Subject: Lasse Part 1 Lasse Part 1 by Chaim groeiutrecht@ Feedback to authors is their primary compensation and motivation. Support Nifty with your donation to keep this open and free! ===== Lasse ===== “Morning Pim.” said my little brother Lasse as he walked naked into the bathroom. Lasse’s little penis was soft and I watched it wobbled as he walked in. My little brother, looked realy like a cute little Viking this way. Viewing the small boy from the back, I was again struck by his unblemished beauty, his firm but substantial butt, and impossibly thin waist and his wonderful, rather long wavy blonde hair. I smiled and remembered Craig words in the gym some days ago. I complained about Grindr during the lockdown. Nobody seemed to be interested in a date and a good fuck. My buddy looked amuzed at me, “Well, I know a little guy who is just about ready to discover that he is interested in your cock.” Craig is your typical jock. He is gay and loves do play soccer and the gym which provided him with an amazing body that many girls throw themselves at. My buddy is gay and isn’t interested in them. He is never short on boys who were dying to get laid by him. Every night he hits Grindr and the rest of the time he has his cock burried deep in some willing ass, because he was so hot no one can resist him. At least that was his story, but curious, I asked him, “Who’s that?” “Your kid brother,” Craig said and I laughed, “Lasse? Impossible, Lasse’s is too young and he not gay.” “Maybe not yet, but I think he’s got an inner side that’s just waiting to come out and I think you can help him.” Craig smiled at me and winked, “Oh dear Pim, Lasse’s just the right age, young enough to be curious, but not old enough to figure things out by himself. He needs your support, buddy! Your kid brother is as pretty as a girl, and I know you like that.” Well, I told him about my preference for younger teens and boys and I liked them smooth and innocent. Craig teased me, challenged me and I wondered what he knew about my little brother as he said, “How can any boy be that pretty and not have a gay side to him? Lasse worships you, you’re his hero. Lasse loves you.” I knew Craig was right about how Lasse looked at me, the boy really did admire me. I also knew, Craig was right about Lasse’s good looks. My little brother was really cute, he was pretty, and a little bit girlish with his blonde long hair… but did he need me to sort things out? I knew was first attracted to his nice shaped butt when I was in the swimmingpool him when he was about nine or ten. I observed that those butt cheeks were solid and perfectly formed. Just the right amount of bubble butt to be attractive without being overdone. On occasion I would try to get peaks at him in the shower without being too obvious in what I was doing. Each peak yielded the same result, my little brother was a gorgeous, perfectly formed young boy with his pre-development, hairless penis and balls. I have to admit I loved those peaks, but never felt the urge to act on it! Now standing with my little brother in the bathroom I looked at Lasse and saw he took position leaning against the double sink. He was pushing his delicious butt cheeks out and waited for me to remove his butt plug. I placed my hand against his soft but firm ass cheeks and started to caress them. Doing so I was thinking back at my chat with Craig, how pretty Lasse would look going down on my cock, sitting naked on my lap with my hard teen cock up his boy pussy. I got hard at the thought of fucking my little brother. I loved him, but thinking about this from Lasse’s point of view, that was impossible. Maybe Lasse was not gay at all, just girlish because he was a young boy. Lasse was not going to go gay just because I wanted him. But if he was gay, the best way was he find out from someone who loved and cared for him. With a shock I returned to reality and mumbled unconsciously, “Wow, you know Lasse, whether you know it or not, you are one sexy kid.” Separating his butt cheeks, I worked the little black plug from him and tossed it into the sink. “Let me know when you are done,” with that said, I walked to my room confused and horny. Lasse yelled back, “I will!” On my bed I couldn’t think of anything but having Lasse naked on my lap, pushing my hard teen cock into his cute little bottom. He was sitting on my lap and facing me and his eyes widened. Realizing that he liked the feeling, he wriggled around it made my cock feel really good. As he did, I played with his erect little penis. Without warning Lasse wiggled around on my lap and the feelings on my teen cock were fantastic! Oh my god what a fantasy, what a dream to fuck my little brother. I stroked my cock, I was so horny! My face was in a spasm, I was horny as hell. I wanted him, my little brother’s ass, to make me cum. I wanted more, not just my hand! but now feeling my hand on my teen cock, thinking about his little ass, my balls exploded. I trembled and I felt as my teen cock exploded. My cum pumped out of my cock as my body trembled with heavy spasms. Oh fuck, my sperm was on my face, my chest, on my belly… really everywhere. I remember how this all started. One night I watched some gay porno on my laptop. The handsome teen on the screen growled and started to come. A blonde teen, a somewhat older version of my little brother was sitting next to him pulled his spewing cock out and the two drained their balls. I groaned and lifted my butt and shoved my boxershorts below my balls. My hard and horny cock sprang out. I sat back, not touching myself, just thinking about my little brother. Lasse was so cute, so attractive, my cock bounced at the thought of his naked body, the drooling head of my cock dripped on my stomach. I palmed my balls as I closed my eyes and soon was on the edge. I was primed and ready, it was only moments before I heard the familiar sounds of Lasse playing in his own bedroom. I fought the ache in my loaded balls, the urge to pump out my teen load and groaned. Oh, fuck, my little brother was so close and nearly naked, if I could… and I lost the battle. My cock jerked and was drooling pre-cum, I groaned and was dreaming on, if I could hold Lasse tight to my body and feel him on my cock; I fisted myself over the edge. In a second my teen balls exploded, jets of cum splattered my chest and belly. I shuddered with an aftershock, as my body twitched more slowly, easing down. Finally, I quietly rose and my hand found my white hand towel. I covered my spent cock with the hand towel and wiped myself dry. With a satisfied sigh I smiled down and I just sat there as I wallow in my afterglow. That very moment my little brother came running into my room waring only his white boy briefs. I quickly covered up and looked at the trembling boy. Lasse panted, “I need your help!” My little brother looked a little embarrassed. “There is nothing to be embarrassed about Lasse. Calm down, you are my brother and I love you very much. There is nothing that you cannot tell me.” the boy raised his eyebrows and looked at me intently, “Well, okay, I need something, I need your help. I have having stomach and constipation issues as the doctor puts it, and believe me, it was embarrassing enough when the doctor put it in my butt.” I asked him calmly, “So, you need your enema, what the problem?” Deep down I wanted nothing more. I wanted to help him with this. This was the perfect opportunity to come closer to his body and sexy little ass. “Now Daddy and Mom are away for a month, I don’t know how to do it myself.” I smiled, Well here it was. I had never been intimate with Lasse and certainly never shoved anything up his cute little ass, now here I was called on to do something that normally only a doctor or his parents did. “Okay, I will help you, no problem,” I said in a gentle voice. “We’ll do this in the bathroom. Meanwhile, can you get yourself there and get undressed while I set up the enema stuff?” Lasse looked at me surprised, maybe he just expected my instructions. “Having you to help me is, you know…?” I smiled, “It’s okay Lasse, I know what to do, you need your butt cleaned out. Why don’t you go get ready and I will be in there in a minute.” With that, my boy rushed off to the bathroom. I gave him a minute and then got up and walked in to find him on his hands and knees in his white boy briefs. I stood there and stared at him. “Are you ready Lasse?” I asked him. He just nodded his head and I saw that he was beginning to breath more heavily. I reached for his little boy briefs and started to slide them down his slim body. Lasse’s ass was smooth, rounded and very white, his cheeks were slightly separated and his little pink hole was puckered shut. My breathe caught in my throat as I glanced over the rest of him. Lasse’s feet were clean and his long toes flexed out on the bathroom floor. Above his glorious ass his back stretched forward, arched up to his just filling out shoulders and a long neck connected to a his long wavy blonde hair. Lasse’s face was straight forward and unmoving. As Lasse’s pubic area slowly came into view, I noticed that his small penis was fully erect, sticking out from his body like a miniature soldier at attention. It was about as big around as my thumb, his small balls were in a tight, pink little ball held close in between his legs. I kneeled down beside him and shifted my now hard cock into a better position in my boxershorts and with one hand I picked up the bottle uncapping it. My other hand reached out to his tight ass and gently caressed it. Pre-cum gushed out of my cock and soaked my boxershorts I could feel it wetting my leg, “Don’t worry Lasse, it will be fine. Where is the lubricant?” “I couldn’t find it, Pim. Is there something else we can use?” “Yes boy, but I can’t lube the end of the bottle, I have to lube your butt. Is that okay with you?” “Whatever you need to do Pim.” With that said, I leaned over his small body and getting close enough to his ass that I could smell his boy essence, I separated his cheeks farther apart. Opening my mouth, I let some saliva leave my mouth and watched it land on his crack. It slowly ran down his crack and as it reached his tiny pucker, I reached out with my hand and using my index finger, I rubbed it gently into his closed boy hole. Stretching it open slowly. I let more spit out and pushed it even deeper into my boy getting a small moan from him. After fingering his very tight hole until it loosened up, I brought the enema up and inserted it into him, draining it. When the enema bag was empty, I withdrew the enema and told my little brother, “Hold it as long as you can and then let it go.” I used the palm of my hand on his abdomen, slowly massaging his smooth, soft stomach, rubbing first in small circles around the belly button later expanding the belly messages to larger circles around his navel, in a clockwise direction and eventually rubbing near his penis. I watched him jump up, so he could sit on the escort izmit toilet, giving me my first view of my boy’s naked body that I haven’t seen this way in years. Lasse was thin with light muscle, a little gangly and not a hair anywhere on his body below his ears. Lasse’s penis was hanging softly over a nice sack of tight balls. Standing up slowly with my hand hanging in front of my crotch to try to hide my rampantly hard teen cock. I had to force myself to snap back into the real world as to stop my imagination from taking him to the next step. The step of desiring to have my little brother next to me in bed and with that, he told Lasse, “Okay boy, time to get ready for bed. Let me know if you need another cleaning,” and with that I was out the door, heading to my room. I was in need to unload my aching balls, and inside my bedroom I stripped naked and lay on my bed. Take it slow and make the fun last, was a good rule in this case. I waited a few minutes to let myself cool off before I touched my drooling cock. I thought about my little brother this vacation. We slept in one tent. Lasse made sure to keep quiet as he slid his hand into his pajama bottoms and began to masturbate himself with just a light touch, slow and soft, till he almost went crazy but he controlled himself so firmly that he only spasmed slightly at the moment he squirted into his pajamas with me next to him. Tonight I was determined to do it the same way. After half an hour I needed the bathroom and walking past Lasse’s bedroom door I thought I heard a sound. It was a faint squeaking, soft and rhythmic. So soft, so quiet, I chuckled to myself. My little brother was having a good time, although I did not expect that at his age. I knew the sounds too well to be mistaken. The squeaks stayed soft but the rhythm gradually accelerated. I leaned closer to the door, tempted to peek but I was unwilling to disturb Lasse’s pleasure. The boy became faster now, and louder too. Wow, that sounded good, could my sweet little brother cum yet? As I neared my climax I could no longer restrain my thrusts and so did he… The bed squeaked sharply four times. Lasse squealed softly once, twice. Then all was silence. I grinned, I wasn’t sure he could squirt yet, but he was now certain that he was masturbating and resumed my journey to my bedroom, my heart was pounding in my chest. I lay down on the bed, lowered my boxershorts and stroked my already dripping teen cock. Horny as hell, I wanted my cock to be in his cute little ass hole. And with those thoughts going through my mind, I had that impossible fantasy again. I brought my lubed teen cock into position of its target, Lasse’s tender, young virgin boy pussy, the head of my cock started its journey into my little brother’s love tunnel. I took it slow as to enjoy every last second of my cock entering his eager boy pussy. I closed my eyes and was in total sexual bliss, enjoying my fantasy, feeling of his tight boy pussy and watching him under me. The ultimate thrill of feeling my cock in pure sexual pleasure, was filling my mind with lust I had never experience before. Soon I was on the edge of exploding. I panted with each stroke on my cock. Lost in the heat of my lust. I couldn’t hold back and gave in and surrendered my orgasm. My cum flew over to my belly to chest and face. The next morning I woke up, again painfully hard and had to jerk out two loads before I felt safe leaving my room. I was grabbing my bathrobe from the back of my desk chair and tying the belt around my waist. I could hear Lasse in the kitchen getting something ready. Not only was there eggs and toast waiting for me, Lasse was standing at the stove still shirtless in his white boy briefs. I wanted him for breakfast. “Hey there brother!” He smiled as I gaped at his breakfast, my little brother leaning across the kitchen counter in his white boy briefs, his ass stuck out, while he ate his toast. “Looks fantastic!” “You’re gonna make me blush.” He said with a smile as he poured me mug of coffee, “Want me to make you breakfast?” Lasse asked me. He laughed, an easy sound, this was different, somehow. And I realized why, the little man had a great time last night! “Lasse, you’re up early and you’re in a good mood!” I ate my breakfast and praised him. I looked at Lasse, he was wearing his tight white briefs that magnified the beauty and shape of his boy ass, his back was shirtless and his clear smooth skin kept my attention. “Pim!” My little brother said to me. “Why are you staring at me?” “Sorry Lasse, you are a very beautiful boy and attractive. I guess I was just admiring you.” He giggled, “Woe, nobody told me that before.” I saw him reach back and stroke his little boy ass. I hardly could eat anything, my cock was leaking again. It wasn’t long before my cock was pushing up against the elastic waistband. Afraid Lasse should see it, I rushed back to my room. My cock-head was really straining to get out of my boxershorts, it had made a slippery wet spot just under the narrow top. I put my fingers around the top of my shaft and tugged a bit on my boxershorts and the head popped out the top. It was all wet and slippery. My teen cock was throbbing straining for release as I stroked it. Soon I was getting real close, my hips were bucking, my hand was flying. Gobs and gobs of my hot cream moving up my shaft through my fingers and shooting out of my throbbing head. It was quickly covering my chest. I was almost shouting as I shot again and again. It was so amazing! I thought I would never stop but slowly it did and my body relaxed. By the time I was able to leave my bedroom again, my cock was sore from wearing it out and I had a plan to get closer to Lasse’s wonderful little ass. Later I went for my room and found my four pack of butt plugs that started small and thin and went up in size just past the thickness of my cock when it was hard. I thought about lube and decided to get it now, I always could put it aside for use later. I told my little brother, “Well, I know your pucker is tight and small. I have found something that might help you with this problem,” I ignored his questions and just said. “Trust me, Lasse. I think it will eventually keep you from needing the enemas. Now go get ready in the bathroom.” I watched his ass as he went down the hallway and I dropped my robe thinking how much I would like to see him strip out of his white boy briefs. I hurried after him! I arrived just in time to see him pulling his briefs down across his butt, his cheeks showing their whiteness. Lasse bent at the waist as he dropped them lower and as he stepped out of them, his rosebud puckered and I started leaking in my boxershorts. I watched closely as my little brother get down on his hands and knees and I stared at his beauty. I noticed that he had turned his head and was looking at me. All of me, which included a very hard cock that was leaking pre-cum into my boxers. I reached into the little bag I brought with me and removed the smallest butt plug. I showed it to him. “Now Lasse, I’m going to insert this little black plug into you and it will stretch the insides of your butt some. Tomorrow, I will replace it with a bigger one and after a few days, a bigger one yet. When I am done, you should be stretched enough that you won’t have to use them anymore, but there will be something we can do to keep you from tightening back up that will be a lot easier than using these.” Lasse nodded and I kneeled next to him. “Just like the other day, I need to lubricate your insides,” and with that said I grasped his cheeks and pulled them apart. I again leaned over him and dripped spit onto his crack. When it reached his boy hole, I spread it around it and pushed my finger in some. Lasse moaned softly as I pushed further into him than I did the other night. I pulled my finger out and keeping his cheeks spread, I spit directly into his ass. Then I pushed my finger back in working the spit around. Lasse’s ass was following my movements and as I withdrew my finger again, his ass tried to follow it, wanting to keep it inside. I grabbed the butt plug and slid it slowly into my little brother’s virgin ass. Lasse moaned louder as I worked it in and out a little, trying to get him used to it. With another moan I saw his knees buckle some and realized he was hard as a nail. Without thinking, I reached under him and grasping his boy erection and I worked it while playing with his ass. Lasse’s moans increased in loudness and pitch. Lasse’s body started shaking and then I felt his cock throb as his body shook and shook and he collapsed. I stared at him amazed that I had given him what was probably his first ever orgasm with another human being and quickly decided I should get him to bed. With the tiny dildo still inside his little pucker I picked his light body up and carried him naked to his bedroom. I laid him on his bed and started to cover up his nakedness with is sheet. “Pim, what was that? I thought I was going to explode…” he asked softly. “Well Lasse, that was an orgasm. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have grabbed you but I guess I got carried away.” He looked at the wet spot in my boxershorts and there was no way back. I couldn’t deny the visible reality. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have touched your penis but I will be honest with you. I got hard looking at your body. The wet spot on my boxershorts is from my pre-cum, what older guys produce when they get excited. Yes, the plug helped you to get hard. With it’s inside of your ass, you will find your penis gets harder and if you rub it like I did, the plug will cause very intense orgasms,” Lasse smiled, “I like that climax thing, when I stroke my penis laying in bed I get the same feeling.” he says looking up at me. “You had an orgasm yourself?” I shook my head. “No Lasse, I wanted to have one, but it would take more rubbing to get me there.” “but you have them too?” and his innocence was so natural and cute. “Yes Lasse, all men have them but mine is different, I have stuff come out of my penis,” I said, and Lasse looks at me with that little boy inquisitive look and Lasse’s eyes were glued to my crotch as he said, “You helped me, let me help you.” Before I could stop him, his little hand went up and his fingers he touched the wet front of my boxershorts. Slowly he moved his fingers around on my boxershorts, he wrapped them on my still hard cock. Lasse slowly moved his fingers up and down my swollen shaft. The translucent wet spot grew bigger and bigger. With Lasse’s little hand sliding up and down and I groaned softly. He continued slowly stroking and squeezing, until I was about to pop my load. I let out a sigh and whispered, “Oh boy, I’m close,” Within a couple of strokes, I groaned load, shivered and felt my orgasm building and my mind was whirring. It felt so good but I also knew it was totally wrong. Like really fucking wrong, Lasse ws my little brother! I couldn’t deny my true feelings, as Lasse’s noy hand slowly wanked my twwn cock but my izmit escort bayan subconscious was screaming at me to get out of there. But what to do? I tried to stay calm and focus on how Lasse was making me feel. With a flood of emotion and pleasure, my cock spasmed and my body was wracked with an intense orgasm, “Here it is,” I groaned as my teen cum began gushing from my cock, filling my boxershorts. Lasse stroked the white cotton, drawing my load through the thin material. I couldn’t help it, I shot at least five good volleys of hot cream before it was over. I sat back as Lasse continued to stroke at my cum-soaked briefs. “Wow Lasse, I came into my boxers!” He smiled at me, “You liked it?” I nodded and smiled back at him. The front of my boxershorts was soaking wet, giving him a clear view of my entire cock and balls through his now-transparent cotton. I felt so dirty and so naughty. I hugged him with deep brotherly love, “I’m dity, I will take a quick shower!” The real problem however, was my erection, which refused to go down and was still very visible in the tight fitting of my boxers. My only hope now, was an ice cold shower. I quickly hurried in the bathroom. The fantasy of seeing him fully naked started to form in my mind. It felt kind of weird to realize that I’m lusting after my little brother, but at the same time I wished that he could fuck his beautiful ass. I was getting really hot, a quick cold shower should do the trick, I said to myself. I turned the temperature as cold as possible, I waited some seconds, mentally preparing for the shock. As the ice cold water hit my body, I almost jumped back but I managed. Quickly rinsing my teen body, it worked and my cock went flaccid. I dried myself and tidied up. I stayed naked and went to my room for a fresh pait of boxershorts. In my boxers I walked to Lasse’s half open door, in the light I could see myself clearly in his mirror and knew that he had the same view. Lasse gave me a glance that reminded me of being undressed with someone’s eyes. I dismissed the thought and said, “Good night little brother,” a soft voice replied, “Goonight Pim,” I turned to go back and Lasse asked, “Do you care which side of the bed I sleep on?” I looked at him, totally surprised and amazed by his question. I entered his room again and answered, “I didn’t exactly plan on sharing the bed with you. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable and you have only a single bed.” Lasse didn’t give up. “Can’t you sleep here?” I smiled and answered, “You have only a single bed, maybe sleeping together is not such a bright idea.” But what the hell, this was an invitation you can’t dismiss. He was still a young kid, sleeping in one bed is not a big deal. “I can convince you.” Lasse said, “I know just what to do.” And he did know how to make me agree to let me sleep with him, he knew just what to do to convince me. With that Lasse’s hand went over my chest. I shiivered and he said in a sweet voice, “You’re cold and my body will warm you up. Please Pim, you will like it.” I sighted and opened his blanket and we got in his bed. I didn’t know what came over me but before I knew it we shared his bed. I usually sleep in my boxershorts and when I got in, we spooned together and I found that he was nearly naked too. Lasse wore his white boy briefs and his little sexy ass was pressing right on my teen cock. I started getting hard. My hardening cock pressed into his butt crack, but Lasse didn’t seem to mind. In fact he thrust his butt further back, pushing on my cock. I let out a soft grunt. “Does that feel good, Pim?” He was now squirming around, rubbing his beautiful ass all over my cock. “Yes, Lasse, it feels very good, but I don’t think…” Before I could finish, Lasse asked, “Pim, can you hold me?” How could I refuse him that? I hugged him and wrapped my arms around him. “I want you to sleep with me, I feel so safe in your arms,” After some minutes he turned and he lay on his back. Lasse smiled at me ran his finger over my chest and around my nipple, just the touch of his finger playing with my hard nub, was sending shivers through my body. All kinds of thoughts racing through my mind. My mind keeps replaying what happened that day. So here he was, in my arms turning me on. “You keep playing with my nipple like that, you will get more than you bargained for,” I warned him but Lasse pinched my nub hard, sending electrical charges through me and my hands grabbed his sweet ass cheeks and squeezed them. Lasse let out a soft moan, as I squeezed them again, and he grinded his penis into my cock. I had to be careful, this was going off limits, this was too much. I turned hin to his side and hugged him, it was nice to feel the little boy in my embrace. He seemed to enjoy my embrace and he snuggled closer to me, his butt pushed further back. He found a comfortable position and closed his eyes. Minutes later, he was snoring. I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew his young age and tried to convice myself, Lasse was not trying to be sexual, he only wanted to be close to me, which was perfectly fine. Some hours he slept totally sound, I enjoyed the warm body in my embrace. It was not sexual but very sensual. It was already late and I tried to sleep myself, which was difficult in his small single bed. After a while Lasse’s hand reached up and grasped my flaccid cock and his fingers wrapped around it quickly and before I could react, he had made several strokes up and down the semi-rigid length, bringing it to full life. “What are you doing?” I could only stare as my little brother who sat up and worked my cock. Shit, I had to stop him this time, but it felt so good! “Ah, shit!” I breathed and his little hand was feeling so good, I groaned and said, “Shit, Lasse, lay down and get some sleep!” Lasse ignored me. I saw my little brother strip rapidly out of his boy briefs. Nude now, Lasse crawled in at the foot of the bed between my legs. I wasn’t prepared for this, but figured he was just getting so he could get a better grip on my cock. And he leaned over, his sweet face closed upon my towering erection, and I felt the warmth and the moisture and the delight when Lasse took my cock into his little mouth. “Ah, ah, shit!” My little brother was giving me a blow-job! A real, honest, fucking blowjob! Where the fuck did he learn how to suck cock? Wherever he had learned it, he knew how to do it. Lasse’s lips were wet and hot around my exposed cockhead, his tongue was brushing the bottom of the glans, the tip was swirling about the top, when Lasse raised his head up, then it raked down the side as he lunged down. “God, yeah, blow my cock, keep it up, give that cock hell, Lasse!” I moaned. Oh fucking hell, he had me! I felt my lust in all its glory, all its delight, all the magnificent pleasure that ran through my body in waves, vast, rippling, ecstatic waves of an extreme joy! God, this was the reason for living, the real reason, for this, to feel this! “Shit, Lasse, take a break!” I gasped. “I got to rest a little here. Make it last, boy, make it last!” Lasse obeyed this time and as he climbed up to lie upon my chest. The boy shifted downwards slightly and I found my little brother’s tiny but erect penis lying on top of my own cock. And as the two hard shafts made contact, Lasse gave his own groan of pleasure, and his hips began to grind them together. Our two tools rubbing against each other, our bodies touched, the warmth of his body upon my own, making me warm, so hot and eager for more! Lasse’s groans were getting sharper, more intense. I smiled and ran my fingers through Lasse’s long blonde hair as he rubbed his small frame against my own, his hard little penis was stroking itself upon my longer, thicker cock. The frantic noises that escaped Lasse’s lips were the sounds from the depth of my little brother’s throat were deeper and full of boyish delight, his voice rose to a high crescendo and I felt the dampness on my cock, the dampness of his pre-cum as he reached his almost-climax. The boty stopped his movements and Lasse panted on top of me, the warm breath stroked my chest. “You got a little carried away, didn’t you?” I joked as he stroked the now-sweaty strands of hair out of the boy’s face. “Yeah.” the boy smiled. “When you’re ready, you need to finish me.” I reminded him and Lasse’s head dived down under the covers. I groaned when he lapped my cock clean and then began to re-lubricate it. The warmth of Lasse’s mouth, driving my body up into the heights again, it was ecstasy, the summit of joy, it was now within my reach. God, that Lasse’s rubbing of his little penis against my own cock had kept up the level of desire, I was as close to my orgasm as ever. Lasse’s mouth was fervent and talented upon my cock. A hard cum was building inside. Lasse rocked back and forth harder. I moaned, “oooohhhh Lasse, I’m going to cum, please make me cum, pleased don’t stop.” I couldn’t help but surrender to it and my cock exploded with my climax, “Oh, God, I’m coming, Lasse, I warned him, “I’m going to shoot it, right in your mouth!” I came in thick, heavy streams shooting from his cock into my little brother’s clutching mouth, and he sucked on me hard when I did, drinking me down, licking off my love-juices and bringing me even more pleasure from the intensity of his movements, of his suction, of his complete acceptance of my cum as it poured out of me into my little brother’s mouth. “Oh, oh, fuck!” Lasse licked his lips, “Damn, you taste good, I could suck you forever, yes forever.” Lasse sat and tried to regain his regular breathing, his blue eyes opened and he smiled and he rested his slender arms and point of a chin on my chest, so he could look into my eyes. “So, Pim, can sleep with you?” I had no doubts now, and mumbled, “Lasse you are so hot,” I said not realizing I was speaking out loud. If Lasse heard what I said he didn’t show it. He looked at me for merely a second and realized I was looking at him and then I reached up and pulled him down so he was lying next to me. All I could think of was my little brother lying next to me and how I wanted to have him, to touch him anywhere, for any reason. I finally decided to raise my arm above my head so that I could bring my hand down on his blonde head and run my fingers through his hair. To me it seemed like the safest option for now. I replied, “You sure can sleep with me!” I said fondly as he stroked that beautiful long hair, just to see the angelic smile again. The boy cuddled into my arm and he slept warmly like that. We took shower together and I gave him an old and now too small pair of my own briefs to wear. In the middle of the night Lasse left his bed and I watched as he crossed the room to the bathroom, passing my line of slight which was turned toward the bathroom door, and away from the bed. Lasse flipped on the light and left the door wide open. My little brother was nearly naked, just in his clad in white briefs. Bending kocaeli anal yapan escort over the sink, he splashed his face with water, his back smooth, his spine showing in the middle. With the hand towel laying beside the sink he dried his face. He stepped over to the toilet, lifting the lid with one hand and lowering his white briefs with the other, pulling his flaccid penis and balls over the waistband. Nothing for a second, until violently, his piss erupted from the head of his penis and splashed noisily into the water in the bowl. Lasse sighed contentedly with the release of perhaps long held piss. I could see the yellow arch leaving the head of his penis and disappearing behind the sink cabinet that hid the toilet from my point of view. Gradually his stream lessened in intensity, and stopped. Lasse squeezed out a few last drops and shook his penis over the water, but did not turn from the toilet. Lasse stroked his flaccid penis now slowly, stretching it a bit, rubbing it, then stroking it again, as it began to expand, to lengthen. Lasse’s penis grew to its little length, and the boy stroked it from base to tip, his hand grasped firmly around its girth, his left hand still on his stomach, his eyes closed. My cock in my boxershorts was straining against the fabric, and beneath the covers, I rubbed it roughly with my hand as I watched my little brother jerk off in the bathroom. Suddenly he stopped stroking his penis and turned around to leave the bathroom. I closed my eyes, nearly completely, but open just enough I could still see a bit. Lasse flipped the bathroom light off and walked to the bed, his still hard penis bobbing as he walked. Not hearing anything, I knew he was stopped somewhere between the bed and the door. I waited, my and held my breath, trying not to let him know I was awake, I waited. Waited, until he sat on the right edge of the bed a moment later. Lasse pulled the sheet down and slipped beneath it, turned so that we were in spooning position, though there was some space between us, as I was so close to the edge of the bed. I awoke to hear Lasse talking and moaning in his sleep. I felt his crotch rubbing hard against my side, and I figured he must be having ‘that kind of pleasure’ dream as some boys his age called it. Lasse tensed all of the sudden and then I felt wetness against my bare side. I removed the covers to look down and see a big wet spot in Lasse’s white briefs. Some of his boy cum had leaked through and onto my leg. I ran my fingers through it and it felt so warm and gooey. I brought my fingers to my nose to smell the clean scent of my little brother’s first wet dream, and then I rubbed my cum coated fingers over my lips and tongue. My little brother’s cum tasted unusual and bitter sweet. I couldn’t let him sleep in wet underwear all night, and I wasn’t about to deal with having a sticky boy cuddling up to me, so I got up and began to remove Lasse’s stained biefs. He was such a sound sleeper that he didn’t even stir for a second. After getting his white boy briefs off I looked down at the beautiful growing boy, sleeping so peacefully, his little penis still hard and pointing up, and his face so peaceful and asleep. Early in the morning we both woke up and I asked him, “Hey Lasse. You couldn’t sleep?” Lasse nodded and looked down at me with sparkling stars in his eyes, his gaze still wondrous as I sat back against the headboard. “I was great to sleep next to you, but I had a strange dream.” I nodded and he continued, “I was sleeping having a weird dream. I woke up and I felt very funny down there.” Lasse pointed at his exposed penis, he took a deep breath before he continued, “and it was like I was wetting my bed but far more pleasant and now I’m naked… did I pee in my bed?” I took his naked shoulders to take his smooth frame closer. I try not to laugh thinking about his shaking body, his little smooth penis, his little drained boy balls. “You think you have a problem or something?” I mutter, but I can’t hide my smile. I made a serious effort to pull himself together again thinking about his smooth little balls. Well, my little brother isn’t little anymore. Lasse’s little balls have cum to share. Wow, this can be fun! “No, honest. You don’t have to worry, trust me. There isn’t anything wrong with you. It’s the natural way. It’s called ‘wet dreams’, Lasse. Where were you dreaming about?” Lasse blushed, “I was dreaming about the lake in France. I was wrestling with you on the grass and when I lost a game I was on my back. You was pushed me down, your swimming shorts were on my wet body. I felt your weight, your cock and balls pushing on my skin, on my belly. But, I mean, just a play, to keep me down, the way we always do. I felt your wet strong body and your skin. You rubbed your skin on mine… and then it started.” I smiled at him. “That was a nice dream! You liked the fantasy in your dream so your penis had a mind of its own, which is normal and natural. You got a boner and your cum left your body. Wet dreams are as natural as to jerk yourself off.” With a sigh, Lasse bit his lower lip and used his hands to support his weight, sitting next to me on my bed. “You are not upset about my wierd dream?” I laughed and told him, “No, Lasse, not a bit. I saw and felt your wet briefs, so I took them down for you. That’s why your naked.” My little brother was impressed. I can see that on his eager face. My teen cock stirred and with that I felt his soft skin glide along the surface of my legs, watching as he pulled his hairless legs up to his chest, then he rolled over and laid flat on his stomach. I took hold of his warm legs and helped him lay them flat so that they were spread out on either side of my body, then I reached out and pulled him up at the hips. “Shall I take the butt plug out?” As soon as his knees came to rest on the bed, he rested the side of his head on his pillow with a sleepy smile. “Yes please,” he whispered and I used my hands to rub his back. Lasse, butt looked great as always. The boy’s ass cheeks protruded on each side of his deep crack so perfectly. With his bottom pointing straight up, the dark valley of his crack looked like an open invitation. I let my eyes travel down his crack, where I spotted his puckered brown eye with the tiny butt plug in place, luring me toward his boy pussy. I placed the flat of my palm on his left butt cheek, rubbing it softly, I spoke softly to him. “Are you ready for me. Can I take care of your horny bottom, Lasse?” I asked, and he nodded with a smile. “You love it when I pay your little ass the special attention that it needs, don’t you?” He whimpered, “Yes, I do, it it feels great if you do it,” he wrapped his arms around my pillow and clutched it tight. “I need it really bad this morning.” With that, I ddn’t take the butt plug out, just pressed on it a little bit. Lasse sighted, I leaned in and planted my face in his warm crack, pressing my nose into the deep valley while I nuzzled my cheek against his soft butt cheek. The heat and aroma of Lasse’s boy hole was intoxicating to me. “Oh you smell so good, Lasse.” I felt I had to pleasure him. So, I used both hands to reach down to grab two handfuls of his marble white butt cheeks. I heard him moan with pleasure, prompting me to gently pull his ass cheeks apart, eager to play with his streched pucker. I reached out to where the butt plug lay nestled in his little virgin boy pussy and began to tap it and after a while slowly removed it from Lasse’s ass. The plug made a little plopping noise as it slid from his little boy pussy, I sighted, “Oh yeah, Lasse. Your little hole is getting nice and stretched.” This plug gave him greater and more delious sensations, and I began to imagine what it would feel like to have my cock buried inside his ass, as I imagined my cock fucking in and out of his little boy pussy. I ground the plug into his little hole and enjoyed his hidden treasure, that little boy hole of my dreams. With Lasse’s cheeks now spread wide, the heat of his brown eye wrapped itself around the butt plug when I shoved it back inside. I felt almost out of control with lust and desire. I opened my mouth and used my tongue to dig into his crack, across the stretched lips of Lasse’s boy pussy and bringing a shudder out of him. Knowing that he was enjoying it, I let my tongue take several passes over his pucker. For my efforts, I was rewarded with the sounds of his boyish cooing, making my heart flutter with joy all over again. I reluctantly pulled my face out of his crack. I admired Lasse’s smooth butt cheeks and his sweat filled boy crack. I lovingly spread his ass cheeks and stared into the gates of paradise. I slowly removed the tiny butt plug and his sphincter closed again, and it would be brand new to opened by me the very next time. I moved my finger over his boy pucker and the pleasure in Lasse’s voice was clear, his boyish moans now filling my bedroom while my hard cock throbbed in my boxershorts. “Oh please, let me feel it again.” he called out through a series of labored moans, squeezing his pillow hard with both arms. I could feel the goosebumps erupting all over his ass cheeks while his hot hole flexed over and over again. My wet finger was stroking the insides of his ass cheeks, making their way to his throbbing pucker. Just a couple of inches from where my finger was working on his boy pussy, his ball sack was starting to draw tight to his scrotum. Lasse’s penis was pointing straight down at the sheet. Knowing exactly what was happening to my sweet little brother, I doubled down on my efforts. We were both moaning softly, each of us taking our own pleasure in the act that we were sharing. I felt Lasse’s body start to shudder and some ass juice soaked his boy pussy, his right leg started to quiver and he let go of a howl. Not wanting to let up, I moved my finger inside his boy pussy. “I’m cumming!” he practically hollered, almost as if he were pleading with me to have mercy on his climaxing rear end. “I can’t stop it!” At that very moment, I felt his pucker contract over and over against my finger and while his still developing penis gave off four hard shots of boy cum, each one squirting out of his piss slit with so much force that little goblets splashed against his knees. Knowing that my boy was at the peak of his pleasure, I continued to finger fuck at his back door, wanting to give him the maximum amount of release that I could. After the initial four shots of boy sperm made their explosive debut, a final offering of his boy cum poured out of the end of his hard, burning penis and pooled up with the rest. When I knew that he was at the end of his supply of boy sperm, I eased up. Wanting him to know how glad I was that he had achieved his orgasm, I lovingly probed his pucker with my finger, giving it gentle strokes while he let go of deep sighs. When I finally pulled my finger out of his rear end and sat up, he collapsed and rolled over, giving me room to rest right beside him. I laid my head on the pillow and he immediately melted into my embrace, letting me hold him close while he rested his head on my chest. “I love you,” he sighed, puckering his warm lips and offering them to me for a kiss. Thanks for ail

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