Subject: Lasse Part 3 Lasse Part 3 by Chaim groeiutrecht@ Feedback to authors is their primary compensation and motivation! Thanks to my readers for their mail on the first and second part of this story. Support Nifty with your donation to keep this open and free! Notes: This story is about love and sex. If you want a “quick fix”, if you’re looking for a fast and hard fuck party, this story will test your patience, but your patience will be rewarded. My gay stories can be found at Prolific Authors Directory: Chaim B. (Bchaim, Bchaimstory) ====== Lasse ====== The last lines of the second part: Lasse sighed. “Please Pim, can you put your cock in my ass?” he blurted out, blushing. Lasse wouldn’t look at me from his embarrassment and desire. I thought my cock would explode again, I was so excited by the thought of burying my cock in his hot little bottom. I lifted his head up and kissed him deeply, and our tongues wrestled passionately. It was clear that he was excited more than he ever had been before, and I knew we shared the same feeling. My teen cock stayed hard and all I could think of was what my boy just gave me. We wanted more, much more and I would give it to him. I wanted to grab him and shove him over the counter top and push my throbbing teen cock into his cute ass and breed him for the next year or two, but I knew I couldn’t do that. The thought exciting me beyond belief. I slowly recovered and knew it was possible, next time I wanted to cum in his cute little ass. It was too early for that, but hope gives life. I took a breath and slapped his ass playfully, “Get into the shower, Lasse. I will put your butt plug back in and suck your penis like you sucked my cock.” Lasse jumped into the shower and I just leaned against the tiled wall and watched him wash his young body. He was quick about it and was soon standing in front of me, dripping water. I took the butt plug from his hand and turned him around, pushing him over against the tub. I spread his ass cheeks and kneeling down, I pushed my mouth against his tiny boy hole and pushed my tongue into his pucker. Lasse squirmed like crazy and I reluctantly pulled my mouth from his sweet boy ass. I grabbed the butt plug and pushed it into him again as he moaned out loud. I turned him around and engulfed his hard pulsing penis into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down on him, his small body shook with excitement and he was making all kinds of high pitched sounds. Lasse’s penis throbbed like crazy and he sank to his knees. As his breathing became more regular, his eyes stared at me with longing and with love. I reached down to him and pulled him up, my mouth crushed against his, my tongue shooting into his mouth. We kissed heavily for about ten minutes before I broke away. Lasse sank to his knees breathing hard and I turned to leave the bathroom when I noticed that I was still raging hard. I turned back to Lasse and grabbing his penis in my hand, I tugged it a few times and my little brother shot his boy load all over his cute little body. I smiled and kissed him. We were ready and eager for the next step. ====== Part 3 ====== I came home and found Lasse in a really good mood, he was dancing around and singing and being a clown. “I guess you’ve had a good day?” “It was great Pim! I had Daniel over and we went swimming, we had a lot of fun, but I need a shower.” “Okay, sounds good, I will take a shower as well.” Lasse smiled and he began to undress in the middle of the livingroom. Oh, my little brother was a master in teasing, not to mention his sensual posing and display. I dropped my own shorts and undressed to my boxer briefs, but Lasse went slowly, he untucked his T-shirt, he moved gracefully, taking his time. My little brother knew my eyes were glued to him and he enjoyed my attention. I saw the small size and shape of his boy nipples through his tight T-shirt. Lasse’s fingers pulled at the fabric of his T-shirt and taunted me. Finally, he grabbed the base of his shirt, crossing his arms. I subconsciously held my breath, Lasse pulled the shirt up. It caught on his chin, but his arms pulled harder, and the fabric popped up, off his blond head fell down to his shoulders. I licked my lips, of course I knew he had no hair growing in his pits or chest area, but it looked to so good. I swallowed, wow! Lasse’s boy chest was so smooth and his belly button so cute, his little boy nipples were tiny and the tips of his nipples were hard, jutting forth and yelling to me, to be touched! Lasse smiled as he saw my reaction to his cute little body, my mouth must have been gaping. I found myself, and closed it slightly. Lasse turned his back to me and slowly jiggled his butt, just a bit. I think, I licked my lips but I had to or else I would have started drooling! My little brother tightened his arms as they hung at his sides, and he exhaled. He dropped his shorts and I could see the lump in his little boy briefs. I swear my mouth was wide open! Lasse reached for his little boy briefs and started to slide them down his smooth legs. Lasse’s ass was smooth, unblemished, rounded and very white. Without giving it second thought, he ran my finger along his crack and spread his butt cheeks a bit with his other fingers, his little pink hole was puckered shut. My breathe caught in my throat as I glanced over the rest of him. Lasse’s feet were clean and his toes flexed out on floor. Above his little glorious ass his back stretched forward, arched up to his just filling out shoulders and a long neck connected to a his long wavy blonde hair. I love my little brother’s hair, it made him look young and innocent. As Lasse turned again his smooth pubic area slowly came into my view, I noticed that his small penis was fully erect, sticking out from his body like a miniature escort izmit soldier at attention, his small balls were in a tight, his pink little balls held close in between his smooth legs. I nearly began to cream in my boxer briefs, looking at his amazing ass I suddenly felt a great need to fuck him, stick my cock in him and to breed him with my teen cum. I groaned softly, of course he showed his body before, we hugged and slept together but he never so openly exposed himself to me. This was way beyond that. I was so excited to watch this spectacle I drooled and my teen cock throbbed in my tight boxer briefs. And as it throbbed, it rubbed against the soft cotton of my boxer briefs, and between the rubbing and the excitement of watching Lasse, I soaked them, flooding them with my pre-cum. I was lost in intoxicating lust. Lasse looked at me and smiled, my boxer briefs, which were noticeably damp, swelled up. Oh my god, my cock needed a release. I knew my boxer briefs had soaked through and that I had a visible wet spot on them, it was embarrassing. Lasse looked down at my crotch and stood in front of me, his eyes focused on my throbbing erection. Lasse didn’t say anything, just stared at me with fascination. My biggest fear was he could read my mind and knew about my most intense and secret fantasy to fuck him. Still Lasse said nothing, just looked at me. We both knew the truth we were hot and eager to touch each other and more, much more. Suddenly Lasse said, “Pim, I love you man. I don’t know, never had this feeling before for someone. These past days have been awesome. Pim, you are my brother, can I be your little boyfriend?” It sounded cute, so sweet, and I was blown away by the sincerity of his words but it was like my dream had just come true. I pulled Lasse into a hug and said, “Oh yes baby. You don’t know how much I’ve wanted you.” We hugged again an shared a deep kiss. I felt clumsy and strange, didn’t know what to do. My feeling and mind wanted to hug him, but I was horny as hell, my cock wanted his cute little ass. I was trapped in all kinds of conflicting feelings and thoughts, I couldn’t think clearly for a moment but I was sure I loved my little brother and my teen body needed release. I kissed him again and said, “Thanks baby, love you too!” I ruffled his long blonde hair and winked at him. I walked to the bathroom in need of a cold shower. I dropped my boxer briefs and soon I stood facing the shower head and let the water cascade down the front of my body. My erection was still at full mast, longing to be touched, caressed, released. I didn’t dare to turn around, I didn’t know where Lasse was. I did venture a glance over my shoulder. Just as I thought, Lasse stood there watching me, I asked him, “How about we take a quick shower yourself? How does that sound?” I did not wait for his response as I adjusted the water temperature to normal, picked Lasse up like a toddler and put him in the shower with me. I made him wet and soaped him up. Lasse giggled as a little boy, but said, “Pim, I’m not a baby boy anymore, I can do it myself.” I ignored him and knelt down and squirted shower gel on his small torso and began to lather him up. I turned him, squirted more gel into the palm of my hand and washed his beautifel ass cheeks. I ran my soapy hand down his butt crack, and spread his smooth legs a little and he pushed back against my hand. Lasse’s laughter filled the bathroom as my hands slid all over his slippery, little body. “Oh, you think that’s funny, do you?” I said and pulled his slippery, little body into me and wrapped my arms around him as he continued to laugh. “You’re nearly done, baby boy, turn around,” I said, “so I can rinse off your sexy butt.” He giggled, “I love being called baby this way. I’m my huge teen brother’s baby,” he laughed loud, “and my brother’s boy. Your baby boy,” I laughed with him, “Yep, my naughty baby boy.” “I want you to know that I must have beat off a hundred times looking at you.” He blushed, “Really?” “Yes. I think you are very sexy, baby.” “I think you are very sexy, Pim.” With that Lasse turned around, bent over over, placed his hands on the tiled wall to brace himself, and Lasse pushed his little butt back towards me. I rinsed off his back side, spreading his butt cheeks to rinse the soap away between his ass cheeks. Looking at his little, pink pucker, my cock twitched. Oh fuck, I got that feeling again, that unpredictable desire to fuck my little brother. I came to my senses and knew I had to wait, he was not ready. “Alrighty, you are all done” I said. “My turn.” I took the wand and sprayed my body down and turned the water off. As I began to shampoo my body, Lasse reached between my legs and gently grabbed my soapy balls and started to fondle them in his hand. My cock twitched, but I didn’t say anything. I grabbed the wand again, bent slightly forward, and rinsed the shampoo out of my hair. Lasse released my balls and I felt his hand on my ass. First, I felt only one hand, then I felt his two hands on my ass cheeks. Soon I felt his fingers slip between my crack. A shudder passed thru my body and I flexed my ass cheeks in his hand. I heared Lasse giggle softly as he continued to rub his fingers up and down between my ass cheeks. Suddenly I felt his fingers run across my pucker. It was realy the first time he touched me this way and I loved it. I got a bight idea and asked Lasse, “It’s a bright sunny day, shall we go outside to the hot tube?” Lasse nodded and and laughed excited. I could have asked him anything, he would follow me, he just wanted one thing and that was to be with me. We walked to the garden, naked and free together. Lasse spend the first minutes running around naked and I enjoyed the way his naked body moved. He let out a yell or scream just to announce his happiness presence izmit escort bayan to the world before he slowed down. He laughed, “Feels good to be here naked with you.” I smiled and filled the tube with with water. Lasse grabbed the bottle of bubbles, flipped the top open, and held the bottle upside down giving it a good squeeze. Bubbles and foam appeared almost instantly in the warm water. I sat down in the back of tub away from the tub spout and spread my legs wide and extended my arms out, “Come inside, baby, you brother likes to take care of you.” I turned Lasse so his back was facing me and sat Lasse down in the tub directly in front of my teen crotch. I leaned back against the tub, and pulled Lasse back, so my little brother was laying against my body. When the tub filled to the desired level, I turned the water off. I looked at his smiling face, I was horny for him and my cock throbbed. I was totally stunned what happened, we never sat this way in the hot tub before. The feeling of being naked together was perfect and I got very aroused just feeling his naked smooth body against my skin. Without thinking I rubbed my cock and I spontaneously ended up with a full-blown erection from his scent and touch. We were comfortable surrounded by the warm water and bubbles and enjoyed each others company. I wrapped my arms around little Lasse and pulled him in tight to my body and kissed him on the neck. “Love you, baby.” I stroked Lasse’s body both under the water and above the water line and reached down under the water and ran his hand over Lasse’s belly and I cupped his smooth boy balls in my hand and fondled them. My hand went down to his cute boy penis and Lasse sighted and closed his eyes. He moaned softly as I continued and ran my finger, very lightly, over Lasse’s exposed glans, my little brother let out a little moan. I did this over and over and Lasse’s little penis boyhood rapidly stiffened into an amazingly throbbing little erection. I loved the way it stuck straight out from his hairless legs, throbbing up and down with frantic hardness. I started to jerk his hard little penis with one hand, and with the other, ran my fingers over Lasse’s smooth balls. Lasse’s little cock-head turned bright purple and his scrotum held very tightly to the two testicles in them. In no time, my innocent little brother was overcome by the desires of his young body. He took my wrist and forced my hand to rub his stiff erection up and down, as more and more pleasure built inside him. “Oh Pim, This feels so fucking good!” Lasse’s back pressed in my frame and his smooth legs kicked forward. A second I thought he would collapse in my arms as my slimy fingers frantically stroked his penis, jerking him so hard that he must have felt some pain, but Lasse didn’t complain, he urged me on to continue. The pleasures of his building orgasm hit his small body. My little brother groaned and cried out, “Oh Pim… Pim!” and I couldn’t believe it. I saw how the extreme pleasure that raced along his slender penis length and ran in rhythmic waves across his naked body. Lasse’s hips jerked madly forward and he cried out, “I feel it coming!” as I felt his penis flexing in intense pleasure. “Here is comes, Pim. I can’t hold it any longer. Oh Pim, I’m cumming.” Lasse’s shivered and moaned and his little rock hard penis squirted his young sperm all across his tiny boy nipples and smooth chest. It seemed to go on forever, but when his penis was done ejaculating, I held it above Lasse’s hairless belly and let it drip his boy sperm on the soft skin. The hard tenseness of his body flowed slowly from his young muscles and was just as quickly replaced by an incredible relieve. Lasse’s hairless penis was softening again and he smiled up at me, “Oh Pim, that was great! I’ve never felt anything like that before. I don’t know if there is anything any better. You can make me cum any time.” I kissed him and Lasse lay my arm across his small panting chest. I hold him tight in silence, both enjoying the happiness in our naked bodies. Happy and in love, brotherly love, he curled into my arms. Warm, happiness filled me and he lay in my arms gasping, I was enjoying how relaxed we felt together. “This was the most terrific thing I’ve ever felt,” he said, excitement tingeing his whisper. Lasse reached behind his back and took my half hard teen cock, holding it gently in his hand. Lasse’s lack of shame and joyful enthousiasm made me laugh. “You can do it anytime, and I will squirt for you,” Lasse exclaimed, he still could only half comprehend what had happened to him, although it really wasn’t the first time he had an orgasm with me. I started to understand when he said, “I can do you and you can squirt for me! It’s your turn, Pim. It’s the greatest thing in the world and it doesn’t harm you.” He seemed to hug himself with excitement ann he wanted more, he wanted me. “Thanks for the invitation, baby, it’s always hard to say no to you.” I laughed at his enthusiasm and was amazed by his ability to recover so quickly. “You are the horniest boy I’ve ever met,” I said. “Can I make you hard and wank your cock?” he asked squeezing my cock softly. I smiled at him, “There is a time for everything, you had great pleasure and my pleasure will certainly come.” My hand went down into his crack, and my finger made its way to his tiny pucker. Lasse got the unknown meassage, it was more than a reflex. My little brother started thrusting his hips up as my finger reached his tiny asshole. Each thrust up, I applied more pressure to Lasse’s still closed pucker. I left my finger on Lasse’s pucker and increased the pressure slightly. Lasse stopped thrusting and kind of sat down on my finger. “Oh Pim, yes…” I didn’t know if he was tired of thrusting his hips up or if Lasse was trying to impale kocaeli anal yapan escort himself on my finger. My little brother was used to his enemas and the larger butt plug and I had my finger inside his cute little ass before. Lasse was squirming his little rump against my finger now. I decided to slip my finger tip in Lasse’s tiny pucker to see what would happen. Again I imagined my cock fucking in and out of his little boy pussy. My little brother could not control his asshole completely. As my finger inched a little bit deeper, he lost the battle and tried to relax his sphincter. Suddenly, the muscles around his tiny boyhole relaxed and let my invading finger to penetrate him deeper. I moved my finger into his little hole and enjoyed his hidden treasure, that little boy hole of my horny dreams. Lasse stopped squirming. “What are you gonna do?” Lasse whispered, sending tingles through me. “I want you to fuck me,” Lasse said with a youthful conviction in his voice. I sucked on his earlobe and licked down his neck. My little brother pressed his body tight against my own body. “Yeah…?” I asked him provocatively, and I felt he lowered himself a bit more on my finger, “Oh yeah, fuck me Pim.” With Lasse’s cheeks now spread wide, the heat of his brown eye wrapped itself around my finger when I shoved it a bit deeper inside. I felt almost out of control with lust and desire. I let him adjust to the entry and I reached up and put my other hand on Lasse’s boy chest pulling him tight to my teen body and kissed him on the neck. Lasse tilted his head back toward me and savored my kiss. I started to move his finger around a little to loosen Lasse up a bit more. After a few seconds, Lasse started to squirm again. I went a little deeper in as Lasse started to squirm. Finally my whole finger was up his cute little butt. “Lasse,” I whispered softly, “I’m going to take my finger out of your butt. When I do, I want you to turn around and face me. Okay?” Lasse did not say a word, only nodded his blonde head. I slowly withdrew my finger, pausing briefly to massage my little brother’s boyhole. “Okay Lasse. Stand up.” Lasse stood up and turned to face me. I looked up at Lasse, his penis rock hard and sticking straight out. “Okay, sit back down facing me.” I instructed him and Lasse started to lower himself onto me. I grabbed the boy’s hips to help guide him back down into the water. I raised his snooth legs a little so Lasse’s weight was resting on my thighs. I reached down under the water and ran his finger over Lasse’s little sphincter. I felt Lasse’s little boyhole responding, and skipped my finger tip back in Lasse’s boyhole. It only took a few seconds for Lasse to adjust this time. I felt Lasse bearing down on my finger. “Does that feel good little brother?” I asked Lasse. He nodded his blonde head and whispered, “Yes, yes it does!” Feeling Lasse’s butt relax, he pushed in farther. Little by little, my entire digit was in Lasse’s ass. I started a slow rhythm, in and out of Lasse’s butt as I stroked the boy’s hard penis. Lasse leaned into me, and rested his blonde head on my chest. At that angle, I had to stop jerking his penis, but he didn’t even seem to notice. Instead, I ran my fingers softly across Lasse’s smooth balls. Lasse started to slowly rock back and forth on my finger, sliding it in and out of his still tight ass. “Oh Pim, this feels so good!” I decided to test him and inserted slowly one finger more. He took the two fingers and gasped and stopped rocking, however, he did not object. Once again, he let Lasse adjust before continuing. After he adjusted, Lasse started a slow rocking motion again. I let Lasse decide how deep he wanted to go. It was vital to me that Lasse enjoyed the experience. As Lasse continued to rock back and forth, my fingers went deeper and deeper each time. I reached up and placed his hand on the back of Lasse’s blonde head. “Kiss me, Lasse” Lasse stopped his rocking motion and placed his lips on mine. I ran my tongue across Lasse’s lips and started twisting his fingers around and, in and out of Lasse’s lovely tight butt. Lasse stuck his tongue in my mouth and moaned. When he kissed Lasse, tasting his boy’s mouth, my cock became rock hard. My brain raced, oh my god. I loved my little brother and he was ready to become my little fuck buddy. Oh, my little brother so ready. “Lasse, keep going,” It took a while, but I was fingering a determined boy. “Uh-huh, it’s you holding me down. Pim, I feel hot and horny.” I laughed softly, “Me too. Wonder why?” Lasse smiled at me, “Getting me ready?” I smiled, he suddenly asked me, “Pim, you are still hard. Do you gonna fuck me now?” Lasse’s voice was excited and pleading. I groaned, “God Lasse. We shouldn’t of even done what we have done, let alone do more. I mean fucking you, that, I don’t know, we can’t do that. It will hurt and I don’t want to hurt you.” With my head spinning and unable to think Lasse reached over and while one hand rubbed my cock. My little brother was nimble, believe me, flexible. Lasse lowered his mouth and took my cock-head into his mouth, he sucked up my pre-cum and I moaned. Pulling his mouth off my cock-head, slobber covering us, he looked up and begged me with pleading eyes, “Please Pim! I can take it, don’t worry, I’m not a baby.” pressing on when I didn’t reply, “Oh please Pim, please fuck me, breed me.” I removed my fingers from Lasse’s butt and grabbed the bottle of shower oil. I flipped the top open with my thumb, and squeezed copious amount on my teen cock. I squeezed some in my hand and smeared it all over Lasse’s crack. I inserted my finger in Lasse’s butt, “Do you trust me?” I asked him. Lasse nodded his blonde head. “You are about ready?” He answered, “Oh yeah Pim, I’m ready.” There was no way back now, I had to fuck my little brother! Feedback to authors is their primary compensation and motivation! Thanks for ail This story is about love and sex. If you want a “quick fix”,iIf you’re looking for a fast and hard fuck party, this story will test your patience, but in part four…

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