Subject: Late night work out I’d seen Vernon a thousand times at the gym and hadn’t given the brotha a second thought. But when I bumped into him in the showers the other day and saw him naked for the first time I couldn’t think about anything else but him. Or should I say that long, thick piece of dark meat that swayed heavily between his legs. I was sure ole boy had caught me staring while we showered but he didn’t say anything and neither did I. It was 2:00 A.M. and I couldn’t sleep. My dick was hard as a roll of quarters. I thought about calling my girl but I knew pussy wasn’t what I wanted. Since the gym I belonged to was twenty four hours I decided to go work out instead. I was surprised to find that besides Mack an employee I was the only one in the place. I was almost through with my routine when of all people Vernon came in. I noticed that as I finished up my work out that every time I looked over where he was he was looking at me. I headed to the showers and a few seconds he was in the stall directly accross from mine. It was no mistake he knew I was checking him out just as he was checking me out. Soon I could see that that big ole dick of his was hard. I turned to face him showing him my own boner. He quickly rinsed off and nodded for me to follow him. He led me through a door marked employee’s only. The room was cluttered with boxes a couple of benches and some barbells. Vernon closed the door behind us and I turned to face him. Without saying a word he gently turned me back around and bent me over one of the benches. Then kneeling behind me he grabbed my ass squeezing and caressing the firm flesy mounds of my cheeks as he spread them. I could feel the cool air on my exposed asshole just before he pressed his face into my ass. I gasped as I felt his soft warm tongue began to explore the valley floor between my asscheeks. In seconds his probing tongue found it’s target. I closed my eyes enjoying the intense pleasure as he zeroed in on my asshole. I began to moan softly as he teased me, gently flicking kızkalesi escort the tip of his tongue against my butthole. He gradually coaxed my puckered opening to relax and after a few moments I gasped when I felt him start to enter me. Little by little his probing tongue slipped deeper and deeper into my ass. Soon the sounds of my heavy breathing and soft moans filled the air as his tongue slipped in and out of my ass like a little velvet dick. I knew Vernon was preparing me for something else he wanted to put in my ass. I wanted it too but I gotta admit I was scared. It wasn’t like I was a virgin or nothin I’d taken dick up the ass before and I loved it. But Vernon looked to be 10 or 11 inches long and it was thick. As much as I wanted it I wasn’t sure I could take it. Vernon stood and pressed his pubs against my behind slipping his dick between my spit soaked cheeks. He then guided the head of his dick to my hole and started to push forward. I flinched as a jolt of pain shot through me when my assring was suddenly forced to stretch open and over the head of his dick. Oh man I loved the feeling of the initial penetration. The pain begins to subside immediately quickly being replaced by a tingling sensation like a small electric current is passing through my asshole. Vernon paused to allow me to adjust to the invasion. For severel moments we remained still with the head of his dick wedged in my tingling asshole. Then he began to fuck me. With small firm thrusts he worked his dick into my ass. The tingling sensation in my asshole increased as it was forced to stretch more and more as Vernon gradually stuffed my butt with inch after inch of hard dick meat. I grabbed my dick and jerked frantically as the feeling of fullness increased and just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to take any more I felt his hairy pubs press against my ass and I could feel his dick throbbing deep inside of me. Vernon fucked me like I’d never been fucked before. He alternated his rythm from hard tarsus escort and fast to slow and deep, sometimes pulling out until just the head remained in me before plunging the entire length of his dick back inside of me, in and out and round and round. The pleasure coming from my asshole and the jacking of my dick was intense. My dick was so hard it ached and leaked precum. Just when I was about to rub one out Vernon would pull my hand away. It was as if he sensed I was close and he didn’t want me to cum yet. Man that shit drove me crazy. Finally several minutes later I felt his dick swell even bigger and start to throb wildly and he growled as pumped the contents of his nutts deep into my ass. He left his dick buried inside of me until I felt it start to soften before he pulled out. He then sat on the bench he’d had me bent over and took my dick into his mouth and down his throat in one gulp. Damn that shit felt good, so good that I started to thrust. It was as if my hips had a mind of their own as I fucked his mouth. Vernon slipped his hand between my asscheeks and suddenly shoved three finger into my freshly fucked hole. My head snapped back, my legs went wobbly, and I howled as I exploded in his mouth. I’d never busted one that felt so good. I could barely stand as my dick spurted hot cum into Vernon’s mouth. He kept his lips fastened securly around my dick swallowing after every spurt. He continued nursing my dick long after I’d stopped cummin releasing my only after he was satisfied he sucked out every drop of my cum. I ploped down on the bench next to him panting. Feeling the lingering effects of the monster nutt. After a couple of minutes we decided that we’d better leave. But just as he was about to open the door we heard voices on the other side. Vernon switched off the lights and we stood next to the door in the dark waiting for the people on the other side to move on. After a few minutes I felt Vernon’s chest pressing against my back, his dick was hard again and it brushed anamur escort against my behind. The thought of him fucking me again made my own dick start to awaken too. I felt his dick slip between my asscheeks and I inhaled deeply when I felt it slide inside of me. He fucked me slow and deep. Every nerve in my asshole was extra sensive from the fucking he’d given me earlier and I could feel every vein, bump, and curve in the shaft of Vernon’s huge dick as it slowly slid in and out of me from head to root with every single thrust. All the while he stroked, squeezed and caressed my dick. My body shivered with even more pleasure when I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck from his heavy breathing, low moans, and whispers of how good my ass felt to him as he continued the slow sensual fucking. I was in ecstacy heaven and it was becoming harder and harder to be quiet so the people in the other room wouldn’t hear us. Especially when every fiber of my pleasure bombarded body wanted to scream out to the world how good tha dick was feeling to me. Soon it was apparent that neither Vernon or me was no longer concerned or aware of the people in the next room. We were two sexual beings aware of nothing but the intense sexual pleasure that we were giving and recieving. With his hands, mouth and dick Vernon had taken me slowly to places of lust and ecstacy I’d never been before. My orgasm had been slowly building for the last ten minutes and now I was close but instead of bustin I hovered right there at the edge. He was really workin me over, I was right there and wanted to bust. But this shit was feeling so good I wanted it to continue. I placed my palms on the wall to steady myself and pushed my ass back forcing Vernon’s dick even deeper into me causing a moan to escape him. Panting I told him I was gonna cum. “Oh Fuckkkkkk!!!!” I cried out moments later as the orgasm washed over my body. My body shuddered and my knees went weak again as stream after stream of my cum splattered on the wall in front of me. “Dayummmmmm…” Vernon panted as my spasming asshole gripped his dick again and again. I could feel his dick throbing and twitching deep in my ass as he came too, depositing another huge load inside of me. I never saw Vernon again after that. For months I prayed I’d run into him at the gym again but I never did.

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