laylays 1st


laylays 1st**This story is pure Fiction & isn’t True!**Baby Sitting!8yr old girl “lay lay” Comes downstairs after putting pj’s on! (shes only wearing her pj top & nickers) as lay lay jump across sofa her skinny legs wide open 4 few secs! “Revealing a hairless pink pussy!” covered only by thin cotton fabric!Sitting next to me on sofa with her legs across mine her smooth legs & cute white ankle socks! As she wriggled around her legs rubbing between mine & my hands resting against her legs began moving up/dwn her legs gentley rubbing her young skin working my hand further between her legs until my fingers reached the cotton fabric of her panty’s!Lay lay quickley sqweezed her legs together trapping my hand & Stopping me! I gestured to her putting a finger infront of my mouth! “Sshusss” (meaning 4 her to stay silent) as i forced her legs apart slightly so my fingers werent trapped anymore! I gentley fingered around the outline of her girlie pink cotton pantys she nerviously murmerd “No Stop!” Her smooth slit framed by the clingy fabric! My index finger quickley found its way to her perfectley framed pussy outline rubbing a finger along her lips until reaching top finding her tiny pink button pressed against her cotton pantys!Lay lay sat there unsure of her next move! Staring at me with a look of suprise as my finger pressed against her pink button & slid down between her coverd lips! She gave out a little gasp as my finger probed her lips! After a few awarkard mouments i noticed a little damp patch appearing on her pantys! Her mouth pouting as she began to feel all warm & tickerlish between her legs! Using my free hand i gentley pushed her trembleing knees further apart she allowed them to relax & fall illegal bahis open more allowing my fingers un ristricted acess as i hooked a finger under the leg opening of her cotton pantys Slipping between them & her hairless pink lips! Finding a rather damp area inside! She still looked unsure about my actions!Umm! Your a little bit excited arnt you eh! As my now wet finger slid easerly between her lips upwards until finding her tiny swollen pink button! (Lay lay just lay there silentley allowing my fingers more & more access inside her damp cotton pantys! Her breathing was getting deeper & more at ease!)“Should i Still Stop it Lay lay!” She just shook her head & mumbled quitley “it feels strange all warm & tickerlish in my belly what are you doing to me!”My finger was soaking wet & slipping up/dwn along her tight pussy lips rubbing around her swollen pink clitories! Lift up i said as i eased her pantys dwn over her pert bottom removing them completley & easing her knees apart by pushing them upwards! Revealing her tiny smooth wet pussy lips all puffy & pink!Manovering myself further between her hips i stuck out my tonge & began licking along her wet lips! Umm! You taste so sweet my flickering tonge found her swollen button teasing it & probing with my tonge!Lay lays hips began twitching as my tonge found its way ferther between her tight virgin pussy lips now soaking wet her juices trickling dwn inbetween her thighs! I used 2 fingers 2 push her lips apart revealing her tiny virgin hole & swollen pink clitious! (I couldnt helpmyself & pushed my tonge against her tiny wet virgin hole! Probing her most private place with my flickering tonge!)Your juices taste so sweet i love your flavor! & Are You illegal bahis siteleri ok lay lay!She was lay with her legs spread wide as i licked her wet hole she sqwermed her hips around as i licked her! My finger teasing her button as i started tonge fucking her hole! Deep inside her! Suddernley lay lay moaned OMG! This feels so weird i never felt that Befooore! Her legs tightened up around my neck her hips twitching forcing her entire pussy against my mouth+ tonge! Grinding her button against my stubbly chin faster & harder! Until lay lay sqweeked loudley “Omg! Omg! O M G! & her hips buckled & wrapped around my neck Ahhh! She grunted” as her pussy exploded gushing her sweet jucies all over my face! (As her very 1st Orgasam rippled across her 8yr old body! She lay there whimpering + twitching in pleasure tears running dwn her face!Well Lay lay did you like that? Your 1st Orgasam! “So your a proper young women now then!” she smiled sexerly Poppers part 2 :Continuied from “LayLays1stSquirt”:Next time i was asked to watch Lay Lay! I eagerly said “Sure she’s No Trouble!”:5 minutes after i arrived at there place i sat down in front room where laylay watched tv sprawled across sofa! She looked up at me smiling & said hiya!“I Knew She wanted to play more!”Her mummy & daddy left & there was a short period of about 20mins where i didnt know if laylay was up 4 more fun!As i relaxed on sofa with laylay spwraled across fluffy rug watching tv!(Her perfect young skinny body + cute white ankle socks! Her white leggings with pink dots & i noticed between her leg area there was 1 pink polka dot covering excactley where her tiny pink hole!)Smiling back at me Laylay rolled onto her back lifting her legs canlı bahis siteleri up high she peered up at me from between them!“make my belly tickle again!” she giggled her tiny hands clasped together rubbing between her skinny legs! Better come here then! Hadn’t You! Laylay stood in front of me smiling her big smile! As i reached across pulling down her leggings to her knees, Showing her hairless pubic area! I rubbed between her legs pushing a finger further between them until i found her dampness! She arched her back slightley relaxing! allowing her legs to fall apart as my 3 index fingers slid across her button she twitched giggling! Her tiny pink lips began glistening as her sweetness flowed!Laylays perfect young naked body in front of me my Soaking wet fingers rubbing against her pink button!Your so sexy You do this to me! “Look” i unzip my self & allow my already erect cock to popout! Look what your doing! “You look so grownup & all sexy young women enjoy touching a Mans cock!”Laylay stood there slowley reaching across & nerviously touches my erection! More & more until both her tiny hands outreached & wrapped around my shaft & i found it a extream turn on! Making my erection even harder! Her tiny fingers with pink nails wrapped around my massive cock! Umm! Feels so good with both your hands around my cock start rubbing up & down! & finally she’s becoming a “Grown Women & sharing her funtimes!Laylay climbed across my legs until kneeling next to me on sofa, her tiny hands wanking on my shaft! Without saying a word i picked laylay up off sofa spinning her around + lifting her by her hips! Allmost level with my mouth!Open those legs! I said & lifted her bit more Pushing my face directly between her skinny legs! My flickering tonge instantley found her sweetness & eagerly started licking along her soft sweet pink pussy lips & teaseing her pink button as i pulled her closer allowing her hips to touch my shoulders! She’s sitting on my face

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