Laughter the Best Orgasm


You find yourself tied up spread eagle open and exposed for the world, blindfolded waiting for the first touch. Will it be the feel of leather, or the gentle touch of fingernail or a tongue..? Struggling against your bonds the anticipation is almost too much to bear. Softly you whisper into the silence, begging to be touched to know someone else is there…there is no response but the touch of a….

…A touch of leather, stiff and hard, but tracing ever so softly on your skin. You can’t place it at first. Unsure of what’s being used. Unable to think you mind sinks lower in your body and falls deeper into the feelings of pleasure that the leather is bringing you.

It traces around the base of your neck and slowly and ever so lightly it traces it’s path between your beautiful and exposed breasts. Lazily it travels around your chest following the curve of your breast on you skin, lightly, ever so lightly grazing your nipple as it makes it way over to your other breast. Again it traces around the fullness of your breasts listening closely to your gasps and moans noting your response to each action filing them away for later use. It brushes your nipple, lightly ever so lightly, feeling like nothing more than a gentle breeze. It’s just strong enough to make your nipples hard and protruding from your breast begging to be touched. It moves back and forth between your breasts keeping them at attention. They are hard, heaving and begging for a firmer touch.

Slowly though it traces down your stomach and travels all over your midsection. You giggle, just a bit as it traces down your side, from under your arm to your waist. It traces the a similar path under your other arm. The touch is teasing and tantalizing almost daring you to laugh. But when you give in and giggle, a firmer touch follows almost chastising you. Somehow saying, no not yet…your mine to tease and control.

It travels downward making it’s way around and across your body, though avoiding your sex. You wriggle and moan thrusting your hips into the air begging without saying a word for the attention it craves. Instead it travels to your hips where that soft v that is formed between your stomach and legs. That place where the lighter touch brings shivers through your body. So close, yet so far. The touch is firm but soft continual motion tracing back and forth from one side to the other, lighter and lighter it gets till you giggle, and shudder and giggle again.

Then suddenly it’s between your legs softly riding up and down your slit ever so gently, casually, it’s as if it doesn’t notice that it’s grazing your clit. You moan with desire with each moan your musky smell grows stronger. But then no, it stops… you freeze waiting…wanting. You beg softly to your captor, saying things, asking things wanting things to be done to you. You hear your captor smile with satisfaction that you’re right where they want you. The only reply you hear is I’ve only yet begun…and we have nothing but time….

…You hear a soft chuckle echo softly through the room. A feather soft touch grazes your cheek. You smile. The feathers graze your body, moving exploring all those places manisa escort that made you moan with anticipation before. The feather dances across your nipples and they harden in response. The feather traces its way down your stomach. Swirling ever so lightly around your belly button. Softly you laugh, the feathers dance up your sides tracing a line from your armpit to your waist. Your soft laughter gets stronger and louder; you’re so wet that it’s soaking the bed.

The feather dances across your stomach again over to the other side, making tracks up and down your other side, teasing you tickling you making you laugh harder gasping for breath. “No… NO…Stop… Please stop…” escapes your lips… Your captor ignores your words and the feather moves down dancing around your pubic area and your inner thighs. Your laugher is mixed with moans, your hips thrust in the air begging for the feather to dance across your clit.

It stops…”So you want me stop…No more…is that what you want?” Softly the feather dances across your clit. Something between a moan and no escapes your lips. It stops again…”are you sure?” the feather again dancing across your clit faster this time. “Don’t stop” erupts from your mouth along with deeper moaning mixed with laughter. The feather continues to dance across your sex, grazing your clit, brushing your inner thighs, sending soft currents of energy dancing across that ever so sensitive soft between your hips and legs.

Faster it’s moving timed perfectly with your laughter and sounds of pleasure. It dances across your clit each time a small spark runs from your clit to deep within you building and building eventually reaching a crescendo of laughter and screams of pleasure. Then it stops, not touching you, but you feel the breeze it makes over your clit, laughing, screaming and sobbing you beg for release. You beg to cum, still riding the crescendo but slipping just a bit. You beg some more laughing and crying as the almost electric currents of pleasure still ricochets through your body.

You can feel your captor smile…you hear a giggle… and then “who am I to deny you your pleasure? They say laughter is the best orgasm” and on the final word the feathers dance across your pussy. Tickling your pussy, and your clit, shockwaves of pleasure reverberate throughout your body, your laughter and screams are indiscernible. Finally release comes and your body arches off the bed, the only thing holding you down is your restraints reminding you and arousing you that much more that you’re still bound, and vulnerable which sends another wave of orgasm rocking through your body.

Your screams and laughter bounce around the room. Your captor giggles and smiles. Slowly your body falls back to the bed, pleasure radiating from your body. Your captor basks in your glow, feeding off the energy from your orgasm. Time passes as you relax sinking into the mattress. You struggle at your bonds, thinking it must be over…”no, no, no, no…we’re not through here yet. Once is never enough. One is only the beginning” A moan escapes your lips anticipation riddles your body every nerve on end waiting to maraş escort see what will happen next…

…every nerve is standing on end. Your body trembles waiting for the next touch. And then you feel it the next touch. it’s dancing across your feet. Making swirling patterns lazily across the soles of your feet. Laughter explodes from your mouth, but wait…what’s this…your nipples…a vibrator sends an electric shock wave through your nipples down through your chest. You gasp for air not being able to decide whether to laugh or scream in pleasure. Your feet instinctively pull away, but bound they have no place to go. Your leg muscles strain from the continuous tickling of your feet. Simultaneously your back and chest arches from the pleasure of the vibrator caressing your nipples.

You’re screaming laughing and riding the crescendo to another orgasm. Just seconds away from climaxing again everything stops. No feet, no nipples, no vibrator nothing. Your scream, in frustration, you beg, plead, bargain, anything to come. You were so close, “Please, please let me cum.” “Yes I know how close you were, and I’ll bring you there again and again. but remember your orgasms are mine to control not yours”says your captor.

A soft giggle reverberates through the room. You feel a weight on the bed. Your captor straddles you. You feel the warmth of their breath on your skin. A sweet breath blows across your body. Goose bumps jump off your skin in response. You giggle as the breath continues to dance across your sweaty skin. It blows across your nipples closer and closer it comes. Your laughter continues but slight screams erupt in between. A tongue suddenly flicks your nipple. The warmth of it causes a loud moan to escape your lips. Tenderly the tongue caresses your nipples. Then they’re drawn in and sucked lightly, the nipple being gingerly rolled about and teeth ever so gently graze your nipple. Moans and laughter are filling the room.

Then suddenly as the masterful mouth is moving back and forth between your tits working them teasing them, that touch, soft, repetitive and playfully dances around that spot on your sides. That spot you have that when tickled will send you racing down the track toward and orgasm. The louder you laugh, the faster you’re tickled, the faster you’re tickled, the more fervently your breasts are sucked and teased and pleased. You body is shaking and rocking testing the limits of your bonds.

You hear “Now…now you can cum. Cum for me…Let me hear you cum…” You gladly comply. Your body has left the bed, your voice has filled the room and your cum flows out freely soaking the bed. You pass out from the exhaustion…feeling a release and glow like none other…

How long you’re out you don’t know, but a sound…something familiar?…yes I know that sound..wait…that wasn’t a dream. You move your arm to find you’re still tied down. Your awareness comes flooding back to you as pleasure still warms your body. But that’s…no it’s not… “yes my dear it’s exactly what you think it is.” You struggle to place that sound. It’s a soft but deep constant vibrating noise. It’s not loud mardin escort like a vibrator. The realization of what it is hits you simultaneously as the vibrations tickle you clit.

You’re so sensitive now that this sensation instantly drives you wild, you scream as the sensations rush through your body. “My, my aren’t we the sensitive one.” a soft giggle floats through the air. All the while the pleasure continues to vibrate around your pussy. Dancing across your clit, exploring all the folds and hidden spots of your pussy. Occasionally it passes just into the entrance of your dark moist pleasure cave sending vibrations through you from the inside out. Your riding the wave of pleasure dancing on the edge of orgasm, never being allowed to cum, but staying close, maddening close.

Your mind is gone, floating on a sea of pleasure completely lost from reality. Your bonds are no longer restraints but tethers that keep you anchored from completely floating away into oblivion. Floating on this sea of pleasure, you feel something else join you… Hands, mouths, tongues. lots of hands floating all over your body. Tickling your sides, Tongues dance across your stomach as warm mouths envelop your breasts, sucking, nibbling, and rolling your nipples between their lips. all of these sensations all at once, almost orchestrated.

Your bonds are released, but replaces by hands lots of hands. Massaging and tickling your hands, running finger nails along your forearms. Dancing across your elbows and tracing the biceps as it connects into the soft under part of your arms. All at once all at the same time, both arms, nipples breast, tongues dancing in and around your navel, more tongues dancing across your pubic area, following the natural lines of your body. Hands on your feet tickling the bottoms of them with the lightest of touches. Hands massaging your ankles, running up your inner thighs close, but stopping just shy of your pleasure center. You ride these waves of pleasure screaming laughing as they tickle and tease you, massage and please you over and over never ending. You can’t tell where one sensation stops and the other begins.

Orgasms rock your body, your voice is horse but you can’t stop. You wonder when this storm of pleasure will end. Then your storm of sensations are brought sharply into focus between your legs as a warm mouth explores your pleasure center. It laps up your cum, while your clit is pleased and teased with the vibrator. The tongue dances in and out fo your pussy, caressing your clit when the vibrator eases up. The tongue explores the deep center and recesses of your pussy. Fingers explore your pussy with the tongue dancing around them and the vibrator on your clit.

Your body explodes, overloads and you ride the finger for all it’s worth. With all the remaining strength in your body you cum, violently, every nerve being caresses, pleased and teased. Your mind breaks and shatters unable to process all of this pleasure all at once. Hips rocking, back arching, head thrown back and screaming, laughing all at once. You ride the fingers, the warmth the waves of pleasure, into a deep dark welcoming oblivion of unconsciousness. As your fade away riding the last waves of pleasure, you feel warmth and comfort as hands hold you close and comfort you. The last thing you hear faintly in the distance is, “Thank you. It’s been a pleasure. For both of us.”


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