Late Night with The Metro

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We were on a late metro that was empty, as it was one of the last ones. Sitting pretty close together as it was a little cold out and you were feeling a little cold so I held you closer to warm you a little. You had your legs over mine as your legs were a bit cold as well. I had placed my left hand on your legs and slightly massaged them. As I was looking into your eyes I slowly massaged higher along your thigh, moving slower the higher I went just under your dress. My breathe was deep and as I saw your sweet lips, I wanted to kiss you then and there. I felt your hand on my lower stomach, your fingers just teasing as they slid into the front of my jeans, just as my hand moved higher along your leg and lightly pressed and gently massaged the front of your lacey panties. You then sat on my lap facing towards me.

I placed my right hand by your face and gently brushed your cheek with my thumb before pulling you in slowly for a kiss, softly at first then gradually we kissed deeper. We’d been interrupted as the metro had stopped, we lingered slightly with the kiss, panting lightly from it before having to leave the metro before missing the stop.

We quickly entered the waiting area where it was warm and comfortable, the area was dimly lit and the windows were lightly tinted. As the door lightly thudded and echoed through the room, I had pulled you closer to me with our canlı bahis bodies closely pressed together. I licked my lips softly, longing to taste your lips once more looking into your eyes I feel my heart racing and a burning desire for you. Panting lightly we slowly start kissing again, letting my hands gently massage your sides slowly moving lower. I can feel your hands lightly against my sides moving to in between us, we stop kissing a brief moment, looking into each others eyes with lips slightly parted while breathing very quickly and shallowly. Almost like we’re waiting to see what the other will do, we slowly move our hands at the same time. My fingertips slowly dragging across your soft legs as I slide your dress up slowly, stopping just above barely revealing your lace panties, gasping lightly as I notice the dark colour of them as I rub my finger gently along the front of them before slowly teasing a finger into your panties and rubbing along your wet entrance.

I let out a soft moan as I feel your wetness along with your fingers teasingly squeezing tighter on the front of my jeans before I hear the zipper being undone and my jeans being pulled down slightly. You’re breathing becoming more rapid and you bite in your lip gently as I feel your hand press against the front of my underwear giving it a gentle squeeze at the same time I gently add a little more pressure to bahis siteleri your moist entrance drawing gentle sighs of pleasure from both our lips.

We kiss deeply, soflty teasing each other still. At the same time we slowly move to the nearby table in the waiting room and you sit on the edge. As we kiss, I slowly rub my hands along your things upwards, lifting your dress further up until your lace panties are exposed. Breaking the kiss, I move down slowly while pulling down your already moist panties, looking into your eyes the entire time with a sweet yet sexy smile. As I take them off, I plant gentle kisses along your inner thigh while slowly moving upwards making you sigh in pleasure. Slowly spreading your legs, I place a soft kiss on your moist entrance, before giving a long, teasing lick along your soft and very moist flesh. I hear a stifled moan, as I look up I see you having tilted your head back, biting your lips trying hard not to moan out loud. My heart beating faster and barely able to keep myself from moaning lightly at the sight before me. I quickly position myself between your legs, I see the lust in your eyes as well as being sure you can see it in mine as well. Wrapping your arms around my neck you pull me in closer and we kiss again, deep and passionately. Slowly pushing forward, I place the tip at your moist entrance. As I do so, I feel your slender legs bahis şirketleri wrap around my waist, pulling me closer. Pushing into you slowly, your legs more intent on pulling me in closer to you, I penetrate you. Breaking the kiss, we both pant and gasp lightly, pushing in further I lean in and moan softly your name in your ear, hearing your surprise and gasp, feeling your legs wrap tighter around me as well as an even tighter squeeze as I’m pressed further in to you.

Moaning a bit louder in your ear, despite having bitten my lip in an attempt to stifle my moans, you hold me there in place and we both can see the other, panting, moaning, shuddering quietly in pleasure. I kiss you softly on the lips, before I slowly start to move in and out of you, almost instantly overwhelmed by sensations of pleasure, our bodies shiver, we both moan softly into each others lips. Thrusting faster, I softly kiss your neck as we both feel the pleasure building, I pant lightly against your neck, my warm breathe on your skin. Both of us shuddering lightly as we near the peak, I feel your legs lock around my waist as I penetrate you as deep as can go just before we climax. As we do, we kiss each other through the waves of pleasure, feeling our bodies shudder in overwhelming pleasure as I feel myself filling you, mixing our hot, sticky fluids. I feel myself pulse and throb inside you, making you moan as well as myself into each others lips as I feel your squeezes on me. Slowly breaking the kiss, we’re panting heavily, gasping lightly still as lighter waves of pleasure still hit us before sighing lightly from them.

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