Lather , Lust Ch. 02 Pt. 03

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After Candace had left Joy came over to Stone then she put her arms around him as she asked, “Are you and Heather going together?” She hugged him close awaiting his response.

He replied, “We are just friends who have sex, but that has changed now, she’s in love with her roommate.”

“He can’t be better looking than you,” she said as she rubbed his back softly.

“He’s a she, and yes she is much better looking than me,” he said with a grin.

“Heather is in love with another woman?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Yup she’s going to tell her this afternoon that she’s in love with her.”

As they spoke his phone began to ring. Stone answered, “Hello.”

“It’s Heather, you wanted me to call you and let you know what happened when I told Shelly that was in love with her.”

“How did it go?”

“It went great she’s in love with me also we’re taking a long trip to celebrate our love for each other.”

“That’s great.”

“Thank you for everything sweetheart.”

“Don’t mention it I just hope that Shelly knows just how lucky she is to have you.”

“She does we’re both lucky to have each other.”

They talked for a while longer then he hung up he went back over to Joy and he put his arms around her. “That was Heather her roommate, Shelly, are in love with her also, they are planning to go on trip to celebrate their love for each other,” he said, and then he hugged her.

“Did you say that you were in love with me?” he asked as he looked into her eyes.

“Yes I am in love with you always have been why do you ask?” she answered, and then she kissed him.

“I’m in love with you also,” he replied as he stroked her hair.

“You are?” she asked.

“Yep that’s why it was so hard to leave without saying good bye to you,” he said as he looked at her. Joy leaned her head against his chest as she started to cry. “Don’t cry darling we’re together now,” he said as he rubbed her back.

“These are tears of happiness, not sadness,” she said as she moved in and kissed him passionately. “Make love to me,” she whispered in his ear as she hugged him.

Stone looked at her affectionately. Then holding her close, he reached between them, canlı bahis and guided his dick to her. In one fluid motion he slid himself inside of her pussy, eliciting a moan from joy. She laid her head softly on his shoulder as they unhurriedly fucked. For several minutes Stone pistoned his cock into his lovely secretary; cementing his love for her with his every tender motion. Joy licked his ear and neck as they made love.

When he was finally ready to cum he held onto her tightly, as he plunged himself into her core, and he filled her pussy with his seed. He kept pistoning into her after he had drained his balls. Once she stopped nibbling on his neck he removed his dick from her pussy.

Joy got onto her knees and began to play with his cum covered dick; she teased him until he couldn’t stand anymore and stuck it into her willing mouth. She began to suck it as he stroked her hair. As she sucked his dick she reached behind him and shoved her finger up his ass causing him to groan.

With the help on the added stimulation he soon grew reading to climax once again, so he pushed her head forward shoving his dick down her throat. She kept sucking and he soon let his cum flow down her throat. She sucked his dick dry, and once she was certain he had no more semen to offer she let it slip from her mouth, and stood up.

She went over to the sink and washed her hands, then she took his dick in her soapy hand and began to play with it as she washed it. After she had rinsed his dick and dried it, she bent over the sink and stuck her ass up to him. As he wetted her hair he rubbed the head of his dick against her asshole when her hair was wet he pour some shampoo onto her head, then he began to wash her hair as he roughly shoved his dick up her ass.

“Oh my ass,” Joy screamed as his dick entered her ass. She tried to raise her head but he held it down as he made love to her ass fast and hard, as he washed her hair. He kept pumping into her ass, rapidly increasing his tempo and fervour, causing her to scream louder and louder with passion.

When he was ready to cum he held her head down in the sink and coated the inside of her rectum with his cum. He kept making love to her ass for a while longer as bahis siteleri he washed her hair some more, and as he began to rinse her hair he removed his dick from her now tender ass.

After he rinsed her hair, he wrapped a towel around her head; she took this as her cue, and stood up. Stone wet a washcloth, lathered it up, and then had Joy to bend over again. When she was back in position, he began to wash her ass.

“Oh oh oh,” she screamed when he rubbed the washcloth over her sore asshole. Once he was done rinsing and drying her ass, Joy placed her arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply as he played with her hair.

Eventually she sat down, “What do you want done to your hair?” he asked as he stroked her hair.

“I want it washed conditioned trimmed and styled,” she answered as he rubbed his dick.

He leaned her back then he began to wet her hair as he ran his fingers through it. When it was wet he poured some shampoo onto her head. Slowly he lathered it up, and when there was a nice foamy accumulation, he began to wash it. In the mean time she was rubbing her pussy and groaned.

The longer he washed her hair the greater her enthusiasm grew as she played with her pussy, when he began to rinse her hair she let out a passionate scream as she began to climax. Once her hair was rinsed, he wrapped a towel around her head then he handed her a wet washcloth and she cleaned her pussy then he sat her back up.

As Joy sat there he unwrapped the towel from around her head. Then he combed it to remove any tangles. He got a huge glob of conditioner then he began to work it through her damp hair. When the conditioner was worked through her hair, he picked up a comb and began to comb her hair making sure that the conditioner was evenly distributed through her hair.

He placed a plastic cap over her head next he placed a heat cap over it then he sat the timer for thirty minutes. As Joy sat there he stuck his hard dick up to her lips she kissed the head of it then she opened her mouth letting him slid his dick into it.

As she sucked his Dick, she would play with his balls gently squeezing them causing him to moan. As he slid his dick in and out of her mouth she would squeeze bahis şirketleri his ass cheeks as hard as she could. When he was ready to cum he shoved his dick down her throat then he let his cum flow down her throat as she sucked it harder. Joy kept sucking his dick for a while longer then she let it slip from her mouth.

He looked at the timer, saw that there was still fifteen minutes on it so he went over to the sink, and began to wash his dick as she licked her lips and watched. After the timer had went off he remove the heat cap from her head then he removed the plastic cap and tossed it into the trash.

He leaned her back then he began to rinse her hair as he ran his fingers through it after her hair was rinsed he wrapped a towel around her head then he sat her back up. He towelled her hair then he combed it next he picked up a pair of scissors then he began to trim her damp hair.

When he finished trimming her hair he ran his fingers through it, “Do you use mousse or gel?”

“I use them both,” she answered.

“What would you like for me to use on your hair?” he asked as he stroked her hair.

“Use some gel,” she answered. He squirted some gel into his hands then he began to work it through her hair, after he’d worked the gel through her hair he combed it then he began to blow dry her hair.

After her hair was dry, Stone use the hair pick on it once more then he turned her so that she could see herself in the mirror when Joy saw her hair she stood up and hugged him.

“I love it,” she said as then she kissed him passionately.

They kissed and hugged for a while then Stone looked at the clock it was two o’clock then he looked at Joy. “Since we’re not busy, how about we close up and go shopping then to dinner?” he asked as she got dressed.

“I would love to,” she answered as she finished dressing. Stone then got dressed while Joy went to the front of the salon and started shutting off the lights. By the time he got there she had finished turning off the lights all except the ones in the waiting area.

“Ready sweetheart?” he asked as he stroked her hair.

“Yep,” she answered then she kisses him.

He turned out the lights and they headed towards the door, “How about after dinner we go to my place and make love some more?” he suggested.

“I love would that,” Joy answered as she rubbed his chest. They stood there for a while as she hugged him they left.

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