said who is this Larry said my cousin Bob. I said no shit. Larry said no shit. Bob was a hot older man i would say 70 gray hair 6’2″ 200 pounds and when my eyes went south there between his legs hung a soft cock what was at least 7″ and super super thick soft. Bob said to Larry this whore better be good. Larry said he is. Larry looked at me and said be a good slave and service my cousin. Bob walked over and stood in front of me i took his cock into my mouth and was working it as it grew and grew and grew into this rock hard throbbing slab of 10″ meat. All i could say to his was goddamn esenyurt escort thats a fucking lot of cock. Bob laughed and said back to work bitch boy. Then as Larry, Steve and Bob stood over my having me go from cock to cock working each one Larry said you gotta see what he likes the best. With Larry told me to go lie on the table. I walked into the other room took my place with my head over the edge then each guy would take there turn skull fucking my face. the others would stand by my side and make me jerk there cocks as i got my face fucked. This went on for over a hour each guy taking there turns. Then guy by guy each would step up jerk there load into my mouth and Larry would tell me you do not drink that shit yet. With all three loads in my open mouth so they could see it. they told me to drink all there loads. Then with one big gulp i swallowed all three loads. what a great day we have done this a few other times. I know service Bob on a regular base as well.

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