Laying Across Santa’s Lap

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The faint chirping of his watch woke John at 1:00 A.M. , he quickly reached over to silence it so as not to wake the kids. It was Christmas Eve, well morning actually, he thought smiling, time to go play Santa.

John reached for is wide Linda and instead found an empty warm spot in the bed. John smiled, his wonderful wife must be out making some coffee so Santa would actually be able to assemble the toys properly for a change. John rolled over placing his face into the blankets on her side of the bed and inhaled deeply, he could still smell her essence despite the cool December air. He loved that sleepy smell.

Shivering John rolled up on her side of the bed, closest to the bathroom. Opening the door he reached for his robe on the hook and found a hanger instead. He flipped on the light and saw much to his dismay a Santa suit with a note pinned to it. He read it;


Just in case the kids wake up we wouldn’t want to spoil Christmas would we? Besides, if you do as I ask you won’t get on Santa’s naughty list and you just might get what you have always wanted for Christmas.

Your Loving wife,

John smiled. Well, certainly it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile just this once. He turned to take care of business and give his teeth a quick brush the put on the outfit. It consisted of a pair of pants in a nice luxurious red felt trimmed in the usual white fuzzy stuff, a pair of crossing suspenders held them up, almost like a pair of firefighter pants. He pulled on the black boots and slipped the beard down around his neck, John was sure he could pull it up if the kids happened out. He pulled on the pointed hat and finally turned to the coat, slipping his arms in John decided to just let it hang open so Linda could snuggle inside if she wanted too.

Silently John crept down the hall that all the bedrooms were on, stopping just as he reached the corner that turned to go into the living room. Figuring himself safe, John walked confidently into the ruddy glow coming from the fireplace. John was three steps into the room before he stopped; there on the floor in front of the fire was his beautiful wife. She lay on what appeared to be a bearskin rug but was actually a stuffed animal fake version. She was naked as the morning sun and blindfolded. Her legs were spread apart and leather cuffs encircled each ankle, a small spring loaded snap hook connected each cuff to a ring on another cuff, that was secured around each wrist, well one was, obviously she was unable to do the other one once she had fastened the others.

Johns heart skipped a beat as he realized Linda was finally canlı bahis going to let him indulge in a little of the bondage fantasy he had held for so long. Moving quickly to her John bent and kissed her on her deep red lips, not usually one to wear makeup, Linda had obviously taken some time to do her hair and face as carefully as if she were going out. Sitting back on his heels John noticed that despite the fire Linda was far enough away that her nipples were stiff in the cool air, below them a plate was sitting on his wife’s bare stomach, gently rising and falling with her breath. Fresh cookies filled it as well as a little note. John grabbed both it and a cookie, noticing that they must have just come from the oven as they were soft and very warm. A wicked thought came to him as he lay one on each nipple, a quiet gasp hissing from her lips before a slight smile played at the corners. John read his note.

Dear Santa,

Please take the time to taste my treats; they are hot and fresh just for you. Please eat to your hearts content; your indulgence will bring me great pleasure. I know I have been a very naughty girl this year but I would really like to make it up to you before you decide to leave me a lump of coal. I have left you a gift under the tree, I would be most grateful if you’d open it now.

All Yours,

John leaned over and quickly spied the package for Santa, tearing the wrapping off he found a long wooden box about 5 inches wide and 16 long, hinged at the back. Opening it up John held his breath as he looked at the contents, a long strip of quarter inch thick leather that narrowed down to a beautifully woven handle. Stamped right in the center was one word, Master.

John was awestruck. He loved his wife very much, returning to her side he leaned over and finished buckling in her last wrist, she was now locked and her legs were held wide open by her wrists. John leaned over and got an appreciative groan as he nibble the first cookie from her nipple, small bites from all sides until only crumbs remained and then a final swipe of the tongue to clean them up. He turned to the other and was shocked to see that the cookie had been so soft it had actually settled leaving a small bump in the middle as it formed to her nipple. That was to wicked to waste and he removed it to save it for later. He still gave her sensitive breast the same equal attention.

John moved between Linda’s legs and kissed his way from her knee to he pussy, just lightly brushing his lips over it to continue up the other side. Linda Whined as he moved on groaning when he stopped half way up to bahis siteleri once again move down. Linda’s pussy gleamed in the firelight showing clearly her desire. John slid his tongue gently up the narrow seam to swirl around the tender button at the top. He heard the rattle of the cuffs as Linda caught in the moment tried to raise her hands to his head. He smiled and began the slow dance he knew would result in her orgasm, flicking the tongue, never to hard or aggressive, just constantly reminding that ball of pleasure that it had work to do. John listened carefully to Linda’s reactions, each breath, each sigh, until he knew she had reached her pace. The plate of cookies wobbled gently but she was careful not to let the slide off. Sliding his middle finger deep inside he curled it feeling press at the soft spongy area of her G spot. That is all it took.

Linda panted three times, “Ungghh, Unnngh, UUUUUNGH!” and let loose with a powerful orgasm. She yanked at the cuffs to push him away from her super sensitive pussy but to no avail.

John felt her tightening, as she screamed out a sticky wash of fluid covered his hand, sweeter than anything he had tasted from her ever. He felt her legs close slightly as she reached to push him away as usual but tonight she was his. He lightened his motions but didn’t stop. “Uuuaaaaannnnnnngh she cried, Pleeease John.” As she came again. “Please who?” He asked her devilishly. Linda gasped a few times before answering, “Please…” “Please Master! Stop.”

John sat back and crawled over to kiss her deeply, he always enjoyed the thought of her tasting her own juice on his lips. Reaching down John removed the cookies and placed them on the floor. He unsnapped the link between each cuff and helped Linda to he unsteady feet. Leading her gently John walked across the room and sat in his easy chair, tugging gently Linda kneeled in front of him. “Pull your blindfold off pet.” He told he gently. Linda tugged it down around her neck and keeping her head bowed lucked up to his eyes mischievously. “You have been a naughty girl Linda now crawl over and get Santa’s Paddle now would you?” he asked her. “Yes sir.” She responded, before turning and slowly crawling to the tree.

Linda was very aware that he was staring at her ass and her drenched pussy peaking from underneath. She put as much roll in her hips as she could to enhance his pleasure. She reached the paddle and took it in her teeth to crawl back to him, this time trying to make her tits sway. Reaching him she took the paddle in both hands and presented it to him reverently.

John took it and pulled her gently up and over his bahis şirketleri lap, the soft velvet caressing her breasts as they slid across. He took the paddle and slid it slowly around the cheeks of his wife’s exquisite ass. Raised it up and let it slap down with a thwwwack! Linda Jumped and twisted her ass as the sting seeped into her cheeks to become a rosy warmth. She hadn’t known exactly what it would feel like and was surprised to find that after the initial sting the warmth felt quit nice. Thwaaaack! Again the sting oozed out. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Ten in all, with soft rubbing between each. The warmth had become hotter with each one until he ass felt almost like it was on fire. The naughtiness of being spanked as a full grown adult filled Linda’s thoughts and her pussy responded with a steady stream of juice.

John dropped the paddle and slid his hand over her tender red ass. He could actually feel the warmth radiating from it. Linda groaned as his hand moved from one check to the other briefly touching he pussy in between. He moved his hand back and felt his finger slip easily inside the slippery fold. Linda pushed back fucking the intruder like a tiny cock.

John could wait no longer. He helped her to the floor and reconnected the links between the cuffs. To get her arms down far enough Linda had to press her tits into the fake bearskin rug and spread her legs wide apart. John shucked the pants and slipped behind his obscenely open wife. He slipped inside her and quickly buried himself as deep as he could go. Grabbing her hips he began to stroke her until her red ass pressed against him with each thrust. Linda was gone, she had fallen into one continuous combination of breaths moans and gasps. John slid out grabbed his cock coated thickly with his wife’s cum and began to press it gently against her virgin ass. Linda let out one long low constant moan as she felt her husband spread her tightest opening slowly to accommodate his rigid cock. She bit down on the rug until he was all the way in and had paused to let her fully adjust. John rubbed her ass getting her body to relax and accept what was happening. To his surprise Linda began to slowly work herself back and forth going a little further each time. “Yes baby”, She breathed, “Yes baby, yessssssss, fuck my ass baby.” John tried to ignore her, tried desperately to think of anything but what was happening to no avail. “Fuck my ass John fuck me good!” she challenged and John was lost.

Gripping her hips he pulled her tight to him, launching his seed deep inside his wife’s sweet ass, again and again he felt himself pulse until his body shook with exertion. He leaned his head back catching his breath as he felt the air begin to cool his damp skin. Sliding carefully free John quickly released his wife and kissed her deeply. This was the best gift he had ever received.

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