Late Night at PC

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I don’t have an editor yet, if anyone is willing to look at my stuff prior to submission I would appreciate it. I am not very good at editing my own work.


I see you sitting there at your computer, your back to me. I wonder what it is you are working on at this time of night and why you have your headphones on. I approach, staying silent on the deep carpeting. You do not hear me; you seem so engrossed with what is on the screen.

Looking over your shoulder I am a little surprised to see the video you are watching. It appears you are watching a video of a couple of lesbians. There is a woman lying on her back with another between her legs. The quality looks homemade. I think I recognize the woman on her back.

You still fail to realize I am behind you, or you know I am there and are pretending that I am not; either way your focus is on the screen. I realize then, that I do recognize the woman; it is your friend Lisa. You two have known each other for years. Looking down to the woman between her legs, I realize she looks familiar was well. She glances to the camera just then and it is your other from Brooke. She says something to the camera, but with the headphones on, I don’t know what it is.

I am getting more and more excited as I watch the silent action on the screen. I look down and see your nipples are hard and pushing into your tank top. I reach around and cup your breasts illegal bahis in my hands. Your reaction proves you knew I was there. With a sigh you push your tits into my hands. I begin to squeeze and rub them through your top, pinching your nipples. Twisting, pulling, messaging your nipples like you enjoy. I move my hand up to your shoulders and slide them under the straps of your tank top. I push them down and pull you tank top down off your beautiful breasts.

You push the spacebar on the keyboard, lean back, and spin the chair around. I waste no time, I bend over and take one of your nipples in my mouth. You start to moan almost immediately. You arch your back, pushing you nipple into my mouth. I reach over and start to play with your other breast.

I don’t get much time as I feel your hands on the top of my head, pushing me down. I sink to my knees in front of you, my mouth running down your stomach to your sweatpants covered sex. Now I know you were turned on before my arrival. Your pussy is soaking the crotch of your pants and your scent is nearly overwhelming. Reaching up, I grasp the hem of your pants and pull. You raise your ass off the chair so I can slide your pants off, sitting back down you position your pussy right on the edge. It is at just the right level for me to dive in. Before I can do much, however, you grab my head and force it into your sex. My face is covered instantly in your juices. I illegal bahis siteleri reach up with one hand and spread your pussy open, giving me access to your clit. With the other, I reach up and insert two fingers into your cunt. You are so wet; they slide in with no resistance.

In only a few minutes you are cumming, hard. You grab my head and pull me tight to your sex. You start moaning and screaming over and over again. As you cum, you squirt all over my face. I pull my fingers out of you as I start to clean up your cum with my tongue. You hardly give me a chance. I feel you pulling my up by head, until I am looking you in the eyes. You lean forward and clean your cum off my face. I am a little taken back as you have never done this before, but it turns me on as well. While you are licking my face, your hands are busy undoing my belt and pulling my pants off. I step out of them as you start to pull me forward by my cock.

You pull my cock to the entrance to your sex.

“Fuck me.” You say. It is the first coherent thing you have said since I arrived. Who am I to argue? I slam my cock deep in your pussy so hard it pushes the chair backwards and we nearly fall over. I backup, my cock coming out of you. You get out of the chair and lay on the floor; legs wide open, holding your pussy open for me. I drop between your legs and again, bottom my cock out in one thrust. I can’t remember the last time canlı bahis siteleri you were this wet this fast.

You wrap your legs around my back and pull me into you. I pound harder and harder. Shortly you announce you are cumming again. I can feel your pussy spasm around my cock, pulling me deeper. I can’t take it, I push as deep as I can go and start to cum. I fill your pussy with my seed. This seems to prolong your own orgasm. You run your nails along my back, drawing blood in spots while you howl in pleasure.

Spent, I roll off of you. We lay there, quietly at first. I roll to my side and ask about the movie. I wonder why they sent you the movie. You tell me they did not send it to you. I question what you mean by that. You tell me it may be better for me to watch instead of you telling me. We sit back in the chair, you in my lap, both of us with no clothes on.

You start the movie again. Brooke is talking to the camera. The video shakes and the angle changes. A third person walks into the screen, she bends down and takes Brookes place between Lisa’s legs. She looks at the camera. You reach over and pause the movie as I realize I am looking directly at you on screen.

I ask what this is and you explain that Brooke and Lisa have had an ongoing thing for a while now. You stopped by unannounced and learned about it. Instead of walking out, they convinced you to join in. You loved it. You knew I would come to check on you, so you started watching the video you made in the hopes of me asking about it. Apparently, both of them think I am attractive and want me and you to join the two of them on a regular basis.

Who am I to refuse?

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