Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 01


The college gymnasium. It’s Saturday afternoon and the wrestling tournament is underway. Frida (25 yrs.) sits in the front row taking pictures of the wrestlers. She’s wearing a one-piece, blue dress, which shows off her terrific body (36-24-36). That dress hangs over her round tits. The black hair drops to her smooth brown “Latina” shoulders. She’s got a press pass around her neck who uses a professional “Nikon” digital camera.

Frida looks at the photos of Brooklyn (20 yrs.) who stands at 5’9″ and weighs 149 lbs. He competes for the out-of-town wrestling team. He is a college champion.

Her tongue licks both lips and says, “He’s blonde, has cut muscles and handsome.”

She looks at the photos of him kissing his girlfriend and smirks.

“I have an approach to get him into my Hotel room” she whispers.

Inside the locker room. Brooklyn just finished taking a shower. He wipes down his naked body and sits down on the bench. His hand drops the towel over his left thigh. His coach sits next to him.

Brooklyn says, “What!”

“Why so angry?” coach asks.

Brooklyn answers, “That guy had me step on the weight machine six times. Same weight coach. 149 lbs.!”

“You’re a champion. Expect it” coach replies.

Brooklyn carries his sport bag out of the locker room. He’s wearing illegal bahis jeans and a college t-shirt. His wet blonde hair is combed back neatly.

Frida says, “Hi, Brooklyn. I’m Frida.”

He turns around and glances down at her body. He says, “Hi, Frida.”

She replies, “I’m a sport photographer and I took photos of you on the wrestling mat.”

“Really? Cool” he says.

She replies, “I’d like you to take this camera and choose which photos you’d like me to use. I’ll put them on the college website.”

He grabs the camera which she hands to him and asks, “When do you want it back?”

“Bring it to the university Hotel room off campus. Room 120” she answers.

Frida quickly leans in and kisses him gently on the lips. He’s surprised, but it’s hot. He pulls back and quickly looks around.

He says, “Hold on, my girlfriend.”

“I know” she replies. He looks down at her incredible body as she walks away.

“Fucking hot Latina” he whispers.

Late Saturday night inside Frida’s Hotel room. The big screen TV plays a Spanish soap opera, but the volume is real low. Her Nikon camera and Brooklyn’s Apple iPhone are next to that TV. His phone flashes and vibrates. The lamp light on the table is turned on.

Their clothes and shoes are piled up next to the bed.

Frida illegal bahis siteleri and Brooklyn are both naked on top of that bed. She is laying on her back with her legs spread open. He is on top of her with his chest crushing her round tits. His face is turned over her left shoulder. Her hands grip his muscular shoulders.

It is “white” skin over “brown” skin and it’s pretty hot.

His 6 and ¼-inch cock is buried inside her black pussy. His white buttocks bounce in the air as he thrusts in quickly.

She responds in Spanish, “Uh.. Uhh.. Uh.. Mi.. Papi (my daddy).. Mi.. Papi!”

His eyes are closed and his mouth is open. He keeps his thrusts at a steady pace.

She whispers in his ear, “Uh.. Brooklyn.. Eres.. Sexy (you’re hot).. Uh.. Uhh.. Mi.. Papi.”

Frida meets each of his thrusts and her stomach touches his stomach.

She says, “Dios (God).. Dios.. Uh.. Uh.. Mi.. Papi!”

Brooklyn slows down and pushes in hard a few times. His buttocks clench tightly.

She responds, “Mi… Papi… Mi… Papi.!!”

He explodes, “Gu-Guuuuuuuhh.!”

His cock pulls out and Brooklyn leans over as his left hand grabs her beautiful left tit. His mouth begins sucking on her dollar-size areole…

15 minutes later. Brooklyn’s iPhone keeps flashing and vibrating canlı bahis siteleri by the TV. The Spanish soap opera continues to play, but a little louder. A small lotion bottle stands up next to the iPhone.

Brooklyn is laying on his back with his hands gripping the bed sheets. He lifts his head and looks down. His legs are spread and Frida kneels in between them. There is lotion on her right hand and it is wrapped around his stiff cock.

She slowly strokes him up and down. She whispers, “Mi Papi.. Brooklyn?”

He nods his head, “Y-Yeah… I’m your… D-Daddy.”

The lotion between her fingers is slippery.

Frida then squeezes real hard and strokes up and down. Brooklyn’s lower back lifts off of the bed.

He responds, “G-God.! Shit.! I’m.. Your Daddy.! Your fucking.. Daddy!”

Her left hand then grips his shaft. Her right palm, “twists” over his cock-tip like she’s opening a jar.

Brooklyn flinches and screams, “Uh-Daddy.! Your.. Daddy.! Fuck!!”

Frida twists a few more times and he explodes, “Uuuuuuhh.! Uuuuuuhh.! Uuh.! Uuh!!”

He falls back onto the bed as she slowly strokes him. He jerks his head because of the cock sensitivity.

“That was Incredible. Fuck Frida… Fuck!!” he says.

She climbs off the bed and strides into the bathroom. She comes back out carrying a towel. He watches her beautiful tits jiggle and sexy hips sway. He also notices that diamond ring in her belly-button.

Brooklyn smiles, “You are one fucking, hot Latina.”

His Apple iPhone keeps flashing…

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