Law 287: Trials and Temptations

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As the weeks passed, Bella and I met a few more times, but not often enough for either of us. This caused us to take even greater chances, but I never minded. The greatest allure for me was always the danger of getting caught. Just the thought of someone catching us in the act of our passionate and illicit sexual escapades drove me to the brink of ecstasy and made it impossible for me to calm down. At the time, I was teaching a trial advocacy class and this class required everyone to try a case as either the plaintiff or the defendant. Bella was taking this class as well, but was not in my section.

I would see her before and after class dressed for trial in a suit that always accentuated her obvious charms. Her skirts always hugged her curved feminine hips, her legs encased in silky smooth stockings. I had never gotten a chance to see what she wore underneath that skirt, but in my imagination it was always a lacy garter belt with no panties. She always wore a silk blouse with a blazer over top. The combination gave the illusion of making her breasts seem to push up and out, creating the most enthralling sight. Not that Bella needed it. She was without a doubt the most awe inspiring vision of beauty one might see.

As final trials approached, I managed to secure a few courtrooms at the courthouse downtown so that my students could experience trying a case in a real courtroom. We could only do this at night, but summer was rapidly approaching, so the weather was still nice. I also liked the fact that the courthouse was right across the street from a bar, so everyone could stop in for a drink after all was said and done to try and relax. Given the subway ran right near the courthouse, the situation seemed perfect. I had even managed to borrow a few judges’ robes so that all of the students would have the full effect.

I walked out of my office to start heading down when I heard a woman’s voice call out to me.

“Professor?” I turned and saw Bella running toward me. Her hair was pulled tight in a bun and her cheeks were flushed. She looked like she had gotten dressed in a hurry because the top two buttons of her blouse were undone and the seam of her stocking was crooked. I tried not to stare too obviously so that none of the other professors around would get an idea of what we had done. “Are you going down to the courthouse?”

“Yes Bella. Are you all set?”

“Of course, why?”

“Well, your blouse is unbuttoned and your stocking is crooked.” She smiled at me with a look that seemed to belie an almost animal appetite for carnal pleasures.

“The blouse is undone for you. As for the stocking, I guess I had better fix that.” She turned her back to me and bent over to work on her stocking. Every movement pushed her skirt higher and higher. After a moment, I could see a glimpse of garter holding her black silk stocking in place. Her skirt continued to ride higher as she finally straightened the seam. She then turned and looked up at me, still bent over, her skirt pulled tight over her magnificent frame. “Is that better Professor, or is there anything else that needs to be taken care of?” By this point, it was becoming almost impossible to control my reactions. The sight of her curvaceous body being used to tease me was almost more than I could bear. My shaft began to grow and press against my briefs as I openly ogled her firm and supple curves. It took every ounce of self control not to push her up against the wall and take her in the hallway.

“No, that’s all for now Bella. Are you heading down to the courthouse now?” She stood up and pushed a hair that had gotten out of place back into her perfectly shaped coif.

“Yeah, want some company on the subway?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

The wind seemed to blow faster across the subway platform than it did above ground, sending chills through our bodies. Bella’s long leather coat whipped around her body, offering tantalizing glimpses of her legs as it snapped in the breeze. There were other students on the platform with us, so I couldn’t pull her close to me to warm her body and feel her arms clasp around me. The ache in my groin had managed to subside somewhat, but only because of the near Arctic blast that screamed through the station. Bella was looking as lovely as ever and I would have been concerned about how desperately I wanted her if not for the fact that I knew she felt the same way. Ever since that day in my office I knew that we had an incredible connection and desire that couldn’t be described. The reverie caused by my catching occasional glimpses of her milky skin in contrast with her silk blouse and black suit was snapped as the train pulled up and the doors opened. I followed Bella into the car and sat down next to her with my briefcase and papers on my lap. The car was filled with people and we had managed to grab the last empty seats. As the train began to move, I leaned over to Bella to whisper quietly in her ear, trying my hardest to appear innocent to illegal bahis the other students riding down to the courthouse.

“So you unbuttoned the blouse just for me, huh?” She smiled that same seductive smile she flashed in my office before she began to open me up to sexual pleasures I had never experienced.

“Yeah, did you like it?”

“Of course, but you knew that. And just what would you do if I tried to turn the tables on you?”

“And just what do you have in mind? It’s always more difficult for a man to show a little skin to get a woman distracted.” She had a confused look in her eye as I let a small smirk form on my lips, knowing full well that I was going to make it very difficult for her not to betray her increasing arousal in a few moments. With that, I nonchalantly placed my hand on her thigh and shifted my briefcase and papers so that no one could see what was happening unless they were directly above us. I traced my fingers across her thigh, feeling the suppleness of her body beneath the soft smoothness of her silk stockings. I saw her cheeks flush slightly at my touch. “What are you doing Professor? We’ll get caught!” Her whispers took on a slight urgency, but I knew in my mind that she was enjoying the thrill of maybe being seen.

“We’ll only get caught if you say anything.” I then moved my hand higher and reached the top of her stocking. My fingers were warm and felt like they were on fire against her skin, still cool from the wind racing through the subway platform. I felt her tremble slightly under my touch as my fingers slipped under the hem of her skirt. At this moment I was quite happy for my briefcase, both for concealing my actions and for concealing the impact and reaction the feel of her body under my hand.

Her skin felt like satin as my fingers slipped higher, dancing under her skirt, tracing along the garter keeping her stocking in place. It was almost impossible to tell where her thigh ended and her garter began. I looked over at her as I inched ever closer to her clean shaven pussy. A single bead of sweat had formed on her upper lip as she struggled to remain in control of her faculties. I could only imagine how desperately she wanted to cry out and move beyond the temptation I was subjecting her to. I smiled a very faint smile and looked forward again, to maintain appearances, as my hand reached its destination and my index finger began to trace up and down her already moistening pussy lips. I slid my finger up and down, moving closer and closer to her engorged and sensitive clit. Her flesh began to feel hot to the touch and her cheeks flushed as I moved closer until finally I flicked her clit with my finger.

I looked at her eyes while I did this and they dilated instantly. Her leg shuddered with enough force that I knew if we were in private she would screamed. I smiled and looked over at some of my other students so no one would think anything untoward was happening. All the while, I slowly pushed my index finger deeper into her sopping wet pussy. Bella’s clit was practically screaming for attention, so I dragged my thumb across over and over as my finger slid in and out. I could feel her pussy start to quake so I looked back and saw her biting her lower lip. I was glad she was wearing her jacket then, although I longed to see how hard and erect her nipples had become thanks to my sexual ministrations. I pushed my finger deeper, practically reaching the back of her pussy, fucking her with my finger. My cock grew even harder as I imagined being enveloped by that hot, tight pussy.

My finger moved faster and faster, as fast as possible without disclosing what was going on to the rest of the train. Bella’s hand grabbed onto my thigh and clenched, her nails practically digging into my flesh as I felt her body tense and finally release, her pussy tightening and pulsing, my hand becoming slick with her juices. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself as her orgasm subsided, her cheeks flushed, her breathing quiet but labored. I longed to taste her juices on my fingers, but I knew there would be questions if I was sucking lustfully on my fingers as I looked longingly at Bella. So I dragged my fingers across her garter belt and then put my hand back on my thigh, looking as calm as I could as the train pulled into the station.

“So did I turn the tables on you Bella?” She leaned over and put her lips near my ear. I could feel her hot breath on my skin and hear her labored breathing.

“Oh, beyond belief. Do you think anyone knew?”

“Not a chance. I’ve been wanting that all day.”

“I bet you’ve been wanting something else.”

“Mmmm, definitely. Especially now. Too bad I’ll be stuck down here all night.”

“Awww, poor baby. Maybe I can make it up to you sometime.” With that, she squeezed my thigh and slipped out of the train, her skirt accentuating her curves and making it very difficult for me to get up. I managed to squeeze out just before the doors closed and train illegal bahis siteleri whisked the remaining passengers further down the line. By this time Bella had disappeared into the courthouse and I barely managed to make it through security before my first trial started. As I walked in, one of my students was already prepping a witness in the conference room just off the courtroom, so I quickly walked up to the judge’s bench, sat down, and gaveled the trial to order.

The trials proceeded smoothly enough, although I was definitely getting tired and wanted to get home. All the while my mind kept drifting back to Bella on the train, aching to do more than finger her on the train, but to have her on my lap, impaling herself on my rigid shaft, fucking her slowly and deeply. These thoughts served to make the evening pass quickly enough and soon two of the three trials I had to hear tonight were over. Before the third began I took a quick break to stretch my legs and get a cup of coffee. After about fifteen minutes I got back to the courtroom just as my students arrived. We all sat down and they busied themselves while I sat down behind the bench and pulled myself up to the desk. On the desk was a sheet from a legal pad torn off with my name written on it in what appeared to be Bella’s handwriting. I opened it and there was just one sentence written on it.

“Turn about is fair play.” Just as I began to wonder what that meant, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt a hand start to snake up my thigh and caress me through my suit pants. I looked down and saw Bella curled underneath the judge’s bench, her jacket folded neatly next to her, her ivory silk blouse almost completely undone. Her breasts heaved and swelled with each breath as she licked her lips and looked up at me with an almost animal hunger. Her nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her breasts and the sight of it caused my shaft to swell almost instantly. I bit my lower lip and was about to say something when she put her finger to her lips to quiet me. Then, she slipped her finger between her lips and sucked softly, her tongue swirling around the tip. I ached to feel her lips against my cock as I looked down at her. I was jolted out of my reverie by one of my students asking if we could start. I nodded quickly and looked down, wondering what she was going to do to me.

As opening statements began, she slowly traced her fingers up my thigh, massaging my legs with her hands as my cock swelled and pressed almost obscenely against my suit pants. Every so often I would steal a glance beneath the bench to drink in the intoxicating vision in front of me, aching to feel the firm cleavage on display for me. As she worked her hands up my legs, she pushed my thighs, making my legs sit akimbo as she pushed one of her hands against my swollen aching cock. I could feel the precum building up at the head as I watched one of my students finish his opening statement and walk back to his table so that the plaintiff could call her first witness.

As I finished swearing in the witness, I felt Bella unzip my pants and pull my briefs down my thighs. I swallowed hard; trying desperately to conceal the intense arousal I was feeling right now. The questioning began and I felt her hand take the precum from my cock and smear it all over my shaft. It took every ounce of control not to thrust forward into her hand. I could feel my cock start to jump as she stroked me harder and faster. I was aching to explode and every second brought me closer. I ached to cum, to explode, thoughts of fucking Bella filled my head as the trial continued, seeming to go more slowly with each stroke. Then, just as the direct ended, Bella stopped stroking me. I quickly looked down and watched as she unhooked her bra and released her breasts. I licked my lips without realizing and thankfully it went unnoticed by my students. She leaned forward and pressed them around my cock, massaging my shaft with her firm and supple breasts. I shifted slightly, my cock painfully engorged as she teased me by pressing her hard nipples against the large vein running the length of my swollen shaft. My arousal rose higher and higher as the trial continued, making it difficult even to focus enough to notice when objections were raised. I ached for release, longing to feel her draw the cum from my body, covering her breasts, or maybe filling her hot and inviting pussy.

I looked down and saw her massaging her pussy, teasing her clit with her fingernails, the red nail polish matching nicely with the pink of her womanhood. Her skin was flushed and her breathing heavy as she dipped her fingers deep inside. She then pulled her hand back and started stroking my cock, using her juices to lubricate her strokes, making my cock feel like it was being swallowed by her pussy while she licked her lips, her eyes boring deep into mine. My cock jumped and spasmed as I felt my orgasm coming closer and closer. When it seemed I couldn’t take anymore, I looked canlı bahis siteleri up and tried to focus on the trial. Suddenly, I felt her mouth swallow me whole, my full length deep within her mouth, her tongue swirling around my head and slipping up and down my shaft. I could feel her sucking on me as I struggled not to let my eyes roll into the back of my head and start moaning openly. I couldn’t look down to see, but I knew she had a finger teasing her pussy, flicking across her clit while she used her other hand to massage her large and firm breasts. My breathing became heavy and labored as I came closer and closer to climax. Her mouth sucked harder, her tongue willing the cum out of my balls. I began to sweat as my cock began spasming in her mouth. Then, when I couldn’t take it anymore, she reached up and teased my balls with her fingernails, setting off a mind shattering orgasm, wave after wave of hot sticky cum shooting deep into her mouth and down her throat. A single drop worked out from between her lips and appeared milky white on her shimmering red lips. She licked the last of the cum from her lips and swallowed every last drop as the last plaintiff’s witness finished. As she zipped me up, the defense moved for a directed verdict. At that moment the one coherent thought I was capable of at that moment came forward.

“I’ll need time to consider this motion. I’ll notify you when I’m ready to rule. Please wait outside.” They looked confused, but dutifully walked outside as I remained at the bench and quietly adjusted my still swollen shaft. When the door closed, I looked down at Bella, looking even more incredible than she head earlier that night.

“So turn about is fair play?”

“You’d better believe it Jared.” She stood up, her breasts bare, her nipples hard. She smoothed her skirt and reached for her clothes, starting to put her bra back on.

“Don’t put that on yet. We’re not done.” I stood up and led her to the conference room. “Why do you think I sent them out?” We walked into the small room and she closed and locked the door. Before she could even turn around, I put both hands on her shoulders and turned her around, then pressed my body against her. I explored her mouth with my tongue as I pressed my lips against hers, tasting the saltiness of my cum on her as my hands roamed up and down her body, grasping her firm ass, crushing her breasts against my body. My desire grew more intense as I practically tore her skirt pushing it down off of her gloriously curved hips. All that was left was a black garter belt and black silk stockings, just as I had pictured in my mind. I leaned down to suck on her full breasts, to tease her nipples with my tongue rasping across them as she reached down to unzip my pants and push them and my briefs down. My cock sprang out and rubbed against her thigh, the feel of silk pushing my arousal even higher. Neither of us could take it any longer. I pulled her over to one of the chairs by the table and sat down, then pulled her onto my lap. I guided the head of my shaft along her slit, aching to push deeper inside, but longing to hear Bella’s sweet innocent voice beg for something so naughty and sensual.

“What do you want Bella? Tell me what you want.”

“Mmmm, do you want me to beg for that cock? Well I want you to fuck me baby. I want your shaft inside me right now.” Not needing any more encouragement, I slipped my cock into her pussy, my full length being pushed in as she pressed her pussy down onto me, my groin thrust against her, grinding against her clit. I leaned forward and sucked on her hard and sensitive nipples, my hands pushing on her hips to force my cock deeper inside. The head of my shaft pressed against the back of her pussy, slight spasms rippling up and down my shaft. I could feel her pussy grip my cock tighter, both of us giving in to complete sexual abandon, our moans echoing off of the soundproofed walls. I thrust upward over and over, hard and fast, the power of my thrusts causing her breasts to shake, our bodies shuddering with the force of our desire. I could feel her pussy starting to grow tighter and tighter, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as I began to ache for release again. I kissed her deeply as I thrust harder and harder, fucking her with abandon. I pulled her close, crushing her body against me as our bodies met again and again, our bodies pushed so close we became one. Finally, with one final powerful thrust, I felt her pussy spasm and tighten around me, a powerful orgasm wracking her body as the spasming drew the cum from me. The climax flew through my body, both of us shuddering with the sheer force of our lovemaking, her pussy filled with every drop of hot sticky cum left in me. We then collapsed into each other, our heads resting on each other’s shoulders. After a moment, I softly kissed her neck and shoulder, and then softly kissed her ear.

“That was amazing Bella.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself baby.”

“You should probably go out through the back hallway so no one sees you leave.” I reached down for my suit pants and pulled out my keys. “Since it’s the weekend, want to wait for me at my apartment?” She quickly grabbed my keys from my hand and got up to get dressed.

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