Last Fling


(Old Fashioned Goodbye)

It was raining when I got to your place Tuesday night. You were letting me stay over while the electricity was out at my place(an excuse, yours or mine I can’t say…). I hopped over the fence, and your Lab attacked me, like usual. I didn’t want to play, but I did for a few minutes. I went to the back door and knocked softly. I noticed it was kind of dark inside your house, and I pushed the door open. I closed it and locked it. I looked up up and saw it was a little after nine. I pulled my jacket off and called out “Sweetie”? I lay my jacket on the dryer instead of hanging it up. I walked into the den and you were lying peacefully on the sofa, your head propped up on the arm. You were covered by one of your afghans, the azure and copper one. The TV set was on a comedy, but not very loud. I have always known what a heavy sleeper you are.

I kicked off my shoes, sending them over to the magazines. Then I pulled off all the rest of my clothes, including my boxer shorts. I walked through the door to the bathroom, and cleaned up with some personal wipes. I turned off the bathroom light. I had in my hand a note I had wrote you last night. The note was on a piece of stationery that had a sunrise and two sailboats in the back The water was a dark blue, almost black, and the sky was red with sunset. I explained that I was going to Montana to work on a ranch. That’s all, except illegal bahis I would miss you, your hands, your eyes, your mouth, your hair, your dog.

I went back in the den and sipped of your half-melted drink. You were asleep on your back having a dream, a dirty dream it sounded like. Good time for me to jump in. I pulled the afghan down a little and found you had on your faded green tank top. No bra, and I could see part of one boob and an outline of your nipples. I knelt down beside the sofa and kissed your shoulder multiple times, then your outstretched arm, then I pulled your shirt back to uncover your belly. I never played around with you before while you slept, I wondered how you would react when you woke. You were still asleep. I covered your belly with kisses. I was getting hard. All of a sudden your left leg fell over the side and began rubbing up against my dick.

You were awake. You shifted your body up the couch so your back was against the arm rest. I found a small cushion and placed it behind you. Then I found the remote and switched off the TV. It was pretty dark. I walked back to the sofa where you were and sat down by where you were propped up. I gently pulled your face around to mine and kissed your wet, soft, mouth. I held your chin gently and looked at your face. Your eyes were closed. I stroked your shining hair, and I kissed you again. The next thing I knew you illegal bahis siteleri were tossing off the sofa cushions and pulling off your tank top.

I looked around in the semi-darkness and found more small cushions on the floor by your recliner, so I brought them over to the couch. You stood up, pushed me down to the sofa. I started getting hard again as you pulled me against you your body. My face was in between your cuddly breasts. I kissed one, then the other, lingering at each one,. I caught you as you fell slowly. We were both on the floor and I was over you, my elbows on either side of your chest…we were kissing, and this time your eyes were open. Your legs were open too. I think you were aware by now that something was up. Nothing fancy this time, just a guy and a girl doing it together, like we had so often. I was very affectionate.

Two of my own personal favorite variations we dispensed with when we did got naked together Tuesday night. I was on top of you or in front of you, sometimes underneath you. I felt you put your hand almost tentatively on my shaft, jerking me off slowly. I watched you lick your lips, look up at the ceiling and close your eyes. You eased the head of my shaft into that familiar place. On your living room rug we moved together, you rolling your hips and me pushing in, pulling out, your head rocking back and forth. You faced me, your eyes misty. canlı bahis siteleri Again I kissed your breasts, your neck.

…I stopped and pulled all the way out. You were used to this. I was a little soft, but I stroked myself a little. You came a lot when I put my cock back in you, several times I know .you were still wet and slick and I was pumping you again, down on the rug in your den. “I’m gonna cum, baby, what do I do?” You reached around and put your hands on my love handles, your sign to let go my hot jism inside you. Oh…the pleasure of release.

You never told me that all I cared about was sex. So fucking romantic, you said I was. I thought I was, about you, about sexual touching. Sex, romance, love, all the same. The whole reason I have existed, up until now. So natural you were about giving me head. You had to stop after one minute, or you would be pissed. So damn good looking you were from behind your knees while I banged you dog style. Your ass was heart-shaped in my hands

We waited for your clothes to finish washing, sitting under your afghan listening to Celtic ballads. We made the transition from the spin cycle to the rinse cycle. When the dryer warmed up, you stood up against it with your butt against the hot metal while we made out, my dick ripping through denim. You brought me off while I stood there, and my knees went weak after I shot off into the warm wet wash cloth in your hand. I can’t remember ever not being satisfied. Now I am going away from here, leaving a note. And a few mementos too, I believe, in little foil packages. I wonder what will happen to them……………………………………..

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