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Subject: Last of the Line Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html An important typo crept into Chapter 21, where it was suggested that Jack was about to celebrate his 15th birthday. That would not happen until 2037 as in our story Jack was about to be only 13. Sorry about that. =============================================================================== Chapter 22 When Dodo came to the Office after lunch I got him to sit down. He wasn’t at ease in this room, I noticed. “One thing,” I said, “before we go up to the Library. Rivers will come up to your room this evening to give you a nice shave.” “I don’t need to shave,” he said, feeling his chin. “Not your chin, Dodo, other bits. Arses are much nicer to nuzzle if they’re smooth, and cocks, even monsters like yours, look bigger if they’re not emerging from a forest. He’ll be doing Billy and me tomorrow, so all four of us will be just perfect in time for Jack’s birthday. Now, books.” I got up to go. “Come on.” When I opened the Library door Dodo couldn’t take it all in. Apart from the door and two windows the entire walls were lined with books – there were over 5000 – and most of them dated from over 100 years earlier. James (the second Earl) had been a great collector, and many of the books were first editions of novels published during the first half of the 20th Century. James had died in 1949, but his son Bertie hadn’t had the same collector’s instinct, and the books acquired during his lifetime related to his own hobbies – porcelain and a massive collection of queer erotica. Dunstable had told me, when he first decided I was old enough to understand, that some of James’s books were worth thousands, while Bertie’s, seen as collections, were – as he put it – beyond price. I pointed Dodo to the stuff which might interest Jack if ‘science and stuff’ meant illustrated books about the stars or science-for-the-layman books. Dodo couldn’t believe his eyes. “Have you read all these, Dab?” he whispered. I chuckled. “No, of course not. It would take at least 100 years to read this lot. I’ve probably read about three or four hundred.” He whistled. “Fuck!” he said reverently. “I aint read more than two or three. Jack’s the reader – he’d give his back teeth to be in here and read all this.” “That’s what I brought you in here for, Dodo. Why don’t we choose six books – that’s two from you, two from me and two from Billy. Rivers and I will go into town to buy something special from all three of us.” “Why are you doing this, Dab? I’ve asked you that before, but … well, you do so much.” I put my arms round him. “Because I like you both, Dodo. Because you’ve lost so much. Because – oh, to hell with it – because you’re both bloody sexy and -” I couldn’t carry on because we were both in fits of giggles. Twenty minutes later Dodo and I had chosen six books. To my surprise Dodo had picked up a book of poetry, and his eyes had lit up when he opened it. “We had this at school,” he said, pointing to Blake’s ‘Tyger’. “It’s a smashing poem, but why does he spell it wrong?” I said I didn’t know, and slipped the book into my pocket. It would make a nice present for a shorn Dodo in case he missed his jungly bits (although, to be fair, ‘jungly’ was overdoing it a bit: mild undergrowth would be more accurate). Back in the office I put the books down. “Off you go,” I said, “thanks for your help,” and I kissed him – not too briefly – before he went off to another afternoon at Jorrocks’s bidding. Not many more days, I thought. ***** That night, while Rivers was plying his shears, Billy and I snuggled together. “It was fun with those two last night,” he whispered before we got started,” but it’s nicer not having to share you, Dab.” He scooted down to where he found my cock waiting impatiently for his lips. “Aaah!” I sighed, “you’re the best, Billy.” A tiny touch of teeth on my foreskin told me that he thought I was the best too. After I’d come in his mouth and we’d shared we cuddled again before I went down to repay the favour. “Rivers is shaving Dodo, ” I whispered. “I know – you told me last night.” “Yes, but what neither of us knows is what fee Rivers is going to ask.” “Dodo can’t pay him,” he exclaimed. “Not money, Billy, body.” Billy grinned, “ah!” A few moments later he turned to look at me. “You don’t mind if Rivers fucks them, Dab?” “Of course not. He fucks me, and he’s bloody good. Why would I worry?” Billy shook his head. “What would you feel if Rivers fucked me?” “Provided you were keen on being fucked by Rivers, and provided you didn’t keep it a secret from me, I wouldn’t mind at all. You know I get up to all kinds of things at school – teachers as well as boys, younger and older than I am – we don’t have secrets. Fuck who you want, Billy. Just tell me, that’s all.” He said nothing. I waited a few beats. “Don’t zip me before he’s cleaned your cock up though, give it ten minutes.” I love it when Billy giggles – he’s like a 9-year-old. Despite our considerable efforts the night before our age, and our feelings for each other, put steel in our cocks that night. After I’d sucked him off he fucked me for half the night and I fucked him kırklareli escort for the other half. Curiously the clock beside the bed measured time differently, and as far as it was concerned we were asleep, sticky and exhausted, in each other’s arms by midnight. More work for Weelkes. I’d zipped Rivers that afternoon, after Dodo and I had found the books, to let him know that our errand into town was for a specialised range of goods, and he’d zipped back with the news that the nearest place such things could be got was 40-odd miles away. During the drive I made him tell me about his adventures the night before. “I took my shaving stuff up there around 8,” he began, “and I found them both in their bed. ‘So soon?’ I said, and Jack erupted naked, waving his cock about. ‘You get to see us in all our glory before you do anything else,’ he said. ‘Suits me’, I said, ‘is he going to show me too’? Dodo remained on his back in the bed while Jack drew the bedclothes back like a magician revealing a lady not cut in half at all. ‘See how horribly hairy he is!’ cried Jack, dramatically indicating what would become my work surface. ‘Mmm’, I said, ‘that’ll have to do or Dab’ll have me on the carpet tomorrow’. ‘Doesn’t he have you in bed then?’ said Jack, all innocent. ‘Enough’, I said, ‘let’s get at you, Dodo’.” I was enjoying Rivers’s tale, and either he was embellishing or the boys were cheekier (I approved, naturally) with him than they felt able to be with me. “Go on.” “It didn’t take long to get Dodo how you like him, Dab. I paid special attention to his arse of course. When I’d done him I made a careful examination of Jack, but I honestly couldn’t find anything to keep me busy. It’ll be a while before either of them needs me again. With a razor, that is. When I’d wiped everything down I told Dodo I needed to see whether all his equipment still worked after I’d had a sharp blade so nearby. ‘You don’t have to pretend, you know’, murmured my victim. Since you hadn’t said anything about either of them being off-limits, particularly as you’d told me to shave him, I decided that spending time in their bed wasn’t going to be something you held against me. It’s not a very big bed for two, and three was a real squash. Next time I will get them to visit me. Still, an hour passed very nicely. It’s a whopper, isn’t it?” I agreed. “And very nice it is too. Did you fuck both of them?” “I insisted on fucking Dodo first, merely to check that his arse cheeks didn’t scratch as I went in.” “Of course.” “Then after I’d come up in the boy’s arse I told Jack that I’d be doing the same to him in an hour. They were impressed that I could do it twice in an hour.” “I don’t think they know you’re still in the prime of life, Rivers. You probably seem ancient to them.” He drove on for a bit, allowing my curiosity to build up. Eventually I asked whether Dodo had returned the favour so recently conferred. “And how, Dab. You’ve landed a very fine specimen there. A lot of boys – men too – with a cock that big have no idea that size isn’t all you need. His fucking technique is impressive. I take it that that owes something to you?” “Glad you recognised my teaching skills.” “He kept at it for half an hour, and all the time Jack was active too – nipples, lips, all over me. He’s a good kisser, that one. Now, we’re nearly there.” “Park where you can – I want an hour in there on my own. I’ll come back to the car with what I buy. We can then talk about what else I want.” He parked in a car park in the middle of the town. “The shop you want is down there on the right,” he said, pointing to a narrow street. I hadn’t thought of anything yet for Jack’s birthday, but with Christmas less than a week away there were other presents to be bought as well. I’d discussed this with Dunstable, and he agreed that it was right for me to resume the Inchkeith tradition of giving Christmas presents to all the staff. It had been allowed to lapse following my father’s departure – a shame, but there was nothing I could do about that. When I went into the sex shop I was glad I’d planned an hour in there – I could have spent all day, and vastly more money that I intended. What really tickled me was the great range of equipment for ways of sexual gratification which I hadn’t yet encountered. I would visit again – of that there was no doubt. The staff were clearly chosen to appeal to the customers being catered for – exclusively slim young men in the basement area where queers were the buyers. A discreet sign just inside the door – itself very discreet – had two arrows: HET pointing along to a curtain and HOM pointing appropriately down a flight of stairs. Leading directly to Hell, no doubt. HOM was where I was bound. Could the first slim young man help me? “Not just yet, but you’ll want to see this,” and I showed him my ID, proving that I was old enough to allow my eyes to feast upon the objects for sale (my name on it was merely B. D. Cunliffe). My eyes lingered on the salesman, but I allowed myself a mere moment. “Please take a basket,” he said. I’ve always been amused by the use of double entendre. “Perhaps later,” I murmured, wheeling the basket behind me. In it went five black leather cock straps and five yellow ones (you never knew, after all), four butt plugs of various sizes (all of greater size than mere beginner’s), and five good-sized bottles of lube. That was Rivers, Billy, Dodo and Jack taken care of, as well as new stuff for me. It was time to roam around to see what else there was. I still had Jack’s birthday to think about. kırşehir escort I liked the leather straps and harnesses: I’d never tried anything leather apart from my cock ring, but it was clearly much sough-after judging from the amount in stock. Rubber, even tight-fitting rubber vests and pants, didn’t do anything for me however. A leather jock strap found its way into the basket and that was Jack’s birthday done. The slim young man found me looking at the electro devices. Not being one to turn an opportunity aside I asked him what they were. “Very popular those,” he murmured, “would you care to try one?” “Is that possible?” I said, genuinely curious. He led me, the basket in tow, to a small group of what I had assumed to be changing rooms at the back. “After you, Sir,” and he closed the door behind him, pressing a little button. “That’ll let my colleagues know this room is in use.” He put a box on the table and opened it. “This is our most popular model. It provides electrical stimulation, either up your arse -” (so the elegant pose morphed into everyday language once the little light came on) “- or in your cock.” He must have noticed my twitch. “Would you care to try? The electrode has been sterilized since the last customer tried it – this is just a display model.” How could I refuse? I had forty and more minutes and it seemed that the slim young man was willing – keen? – to assist me in mastering the new technology. “Arse or cock, Sir?” I settled for arse and the slim young man invited me to take off my trousers – “better take everything off, Sir, as you might come rather generously”. I wondered whether I should invite him to position himself in such a way as to render spillage on my clothes an impossibility, but decided to wait and see. “Lie on the bench, Sir, and draw your knees up.” This was a position as familiar to me as it was, I suspect, to him. The instruments of delight were shown to me, and the process described. KY was applied to a pellet-like silver object which was placed, with great delicacy, an inch or two up my arse. The slim young man took his time over the insertion, taking great care to ensure that my arse lips and the first inch or so were generously coated with jelly. As I fully expected that the slim young man and I might establish a somewhat closer – if temporary – relationship I allowed myself to moan lightly as his fingers went about their business. “Now, Sir, I switch on. Just a little at first.” A tickle up my arse. “More?” “Mmm, yes.” The tickle became a distinct throbbing – very strange at first, but by no means unpleasant. “More?” I nodded. “This is about half-way, Sir,” and ‘this’ was certainly exciting me up there. “Fuck, that’s good,” I whispered. The slim young man, satisfied that the pellet was nicely buzzing and in no danger of being expelled, moved and whispered that if I wished he would assist me in coming to a decision. I nodded: the decision was already made, but there was nothing to gain by my telling him that. Not yet. As his hands moved towards the target – a very firm target – I reminded him that he had invited me to take a basket. “Is this a good time?” I whispered. His response was to flick open his zip and my hand found an equally firm target. “Race you,” I whispered, “do it on me.” I hauled out the competition and gave it a quick look. Hard, uncut, small (but perfectly formed) – 5 inches maybe. For a slim young man so modestly endowed working in this kind of shop he must, I thought, bring something pretty special to the party. I was not wrong. The electric device was gradually increasing in intensity – apparently there was a setting which did this – and my balls were dancing nicely to its insistent demands. The slim young man’s hands grasped my cock firmly and did what hands do, as did mine. “Nearly,” I groaned. “Yeah,” groaned my companion, slipping into the vernacular as his orgasm approached. Ten seconds later I came very richly, my spunk jetting almost to my chin. He was less than ten seconds behind, and I had the wit to turn my head towards him and open my mouth invitingly. He had been aiming at my chest, liberally covered by me already, but saw my invitation. He was just in time. The volume he produced was astonishing: there were no more than six or so pulses, but each must have been enormous as my mouth was filled with his hot juice well before he finished. Usually I swallow as the cock in my mouth pulses, but for some reason – electricity, perhaps, because the damn thing was still doing its best up my arse – on this occasion I just relaxed and let it fill me. When he’d stopped he pulled out and smiled as I swallowed. “That was tasty,” I murmured and I looked down at where my chest was still glistening. “May I?” “Of course.” He knew how to close a sale. Into the basket went a brand new electrical device (and presumably – once I’d gone – into the sterilizer went the silvery pellet, ready for the slim young man’s next sale). Dressed again I left in search of more treasure. The slim young man had seen that there were yellow cock straps in the basket. Pointing to one he asked if that indicated a general liking for things yellow. “Yes,” I said, “what else might you have for a connoisseur?” He indicated a leather contraption in a frame. I’d never seen a sling before, and his graphic description of how it should be put to use was … stimulating. “It doesn’t have to be used yellowly, of course, but it certainly helps. If you like things up your arse, that is. I imagine you do, given your purchase of the electro device.” kızılay escort An idea came unbidden into my mind. I asked whether they could deliver items too large for me to take with me. “Of course, Sir, and I can arrange for erection as well.” I said I would be buying a sling, but not until the Spring. The slim young man said that there would be no difficulty, and he looked forward to showing me a fuller range. I bet, I thought. He didn’t bat an eyelid when I produced my credit card to pay for everything, but my name on it (Earl of Inchkeith) clearly went into his list of fuck-mates. Was I his first queer peer? Only time would tell. The goods were discreetly wrapped and put in a box. I was due to meet Rivers in 10 minutes. As there was no-one else – staff or customer – within 30 feet I thanked the slim young man for his attention to my needs, and told him that I would certainly see him again. I moved an inch closer and he accepted the invitation. Lip to lip contact – nothing more – sealed the bargain. We had both enjoyed it hugely. “You know my name,” I said, but I don’t know yours. “Sebastian, your Lordship. I was glad to be of service.” As well as powerful balls he also had a sweet smile. He can’t have been more than 20. I would like to have known more about his preferences, but I could wait. I had a sling to buy, after all. Rivers, seeing me laden with a box of sexual goodies, didn’t even try to hide his mirth. “OK, Dab, that’s Billy’s Christmas. What next?” I told him about my desire to get presents for the staff. That quietened him down. “I need something for Dunstable and something for Mrs Tallis. Then smaller things for the other men: Wilbye, Dowland, Byrd and Jorrocks; and similarly the women: Mrs Morley, Gibbons and Weelkes. I also need something for my mother’s carer, because my mother won’t think about it. I know what I need, but you can come with me and help carry.” Two hours later we were back in the Rolls, and Rivers was impressed. “You’ve got your work cut out wrapping that lot” was all he said. I told him that Billy and I needed his services. “Come up after dinner tonight.” ***** I didn’t tell anyone about my shopping trip. It was two days until Jack’s birthday and I had a lot of wrapping to do. I spent most of the next morning busy in the Office. That night, after Billy had fucked me and we were lying happily together, I told him I’d been buying things for Jack’s birthday. “He’ll be 13 tomorrow.” “I know,” said Billy, “he’s very grown up for someone who’s only 12.” “He’s had to be, Billy, given what’s happened to him.” “I didn’t mean that, although you’re right of course. I meant grown up in sex things. He joins in with everything we do.” “That’s because he’s doing it with older boys, and he loves every minute of it. I was the same,” and I described the excitement of Stubbs’s performances. “That was the first time any of us had seen somebody cumming – cumming with spunk, that is. You don’t forget that, Billy.” Billy squeezed me. “No,” he murmured, “but I think it’s time you reminded me.” ***** Jack’s birthday was celebrated towards the end of the day. I’d told them both that Billy and I would welcome them in our bedroom at 8 that evening. When they came in Jack – whom I’d not seen all day – was bursting to tell me what had happened. “Dab, everyone knows it’s my birthday,” he cried. I didn’t say anything: telling one or two of the staff had ensured a wide awareness. “Mr Jorrocks gave me a little thing for our room made out of twigs – he said he made it himself. And Mrs Tallis had made a great big cake when Dodo and I went for our tea. ‘I don’t do this for everyone, Jack,’ she said, ‘but I make an exception for people who are 13.’ She’s really nice.” (A few days later I was in their room – in their bed, it won’t surprise you to learn – and I saw Jorrocks’s present. It was a little globe of interwoven stems of osier, light as a feather and of no practical use whatever. That’s what he knew would make it special for a refugee boy who had nothing that wasn’t useful. A beautiful object made specially for him was worth its weight in gold to Jack.) Jack hadn’t finished. “Mr Rivers gave me a book, Dab. He said he’d sent you books like it when you were 13.” I remembered with fondness. “Yes, he sent me a new one every week or two. I’ve still got them, and I’ll dig them out one day.” Billy had agreed to be the bearer of ‘our’ present. Dodo was in on the secret, and all three of us had written on the label. ‘To Jack. Welcome to being a teenager. Teenagers get lots more fucks than mere 12-year-olds. With love from all of us – Dab, Dodo, Billy xxx’ He tore off the paper and was mystified by what was inside. To save him embarrassment I said it was something to wear – and best when it was the only thing being worn. “Get your clothes off, Jack,” said Dodo, “we’ve waited long enough. The donors followed Dodo’s instructions, allowing Billy his first sight of shorn Dodo. He whistled. “Blimey, Dodo, it’s even more exciting when you can see all of it.” Dodo grinned. “I wasn’t too pleased at first, but Dab insisted. Rivers liked it and my new teenage pal can’t keep his hands off it.” “No more fucking hairs in my teeth while I’m nibbling,” said the new teenager. I helped Jack climb into his present. He posed fetchingly. The present was admired (as was the model). Soon afterwards Jack – larger than he had been – climbed out of his present. Four of us climbed into bed. The party had begun. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 23 as we learn more about Amos before school resumes and we move swiftly on. The story is, of course, fiction. Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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