Subject: Larry’s Pizza Man Debauchery Such a restful sleep, as I dreamed of happy thoughts, and was out cold from the realities of consciousness. If you were looking at the dorm bed, you’d see my slender 5’7 frame and blonde hair, along with my nude body completely exposed. You’d see my shaved penis, and watch as my eyes fluttered slightly, as my lover Larry knew how to wake me up. Saturday morning and we had passionately made love all night long, and I started moaning. His big hands were stirring my tanks. Damn he knew how to touch my balls, taint and the magical feeling jarred me awake and to moan profusely. Rubbing my scrotum, his nails gently perusing my testicles, he didn’t have to touch my hardness or hole at all. Within minutes I was orgasming on his bed, which already had my dried up cum on his bedsheets. My entire body shook violently, and although I wanted to get in his underwear, it would have to wait until later tonight. Larry had to go to work, but he did kiss me. With his high and tight brown hair and almond colored eyes, he simply said “my rubbing your balls needs to be matched by you know what.” As we kissed and he put his ridiculous pizza delivery guy outfit on, I knew that he was going to savagely pound me. Last night he had been gentle after my hole tightened over spring break, but tonight his debauchery would know no limits. His tall and athletic frame, he was all business, and I knew that perhaps on Sunday I wouldn’t be walking too well. Every time he massaged my balls until I orgasmed meant, that I had no choice but to pay the piper. Damn he was so sexy with that goatee and chiseled face, with the masculine jaw line. We kissed again and as I nibbled on his ear, I whispered “tonight be the pizza man who fucks his customer.” He was so hard, and although we didn’t want to be separated, I also had to go to my bookstore job soon too. In the shower, the door closed, as he was going to work in his Kia sedan. The hot water pressure was surprisingly generous for a university, and it always was a joy to wake up with my lover. I so always yearned to be with him, as despite him being the jocular center fielder for the schools baseball team, he was a gentle giant for the most part. The only times he’d be aggressive, were what was going to happen this evening, or if he’d been drinking. I hoped no alcohol tonight, as he could sometimes be verbally abusive, and way too ornery and would end up hurting me by his massive size advantage over me. It wasn’t all his fault, as he was 6’4 and 240 pounds to my lithe frame, but I really hoped this evening I could make him cum really hard. Always have been a giver really. That’s why I always seemed to be the by default bottom. My first gay experience in high school until now, I had never topped and really didn’t desire it. It was my goal to get my lover off, and I shaved my pubes, as Larry loved my now small penis and balls being smooth. He trimmed, but never took me up on my offer of shaving his gear. Then again that’s what he wanted, and plus I loved being with him. Whether we were at the movies, a museum, or in his dorm bed, I adored him with all I had. He was romantic too, and for the past Valentine’s Day, had steaks delivered to his dorm and flowers for me. I loved his hand written card, and the red silk panties he had bought me. They fit perfectly, although that night as all, they came right off to make my smooth ass all his. Hopping out of the shower, I put on my khaki pants, and the RB Books polo I despised. Yes it helped me with ancillary costs, as my parents didn’t have enough, to even pay for my tuition. Yet the dealing with difficult customers, was a nightmare to behold. Who knows maybe I did need a proper fucking, as lately I had become short with people more often. True there were a lot of Karen’s, but the town’s economic status, had brought us a lot of the “Bonfire of the vanity” gaziantep escort type of folks in. They expected to be treated like rock stars. For $10 an hour, I was barely scraping by. If the dining hall wasn’t open, I’d be eating ramen noodles more often. The Walmart brand sodas were bad enough as is. When the dining hall had chicken patty sandwiches, that was a treat for all of us. The first few hours went pretty quickly, and I got a pleasant surprise. Coworker Charlie who knew I was gay, asked me to give him a handjob in the break room. This was the third time, and as we knew no one was coming back, I was happy to oblige him. He had a decent sized penis, nothing spectacular, but I always was in the mood to cop a feel. Last time I tried to blow him but was rebuffed, so as I felt the wetness around my finger tips, he came all over my hands. He thanked me, pulled his pants up, and I licked his cum off of me. Damn he tasted so good, and I hoped a few more hand jobs in, he’d finally relax enough to let me show him what my oral sexual capabilities were. Back with difficult customers, I was in a better mood, although I knew tonight would be even more enticing. As usual the best selling books were out, and impatient men and women blamed us for it. This was another reminder to get my engineering degree completed. Heading back to Larry’s dorm, I texted him, “you want any grub?” “Yes you.” Tonight was going to be a parade of passionate fireworks, and so I got a little meal at the dining hall, along with preparing for the inevitable. Showering I was feeling quite horny. In the mirror I could see my hardness, and put on the tight mesh underneath that he really liked. On top of that blue compression shorts, so he’d see my night pear shaped ass, and also could see no pubes were sticking out of. My crotch was seductively smooth, and was my rear end, so it was time for him to get home. Wearing a sleeveless blue shirt, I knew he’d be back soon, so I watched tv on the couch. Humans are animals, and we also seek patterns of behavior. Hearing Larry’s key and him turning the door knob, I anticipated him getting to business with me. Sure enough he might have been wearing a red pizza shirt, and tan shorts, but he didn’t offer to change for me. Instead it was something out of a porno flick, as he picked me up, and made me stand in front of him. We kissed so magically. First lips then tongues, as he grabbed my tight rear end, even giving me a playful smack or two. Oh yes I was hard, as he grabbed my crotch, and also got behind me. His hard cock with all of our clothes on, he play fucked me, and I cooed as I wanted him so badly. Needed him to be honest, as I quivered with every gyration of his hips. He kissed the back of my neck, simulated his penis in me, and soon pushed me down on my knees. Taking off of his shoes, he tussled my blonde hair, and I finally got his socks off. Moving up his waist with my hands first visiting his legs, I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his shorts. Sticking out hard in his blue underwear briefs, was the bulge that I knew rather intimately. Pulling down his undies, I massaged his pubes gently, stroked his large penis to his moans. His eyes rolled as I put my magical fingers on his balls, and took him into my mouth. Already his precum was on my lips. It tasted so good, and as I was able to deepthroat him, Larry’s legs turned to jello. They shook violently. His hands were grabbing my hair, and despite his pulling, I got extremely turned on. Oh my did I love Larry, and his manliness in my face, no where else I’d rather be. His penis and balls were sweaty from the hot ovens, and as well being outside. Oh I just loved it even more like this. His bushy pubes in my hands again, I sucked his balls with a purpose of pleasure. Damn I liked this, and it’s all I ever wanted to do. Finally on the bed, his shirt off, I was able suriyeli escort to suck him up even firmer. My tongue was so busy the whole time. What could be done for my jaw as it hurt, but it was tbd type of pain I absolutely enjoyed, as his precum was sliding into my throat. Sweet tasting, he was really dribbling large amounts of sperm in my mouth. Before I knew it, he had my clothes off, and said @do me baby.” As his head and body shook, as I at the same time gave him oral sex, Larry relented and knew that he didn’t have it to fight me off of his control center of pleasure. Weaving his penis in my mouth, I made sure he felt my saliva and heat in tandem. More precum. Larry must have oh yes he did. Those testicles were all mine, and though they tasted so sour and sweet same time. The beads of sweat, and their natural warmth meeting my saliva and inner cheeks was surreal. I loved the taste of Larry’s penis the most, as his shaft was all the way into my throat, as I was on my knees. Up and down, side to side, pendulum like his eyes rolled up and his body tensed up in response. I just kept attacking his penis with my thick lips and saliva, and before I knew it, his nude body in front of me locked up. He couldn’t take it anymore, and as I gently cupped his sensitive testicles, goblets of his sperm flew into my mouth. Hearing the clicking noise and his howls, made me suck him even more, as his nut juices went further down my throat. His DNA in my mouth and oh I had made my man’s night. Yet as I figured, this was just the beginning. As we cuddled up on his couch to watch movies, he stroked my hard penis kissing me. “You’ll cum later with me.” Smiling I got up and made popcorn and got other snacks, and some Gatorade drinks. When he already had cum, the second shot would take considerable time, and while I’d enjoy it this was going to be a full bodied workout. He smelled like pizza, sweat, yet I detected his Kenneth Cole fragrance on. Kissing and watching sci-fi movies, it was so good to be with my man. His hands and everything were so much bigger than mine. We held hands for awhile, the darkness of evening and the lights out, and more Transformers movies continuing on. Moments like this I was so happy to love on him, and he was a great kisser, plus damn his hands felt so amazing. They moved on my left leg, which only made me horny, and I gazed in his eyes to see that mischievous smile. “You still have to wait a little while baby.” As my penis made me more aware of the flushed and hot feelings I was enduring, he gave me an incredible back massage that felt amazing. Both of us nude under his bedsheet on that old couch, was the very definition of bliss. Somehow I passed out. Not sure what caused it, but could have been how cozy being next to Larry was. I shot up like a bolt, as I felt his finger in me. He goosed me! Standing up I noticed the lights were on, and in front of me was my man’s easily long and thick 9″ cock that was absolutely erect. Breathless yet equally captivated, naked, and exposed in front of him vulnerable. He continued to finger me, and his other hand touched my shaved groin area. Blood drained from other areas to my penis, and as we kissed, I moaned as my partner gave it TLC. Those magical palms were on my balls again, and soon we were face to face kissing. The pheromones and scent of sex filled the air, as he lowered me down by holding onto my hips. Oh yes I loved it when he did that, and as he smiled with anticipation, I remembered to push down as I slid down his hard rod. Was he thicker than before. Even with more warm lubricating liquid, it took all of my strength and clenched teeth, to fit him inside my ass. Up and down slowly, it did hurt some, but as Larry gently used his fingers on my nipples and balls, I was able to finally go all the way down. He was inside me completely. My hands rus escort on his shoulders for security, his eyes glimmered with a sexual awakening. We kissed. We held hands. I occasionally massaged his gigantic nuts. Such a connected feeling as he was part of me, and I allowed him to be inside me with vigor and acceptance. Two people became one, and he smiled as we both moaned, the music of our libidos being lit like candles of togetherness. All of a sudden he stopped. I felt his genitals slide out of my insides, and was stunned by this all of a sudden not desired course of action. He walked away and without a word, coming back wearing his pizza delivery shirt and hat. I smiled and cringed. “Bend over bitch, as you’re going to get the special delivery you requested.” I complied without question, but knew to my depths, what was coming. Soon he was probably past my colon as his gigantic tube was in me, as he fucked me like a cheap whore. I felt his shirt fibers bristle on my back and rear as he took me insatiably and with no mercy. He was going animalistic on me, and soon he had me pounded so hard, that my face was in the floor as I literally got throttled. Spanking my ass cheeks with his gorilla like arms, he just kept sliding in, and his balls were the only thing on my hole to stop him. His athletic frame and quick hips, in this way we’re lowering my happy batting average. Sure I’d let him as I was his bottom, yet I knew when he gave me the ball massage this morning, there would be a price to play. Maybe this was karma for feeling up my coworker and masturbating him off in the break room. Trying to distract myself I thought of Charlie’s penis hard in my hands, but soon saw splotches and felt pain as my rear end got taken to town by my lover. My knees hurt, my back and abdomen were sore, and I wouldn’t be walking well after this. He reminded me by touching my feet, and I knew what to do from muscle memory. Pulling forward, I opened my legs to him, with my butt cheeks on the couch. Soon he had my feet on his shoulders, and with his tall torso, sweat dropped all over me. From his pores to mine, I watched his brown eyes get bigger, and the veins on his forehead and neck bulge. Now I was the centerfield’s ball boy, as his Louisville slugger was sliding in and out of my once taunt hole. Thankfully he added more lube, and even touched my hard shaft with it. Oh yes although aggressive I was enjoying this now. Larry inside me, and looking at me as we were a unit now. Our bodies colliding, both our heart and respiratory rates off the charts. Somehow I reached down and touched his soaking warm with lube balls. He kissed me as I touched his gigantic guacamole like testes, and took his hormone induced sex object into me as much as I could. Soon I touched his nipples. They were hard. We kissed. His lips on mine were the very definition of of heaven with puffy clouds, and we connected on a level we never had. I couldn’t help but touch my hard cock, and at the same time Larry’s hands prodded my balls and truly did stir my tanks. The feeling was epic, and like being in another universe, as my g spots sensitivity got me and I surrendered to it. Every time his penis slid on it, the fluids were felt releasing slowly, and I screamed as a gigantic shot of sperm came out of me. All over my chest I had tears of happiness, and being kissed afterwards, I felt so special to have such a good man. I knew he was finally ready. Part of being a amazing lover, is knowing what your partner needs. That look told me everything. Oh he was now in the zone, and I wanted him to breed me. It was what my destiny was. Taking his shirt off, I rode him with what energy I could muster. With a looser rear, I clenched with what I had. So had to squeeze him. Playing with his sensitive nipples, we kissed and our tongues together, the heat in the room went further up. Up and down I went, and as my finger tips touched his chest, he started to close his eyes. Inside a shot of his mammoth like load went in my insides, and his orgasm made him convulse with a fury. Kissing and hugging, we felt asleep like that, and to be loved by him was as good as it could get.

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